Do not tell a woman her body is not holy.
She will tell you of the men who worship at her altar,
the boys who have sacrificed blood to her claws,
the lovers who offer up insults in hopes of redemption.

She will tell you of the women who bow their heads when she is near,
the cars that stop for her body,
the way that people can’t tear their eyes away from something that continues to burn.

And you will not know what to say. And you will be silent. And when you have understood, you will kneel and ask for forgiveness.

As a child, my mother had told me to kneel before the crucifix.

On my knees in the house she kept clean for her god,

I pictured purity.

I pictured purity to be soft-white and gleaming like opal,

To be whole and to be holy.

Purity would be a sharp knife with a slender ivory handle.

As she scoured the floors with bleach and scraped blood off the walls,

I imagined that purity would be colder than those marble floors;

That it would smell like welded iron and chlorine,

That it would wipe the crook of my elbow with rubbing alcohol

And draw out wickedness with a needle.

I did as I was told and read prayers to the Virgin Mary,

Again and again until I had earned forgiveness for my sins,

But purity had been nailed up in vain against Jesus’s chest;

And my mother had been braiding a rope from the pages of a Bible.

From a rafter she hung me close to the crucifix.

She made the sign of the cross, and then left.

I looked into the face of the son of God as blood pooled in my eyes,

And in the pained face of that wooden man,

Was purity.

Purity was red.

Purity had broken so easily,

And it was the sinner it had demanded that I never become.

Purity was an electrical fire in the church;

The temperature at which holy water boils.

Purity was an arrow shot into the breast of an albatross,

Or at best, a nail hammered into the palms of Jesus Christ.



Baekhyun (according to fire_light_love) was saying that he was an angel who had lost his wings but there was still something there so he showed it the the fans and DANG BAEK YOU SKINNY AS HECK NO WONDER THEY TOOK AWAY UR WINGS THE OTHER ANGELS PROBABLY GOT SCARED OF YOUR RAZOR SHARP SHOULDER BLADES

And Baekhyun’s favorite song from the album was heaven too ;-;


His hand was hovering over Baekhyun and he was practically just waiting for a chance to touch Baekhyun or he was like “bae be careful, I mean there’s nothing to be careful about but be careful. Displaying your body like this takes up a lot of effort” LIKE HE WAS HOLDING ON TO BAEK WHEN BAEK WAS KNEELING DOWN. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM WHAT?

XD yes yes I know he put his hands in between Baekhyun’s shoulder blades to show how deep the crevice was between Baekhyun’s shoulder blades but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he was unnecessarily touching Baek the other times


I bet they were afraid protective Chanyeol was gunna come out XD


Chanyeol’s touch count: 8 (if I included the lingering seconds it’d probably be over 100)

Imagine Person A of your OTP is lying on the couch, watching TV, reading, or doing some other sort of relaxing activity. Person B wanders over, kneels down next to the couch, and places their ear over A’s heart, like they’re checking for a heartbeat. “Oh no,” they mutter, and then they begin kissing A on the lips every couple of seconds. When A asks what they’re doing, B says “CPR. Live, darn you, live,” in a mock-urgent tone and kisses A once more. This goes on for a while.

At the end of the cave is Mary. She is kneeling and she has the most lovely Infant in her arms. My heart begins to pound with joy and I go over and kneel, and I say to her, “May I touch him?” She says, “Yes. Don’t be afraid. This is why He came so that you would see your God in flesh and never be afraid again.”

-Mother Angelica on pg 56 on “The Birth of Christ” in “Mother Angelica’s Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures”

The Christmas Curse

Every year at Christmas time something breaks… appliances, water pipe, under the sink pipe, Christmas tree, car, one year my grandmother fell down the stairs and broke her collar bone. This next piece of information isn’t meant to be funny but it is. One year my husband threw wrapping paper into the fireplace to help get rid of some of it. With some of the wrappings he picked up a few broken arrows he had in the basement and added that to the fire, and as he’s kneeling in front of the open fire a very loud snap and pop noise happens. I hear him yell and everyone in the den scream. A hot metal tip from one of the arrows flew out and shot him in the neck. I know hysterical right!  It didn’t penetrate the skin but it did burn him.  

It’s a curse and nothing can remove it. I’ve had blessings done, holy water sprayed, etc. This year, well I just picked up my car…heat went out and the receiver in bedroom for satellite TV burned out last night, a new one should arrive in 2 to 4 days.

Merry Christmas

P.S.  My family must love us because they keep coming back year after year.

Two ideas I have for staging Julius Caesar:

-When, in 2.1, Brutus says “Kneel not, gentle Portia,” she bites back with “I would not need if you were gentle, Brutus” as he’s ending the sentence.

-I would try as hard as possible to avoid That Damn Quote (“The fault, dear Brutus…”). I will cut out Cassius from the story entirely if I have to.


Of all the things that Baruch could have come across, he didn’t expect to see a baby in the snow. Well, not an unsupervised baby in the snow, wearing nothing but a shirt and a diaper.

He looked around for any adults that could be with the infant, but there wasn’t anyone around.

“Um…” he spoke aloud, walking closer to the baby and kneeling down. He looked so cold!

“What are you doing out here?” He asked, not really expecting an answer, since it WAS a baby.


Khadgar and Cordana meet up and get in an altercation. There’s no one else around but them.
He does what he can to avoid hurting her, and instead tries to talk his way out of this. Khadgar wants to set things right, or at least, discover what he did to make her turn so he can make amends. 
Eventually, Khadgar has to do more than defend himself and he manages to push her back.  Her helmet is knocked off in the process and Khadgar gets a bit caught off guard. He hasn’t seen her face in while (if at all) so seeing it stops him in his tracks. 
Khadgar kneels next to her to continue talking. She stutters and stammers all flustered and embarrassed and he thinks he has finally reached out to her. Has Gul’dans spells finally worn off? Is she free from his influence? Caught up in the moment, Cordana pulls him in for a kiss and he doesn’t even argue.

This is it. He managed to free her and he has his friend and bodyguard back and maybe there’s something more but then he starts to feel sick.

His lips are burning, his head is spinning, and Cordana is just laughing as she puts her helmet back on. The same pain he felt when Garona stabbed him spreads through his body, but more rapidly this time. 

He hadn’t gotten to her at all, in fact, she used his emotions and feelings against him in a trap.  With no one there to help him, Khadgar is easy pickings to be killed, captured, or turned into a pawn for the Legion.

He’s completely helpless.


After this vision, Khadgar wakes up from the horrible nightmare. It was a dream, all just a dream. But the pain of failing his friend and the betrayal is all too real.  It hurts worse than her fel-stained kiss. 
But he can’t express any of this.
It’s a visible weakness and the Legion has spies everywhere; as confirmed by the Demon Hunters. 

And with it being Winter’s veil now, Khadgar finds himself avoiding mistletoe as much as possible. He’ll use a different door or walkway, and eventually starts blinking past the thing instinctively. Anyone that tries to hit him with it or hold it over his head get pushed aside. 

But he never explains why. 

And people just assume the walking flirt just can’t take what he dishes out, or maybe that he just hates Winter’s Veil.

hi there love, thank you so much! this made me emo to write *sobs with you lol* hope you enjoy!! ~admin fuzzy

               Hyuk honestly was in too much a daze to know what was happening. Your howls of pain made him too afraid to open his eyes, paralyzed by the bruising grip you had on his hand, but he cheered you on nonetheless. He opened his eyes just in time, though, to watch his baby daughter be brought into the world, and they widened in happiness and an overwhelming sense of pride in you.

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  • white ppl: colin kaepernick? fuck that guy. he RUINS the good name of football and america itself!!!
  • same white ppl: josh brown won't play because of domestic violence allegations? look that's his personal life :// we can't judge what goes on at home & who knows if it's even true :// it's not our place to get mad at him ://