luci-oh  asked:

The Lion King?

Favorite Character: Scar

Least favorite character: all who aren’t Scar

Favorite pairing: Scar/absolute rule (I have always contested that Scar’s rule would be as shitty as it was in the movie like why was there no food why would the food move away they were being eaten under mufasa too what is this about)

Favorite song: Be Prepared is this even a question

Favorite friendship: ……………timone and pumbaa i mean

Funniest character:…………………………………….scar ave you listened to be prepared??? “be prepared for sensATIONal newwwws” that lion is hilariouis

Do I like said movie: honestly lion king is a lower tier disney movie to me

So I drew a thing for my friendo, Raquel, yesterday.

She was a bit under the weather last night, so I proceeded to send her lots of pictures of the Lush Jew.  We got on voice chat  and I doodled this little thing for her as we proceeded to torment each other with our “babes”.

In the recent weeks, I feel like my friendship with Raquel has become a pretty amazing thing. She’s seriously the Danny to my Ross. I am such a little shit towards her, but I act that way in pure fun. I hope she realizes that I’m very happy to be her friend.   u v u ~! 

luci-oh  asked:

hello, beautiful person ♥ once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass it onto ten of your favorite followers ♥

Aww, I’m one of your favourite blogs, you sweetie asdfghjkl

  1. I hate shrimp. >O<
  2. I order way too much Pokemon merchandise from the Internet. 8)
  3. I have a yellow duck trash can in my bedroom.
  4. My wardrobe is about 90% dresses. |D
  5. I don’t tan. I burn. BADLY. :’| xD

Thank you so much for asking, bb!! ;w;