kneel-before-kod said: I notice that everyone seems to be referring to Steve as Vampire catnip. Have you ever found a reason why so many vampires go after him, even in pre-serum days? Like is it his blood or something?

Steve:  I’ve always wanted to ask Bucky that, but he always ends up blushing and changing the subject.  And I figure he was the reason I didn’t end up getting munched on by a vampire when I went to visit our friend Jilly over at that weird club they opened by the docks.  

Bucky:  I told you not to be caught there by sundown!  How many times –

Steve:  Jesus, Buck, it’s okay.  It was an accident, really - didn’t mean to stay so long, but I worried about Jilly being all by herself and well, there were people back in the day that didn’t take too kindly to a fella that preferred being a dame and dressing like one to boot.  Turns out, Jilly was fine.

Bucky:  And to answer your question - yes, it’s his blood.  There’s a bit more to that as well, because it’s Steve and Steve was probably born on this earth to give me premature gray hairs –

Steve:  What and you weren’t responsible for my gray hairs, you jerk?

Bucky:  As if you have any. But anyway.  I spent World War II being terrified half out of my mind that Steve was getting chewed on by some blood sucker and relieved that he wasn’t there next to me, getting shot in the head or blown up by a grenade.  And then, what do you know, serum.  Captain America.  What is my life, I ask you?

Steve:  And we ran into vampires on the front lines anyway.

Bucky:  And wouldn’t you know it - Steve’s the blue plate special.

Steve:  HEY!

Bucky:  ** smirks **

In the crazy crack shapeshifter now with Marvel Movie Superhusbands universe, Bilbo and Thorin ARE definitely married.   Happily so.  And it looks like the honeymoon phase will last a few good years too! :)

And if by “yenta” with Fili and Kili …. um…. sorry, I don’t write durincest so I don’t ship Fili with Kili.  (No offense to any followers out there who like that - it’s just really not my cup of tea.)  If you mean shipping Fili and Kili with other people, well, let’s just say that Thorin and Bilbo are protective over their boys and are hilariously not yet willing to let them out of the nest, so to speak, just yet. 

(I still haven’t decided whether I ought to ship Kili with Tauriel or Legolas…. I’ll probably end up deciding once I watch Desolation of Smaug.  Fili, of course, has Winter Moon, but that’s going to come a LOT later…)