30 Days of Chlollie Challenge
1. Favorite Chloe Moment.

I love Chloe so much, she’s my favorite character in anything, it can be movies, it can be books, television, over all of these categories, my favorite character will always be her. Why? I’m not even sure I can explain, she’s amazing. I love everything about her, she’s a hero with no powers but yet she does anything and everything humanly possibly to help save others.

Like, legit how can you not like that? Someone who sacrifices themselves for what’s better. It’s what a hero is, it’s what they do. I love it about her. 

To ask me for a favorite scene from her is really kind of…crazy, I don’t think I have a favorite scene, though to fill the category I chose a scene that will always be amazing, and one of my favorites, it stands out when I think of Chloe, it stands out when I think of Justice League, it stands out even when just thinking of the show Smallville.

The scene is from Season 8 ’Hex’. At the Isis Foundation, in the final scene, it was such a powerful scene. I mean, it’s just amazing. I loved it!

I love the Justice League, the animated cartoons, everything JL related, I’m a huge fan, was as a kid. So when I saw the scene, the atmosphere of the heroes being online it made me so excited. I can literally remember my reactions and how excited I was. (And that was 3 years ago!) 

Having this JL online was amazing, but then to hear Chloe say Watchtower Is Officially Online. O.M.G. To see my favorite character there at the top, leading a team of heroes, to look at where she was during the beginning, just a best friend of Clark, and how far she made it, the journey, HER journey. It’s sooo amazing, and I love it. I can’t even explain how great it was.

Just to see her there, taking control and where she went to after that. *.* It’s like it was her destiny from the start, the moment that started it all for Watchtower… it’s perfect, I can’t describe it any better then that..