elanor-and-simbelmyne  asked:

Ooh ok, how about a description of the way Edmund/Peter would propose to a girlfriend? xD

The level of feels this gave me was far too high.


  • Petey is the type to have been thinking of his proposal since the very first date
  • he’ll take his girlfriend to the best restaurant he can find
  • like it will be five star and he’ll buy her a beautiful dress
  • as for the ring, he saved for months just so he could get her the very best
  • and he was so smooth about noticing if she prefered gold or silver for the band
  • at dinner Peter’s hands were shaking so badly his girlfriend thought he was going to break up with her
  • the waiters brought out a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a bottle of champagne when Peter got down on one knee
  • his girlfriend was crying so hard she could only nod yes
  • a beautiful small white cake was set on their table for dessert


  • he had no idea what he was doing. at all.
  • Edmund asked Peter for advice but wasn’t satisfied when he said “just ask her when you feel it here” and poked his chest
  • he had no idea that he would feel it in the middle of a field of wildflowers while he watched his girlfriend run ahead of him
  • the sun was up high in the sky and they rested under the cool shade of a weeping willow
  • Ed felt the ring box burning a hole in his pocket
  • he walked over to a wild lilac, picked off a piece, and put it in his girlfriend’s hair
  • she was looking at him with so much love and before he could really even think it through he was down on one knee
  • the proposal itself was short and to the point, but so so heartfelt
  • when they got married it was in the same field