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Buff Frisk needs to be a thing, because if they aren't tall enough to have that "important ambassador aura" that Chara has, then they can be "Short ambassador baby with the body of a WWE wrestler. Don't mess with my monster fam m8"

Frisk looks all small and soft and harmless in their suit getup and everyone kind of assumes that they’re just as little and helpless as they were when they were a kid

jokes on everyone else, the first day of summer Frisk ditches the suit and goes to work in short sleeves, and all their human colleagues just, make a small note to not ever pick a fight with this weird little nerd, they’re just, just gonna not do that, they like to keep their kneecaps intact

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Pairing: Pidge and Lance --- AU Setting: FMAB (Like, they can be alchemists or not or one or the other can be idk)

“Come on, Lance, I mean, this is the seventh time you’ve come in to fix your automail this month, what are you and Keith even doing?” Pidge grumbled, tugging the bolt on Lance’s kneecap tighter.

Lance crossed his arms, letting out a huff. “How was I supposed to know about the razor sharp claws of death? She was hot, okay?!”

Pidge just let out a huff as she gave the bolt one last, sharp twist, smirking as Lance let out a yelp.


a really evil guy but a really good dad pt. 2


hey………… what the fuck

  • Mingyu: anyone under 5'7 shouldn't be talking about fighting anyone. like what're you gonna do, headbutt them in the nipples?
  • Woozi: say goodbye to your kneecaps, asshole

I will never understand why people think in order to be considered a ‘legitimate’ fan of a band u have to know every detail about them; like there are some of u out there who are ready to skin people alive if they can’t recognize ur fave’s song within 0.3 seconds and don’t know the names of all of their family members and pets but call themselves part of the fandom,,, Like??? Sorry but I will still call myself a fan of a group even if I can’t tell them apart by their kneecaps