Armored Lady Monday

15 minutes late, since its technically tuesday, but here it is i hope you like it

I decided, since i will probably never start the comic i want to feature Laura in, or at least not as soon as i want to

i decided to use her design and make some tweaks to fit in the visual novel/battle royale game im slooowly workin on , and lemme tell you, holly shit im in love with this design, like, i like her original design more still, but this came clooooose man i love it, she will also be a paladin :D 

just like this lady over here 

you may notice that they have the “same” armor but colored differently and with some other details changed on it, well the reason is because the kingdom is so massive that they need various army divisions for each of the main cities, you can get the starting letter of said city/territory from the shape on their kneecaps

Also all paladins are members of the army, but not all the army is made of paladins, also 90% of the commanders of the army in the whole history of the kingdom have been paladins, just like Laura up there in the drawing :D

Anyways enough rambling, i hope you like it

the only math i ever understood:

upward pacing at rapid heartbeat iterations
steady inclines with nowhere, in particular
panned out in sights you can see; your feet,
perpendicular, clinging to the surface
i hope she makes your heart race

what it must be like to feel so unsettled
jittery coffee and quaking kneecaps
to be the protagonist of this story
with your two main characters
in the spotlight
i hope she makes your feet stop

if only it were so simple
and you could reduce your hints and clues
down to square roots, our reactions to fractions
and ambivalence to equivalent
emotions, but the fact remains i am
but a decimal in your equation
and she is your infinite solution.
unless, of course, you were to choose otherwise

(please choose otherwise)

—  back to the basics


PART 3!!!! A Tutorial for drawing knees!!!!! What are they made of? What is that squishy part below the kneecap? Why do they look like deformed babies? Will I answer all of these questions? Well, take a look and let me know!!!

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Summer Love by @paynefulperiods
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: T

“Thought I’d find you here.”

Louis’ voice mixes with the ocean breeze, the navy blue sky contrasting with the brightly lit moon. The waves lap at Zayn’s dangling feet, licking away sand but leaving a steady calm trickling down his spine.

The wood of the dock scrapes the back of his thighs as his big toe draws aimlessly in the water below, spelling out words that he wouldn’t dare say out loud, words that make his heart flutter.

“Why’d you leave the party?” Louis stands behind him, his presence warm, as his bony kneecaps jab into his shoulder blades.

“Not in the celebrating mood.”

Without turning around, Zayn pats the rough wood beside him.

The dock creaks as Louis sits, his feet landing in the water, ruining the portrait Zayn’d been drawing from memory; fond coffee coloured eyes framed beautifully with furry eyebrows, thick cotton candy lips pulled tightly around straight white teeth into a blinding smile.

A deep breath wracks Zayn’s chest as he collapses onto Louis’ shoulder on the exhale.

“Come here to tell me you told me so?” Zayn’s voice is muffled by Louis’ t-shirt, the thin cotton smelling so much of Louis, and friendship, and home that Zayn just wants to cry.

“No.” It was Louis’ turn to sigh, resting his head atop Zayn’s, his feathery hair tickling Zayn’s ear, “But I did, didn’t I?”

The soft laugh Zayn lets out catches in his tightening throat. “Yeah, I guess you did.” Louis’ hand finds his own, absently twirling the silver rings that litter Zayn’s long fingers.

It’s quiet for a moment, the rushing of waves and the faraway cackle of seagulls all that he can hear.

“Liam’s different though, isn’t he?”

Just hearing his name has nerves bubbling in Zayn’s stomach. It’s pathetic how quickly a warmth rushes through his veins as an image of Liam tattoos itself to the inside of his eyelids, materializing at every blink.

“Unfortunately.” It’s a lie, a blatant, painfully obvious lie, and by how Louis abruptly sits up, Zayn knows Louis knows it too.

Louis’ nimble fingers catch Zayn’s chin, bringing their eyes together.  “He’s a good lad Zaynie.”

Zayn wants to scream, can feel the sound crawling up his throat as Louis’ blue eyes bore into his own.

The sound he does release is more of a pathetic whine, which, really, describes his state quite perfectly. Pathetic.

Tears threaten to blur Zayn’s vision, his clenched fists scrub his eyes before Louis can see. “Fuck, I know he is. The best.”

“Whatcha gonna do?” Zayn feels the movement of Louis’ lips against his temple more than he hears the words, his voice muted by the salty breeze.

“Bloody hell if I know”

“You’ll figure it out Z, you always do.”  It’s mumbled so quietly, so unlike Louis’ usual loud, obnoxious self. It’s what Zayn loves most about his best friend, how he can be annoying as shit the majority of the time, but he’d jump through hoops for the people he cares about, knowing exactly what Zayn needs even when he himself has no idea.

“I just wish I could just take him somewhere to hide from the reality of it all y’know? Somewhere we’d be alone to just bask in this feeling.”

Louis knocks their shoulders together humming under his breath as a smile tugs at his lips, “You turn into a right mushy twat when you’re in love, y’know that?”

Louis doesn’t even flinch as Zayn roughly flicks his ear, “Who said I’m in love?”

“Z, you blush if the lad as much as smiles at you.”

Zayn can feel his face redden. It’s not his fault the boy’s smile makes his insides do somersaults, the way his entire face bunches in the most precious way. His eyes crinkle into half moons as his shoulders rise

“Don’t go all blushy on me now, you weren’t shy about sucking the lads face off every chance ye got.”

Zayn’s tempted to push his best mate into the water below, but knowing Louis, he’d drag Zayn in with him.

“Do you remember what I said at the beginning of the summer?”

Louis smirks. “That you hate sand?”

When Zayn doesn’t answer Louis continues, “That all this salt water isn’t good for your hair? That I’m a wanker?”

A quick whack to the back of Louis’ head has him a giggling mess.

“Louis, shut up you git. I’m serious.”

Louis’ eyes soften. “All that bloody nonsense about not being a stereotypical teenager and having a summer romance before you go off to uni?”

He shakes his head which is leaning on Louis’ shoulder, mumbling a quiet, “Yeah.”

“What am I going to do Louis. Fuck. I love him.”

The tremor in his voice mirrors the slight shaking of his hands, overwhelmed with a sadness that he hasn’t felt since the death of his grandfather.

“Fuck Lou, when we were in our cabin he was packing his bag and I was trying so fucking hard not to cry, I could barely breathe. You know I’m shit at goodbyes. Why did you let me get this deep? Bloody hell.”

Louis’ eyebrows are furrowed in concern as he wraps an arm around Zayn’s shoulders, pulling him impossibly close.

“Look Zayn, it happened. Things like this just happen okay? You can’t blame yourself for something that your heart did.”

Taking a deep breath, Louis cups Zayn’s face in his hands, nimble thumbs brushing away warm tears,“You’ll figure it out Zayn. You always do.” Sweeping thick black strands off Zayn’s forehead he mumbles, “I mean, it takes you a bloody long time, but you always do.”


The boardwalk creaks, the noise becoming closer as whoever it is approaches

“Hey Lou, Z, what are you guys doing here? The party’s back on the beach.”

Zayn’s shoulders hunch at the husky voice, heart racing as the entire summer flashes before his eyes: fond eyes, warm plush lips, curious fingers memorizing every inch of his skin.

“I,” Louis starts, wiping his hands on his shorts as he stands, “was just leaving, actually.”

He pats Liam’s back as he passes and gives his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

Liam stands until Zayn turns around to look at him. Liam’s looking out into the ocean, giving Zayn time to admire the otherboy. He has a strong build, wide shoulders and muscular arms that taper so beautifully to slim hips. His broad chest is covered with a thin layer of soft, light brown curls which lead down to the waistband of his red and black swim trunks. The light from the pier illuminates the back of Liam’s head giving him a halo, which, is quite fitting.

“Do you mind if I sit?” he asks, his head nodding towards the space beside Zayn on the dock.

Twiddling with his rings, Zayn mumbles a quiet, “Course not, Li,” his heart fluttering as Liam’s thick, toned thighs brush up against Zayn’s thinner ones, his hand reaching out to easily intertwining their fingers.

Zayn’s mind is flooded with memories of how Liam had fumbled gentle lips over his skin, neither of them knowing what they were doing, not caring in the slightest; the warm press of fingertips exploring naked skin too overwhelming.

“Can you believe summer’s over?”

Zayn can feel his body beginning to betray him, his breath catching in his chest as Liam stares into his eyes, never breaking eye contact.

“I’m going to miss y-”

Zayn interrupts him, clearing his throat as he looks back out into the ocean, “Do you remember what I said when the summer started?”

The smile that tugs at Liam’s lips is breathtaking as he jokes, “That Louis is a wanker?”

Zayn snorts at how much of Louis’ personality has rubbed off on Liam in only a few short months. “No. Well, yes but- ”

Zayn’s words catch in his throat as Liam smothers a giggle into the skin of his shoulder, his warm breath sending goosebumps up his entire body.

“That you don’t do summer romances?” Liam’s plush lips move against his skin as he talks, and it’s taking everything Zayn has to not suck that bottom lip between his teeth and never let go.

“Yeah, that,” Zayn takes a moment to let his eyes travel across Liam’s sun kissed skin, memorizing every curve, so in love with how his muscles ripple with every move.

“I’ve sort of been in love with you since you first sat next to me on this dock,” Zayn whispers.

Liam raises his head to look Zayn in the eyes, lips pursing as he takes in the sullen look on Zayn’s face.

“Don’t look at me that way.” Liam’s voice is laced with so much emotion that Zayn has to pinch his leg with the hand not clutching Liam’s to ground himself.

Zayn takes a deep breath before forcing out a quiet, “What way?”

Liam raises his arms, exasperated, “Like this is the end. Like everything that’s happened this summer doesn’t matter.”

“Liam, I leave for New York in four days.”

“Zayn I-”

Zayn interrupts again, he’s becoming quite good at it, squeezing his eyes shut as he wills his voice not to tremble. The furrow of Liam’s brows when he opens his eyes pains him, wanting nothing more than to reach over and smooth the wrinkles away with the pad of his thumb. “This is where you taught me to swim, remember?”

Hurt flashes across Liam’s brown eyes as he nods, not used to this wall Zayn’s trying to put up.

“You sat down beside me on this stupid creaky dock, and asked me why I wasn’t swimming,” Zayn squeezes Liam’s fingers which are still snugly intertwined with his own. “The look on your face when I said I didn’t know how made my heart flutter, and from that point on I knew I was fucked.”

The wounded noise sounding from the back of Liam’s throat has tears prickling Zayn’s eyes, Liam’s entire body moving to engulf him completely as the first warm tear falls onto their joined hands.

“Listen, I’m trying so hard not to cry right now.” He can hear the tightness in Liam’s voice, the quiet sniffles feel like a jab straight to Zayn’s heart. “But I need you to know that you were mine for the summer.”

“I had the best time Li, you have to know that, it’s just, right now it feels like the worst time.”

“I know we decided on a clean breakup, that we wouldn’t take this any farther but Louis has my number if you ever, y’know, need anything.”

Liam presses his lips to the crown of Zayn’s head before taking a deep breath. He extracts one leg out of the water at a time, slowly moving to stand.

He nudges Zayn’s leg with his foot, “Just don’t go pulling a Sandy on me and show up at my school in September yeah?”

Zayn snorts sadly, looking down at his hands. “Louis was Danny Zuko in our school production”

“Bloody hell, of course he was”, his laugh is soft.

“You were my summer love, Z. You always will be.” Liam’s words are carried away by the wind, taking a piece of Zayn’s heart with them.

Zayn counts Liam’s steps as he leaves. He pulls out his phone to scroll through the pictures he’d captured, a montage of everything that happened that summer flashing through his mind; how they met, their first kiss, every single little thing Liam did to make him feels special.

He closes out of the photos app and opens up a new message deciding ‘fuck it’.

Hey Lou, think you could send me Liam’s number?

Name: Siegbert Nohr
Nickname: The Prince
Weapon of Choice: Bats
Affiliation: Mafia

Some Mafia!Siegbert that @nohrianbard and I were talking about. He’s actually pretty non-aggressive but because he’s the Mafia Boss’ son he’s still pretty hardcore.

baby don’t cry [boomerang/katana fanfic]

i just want to apologize in advance for this extremely angsty, depressing ficlet. lmao if u remember me from my days at jcficlets and abadbitchwrites, u know how much i love angst. don’t hate me pls!!!!!!!!!! [all mistakes are mine; also i have no idea how guns work, im just making shit up as i go alright ;)]


The first time Boomerang was shot, he was a scrawny 15-year-old still living in Australia, trying to steal way more than he could carry from a liquor shop. He obviously had no idea the owner had a .38 behind the counter and the bullet grazed his left arm, leaving nothing but a weird-looking scar as a memory.

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