My kneecaps are separated from my knees and
some days it feels like I could pick them up
and throw them away.

I wonder what it’s like
to remove a part of yourself.

In our dreams do we still have tonsils?
When our stomach feels empty,
is it really just the absence of our appendix?

The closest I’ve ever come to missing
a part of me,
was missing you.
Some days, I wake up and remember that my dreams
lie when they say you still love me.

Amanda Helm, Ghosts


Get the leash or I’ll break your kneecaps

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self care is not eating or sleeping for 3 days and seeing the devil and having him rip your lungs out through your kneecaps

This scene affected me more than any other in the book. It reminded me of something Tessa Gray once said.

“Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.”

…although I wouldn’t advise any man to challenge Emma to a test of strength, if they’d like to keep their kneecaps.

It’s 2014 why are people still calling Michael Clifford ugly???