Girlfriend dressing up as a school girl

Genre: Slight fluff ( ft. some sexual tension/ situations).

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Seokjin: You stared at yourself though the mirror, nervously worrying your lip between your teeth as you played with the hem of your skirt, stalling as much as you could and hoping enough time would pass for Seokjin to grow bored and leave you be.

The bad thing was, Seokjin was patient. Very patient. He could wait for hours upon hours and still he would be gentle. While it was a valuable virtue, your particular situation had you wanting to curse at him for being so persistent.

As yet another chorus passed of him pleading for you to come out, you frowned, already feeling your face heat up before your hand so much as touched the door knob.

He quickly straightened himself up, eyes painfully slow as they traveled up your knee-high stockings, thighs barely covered from view by your skirt, over the small bow resting on your chest before finally meeting your eyes. He said nothing, jaw slack as his eyes continuously traveled over your body, seeming as if he were trying to assure himself that you were there, that you were actually wearing a uniform.

The only thing that kept you from running into hiding once more, was the gentle hand he moved to your shoulder, his grip tightening as he managed to compose himself. “What are you doing dressed like that?” His voice was rough, on the brink of faint.

“I- I was going to meet a friend. He asked me to help film something for a class.” You said, feeling vulnerable under his stare.

“That’s going to have to wait.” He mumbled, walking forward and as a result, backing you up against the wall.

“Seokjin, I can’t just bail on him. He could fail the cla-”

The softness of his lips cut you off, pressing against your own and parting to let his tongue swipe over your lips. As you were about to grant him entrance, he abruptly pulled away, smirking as he rubbed his thumb across his lower lip. “That’s sir to you. Your little friend can wait an extra hour or so.”

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34 with jimin?


Reader x Jimin

words: 2315

inspired by this prompt list.

Genre: smut

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“Don’t look now, but Park Jimin is staring at you.”

You rolled your eyes and took another bite of your pizza. “He’s staring at you, Unnie.”

You knew for a fact that Jimin would not be caught dead staring at you. The two of you had been butting heads since the start of your junior year of college. You’re not sure how you managed to avoid him until then, but now that he was in your Fundamentals of Oral Communications class, you couldn’t seem to get rid of him. 

“Nope- he’s definitely staring at you.” She giggled, piling her food back onto her tray. You gripped her arm and sent her a pleading look, “I swear to God if you leave me to deal with him, I will lock you out of our dorm.”

“Good thing the RA has the hots for me then, huh?” She winked slipping out of your grasp just as Jimin slid down on the bench next to you.

“I need you to do me a favor.” He was wearing his Lettermans jacket from varsity soccer, his admittedly adorable orange hair peeking from underneath the baseball cap on his head. 


He laughed, sliding his hand onto your thigh, “I haven’t even told you what it is, yet.”

“When have you ever given me a reason to do something nice for you?” You scoffed, throwing his hand off of you before finishing your pizza. “I hate you.”

“Come on, cupcake, just hear me out.” He whined, placing his hand right back where it started. 

You slid your tray away from you, throwing one leg over the bench so you could straddle it and face Jimin head on. You had learned at the beginning of the semester that it was best to show him no mercy. If you gave him an inch he took a mile. “You’ve got ten seconds to tell me what you want and then you’re not going to speak to me for the rest of the day, deal?” 

He bit his lip and grinned like he’d won something. “Deal.”

“10…” You cocked an eyebrow.

“Yah!” He laughed, “just wait a minute.”

“Look at the group of guys over my shoulder, but don’t make it obvious.” Your gaze slid from his face over to the trashcans before slowly sliding to his friends watching from across the cafeteria. “Mmm, you take direction so well, Y/n. Is it like that in the bedroom too?”

“7…” You sighed, completely over his perverted comments.

“I told them to point out a girl in the cafeteria that I hadn’t slept with,” He smirked, “Jungkook pointed to you.”

“4….” You kicked your other leg over so it would be easy for you to get away when his time was up, but it proved to be a bad move on your part. Jimin using your new position to his advantage as he wrapped his arms around your waist and scooted as close as he could. 

He rested his chin on your shoulder, his breath hitting your ear as he talked. “I’m not really the type of guy to play games, cupcake. I wont lie to you and pretend that I’m interested in anything other than a quick lay. He bet me a pair of Coldplay tickets that I couldn’t get you to sleep with me, so like I said- I need you to do me a favor.”

You burst into laughter, Jimin pouting at your reaction. “Time’s up Jimin-ah, I’m not risking contracting some sort of disease so you can score Coldplay tickets.”

You shoved his hands away from you and went to put your dirty tray away. Coldplay tickets, ha! You were too busy laughing at Jimin’s antics to notice that he was following you. He didn’t know how to back away from a challenge and those tickets had sold out in a matter of seconds. There was no way he was going to let them slip from his fingers.

The next thing you know Jimin’s pinned you to the wall underneath the staircase that leads to the gym on the second floor. Your heart practically jolting through your chest when his body presses against yours. “I can make it worth your while, cupcake. Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

His brown eyes had darkened dangerously, the playful flirt from before having disappeared. “Anything?” you breathed. 

His plump lips slipped into a predatory grin, one of his hands dropping from the wall to play with the ends of your hair, his fingertips brushing against the base of your neck. “Anything.”

You bit your lip, Jimin’s eyes zoning in on your movements, before he swallowed. “Don’t do that.”

You ignored him, pulling your lip further in your mouth before letting your teeth drag across it slowly, your eyes pouring into his own. “On your knees, Jiminie, let me see you beg for it.”

“Holy shit,” he whispered, “you’ve been holding out on me, kitten.”

“Don’t waste my time, Jiminie,” you hummed. You loved the way the tables had turned. You hated to admit that your thighs clenched when he slowly sunk down onto his knees. The way he was looking up at you had you imagining all sorts of things you had never thought about him before. The real kicker was when he licked his lips and rubbed his face into your crotch with a, “Please let me fuck you, kitten.”

Oh if his friends could see him now. “Did I say you could touch me?”

He obediently dropped his hands from your waist and sat up straight, his eyes filled to the brim with lust. Jimin, the school’s notorious playboy, liked being dominated in bed. “Be a good boy for me, Jiminie, show me how badly you want to fuck me.”

His eyes darted around the area to make sure you two were shielded from view, before his hands slipped down to palm himself through his jeans. He groaned lowly and your thighs clenched together again. “You’re not as big as they say you are Jiminie, what a pity.”

“Is it because you only want me for a bet? I must not do it for you.” You sighed with mock hurt. He was actually huge, but you wouldn’t be rewarding him with that information. He had a big enough ego as it was. 

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you, kitten,” he groaned, moving his hand faster against himself. “I wanted to bend you over my desk and make you scream my name. You knew you were teasing me in those god damn knee-high stockings.”

Shit. You hadn’t expected an honest confession to come out of him. You were only teasing, after all, just playing a part. For Jimin to have remembered the outfit you wore to the first day of class, he couldn’t have been lying. “I believe you, so for that I’ll give you a reward.”

“Listen closely,” you purred, circling around him so you were at his back. “I want you to show me how you touched yourself to the thought of me that night, because I know you did Jiminie, show me how you thought I’d touch you.”

“Fuck,” he sighed, rushing to slide his jeans down his thighs. You tangled your hands in the back of his hair, the hat falling to the floor as you pulled his head back so he was forced to look up at you. “If you guess right, I’ll let you taste me.”

He whimpered and electricity rushed up your spine. You felt powerful. It didn’t help that you felt a rush from doing this where anyone could just walk in and see. Jimin would be utterly humiliated to be found on his knees and begging in front of a girl like you, and for some reason that’s what was really getting you going.

Jimin was panting as his hand slid up and down his length. His eyes hadn’t left yours the entire time he touched himself. You could tell he was trying hard to fight back his moans, to fight for some semblance of control in the whole situation. You couldn’t have that. “Tell me how it feels, Jiminie.”

“So good,” he cried, eyes snapping shut. Each one of your words sent a jolt of lightening down his body. This dirty and dominating side of you something he never thought he would see. You hadn’t even touched him and he was already quickly falling apart.

“Come for me, Jiminie.” He panted loudly, eyes opening as he searched your face for some sort of sign you were kidding. “You were doing so good for me, don’t stop now. I really want you to taste me, Jimin.”

Jimin. You had said his name and his name was his undoing. As the white hot heat of his orgasm had him throwing back his head in pleasure you slithered out silently from underneath the staircase, opening the door to slip off to your room.

You fell asleep that night with a permanent smirk etched across your face. You couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it was to have Park Jimin eating out of the palm of your hand. Just one word and he was doing things for you he’d probably never admit to anyone. You had successfully one upped the fuckboy when he was supposed to be the one one-upping you. 

You were thankful your roommate was sleeping at her boyfriend’s house when Jimin came banging on your dorm room door at two in the morning. He was banging so hard, you were amazed your RA didn’t come barreling out of his room to curse you out and write you a noise complaint. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” You whisper-shouted, jerking him into your room by the sides of his jacket. “Are you trying to get me kicked out?!”

“I’m calling in my favor,” he growled, slamming his lips into your own. You stiffened, your hands pushing him away only causing him to pull you tighter against him. When you didn’t give in he pulled your lip into his mouth and bit down harshly, causing you to hiss and give him access to slip his tongue past your lips. You moaned at the feel of his wet tongue against your own, memories of the way he touched himself for you earlier flooding your brain. 

His lips left your own long enough to ask which bed was yours, before he was sucking and nipping at your neck, leading you over and shoving you down onto your mattress. “You thought you could work me up like that and get away with it?”

“Undress for me, Y/n, you’re not going anywhere this time.” He’s got that predatory look on his face again and you rush to do what he says. You watched as his eyes raked over your body hungrily, tugging your lip between your teeth with anticipation. You’re not sure when your common sense flew out the window, but fuck it, you wanted him and you wanted him bad.

“Don’t do that,” he growled, throwing his shirt off and diving down onto the bed with you. His kisses were desperate, a clashing of tongue and teeth that had your head spinning. Everywhere he touched felt scorched with flame. If he didn’t do something soon you were going to go crazy. “Touch me,” you breathed, urging his hand down to where you needed him most. You whined when he pulled his hand away. He was teasing you on purpose, slowly taking his time as he licked and marked every inch of your skin. You moaned when his teeth tugged at your nipple, heat spreading through your body as your hips ground into his. 

“So needy, kitten,” he smirked from below you, sucking the skin along your hip bones in between his teeth as you squirmed beneath him. He slid his hand between your thighs, pushing them further apart as he hovered above your core. You groaned at the sight, so close to saying fuck your pride and begging him to just stop teasing already. 

But just when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore his fingers parted your lips, his tongue lapping slowly as he tasted your wetness. When his plump hot lips pull your clit suddenly into his mouth your head rocked back against the bed, your hips bucking against his harsh sucks. You can feel your legs start to shake as he adds his tongue back into the mix, your loud moans unstoppable at this point. “You taste so fucking good, kitten.” His voice is practically purring with lust, his hands pushing your thighs down into the mattress to keep you from moving.

His words have you propping up on your elbows to watch as he devours you, the sight of his lips wet with your juices enough to have your eyes rolling in the back of your head once more. He licks his fingers, before quickly slamming them inside of you, his name passing from your lips in a curse. He wastes no time, quickly curling his fingers up and sucking on your clit once more. The feel of him pumping in and out of you mercilessly stretching your walls as he eats you desperately- had that white hot heat surging inside of you and begging to be released. You were so close already, but you didn’t want to come yet. You didn’t want this to be over.

“I know you need to come, kitten.” His breath hit your lips as he pumped his fingers even faster, filling the room with squelching sounds and your moans. “I want to watch you come for my mouth, come for me Y/n.”

You couldn’t hold it back any longer, your walls clenching tightly around his fingers as his tongue licked up and down your clit at a hard and fast pace. His name fell past your lips over and over like a prayer, your hands wound tightly in his hair as he watched you come undone beneath him.

He slid his fingers into his mouth once he had helped you through your high and licked them clean, his eyes never leaving yours as you tried to catch your breath. “I want you to remember this, kitten, remember how wet you were for me. You might not like me, but you definitely want me, there’s no doubt about that.”  

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Pairing: Sebastian x Reader
Words:  1967

Warning: Smut

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

This is a little something I wrote based off of one of my favorite pictures on the internet. I don’t know the original source, but it’s seriously the cutest thing and I love it.

          You had planned it for a little while. You thought it might be a romantic, cute idea. But then, when it came time to go through with the plan, you felt like chickening out. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.

           You and Sebastian had been together for about six months. You had been sleeping together for the last three of those. So, it wasn’t like he didn’t like your body. Even though your curves made you self-conscious. You had pretty much always been overweight and that had been a big setback for you in relationships. But Sebastian had made you feel beautiful from day one. And the love making was proof that he didn’t find you disgusting like you had feared. But would he like the idea you had come up with?

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Sinful & Sweet

Yoongi x OC

Word Count: 2,152

Genre: Smut


Originally posted by scartic

     Night children only show themselves in true form one day of the year, mostly in clubs and dark areas of the neighborhood. Nobody suspects them on Halloween, the one night of the year that vampires and werewolves and other such creatures can get away with not wearing a costume, letting out their fangs and allowing their eyes to take back their original scarlet color.

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excuse me, *getting on my hands and knees and bowing*, but could i beg of you to do an art about midotaka, kikasa, tsukkiyama and oiiwa? takao, yamaguchi, kasamatsu and iwaizumi all wearing a girl school uniform or a huge t-shirt (maybe their boyfriends) with knee high stockings, while said boyfriends are blushing mad? (all of them are together because they went on same lodge for training) please? i am begging you, because you and your art are just too beautiful

Please, raise your head /// Sorry if it’s taking too long, I really have no excuse. Thaaaank you soo much!! That means everything to me!!