GuraP event

Real writeup will come tomorrow, but quickie thoughts, per usual.

Kiiyan’s legs … are a sexy, glorious thing of beauty. He was wearing above-the-knee shorts (umi pan as they kept calling them). Those calves are so, so smooth that they GLEAM under the stage lights. So yes, he’s still shaving/waxing them a year after Kishomi. (This realization, coupled with the fact that he’s depiliating his pits too makes my mind wobble….). If you think his arms are sexy because of the muscles … then you’ll love his calves. Unf. He had on a nice anklet, and really nice flipflops too.

Everyone had on yellow shirts with GuraP’s face on them … and had tied on pink Uniqlo cardigans.

Kiiyan and e-zuka played an acoustic version of Rodeo dake no uta!

They had a giant plush GuraP. Kiiyan was weirded out by seeing the plush … but hearing Kondo’s voice come from right next to him. Heh.

e-zuka, you doooooork. In one part, they had to describe what would be the main attraction at e-zuka Land. And … he drew himself as a ginormous seesaw, complete with tiny stick figures on his head and feet.

When we had to hold up our GuraP uchiwa to indicate which guest we thought was most interesting, Kiiyan told us he would give a hug to each of us voting for him. I want my hug! e-zuka won, btw.

At one point Kiiyan actually said “ore wa kawaii.” Pfft.

He could not still, doing all sorts of things to show off those legs….

But the absolute cutest thing, which my friend related to me … was him admitting kids make him nervous. Shinkai’s daughter was backstage, running around, and he was at a loss. He was even uncertain about eating baumkuchen in front of her. So, someone asked him that surely he was around kids with his family. And he said yes, he has a niece … and there’s such a sparkle in her eyes, he can’t look into them – he’s always the first to turn away.

There are tentative plans for a blu-ray release.

They gave away signed items. Closest they got to either of us was Kiiyan drawing someone one row behind us, a few seats away.

We got to watch one pre-recorded bit from GuraQ, in which Kiiyan slaps the crap out of GuraP. He really can’t help himself with cute, stuffed things.

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