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I was tagged by the marvelous @tohohamburger (your name is ingenious ^^)

Name: Lindsey
Nicknames: Linz
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 4’11”
Gender: Female
Favorite Color: Blue
Time Right Now: 8:56 pm
Average Hours of Sleep: 2 last night. I need toothpicks to prop up my eyelids. 4-6 usually.
Lucky #: don’t got one
Last Thing I Googled: My dog was not doing well yesterday and through the night. I was googling her symptoms
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: Two plus a really thick down comforter.
Favorite Fictional Character: Too many >_< The main cast of D.Gray Man
Favorite Book/Novel: How do I narrow it down though? ;_; The Abhorsen Trilogy.
Favorite artists: all five dbsk boys, Utada Hikaru. Mree’s really good too.
What am I wearing: Turtleneck, long sweater, a pair of those convertible pants with too many zippers that can go from long legged to knee-length, to short-length.
When did I start this blog: I started actively blogging August 4, 2014. But I had this thing for a few years before I actually did anything with it.
What I Post mostly: dbsk
Do I Run Any Other Blogs: Yes
Most Active Follower: …Does this mean who reblogs the most? Cause then it’s the lovely @tokishinki =)
When Did My Blog Reach its Peak: I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those, but i have no idea how to figure it either ;_;
What Made Me Get A Tumblr: Tumblr is easier to maneuver with an account.
Do I Get A Lot of Asks: Nope ^^
Why Did I Choose this URL: It’s a word for a thing without a name.

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hooray for riDICulous angles :P.also im feeling so much better today than i was yesterday like yesterday was just 👎 but today is so much better and i feel a lot better and i also wore a DRESS. sorry im just v pleased that i look cute? :D

also bonus pic aka my fave:

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After a countless stream of text messages in all capitals, and the insinuation that Matthew would not stop until he got some kind of answer out of Emilia, he rejoiced. Me. You. Coffee. That was the last thing that he’d  messaged the brunette, followed by the address of Tickle Tree Cafe in Pasadena. By the time he’d arrived, wearing a baggy t-shirt that seemed to have come straight out of the nineties, and tan knee length shorts accompanied by his favorite pair of beaten up converse(not to mention the clearly mismatching socks), he ambled inside and took a deep breath. Lowering his sunglasses, he twitched his nose, squinting at the large chalkboard menu that hung behind the barista’s station. Matt stood off to the side after doing so, and casually swiped at his cell phone as he awaited Emilia’s arrival. 

“You came!” His face lit up once he noticed the brunette.