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if you’re ever feeling sad or confused, sit (or lay down) in the dark with at least one window open so you can see the night. focus on yourself and try to reach an inner calm. cry if you need to; it’s therapy. take this time to think.

for me, (this might work for some, others not) i sit on my bed with my knees pulled up to my chest and look out the window at around midnight and just think. sometimes i cry just because of all the pent up emotions, and sometimes i just let my mind run blank, as a form of meditation. remember, it’s different for everybody.

I did a writing sprint and managed this noctnyx nyxnoct in ten minutes. Now via unspoken rules of the drabble sprint I’m not allowed to continue it but I kinda wanna.


Warp training is rough as balls. Half the glaives end up on their knees heaving up a week’s worth of lunches up after a full session, even after a few years on duty. Even Nyx, who’s taken to it better than most of the rest, needs a few hours of quiet and still after to recover. Weaving in and out of existence with everything you are in the precarious safekeeping of a blade? A human body isn’t made for that. It’s hard on anyone, any day of the week.

But gods, what it does to Noct.

Nyx opens the door to the sight of him plastered to Gladio’s side, more unconscious than not, in mid-calf fatigues, combat boots and a regulation overcoat with a blank ID badge, which means it’s an extra from the storeroom. He’s five foot seven of bird bones and just enough muscle mass to make him dense and cumbersome to carry, but going off the look on Gladio’s face it was Noct who insisted on making the trek on his own feet. Also going off the look on Gladio’s face, being allowed to make that bad call has served as punishment enough. It’s a mystery whether Gladio was born with that expression of equal parts irritation and concern in his arsenal or if it’s been cultivated especially over the years by too much time spent in the company of stubborn princes with no self-preservation skills.

Gladio says, “Hey,” and Noct croaks, “I’m fine,” and Nyx says “Right,” and helps Gladio get him inside.

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*hands you a cookie* So, I need some updates on those raver twinks grinding on Gladio in the backseat of the Regalia. What are they wearing? How drunk/high are they? Who gets the D in the A and when the hell does Ignis get to join in?? :D


Ignis rolled to a stop at a red light and, after taking a quick look to make sure the street around them was indeed still abandoned, looked up into the rearview mirror to check on his boyfriends. Not that he couldn’t imagine what was happening by the soft gasps mixing with the soft rumble of Gladio’s voice but could he be blamed for wanting to see? 

At some point Noctis had decided to join Prompto in using Gladio as a seat; now there was a boy on each of the Shield’s legs, knees bent up onto the seats as they straddled his thighs. They were facing towards Gladio, had hands pawing at his bare chest and shoulders (Gladio’s shirt had vanished, replaced briefly with a black dress that had been straining across his chest but that had long since been returned to the lovely man it originally belonged to) but were paying attention to each other as well. One of Noct’s hands was clutching the back of Prompto’s neck, the glossy plum color of his nails looking even darker as they dug into pale skin, and one of Prompto’s hands was resting on Noct’s bare thigh. 

Their mouths were occupied with each other as well, the soft pink of Prompto’s gloss smearing and mixing with the matte purple-red of Noct’s lipstick as they kissed it off of each other. Ignis could see their tongues sliding together, messy and desperate as they leaned closer to each other. Noctis shifted, rocking forward and then down against Gladio’s leg, and moaned obscenely as Prompto’s nails raked over the skin of his thigh before darting up and under his hiked up skirt. He pressed his fingers deeper into Prompto’s neck, left raised red lines as as he scratched, and Prompto’s gasped before pressing closer still, kissing Noctis harder.

Their eyes were glassy and Ignis couldn’t say it was from drinking, something else they had gotten into when they’d snuck off deep into the rave with their school friends, or arousal. A combo of all three perhaps. 

And there was Gladio, leaning back and watching with the most smug grin Ignis had ever seen. His chest was covered in messy handprints, the paint powder and disgusting amount of glitter smeared together and lip shaped marks littered his neck and throat. He had a hand on each younger man, one under the fluttering neon blue of Prompto’s dress and the other pushing up over Noct’s stomach, forcing his shirt higher and higher, and there were knees, one from each of them, pressing against his crotch. 

He hummed, smile widening, and slide his hand higher on Noct. The leg Prompto was astride moved, pressed up, and the blond broke away from Noctis with a fluttering sigh of Gladio’s name. 

“C’mon baby. Move a little, give Iggy a show.” 

Two sets of hazy blue eyes flickered towards him and then they were kissing again, deep and filthy, wet smacking noises drowning out the hum of the car. They moved almost in perfect unison, hips swiveling and rolling as they rode Gladio’s thighs. Ignis’ cock, already had and pressing up against the zipper of his pants uncomfortably, throbbed. 

Gladio’s smile showed an edge of teeth. “Hey. The light’s green.” 

Ignis turned around wordlessly but, as they started moving again, he couldn’t help but catch Noctis’ back arching and head tipping back out of the corner of his eyes. A quick look back found that Prompto was the culprit, his hand down the back of Noct’s panties and moving in a very deliberate fashion. 

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This was fun

Werewolf AU

“DAAAAAADDDDD!!!” Gyeong screamed, a desperate plea.

Saeyoung and MC bolted out of bed and ran into their son’s room. It was dark and Saeyoung slammed the light switch, bathing the room in light. Gyeong had crawled off his bed and was trying to press himself into the corner of his room. His reddish hair was sticking out in all directions, he had his knees up against his chest and his palms on the floor. His yellow eyes were wide and frightened.

He had just turned 13 the month before. His voice had begun to crack and he had hit a growth spurt that had shot him past MC and almost as tall as his father. Saeyoung and MC had sat him down and reminded him that he was coming close to the time of his transformation. Thankfully, it was summer time and he was not in school. Had he been, they would have had to homeschool him until he could manage his transformation. They still were unsure what their combined DNA would create within their son. MC hoped for the best. Her own transformation had not been painful, but she knew from Saeyoung that werewolves were different.

“Gyeong.” Saeyoung said quietly, stepping softly towards his shivering son. Gyeong glanced at him, his eyes large and tears falling from his eyes. He was terrified. MC was right behind her husband, but she let him take the lead, even though she wanted to wrap her son in her arms. She still wasn’t sure if this was about his transformation, as he looked normal. Saeyoung reached out to his son and placed a hand on his knee.

“I…I…can’t…. breathe…” Geyong’s voice was low and harsh. He grasped at his chest, clasping his shirt and pressing his fist into himself.

“What does it feel like? Listen to your body Gyeong, explain what is happening.” Saeyoung’s voice was calm, but MC could hear the underlying thread of unease. She put her hands on his shoulders, giving him her strength. He placed his other hand on hers and squeezed gratefully. He focused on getting his son through this with as little pain and fear as possible.

Gyeong closed his eyes and tried to listen to his body the way his father had taught him to. It was difficult, he was in pain, he just wanted it to stop. He invisioned his arteries, the blood flowing through the thin tubes. He could feel the rush, like a river running over rocks. “It’s, it’s too fast! The blood, it’s rushing too fast.” He exclaimed, opening his eyes and staring at his father.

“Good. It has to be fast Gyeong, you have to make it go faster, can you do that?” Gyeong shook his head and began to sob.

“It’s ok son, look at me.” Gyeong opened his eyes again and did as his father said. “You can do this. I know you can. I know it’s hard but your mom and I are here to help you. Don’t worry, we will not let anything happen to you.” Gyeong looked at his mom behind his father, she smiled with encouragement. They had both told him about their experiences so that he could recognize the beginnings. He had secretly wished to be a werewolf like his father and uncle, but preferred to go through the less traumatic and painful transformation that his mother had explained. He guessed he had his answer now. Werewolf it was. So, he focused on his father’s words. He remembered practicing looking inwards to listen to his body. He had never been able to change anything like his father could, but his father had said he would not be able to until his transformation was at hand.

He closed his eyes again. He listened to the rush of blood surging through his veins and arteries. In and out of his heart, following the trail, around and around, reaching every extremity. He narrowed his focus on his heart, watched and listened as it pumped faster than it had ever pumped before. He concentrated on it, his father had told him he needed to make the blood rush faster, so he imagined his heart beating faster, intensifying it to its limit. The blood suddenly picked up speed and rocketed through his veins so fast he felt as if they would explode. He almost lost it but his father squeezed his knee and he held on. He reached out and grasped his father’s hand and clasped it tight, finding strength from him.

He could feel every inch of his body tingling, the rush of blood traveled throughout and left seeds of something that sprouted and grew quickly. Every pore in his body vibrated and he felt something growing outside of his body. He opened his eyes and his father stepped away from him, giving him room. Gyeong doubled over, on his knees, he lowered his head and hunched his back, feeling his spine stretching unnaturally, the pain was excruciating and he threw his head back and howled.

He vaguely heard his mother cry in empathy…”No MC, leave him be, he’s doing fine.” His father said, still calm.

Before long the pain subsided and Gyeong stood, panting. He shook himself and felt the fur shake, he looked up at his parents. He was smaller than his father in his wolf form, he could tell that immediately. He was at his mother’s waist level. Hopefully he would grow more. His father had said he didn’t stop growing until he was 19. He felt amazing. His muscles were more powerful, he had the desire to run. He wanted to see himself. He howled again and his father answered him. Saeyoung hated that Saeran was missing this, he and Yoosung had gone on a trip for their anniversary. They had anticipated that it would be longer before Gyeong changed, maybe it was because of MC’s DNA that his transformation came early.

He transformed himself and nuzzled his son’s neck. Gyeong huffed and snorted, geez, he was such a dork. He pushed his head against his mother’s waist and she hugged him, tears in her eyes.

“You are so beautiful Gyeong! I am so proud of you!” he licked her cheek and whined deep in his throat. He was so happy. “You ready to run?” she asked. He pulled away from her and nodded vigorously. She walked out of his room and towards the front door. Gyeong and Saeyoung followed her. As soon as she opened the door Saeyoung tore through it, Gyeong at his heels. MC smiled at her men, slightly disappointed that there wasn’t another cat in the house. She sighed and went back to bed. She could hear their howls all through the night.

Werewolf AU

This is the soukoku ritual
the soukoku ritual only happens once every 666 years

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all I want is a boy to hold me and call me beautiful and play with my hair and go on late night drives with me. I want a boy to go to carnivals with and movies with and someone I take can naps with my head on his chest. I wanna be able to go on dates where he can’t stop smiling because of how pretty he thinks I am and stuff but then when we get home I want him to shove me against a wall and wrap his hand around my neck while telling me what a fucking whore I am. I want him to turn me around and slap my ass, then grab it so hard that he can see my pussy spreading. I want him to ask me who’s ass it is, and then when I tell him it’s mine I want him to force me on my knees and gag me with his cock because good girls know that it’s always daddy’s ass.

yanno. casual things.


When Min Yoongi does that with his face.