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Would you ever do a simple tutorial of how you draw horses? I want to make centaur OCs but lord horses are difficult creatures to doodle 😭

Mmmm there are so many guides that cover what I do, and I really don’t do anything more than those. Still use the whole blocks and sticks and form building and whatnot. And a buttload of references. Anything I could say different would kinda step beyond the stage of simplicity?

To offer something though I would like, suggest tweaking the use of circles when it comes to drawing horses. Or anything, really. Circles are great and highly accessible for fast, general drawing, but few natural things are perfectly round. Look at a horse from the front or back - it’s square and flat and meaty and saggy too, depending on your angle.

So like, I dunno, if you wanna step it up a notch, try changing your use of building-circles into something like this

And especially practice being able to see these shapes in dimension

And then piece them together. The triangle will really help guide the line up. Highly recommend.

Honestly I just follow the same gist of Hubedihubbe’s quick tut (please check it out, very good points made, much cleaner, actually labelled) so I kind of feel like I’m parroting here but.. I break down the rest in lines and diamonds.

As a personal preference, I like marking in the shoulder blade to elbow and the hip to knee, as they create pretty important shapes towards horse recognition. If something keeps looking off, check your leg length. A super rough way to get a close idea of what you need can be found in using most of the shoulder block for a landmark? It’s not perfect maths, it’s a rough tell. The hind legs are then worked out via the red line, setting the hocks above the intersection across the knees 

And uh, it goes on from there. You gotta look at pictures, do the study, and learn the meats. No real other way around that part.

There’s a horse bod.

But the reason of learning how to see those shapes in dimension is so that you can push your poses further! Try piecing it together with your front-view knowledge. And look at references, always! 

Shoulders are pretty narrow compared to the belly and hindquarters, unless you start looking into the draft breeds - then both ends more or less square up together. But moving on, more leggies are slapped on that thing

And fleshed out with all that meat knowledge :P (I know I haven’t gone into heads but this was about centaurs anyway. This guy just felt like he needed one)

And when it comes to practice and learning, don’t be afraid to simply draw these shapes directly over an image. It will help familiarise you with how these base forms interact with one another, how far they can squash and stretch and look at a whole variety of angles. It’s just practice!

Doing that helps to gain a solid concept of the subject, so that when you do set out on your own you can find that convincing territory.

So hey, this has been a very long and terrible not-tutorial. More like insight or something, and would only be helpful if you’re somewhat familiar with horses and already got the fundamentals of drawing down pat, since I skipped over a lot

Haven’t drawn a horse before though? I recommend you the Shrimp method

Anyway, hope all this was kinda interesting

Morning Shenanigans

Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings: A sexual joke?

You woke up, wrapped in your favorite werewolf’s arms. Slowly, as to not wake him, you moved to face him. His snores were all that greeted you. Godric, sometimes you could swear that you felt the house shake.

You quietly enjoyed how calm Remus looked in his sleep. He wasn’t stressed or tired anymore. There was a hint of his mischievous youth that managed to pepper his features.

Still, this simple pleasure always had a short time frame. You nuzzled against him, noticing the small smile that he tried to suppress. With a grin you pressed kisses to the scar that ran across his lips.

He chuckled quietly, the arm he had around your waist pulled you closer. “That’s a lovely way to wake up,” he spoke, his voice thick with sleep.

“You have a lovely face to wake up to,” you shot back playfully. He ticked your sides, loving the sound of your laughter in the morning. “Stop it!” You giggled, pushing away from him.

You were struggling to catch your breath before he relented. “It wasn’t that bad,” he said before catching your lips in a quick kiss.

It was a quick compliance for you. The kiss was a slow burn that soon became a forest fire. It would have lasted for ages. That is if Remus’s stomach hadn’t growled loudly which caused you to pull away with laughter.

“Is that how you sweet talk me into making you breakfast?” You asked, amused.

“Depends. What are my chances of getting chocolate pancakes?”

“Dunno, you gotta make it worth my while.”

He thought for a second, “What if I promise to read you anything you wanted?”

“Seal the deal with a kiss, Lupin.”

He accepted the invitation happily. You moved away from him, attempting to start your mission of pancakes. He groaned in disappointment, torn between food and you.

“Take a shower, I’ll be done by the time you finished,” you promised, stretching.

“Are you sure? I can help you.”

“I can handle it. Enjoy your day off, love.”

You turned on your heel and made you way over to the kitchen. Flipping on the radio, you started to make breakfast. Every so often you would stop to have a little dance party. Soon there were two fresh stacks of chocolate pancakes on the counter.

“Those look delicious,” Remus said hugging you from behind.

“You think?”

“I think they’d taste better if you fed them to me,” he winked down at you, “Care to make that happen?”

You rolled your eyes, a smile playing on your lips, “Fine. Only because I think you’re kinda cute.”

He helped you sit on the counter, opening his mouth expectantly. You grabbed his plate and started to feed him. The feeling of forgetting something wouldn’t shake itself. It was important, it had to be. Nothing clicked until you looked into Remus’s eyes for a minute.

“It’s your birthday!” You looked at him shocked, “Why didn’t you tell me!”

He chuckled, “It wasn’t important.”

“Yes, it is,” you set his plate back on the counter, “It’s my favorite person’s day.” You hugged him close, kissing everywhere you could reach. “Happy birthday, Remus!”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” He pressed a kiss to your lips.

You let him kiss him like you as much as he wanted. When he finally pulled away, you jumped off the counter. “I can’t believe I forgot,” you grabbed his hand and started leading the way, “I’ve prepared since last month! And the day of- I’m a sucky person.”

When you got to the bed room you dropped to your knees. “I, uh, sweetheart, you don’t have to do that.”

“Do what?” You asked confused. It took a second to realize the situation. “Remus!” You hit his thigh, “I’m getting your gift.” A search under the bed later, you came back up with three packages.

“Thank you,” he smiled, sitting on the bed and pulling you onto his lap.

The first present had two sweaters, one was a complete new one and the other was the same one he had on sans the bleach stain you got on it. The next gift was books that he had all but drooled over the last time you had gone to the store. Finally, was the magical gift you had sent Sirius out for, you weren’t exactly sure what it did. All you knew is Sirius knew for certain Moony would love it.

“I love it all,” he pressed a kiss to your cheek, “Honestly love, you didn’t have to do all this.”

“It’s nothing major,” you shrugged, “I wanted to make you happy. Sorry, I forgot.”

“And yet you still made my day perfect.”

“The day just started Remus.”

“And I know it will be great because you’re apart of it.”

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Dragon Girlfriend

@asketchbookthing got me inspired for this little SFW dragon girlfriend to appease some asks that had gotten deleted but I remembered. I hope you guys enjoy.

   The moon hung high in the sky full and bright, so massive you think for a moment it was possibly magic like everything else around you. You stand outside, your breath coming out in small white puffs, your eyes wide as you take in the entire night sky. You hold in your arms the basket of supplies you had gone to fetch for your hosts in an eager attempt to please them. They had argued with you it was far too cold for a human to go out, that you would get into trouble. You argued back that while you remained here you were technically the property of dragons. Who would harm such a thing?

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  • Steve, on one knee: Dianna, will you-
  • Dianna: Are you injured? Why are you on one knee?
  • Steve: No, uh, that's what people do when-
  • Dianna: We need to get you bandages, let's go
  • Steve: Dianna
  • Dianna: Yes?
  • Steve: this is how we propose to someone.
  • Dianna: Propose what?
  • Steve: To get married
  • Dianna: You are proposing to me?
  • Steve: Uh, yes?
  • Dianna: Because you love me?
  • Steve: YES
  • Dianna: Do I have to sign?
  • Steve: no you just say yes or no
  • Dianna: oh
  • Steve: ...
  • Dianna: YES :)

this is the single most important thing i’ve ever drawn

My Savior

8. “She’s missing, not dead.”

A/N: I enjoyed writing this, let me know if you want a part 2

        The italics are flashbacks.

5 weeks.

You had been MIA for 5 weeks. It was normal for you to be gone a week or two, but not this long. Carl was worried and it was starting to show. He paced the living room floor while biting his thumb.

Rick watched his son with intensity. He let out a deep sigh before speaking up, “She’s missing, not dead.”

“How do you know?” Carl snapped as he continued pacing. “Everything in this world’s trying to kill you. If it’s not the walkers, it’s other people.”

Rick dragged a hand down his face before replying. “You’re worried about her, I get it. I worry about Michonne when she goes out too. It’s called love.” He emphasised the word love, but Carl didn’t seem to notice or he didn’t seem to care.

“Michonne’s different. Michonne’s a fully grown woman who can take care of herself.” 

“You don’t think Y/N can take care of herself?” Rick questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I do,” Carl sighed and stopped pacing. “It’s just, she’s been gone 5 weeks! Glenn and Abraham died in those 5 weeks. She wasn’t there so she doesn’t know about the ‘Saviors’. What if she’s hurt? Or dead?” He mumbled.

Rick was just about to reply when Aaron ran into the house. He bent over, placing his hands on his knees and panting.

“Rick,” He wheezed. “Negan… He’s here.” He managed to say between breaths.

Rick was out of the front door in a second. Carl was just about to walk upstairs when Aaron turned to him, still breathing deeply.

“You’re gonna want to see this.”

You had been gone 5 weeks. Somebody had to be worried about you. Didn’t they? Carl probably was, Carl was always worried about you.

You had been gone two weeks and it was going fine. You usually went out on long runs to gather supplies or map out areas where you knew there would be lots of supplies, so that you could take it back to the group. 

You were walking down one road and you got a feeling that someone was watching you, but when you turned around there was no one there. You kept walking, trying to ignore the feeling that something bad was about to happen. That’s when a group of walkers surrounded you. You had been so lost in thought that you didn’t notice them sneak up on you. You looked around desperately trying to find an opening, but to no avail. There had to be at least 23 walkers. Once you realised there was no escape, you faced one of two options: either die, or fight and try to survive. You took down 5 of them with ease and you were about to take down another one when the sound of gunfire filled the air. You closed your eyes, covered your ears and crouched down. When the gunshots stopped, you opened you eyes, stood up and saw the walkers blown to bits.

“Well what do we have here?” 

A man with a salt and pepper beard, wearing a leather jacket with a baseball bat slung over his shoulder walked up to you. He had a smirk on his face that was accompanied by dimples. He stood two feet in front of you and when you made eye contact, the hard look was replaced by sadness.

“Naomi.” He murmured just loud enough for you to hear.

How did he know your mum? Surely it was a different Naomi…

You shook your head. “Y/N.”

The sad look disappeared and was replaced by the cold, harsh look again.

“What?” He snapped.

“You called me Naomi. My names Y/N.” You replied with a small smile knowing that this Naomi must have meant a lot to him.

Realisation dawned on his face and he cleared his throat. “Well then, Y/N, you seem to look like you can handle yourself around those bastards. How about a place with me and my men?” He gestured around him and you only just noticed the group of 30 men sat on bikes and in trucks.

You were about to refuse and tell him that you had somewhere to be but before you could, he clapped a hand on your shoulder and laughed.

“Guys, lets all welcome Y/N. She’s our new Savior.”

You sat in the truck bouncing your leg nervously. You were on your way home. So why did you feel so nervous?

Negan placed his hand on your knee to stop it. “Calm down.” He insisted.

You had spent 3 weeks with Negan and he was one of the nicest men that you had met since the apocalypse had started. 

Sure, he carried round a bat with barbed wire on the end and he made people kneel in front of him, but we all have our quirks, don’t we? 

In those 3 weeks that you had spent with him, he had explained that he had a daughter called Naomi before the apocalypse who looked exactly like you, but she didn’t make it.

He gave you your own room, next to his so he could keep an eye on you, and he made sure that everyone respected you. You were sure that he was only doing this because you reminded him of his dead daughter, but he assured you that it wasn’t.

“You have potential,” He had told you. “One day, you could become a fucking great leader, like me!”

As you pulled up to the front gates of Alexandria, you started to feel nervous again.

“This is gonna be good.” Dwight, one of Negan’s men, whispered to you.

You watched as Negan walked up to the gate and banged on it with Lucille, you stood a few steps behind him but in front of the other Saviors.

“Little pig, little pig, let me in!” He swung the bat over his shoulder as he usually does.

Spencer opened the gate and you nearly cried with joy because you were so happy to see a familiar face. 

He just stood there and stared at Negan.

“Well?” Negan asked, bending his knees a little. 

“Uh… Who are you?” Spencer asked.

You wanted to scream at him for being so stupid. Could he not see you? Why didn’t he just let you in?

“Oh you better be joking,” Negan looked too cheerful. He lifted Lucille off his shoulder and held her in the air. “Negan, Lucille. I know I had to make a pretty strong first impression.” 

Has he met them before? You were just about to ask him what he meant and then Rick came into view. He stopped behind the gate glaring at Negan, he hadn’t spotted you yet.

Negan turned to Rick. “Well hello there.” A few seconds passed and Negan lowered his voice, “Do not make me have to ask.”

“You said a week,” Rick stated, moving to open the fence. “You’re early.”

“I missed ya.” Negan replied, the sarcasm dripping from every word.

A walker emerged from behind the trucks. 

“Oh, Rick. Come on out here, watch this.” Negan invited, walking passed you and over to the walker. “Callin’ it!”

He swung his bat and you watched as it hit the walker and he fell to the ground.

Negan turned round with a grin spread over his  face. “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!” He sing songed. 

You turned back round towards the gate as Negan stood besides you. If Rick hadn’t spotted you before, he had now.

“Alright everybody,” Negan announced, turning towards the group near the wall. “Let’s get started, big day!”

You eyes widened as you saw Daryl stood with them. He was wearing a jumper with an orange ‘A’ on it. How long has he been with Negan? Why hadn’t you noticed? 

You followed Negan and Rick into Alexandria, your home. You watched as Negan’s group spread out and walked into houses, taking things.

“What’s happening?” You asked Negan.

“He’s stealin’,” Rick replied before Negan could get a word in.

“No, Rick. I’m not stealing. You said half of your stuff belongs to me, remember?” Negan turned towards Rick with the same smile that he had on his face as when he killed the walker.

When did Rick say that half of his stuff goes to Negan? When did he even meet Negan? 

You were about to ask him this when another voice pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Y/N? Is that you?”


WORDS:  1.5K

TW: just fluff my dudes ALSO THIS RLLY SUCKS LOL i>

AUTHORS NOTE: im officially back to writing stuff for you all!!!!!! yay!!!!!!

           Y/N was the coolest person in the marching band. No, really, she was. Everyone knew her. And if you didn’t know her, you wanted to. Y/N played the trumpet. She was second in line, and hit all of the notes perfectly. After moving into town, a few of her peers had spread rumors about her. Most of them said that she practiced, her trumpet, every night for three hours. Others had said that she moved from a musically inclined high school. But, alas, none of the stories were true. There were so many stories made up about Y/N that it was difficult to know which ones were true. In fact, after being in band with her for the past few weeks; Evan only scraped out three facts about Y/N.

1.)   She was just naturally good at the trumpet.

2.)   She was incredibly nice.

3.)   Jared Kleinman was in love with her.

Yes, the third and final fact was true. Evan’s best friend, The Insanely Cool Jared Kleinman, had a whopping crush on Y/N. It was blatantly obvious. Connor teased Jared about developing “heart eyes” whenever Y/N walked into the room. Jared not only blushed at this, but became extremely defensive. Jared’s friends picked up on his behaviors the moment they began.

Evan sunk his teeth into his PB&J sandwich while watching Jared swoon over Y/N across the cafeteria. Jared had barely touched his celery. A few things had changed about Jared since the sprout of his affection for Y/N. Firstly, his glasses never had a single smudge. Last year, Evan would grimace every time Jared looked at him. There was enough dust collected on his spectacles for Evan to mold entire dust-bunny. Now, the hinges were polished, shiny even! Secondly, Jared washed his hair. His prior aroma had vanished. What used to be a wafting of Dorito dust was now replaced with the sweet smell of Old Spice cologne.

“So, when are you going to ask her out?” Zoe asked, smiling, stabbing her salad with a plastic fork.

“Never,” Jared snorted, looking back at Zoe.

“You’re never going to get anywhere with her, if all you do is stare.” Zoe retorted.

Jared wanted to argue, but he knew that Zoe had a point. He reverted his eyes away from Y/N, staring at Zoe’s hand. He began to feel bad for the lettuce.

Band practice was the worst of it all. Jared sat one row behind Y/N. All that he did during the hour was stare at the back of her head. Gazing at the silk-like strands that coiled from the top of her head. Evan sat to the left of Jared, and Connor sat in the very back. Often times, Connor would have to crash his cymbals to get Jared to pay attention.

Jared kept a page at the back of his notebook, dating every time Y/N noticed his existence.

September 21st

“did you drop this?”


September 24th

“that’s an Ab. You’re supposed to play a C#”


October 1st

“nice shoes!”


October 3rd

“what’s the date today?”

“October third”

The biggest day marked in Jared’s log was October 6th. That was the day that Y/N invited Jared and all of his friends, over to her house to get ready for the big homecoming game. The homecoming game was the biggest event for the whole year. It’s the biggest crowd that the marching band plays to, all year! The evening is full of school spirit. Everyone dresses in their school’s colours and cheers on their teams. For the marching band, they get dressed in their gear and finally perform after hours of practicing. It’s kind of a big deal.

On October 6th, Y/N walked up to Jared after band practice.


Almost immediately knocking his binder over, Jared greeted back, “Oh! Hi!”

“So I was thinking that maybe you, Zoe, Connor, and Evan could all come to my house tonight to get ready?” she flashed her classic smile, making Jared weak in the knees.

“Yes! I mean, uh, yeah, that’s totally fine or whatever-“

“So, I’ll see you then!” Y/N grabbed her bag, prancing off to find her friends by for lunch.

“WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?” Jared slammed Evan into his locker, holding him by the collar of his polo.

“What- I-“ Evan began to spur, his shoulders hunching and face turning white in fear.


Jared felt a large slap delivered to the back of his head. His hands left the grip on Evan’s cotton blend collar, and jumped to the sore on his cranium.

“Get your hands of Hansen. Beating the shit out of him is my job,” a very angry Connor Murphy hissed.

“Jesus, okay,” Jared laid off, taking a step back.

Connor grabbed Evan by the shoulders, making him stand up straight, giving him a pat on the back.

“Okay, what’s up, Kleinman?” Connor scoffed.

“Y/N invited us over to her house tonight. What the hell do I do? Do I dress up? Do I bring snacks? Like what the fuck-“

“Jared, breathe. What’s the worst that could happen?” Connor offered a small hint of a smile.

“Therapy changed you.”

“Listen here, you fucker-“

“GUYS PLEASE,” Evan softly shouted over the two boys.


7:00 rolled around and Jared found himself oddly calm. He had convinced himself that there was nothing to be worried about. He tried to calm himself down by reminding himself that all of his friends would be there with him. I mean, his crush wasn’t that big!

He was wrong. So terribly wrong. His crush on Y/N was huge. And it came swelling back into his throat the moment she opened up the door to her house. She was dressed in shorts and school tshirt. A stripe of the school colour went down her right cheek in acrylic paint. Her hair was curled and pulled to one side. She was gorgeous. And Jared almost shat himself because of it.

“Hey, Jared! Come on in! My mom is making her famous tacos,” she smiled at him warmly.

Jared followed her inside. All of his friends were crowded around the kitchen table, eating tacos. Even Connor was smiling. They all had dinner, painted their faces with paint and got their marching band uniforms on. Piling into Y/N’s car, they set off for the football game.

The entire marching band sat to the side of the stadium, watching the game. But Jared couldn’t concentrate on the quarter back. All he could look at was Y/N. He admired every feature, freckle, and curve on her face. She felt his stare and turned to look at him.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” she began to paw at the skin on her cheek, in attempt to remove an imaginary stain.

Jared giggled, “No.”

“Then what is it?” her smile burned into his mind. His eyes trained on her lips, before squeezing shut.

“Listen, Y/N, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you-“

But Jared’s proclamation was cut short by the announcement, that was the introduction for the marching band. He huffed, as she looked at him with sorry eyes. The group of teenagers gathered in a line, playing in harmony.

The clouds above the night sky began to form. They looked heavy and dark. As the marching band’s song came to an end, a single rain drop fell onto Jared’s cheek.

“The thing, I was going to tell you,” Jared whispered to Y/N as the stadium applauded for the band.

“I know.”

“You- what?”

Y/N turned to look at Jared. It was raining harder now. The paint on their faces began to melt away.

“I know,” she finally whispered, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

The rain was pouring. The game got cancelled. But Jared didn’t care. The mashing of lips and acrylic paint were the only things on his mind. He dropped his clarinet to the ground, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Sanvers Dog Walking AU

I love AUs where Alex and Maggie meet under different situations, at different times in their lives. In this one – like in my other one ( ) – Maggie is single and Alex is out to herself and the world.

Kara isn’t the first to notice the brunette jogging with the retriever. But she’s the first to notice that Alex is staring.

Because hell.

Alex never notices when she’s staring.

Kara nudges her in the ribs slightly, a small grin on her face.

“You like going for runs, too,” she singsongs, and Alex splutters. 

“What are you – “

“You could ask her, you know. If she wants to go running with your dogs together.” Kara giggles. “It’d be like a double date. You and the girl. Gertrude and the retriever.”

Alex glances at the woman one last time – guiltily, now that her sister’s called her out, because true to form, she hadn’t even realized she’d been staring, open-mouthed, at the woman in a tank top and biking shorts, glancing down at her retriever every few steps and egging her on, a grin on her face and sweat running down her toned arms… Alex gives her head a swift shake – and forces herself to meet Kara’s gaze.

“Gertrude and I don’t mind being single. We have each other. And we have you. Isn’t that right, Gertrude?” Alex squats down to take her husky’s face into her hands, rubbing her nose onto Gertrude’s until the pup squirms away.

Kara laughs, and she relents.

For now.

Because Alex hadn’t noticed – Alex might be the best secret agent Kara’s ever met, but damn, does she fail to notice a lot when it comes to women – that the jogging brunette had nearly tripped over herself when she and her dog turned down the path facing Alex. When her eyes had fallen on Alex.

So Kara just grins, and makes a mental note to ensure that Alex will come back to the park with Gertrude at the same time tomorrow.

And she does, because she may put up a solid fight, but when Kara, J’onn, James, and Winn all join forces to tell her that she needs to take more breaks, she needs to spend more time taking care of herself – when they bring Gertrude into the DEO as both proof and incentive – Alex relents.

And she finds herself in the same park, along the water front, watching while Gertrude plays off leash, while she dashes across the grass, ebullient and powerful and frenetic and purposeful – part Kara, part Alex, through and through.

She takes her eyes away from her husky when a chewed up tennis ball lands by her feet. When a retriever comes bounding up, all energy and spirit and focus, to grab it.

A retriever that Alex recognizes from the day before.

Her stomach backflips as she offers the dog the ball, as her ears take in the sexiest voice she’s ever, ever heard.

“Aww, come on, Spotty, let the pretty lady enjoy her day, huh?”

Alex tries to remind herself that she can talk to women. That she’s good at talking to women. That women like her, that women find her attractive, that women…

She looks up, and she’s lost.

Because the woman from yesterday, the woman jogging up to her, with sparkling eyes and the hints of dimples playing on her face and her hair pulled back in low ponytail and a sleeveless flannel shirt that Alex immediately wants to unbutton and jeans that Alex immediately wants to take off?

It’s going to be harder to talk to this woman than it would be to take down all of Cadmus single-handedly.

But she said she’s pretty, she said she’s pretty, she said she’s pretty.

Which makes it even harder.

“I… she’s not… bothering… she doesn’t have any spots.”

The woman stops and chuckles as her pup nearly barrels her over, eager to show her that she’d found the ball, eager for her praise.

Hell, Alex can’t blame her. She’d like this woman’s praise, too.

The woman tilts her head and squints slightly.

“Come again?” she asks, and some thought forms in Alex’s foggy head about making this woman come as many times as she wants, but the English language – or Russian, or Kryptonian, or any of the others Alex can normally pull up so easily – is simply refusing to translate through her lips right now.

The woman’s probably not a lesbian, anyway. 

And even if she is, or even if she’s bi, she’s probably got someone.

There’s no way she’s into girls and single.

No way. 

And, single or not, Alex had better stammer out some words before she loses patience, before she loses that curious gleam in her eye.

“Your dog. She doesn’t have any spots. But you… you called her Spotty. Spot. Right? But she doesn’t have any spots.”

Good god. She sounds like Kara around Cat Grant. Like Kara around Lena Luthor. 

It must run in the family.

The woman just laughs, and it’s a sound Alex wants to hear over and over and over again.

“I know. I uh… I was into irony as a teenager.”

Alex grins. “My sister says my punk rock phase was very – oh hey honey!” She drops to one knee as Gertrude comes barreling back over, alternating between her arms and wanting to sniff the newcomers.

“Can she – “

“Hey, Spot, you wanna try to make a new friend? Sure, yeah, go ahead.”

They watch as they circle each other, as they sniff each other, as Spot drops the tennis ball from her mouth and nudges it toward Gertrude.

They watch their pups bond, and then they watch each other.

Both of their breaths hitch when their eyes lock, Alex still on one knee.

“So uh… so you’ve had her since you were a kid,” she clears her throat, hoping the woman can’t tell why her heart is beating so damn fast and then reminding herself sternly that she’s probably not, in fact, Kryptonian.

She blinks as she stands, as she takes the opportunity to take in Maggie’s entire body. As she notices the detective shield on her hip. She points to it casually. “NCPD’s finest.”

The woman shrugs. “Sometimes. Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division.” She reaches her hand out, and when Alex takes it, her world inverts. Maggie’s hand is calloused but smooth, her grip firm but not overcompensating for anything.

Her handshake is perfect, and god, so are her eyes.

“Alex Danvers, FBI.”

Maggie’s eyebrow shoots up. “Patrolling the park, Danvers?” she grins, and Alex fights to act casual, because their hands are still connected.

But Maggie isn’t moving away, and dammit, neither is she.

“Boss-enforced lunch break. Something about working too hard.”

Maggie grins, and Alex thinks she feels her thumb stroking the back of her hand briefly, gently, before they finally release each other from their grip. 

Alex’s entire body keens at the loss.

“Same,” Maggie says, and Alex needs her touch again.

“Science Division, huh? And a detective. You must be good.”

Words. Words coming out of her mouth in coherent sentences.

Kara will be so proud. Lucy will be even more so.

Maggie shrugs, and Alex decides that she likes Maggie’s balance of self-deprecation and knowledge that she is, in fact, good at what she does.

“Quantico’s only supposed to take the best. And seems like they only let you guys have the cutest puppies, too. May I?”

Alex glances down at Gertrude as Maggie sinks into a squat, and Gertrude seems eager to get to know this new woman.

There’ll definitely be an extra treat for her tonight.

“Yeah, sure,” she says, and she watches with a slowly melting heart as Maggie lets Gertrude sniff her before touching her, and when she does touch her, starting on her back, starting slow, before bringing her hands to the more intimate space of her face.

“You grew up around animals,” Alex observes, squatting down, too, and wondering what it would be like if this was… family.

Maggie stiffens, and Alex apologizes.

“I’m sorry. FBI training. The way you are with Gertrude. That’s all, I didn’t do background on you or anything – “

“Sorry, yeah, no no, I… yeah, I did. Blue Springs, Nebraska. Left when I was seventeen and never looked back, but uh… I do miss the creatures.”

“Took Spot with you though, huh?”

Maggie turns to her friend and kisses the top of her head. “She drove the getaway bike,” she grins, and Alex watches an expression that reminds her of the one Kara gets sometimes when she talks about Krypton flit over Maggie’s face.

“Can I take you to dinner? Or coffee? Or – it doesn’t have to be coffee, it – but cops love coffee. Is that a stereotype? Coffee and stakeouts, and – I’m sorry, I’m rambling, you’re probably not even – “

“Not even what?” Maggie asks, her voice soft and her hands still and her eyes fire.




“Available,” Alex stammers, and Maggie knows.

“To a woman like you? With a pup like this? I’m as available as you want me to be, Danvers,” she says, and Alex decides that when Maggie finally says her first name, it’ll be her favorite sound in the world, judging by how her body reacts, how her heart leaps, just from the sound of her last name on this woman’s lips.

God, is Kara going to be proud.

Imagine Dean trying to find excuses to spend more time with you because he is scared  to confess that he has feelings for you.

“Egg-white omelette?” Sam raised an eyebrow as Dean walked in with two plated.

“Breakfast of Champions, you know, if you’re a dork like you.” Dean said with a half smile as he handed him one plate and took one for himself.

“(Y/n) likes it too though?” Sam smirked, knowing just the right way to get to his brother about practically everything. Mention you.

“Yeah, once in a while. Not every freaking morning like you.” Dean shrugged “It’s when that time of the month comes, chicks usually go crazy.”

“I love how you find every possible excuse for her for stuff like this. It’s like-” he laughed softly, smiling knowingly when Dean shot him a glare.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” he growled.

“Fine but hey- you woke up early too, what’s up with that?” he frowned “I mean last time you did this was when you were trying to control the urges the Mark of Cain was giving you. But now it’s not there.”

“Yeah well man, I’m just tryin’ to, you know, live a better life. Get the toxins outta my body, build up defences you know-all those healthy crap. I’m getting too old as it is and I really need to catch up with that before it does with me.” he tried to say casually as he played around with his eggs.

“Right, so that’s what it is all about.” he smiled knowingly as Dean raised an eyebrow “It’s about that guy that hit on (Y/n) at the bar and called you a grandpa huh?” he snickered as Dean scoffed.

“Yeah, well this grandpa broke his nose with just one move. That is definitely something he ain’t gonna forget.” Dean said proudly “Besides, why does it have to be because of something in specific? I am once more on a 12-step program not to backslip.” he said with a smile.


“Come on, I can do it this time. I haven’t had a drink in two weeks, eight hours of sleep every freakin’ night, spend more time with (Y/n) and listened to some of her music to relax, talked about things watched movies and all, and now- this masterpiece.”

“That’s- you know that’s practically four steps right?”

“Shut up and eat!” he grumbled as Sam chuckled, taking a bite of his eggs with Dean following suit.

“Wow that’s-” he started, mouth full.

“Crap.” Dean said making a disgusted face and pushing the plate away “Ugh I hate this decision already. The moment I feel a little more healthy I’m back to the booze, burgers, and… even more of (Y/n).”

“Right, of course you are.” Sam snickered as Dean raised an eyebrow at him.

“Wanna elaborate?” he asked accusingly.

“Come on Dean, this is not just about the guy at the bar, is it? You are trying to find excuses to spend more time with (Y/n). Bet you even told her that spending time with her will manage to get your mind off of all the junk food a stuff huh?”

“Well I-” he cleared his throat “It’s true!”

“Oh I know it is, and so does (Y/n), but deep down you know that it all is about her. Sure she is trying to help you with 10 steps to a healthier life because she cares about you, and she probably enjoys it a lot too herself, but we know it’s all 10 steps in trying to get closer to your crush. You just want to be more around her, that’s all.”

“No.” Dean scoffed “Maybe” he mumbled, blinking “Shut up.” he growled, shaking his head “And it’s 12 steps, alright?” he huffed.

“What 12 steps?” you mumbled groggily as you walked in the room, before Sam could say anything.

“We’re talking about Dean’s middle life crisis.” Sam chuckled and you frowned adorably so – at least to Dean – as you rubbed your eyes with your fist sleepily.

“I thought-” you started “Nevermind.” you yawned “When did you get up from bed, I woke up and didn’t find you there.” you said softly, taking a sit next to Dean, and bringing your legs up to your chest to rest your head on your knees.

“Uh am I missing something?” Sam mumbled, raising an eyebrow.

Dean gave him a hard glare before turning to you with a softer look “Sorry sweetheart, part of it is waking up early.” he tucked a few strands out of your face, his hand lingering on your cheek a little more than he should but he just found you so damn irresistible at the moment. He loved the calmness and innocence that was even more present when you were sleepy like this.

“Oh m-kay.” you mumbled “Are you- are you gonna eat that?” you motioned to his eggs, eyes still just half open.

“Oh by all means-” he breathed out “It’s all yours!”

“Thank you.” you mumbled, taking the plate from him “And we were watching movies, Sammy.” you finally answered his question as he watched the two of you with an amused smile. Mostly his brother and how much of a love-truck teen he looked like.

“I’m gonna- I’ll take this in my room so I can sleep a little again, I’ll just- I’’ll probably wake up in a few hours. Dinner’s on me, boys don’t worry.” you mumbled, holding the plate close to your chest.

“Oh and-” you stopped just as you had turned around to leave. You turned once more to take a step closer to Dean and leaned down to do something he would have never really expected but you still half asleep so didn’t care personally to blush as much as he did.

“You’re not old at all, Dean.” you pecked his cheek and left before he could say anything. Not that he would.

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would you please write some more supercorp? whenever you want! thank you!

alex lets her get away with moping for only four days before she strides into kara’s apartment, a sense of purpose dressed in leather. she shuts the door behind her and, instead of responding to what feels like an appropriately indignant “hey that’s my door, remember!”, alex just snaps her fingers and points kara to the couch.

she places her helmet on the kitchen island, taking a moment to steady herself as kara decides—of her own volition, not because alex is scary at all—to take a seat on her couch.

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My Saviour - Nine

A/N: Thank you to all who are following this series and all of you that are giving me such amazing feedback. I love writing this, and I love reading all of your reactions, comments and predictions. You will never understand how much your kind words mean to me. Also a special shout out to my amazing beta @thorne93, I could not have done this without  you.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam.

Warnings: Angst, fluff, talk about abuse, miscarriage.

Wordcount: 2342

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“Come here,” Dean said, helping you to your feet, holding your hand as you stepped out of the shower. “Here-” he put the towel around your shoulders and rubbing his hands up and down your arms to try and warm you. “-what kind of pain?”

“In my back.” Your eyes were wide in horror as you spoke, but for the first time you kept your eyes glued on Dean’s. “I thought the warm water would help.”

“We need to get you out of these clothes, okay?” You nodded. “Stay here and I’ll go get you something to wear.”

You did as Dean said, not moving a muscle as he went to grab you some clothes, returning with one of his large sweatpants and a sweater, hoping they would warm you up. He stood outside the door as you changed and then he followed you into your bedroom once you emerged. Your entire body shook as you sat down on the edge of the bed. Dean grabbed the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around your shoulders before kneeling down in front of you.

“You want to tell me what happened?” he asked, one hand resting on your knee.

“I… uh… I had this pain in my back, and it wouldn’t go away so I figured the warm water might help.” You pulled the blanket tighter around you as you spoke, your voice flat and detached. “Then it got worse before I could even get to the bathroom, this kind of sharp, stabby pain in my stomach.” Dean already knew where this was going. “There was just so much blood, and now I don’t have anymore pain.”

“I don't…” Dean started but you interrupted him.

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  • Wayne Enterprises board member: Mr. Wayne, it has come to our attention that SOMEBODY has been charging business dinners to the corporate card at local restaurants and simply writing "insert student loan debt here" in the "tip" portion of the receipt. Is this you?
  • Bruce: [intently attempting to open a bag of skittles without making eye contact]
  • Bruce: yeaaup.
  • Wayne Enterprises board member: Well, obviously you're going to need to stop doing that, it's costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Bruce: [pops a red skittle into his mouth, also without making eye contact]
  • Bruce: nooooop.

Maddie didn’t know that ghosts could looked so panicked. And Phantom looked so fearful.

Maddie never thought that she would feel regret for having a ghost beautifully strapped up on her steel experimentation table like a Christmas present. And yet, despite it all she did.

The strangest part about all of this was that before, Phantom looked like it’s usual determined self. Ready to fight for its own existence. Defeat only settled on his features when she delicately tore away the first part of the HAZMAT suit only to find, not skin, not ectoplasm. But a binder.

She dropped the knife. And Jack’s eyes followed it. Jack didn’t even give a response when it clattered against the hard floor.

This was too unsettlingly human.

Why would a ghost care about the appearance of gender? Or, have the need to define what one was? That… that was a human trait. To care how one looked to others. Boy, girl, neither, both or somewhere in between and to be called according to such.

What ghosts cared about was how to get what they wanted. To create chaos.

And yet, Phantom having a binder defied that. It showed that the ghost boy simply wanted to be that, a ghost boy. And that he didn’t want others to doubt that.

Phantom must’ve figured a way out while Maddie was distracted, because he was sitting upright and was using torn bits of the HAZMAT suit to cover his chest.

Phantom swallowed and began drifting upward. Slowly he started to back away, his legs smearing into the air like black mist  “well, this is awkward.”

”Everything you ever said” Jack said slowly, It was true, wasn’t it?”

There was a long pause.

Phantom was still backing away from them, “Yeah, yeah it was.”

Maddie felt sick, if Phantom could feel her experiments, then so did the other ghosts that she had succeeded in cutting up.

She felt dizzy as she used on hand to balance on the table and the other hand rapped around her stomach. As if that would stop her from feeling queasy. As if that stopped the screams in her head from the too many ghosts before Phantom.

Ghosts weren’t monsters anymore and Maddie’s hands never felt more like sharp claws.

Maddie’s legs were shaking, and her face felt drained.

Phantom reached out for a split second then he withdrawn. His eyes flickered to her knees and face, “Hey, uh mo- Maddie, maybe you should sit down.”

Jack took a step towards Phantom, but stopped when Phantom wheeled back. Phantom was now pressed against the wall and eyes were cautiously on Jack and Maddie.

As much as it hurt, Maddie couldn’t blame him.

And with a blink of an eye, Phantom was gone.