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Reminder for my chronic illness babes --

You probably have a bunch of important stuff to remember. Meds to take, supplies to bring, ingredient lists to check, etc. It can be overwhelming, and it makes me super stressed & anxious especially if I’m traveling or doing something new. Here are some things that I’ve found are helpful in reducing the stress & making it easier to do things!

  1. Separate what you need to bring into essential and nonessential lists. Sometimes my anxiety just kind of spreads to everything, so it helps me relax if I remember that there are only a couple crucial things, and the rest are only nice to have. 
  2. Come up with a system so you can easily grab the crucial things. I have all the important stuff in a single bag now, so as long as I grab that I know I’m covered. (I have an organized dopp kitt style pouch now with most of my inhalers, epi pens, and meds – it’s so convenient and helpful!). I recommend getting a pill box you can put one day’s worth of meds in so it’s easy to remember & carry even if you have a ton of bottles
  3. Always bring all the important stuff, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. It’s easier just not to think about it, and you never know if your plans change and you end up needing meds you thought you’d be home for, or an inhaler you didn’t expect to use.
  4. Even if you’re not organized, designate a place for your bag with all the stuff and keep it there even if you use some of the stuff at home. The less you break the routine of where the bag is & what is in it the less likely you will be to forget something.
  5. If you need things like hats, sun glasses, orthotics, etc try to keep them near the bag/door if possible too.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget something. Fix the problem to the best of your abilities, and be kind to yourself. Managing complex medical problems is way harder than it seems and you’re bound to mess up sometimes. I promise that every single person with chronic illness has been here multiple times!

 so some fun facts about working in carpentry (from someone in the field) that probably no one wants but could be fun for writing about julia and mags with:

  • it is so so important to maintain a positive relationship with your clients and that’s probably why mags is so proud of his rustic hospitality and wants to use it at every corner because your relationships and reputation is half the job
  • for one you get returning clients and tends to be the best and most reliable source of income and you also usually will end up getting gifts from them too which is, sweet
  • if they’re doing pretty well off during a year i’m almost certain that they offer discounts for their services for the poorer members of raven’s roost, mangus in particular has a “doggy discount” that if they own a dog and they let it work with him they get a good discount
  • both of them (+plus stephen) are probably ambidextrous to a degree as when working on repeat projects, you tend to get really tired and sore and continue working until that arm gives out and then switch to the other to be able to continue working
  • going with that, you get paid by commission or project usually and so hypothetically you could pick up as many as possible (or as many as the union will allow) and probably will do that a couple times and you could literally blow out your entire body but be set for the year in a couple weeks
  • going with the stress on the body, the physical labor definitely means that they have bad knees and probably a bad arm as well not to mention if there is a lot of heavy lifting you can get multiple hairpin fractures along your spine and legs causing intense pain that cannot be treated 
  • also if they’re working with saws (which i’m pretty sure trav did say were in the pocket workshop) then i have no idea why mags reacted so badly to losing a finger because everyone i have ever worked with has or has almost cut off their finger once a week
  • also you get a very high tolerance for pain (which probably helps mags as being a sword for hirer)  like i have literally sliced my entire forearm open and just wrapped it up and continued working
  • since raven’s roost has a carpentry district, that most likely means that they have a lumber sister town that provides all of the resources
  • and again, going with the importance of rustic hospitality, if you’re friends with the lumber providers then you will get first pick on the quality wood and quality literally will save you days of work
  • if there’s a bad harvest one year then it will fucking suck because people don’t stop needing furniture or buildings and you as the carpenter have to pick up the slack for the shitty warped wood and most projects will take about double the time
  • woodworking is a skill trade and has to be learned over years so most likely by the time mags came along julia was already extremely skilled and is able to do commissions and bids on her own and has her own reputation in ravens roost (which…tbh mags could have very well apprenticed under her) 
  • it is extremely hard to go from apprenticing one carpenter to another because even the basics get muddled with your own style to the point where most people measure in different ways and cutting something wrong (especially cutting it short) will waste so much material thus mags being brand new to apprenticing under stephen probably takes years while jules just laughs each time he fucks up a leg of a chair
Friendly Reminder

Jung said that the dominant function in introverts, particularly perceiving dominants (Si/Ni), is often so unconscious that the one using it is unaware of it, so he suggested not attempting to diagnose one’s perception of reality, but to look instead at the inferior function.

ISXJs have inferior Extroverted Intuition (Ne): this means under stress, they become someone who sees all the negative outcomes of any given situation. It becomes an abyss of darkness waiting to consume them. Think Rory Gilmore freaking out before going to school, and telling her mom all the things that could go wrong, ranging from losing her school books to not making any friends to hitting a deer with her car. Oops. My bad. That happened.

INXJs have inferior Extroverted Sensing (Se): this means their perception of the environment is so bad they often do “stupid things” that get them hurt, like deciding putting their feet on the fire barrel would keep them warmer, or leaping off a garage roof onto a moving car, missing, and permanently embedding asphalt in their knees. Under stress, they tend to do things like blow all their money on expensive worthless trips or gadgets, or pick a random stranger at a bar to sleep with “because it would feel so good.” Think Lola in Reign. Normally she’s super careful and focused on the future and how things will unfold – and then on a random whim, she sleeps with Francis in Paris and gets pregnant, forever tying her to the royal family. Oops.

IXTPs have inferior Extroverted Feeling (Fe): this means under stress, they complain, have tantrums, or melt down emotionally (while feeling angry at their lack of detachment). They have a need to appease people just enough to avoid negative emotions coming their way, because they are insecure about knowing how to handle other people’s emotional outbursts. OR… they turn that around and mess with people just to get an emotional reaction out of them. Think Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, having a meltdown because his burger doesn’t have pickles on it.

IXFPs have inferior Extroverted Thinking (Te): this means under stress, they turn into people obsessed with organization, who berate others for their logical fallacies and mistakes, who want to have everything under control, but who suspect they are less efficient at it than they would like to be. They can be occasionally blunt and authoritative. Throughout their life is this feeling that they should be profiting off their creativity, or be more organized, but on an average day they struggle to accomplish it. Think Rose, taking charge in Titanic as the ship starts to go down.

Yuri & Yuri - To all those people who called Yurio a bully! Can we talk about the fact that Yurio....

danced to Yuuri Katsuki. Not to Victor Nikiforov, not to Otabek Altin. BUT TO THE YUURI KATSUKI…..

Yurio is shocked at Yuuri’s possible retirement.

Victor seeks comfort from Yurio.

No matter where Yuuri is, he always, always goes to cheer Yurio on!

The entire performance is a personal skate to Yuuri like Yuuri skates to Victor. It is his appeal to Yuuri to stay. To continue on skating with him.

No matter what you think of your rival, you never go out of your way to meet just so you can ask them to quit. The only thing that was missing from Yuuri’s performances were his jumps!

You could say in a way, Yurio noticed even before Victor did. He wanted to compete against Yuuri, he wasn’t looking down on Yuuri. He wanted him to shine on the ice, which is the same goal as Victor who arrives later on as his coach.

He wanted Yuuri to be fired up. Instead he finds him crying. That pisses Yurio off and that’s why he says what he says. Yurio wanted Yuuri to fight.

Hence the words… Just retire already. Maybe Yurio thought that it would inspire Yuuri. Instead Yuuri disappeared only to appear later on skate Victor’s Free Skate. 

His words are the exact opposite of what he said last year. 

Athletes have strong minds and bodies. It’s adrenaline. Once you get used to winning medals, it’s like a drug. You just have to keep winning, keep improving till no longer can. 

Victor might be the inspiration behind the Quad Flip…But the person behind the Quad Salchow is Yurio. And Yuuri acknowledges it here.

Let’s not forget that Yurio has been with Yuuri every step of his journey the past 9 months. 

Yurio gave Yuuri Katsudon to eat when he was feeling down. Here again he remembers the Katsudon promise. If you didn’t love that person would you remember what they want?

He also says indirectly I won’t let you go, I won’t let you leave. If you have to leave you have to beat me. You have to stay and beat me. It’s an invitation, it’s a challenge, it’s a silent plea. Stay, Yuuri!

Yuuri is torn. He understands finally he can’t go. Not like this! He needs to keep skating. He had just reached his potential, to quit now is a waste. That’s why Victor was very angry. Victor and Yurio, both made Yuuri stay.

If this is the acknowledgement he wanted from Yurio, once he gets it can he leave? Yuuri has received the message loud and clear.

The same Yurio who asked Yuuri to retire last year is asking him to stay. It’s a full circle.

A really proud Otabek. The way he watched Yurio is just amazing. Melt your knees amazing. 

The stress of Yuuri possible retirement, Victor’s return and his own fall in the beginning breaks him. He might have done just enough to win gold. And he did by .12 points reason enough for Yuuri to stay.

Otabek might be the first friend . With exception of parents, grandpa… Yuuri, Victor, Mila, Yuko and all are extended family to Yurio. That is Yurio’s Agape. Victor might have choreographed it! Like Victor said, It’s a feeling and that is what Yurio found through Yuuri!

Hot Cocoa and a Kiss || Chan || Oneshot

Originally posted by amillionwon

Word Count: 1843

Genre: fluff, holiday cheer, oneshot, drabble

Summary: Chan wasn’t the best at getting gifts or picking up hints.

“Hot cocoa for my bestest friend in the world.”

You looked up, watching as the cup was placed in front of you. You watched the steam rise from the mug and smiled, pulling it closer and allowing it to warm your hands. Chan grinned and pulled out a chair, sitting down. He leaned against the palm of his hand, watching as you carefully took a sip.

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Upcoming Events

So we just wanted to let you guys know of the upcoming fanfics and headcanons we have planned. Since there are two big fandom events going on in TWD fandom like Negan Smut Week and Ash’s Writing Challenge, which both of us are writing a prompt for:

Negan Smut Week:

Negan and a Virgin Smut Story

Negan Finding the Reader’s Erotic Journal about Him Smut Story

Ash’s 2K Writing Challenge:

A Vampire Smut AU

Teacher/Student Smut Story

Other Fic Ideas That We Will/Want to Write In the Future:

Negan Arranged Marriage Smut AU

Reader Using Negan’s Knee to Get Off


Negan Stress Relief Sex

Negan Orgasm Face

If you want to be added to the tag list so you don’t miss these fics and headcanons let us know by sending in asks or commenting on this post! <3

tomato-sickfics  asked:

Liam's stomach bothers him all day, and well into the night. He doesn't know what's going on, but he's a queasy and bloated mess desperate for relief when he wakes up at the lovely hour of 4 am, feeling like he's gonna die, or explode, whichever comes first. He wakes up Vera, about to fall apart from how sick he feels, and she helps him to the bathroom. When he gets there, all that will come up is trapped gas, which feels good, but isn't enough. Cue Vera's hand on hi stomach, which sends all up.

Here you go!!! Sooo good. Your prompts are always amazingly detailed and I love it.

Liam sat at the table in the library, diligently going over and highlighting his work. He was frustrated as stressed. His knee bounced up and down with nervous energy.
“Woah there,” Ira said, sitting down across from him, “what’s your deal?”
Liam sighed, sliding his book away from him.
“Big test at four,” he said, “If I don’t pass this test I’m not graduating. And I have to graduate. I have to pass this test before I can ask Vera anything,” Liam said.
Ira frowned.
“You’ll do fine,” he said, pulling out a sandwich in a plastic bag. The smell overwhelmed Liam, who pulled a grimace.
“What is that?” He swallowed.
“Tuna sandwich, of course. You want some?” He asked, holding the second half out as an offering. Liam shook his head and pressed a hand over his mouth and nose.
“No, no, put it away…” he said.
“What’s your problem, mate?” Ira asked, sticking the half-sandwich in the bag.
“I don’t know… I’ve just felt sick all day. My stomach’s… I guess, torn up for some reason…” he said, rubbing a hand over the upset organ.

“Hmm, sorry man,” Ira said, finishing his half-sandwich.
“You’ll do fine on your test, maybe you should stop stressing so much,” Ira suggested, standing and collecting his things.
Liam scoffed and then went back to reading.
“Well, I’ll see you later then,” Ira said, heading away from the library. He gave a harsh pat on the back to Liam as he did so, and Liam swallowed quickly, trying to avoid catastrophe.
He just had to make it through his final, then he would be fine. He could go home.

By the time the test came around, Liam was feeling even worse. His stomach was a bloated, churning mess. He wanted to throw up, or sleep, or both. The test was passed out by his professor, and he took a long look at it. His eyes scanned the words he’d been going over for weeks. He just had to make it through the test.

As hard as it was to focus on the exam, Liam did finish. Although, by the end, he was completely unable to ignore his rumbling belly any longer. He was certain, as he handed in his exam paper, that he’d not done well, but at this point he really couldn’t bring himself to sit any longer or try any harder.

He beelined out of the classroom and towards the restroom as soon as he was out of the class.

Liam stood over the toilet in the last stall in the corner. He panted as he tried to let whatever was in his belly that was causing him such trouble up.

But he stood for several long moments and nothing came of it. Not even a little bit. He swallowed, rubbing his upset belly, he decided he would go home. The sooner he was in his bed the better.

By the time Liam got home, he was exhausted. His stomach still felt funny, although not as bad as it had. He decided maybe he would be okay. He just needed to sleep it off. Vera had to nanny until 9, which gave Liam the perfect chance to collect himself, and miss dinner without raising suspicion from Vera.

He needed to get himself under control. His stomach continued to moan as it flipped over itself. He pushed a hand under his t-shirt, praying he would stop it from turning over itself.

“Liam?” A voice stirred him. He must have fallen asleep. He blinked confusedly for a second before waking up.
His stomach was feeling terrible, and he was so tired. He was hot and sweaty.
Vera was standing over him, looking concerned.
“Liam, are you okay, babe?” She asked gently. Liam squeezed his eyes shut, then nodded.
“I jus’… I was just tired,” he said, rubbing his eyes.
She smiled, kissing his head.
“Let’s go to bed then,” she said, reaching her hand down for his.
He took it and they walked to the bedroom together. Vera walked into their bathroom to change.
He hardly had the energy to change out of his jeans. He unbuttoned them and let them fall to the ground and realized how good it felt. He was exceptionally hot and bloated. He pulled his t-shirt off so he was only in his underwear and flopped on the bed, pulling the covers over him. The sooner he fell back to sleep the better.

When Liam woke up again, things were bad. He squinted at his alarm clock. Four thirty am. His stomach was distended and hard, bloated. He felt incredibly nauseous, more than he had all day. He sat up on the edge of the bed, leaning over his lap. He braced himself for a minute before deciding to wake Vera.

“V… V, wake up,” he whispered. Vera stirred, blinking in confusion as she took in the sight of him.

“Oh, Liam, what’s wrong? You look terrible,” she said in a sleepy voice.

“My stomach, its bad. I think I need to throw up but I feel like I can’t…” he said, panting. He held a hand to his belly, trying to calm its rumbling. He rocked back and forth as the nausea peaked.

“Okay, okay, let’s get you to the bathroom, okay?” She asked. “Come on.” She grabbed his hand and led him towards the bathroom where he sat in front of the toilet on his knees, begrudgingly.

He leaned over the toilet and stared down the toilet water anxiously. He tried to force himself, by mimicking the actions he’d go through if he threw up, hoping to get things started. He lurched forward with a long, breathy belch.
“Oh, god…” he moaned, then spat into the water.
“You okay, Li?” She asked, watching carefully.
Liam lurched forward again, desperate to get something up. His stomach felt so sick.
All that came up was another long belch from his core.
“It’s a little better… but,” he said, shaking his head. The nausea was getting worse but all he seemed to be able to do was burp. He belched again, several times. The air lifting from his belly helped, but the nausea remained.

“I can’t get anything up…” he whined. Vera frowned, kneeling beside him.

She placed a gentle hand on his back and he arched over the toilet, letting out another queasy burp. They were getting wetter, for what it was worth.

Vera’s hand moved around Liam’s body to his bloated and angry belly. She hoped this would help. With no objections from Liam, she pressed firmly on his belly, right near his belly button where the rumbling was at its worst.

Liam lurched forward again, and this time, he sent up a large, long wave of sick into the toilet. He heaved several times in a row, each time sending up even more. Vera wondered at how he contained all of what came up in the toilet. He held the sides of his head in his hands as his stomach worked to finally clear out everything inside of it.

When Liam was finally finished, he let out a deep sigh, exhausted, but relieved more than anything. Vera swept the brown hair from his forehead.
“Better?” She asked, and Liam nodded tiredly.
She smiled gently, kissing his forehead.

“Let’s go back to bed, okay? Brush your teeth,” she said, flushing the toilet.

Vera helped Liam back to bed, where he could finally rest. He felt like a human again, instead of feeling like there was an alien ripping it’s way from his belly. He was asleep in an instant.

The next day, Vera woke Liam up with an excited nudge.
He blinked, looking at her for answers.

“Liam, you passed! You got a B!” She said. Liam was wide awake now. He sat straight up.

“I did?” He asked.

Vera nodded, showing him the grade on his email on the laptop.

“I’m graduating, V,” he said in awe. He never thought this would happen.

Vera kissed him, hugging him tightly.

“I’m so, so proud of you, Liam,” she said.

Liam knew she was. He was too, to be fair.

And then the nerves set in. Now, he had nothing holding him back. He imagined putting the ring on her hand right then and there, in their bed. But he didn’t. It would be perfect when he did it, and she deserved nothing less.

Imagine being unsure about your relationship with Legolas, due to bad past experiences, but him being willing to earn your trust

For @sarefyne :)


“Are you alright?”

You nodded in reply, flashing a small smile at Legolas before he gave your thigh a squeeze and began to kiss you again.

He was sat at the edge of your bed with you in his lap, his hands rested on your thighs whilst yours lay gingerly on his broad shoulders, feeling the muscles move and flex beneath your fingertips. 

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kaguneko  asked:

how do you feel about oisuga?

i feel many things about oisuga

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

here’s something i just made up:

oikawa and iwaizumi are at the gym and run into a yoga instructor their age

iwa has to shove oikawa in the right direction when he notices that he’s staring and complaining about how pretty mr yoga is, with his careless and clearly underappreciated beauty™, but doesnt do anything about it

suga is amused

Originally posted by irhina-v

i feel like they’d toy with each other a lot? esp suga bc he’d love to get a rise out of oikawa, who would insist that suga has no effect on him (cue iwa scoffing in the distance) and oiks would be so annoyed at how easy it is for suga to get under his skin

suga is stubborn too and daichi has to threaten to kick his entire ass because “you like him stop playing coy, idiot”

lots and lots of word volleyball and pouting and tension and after a while i imagine it would escalate to suggestive pictures that are just shy of explicit, and them trying to outdo each other wink wonk. they’re both pure sinnamon rolls so it probably doesnt take that long to get there

when they finally go on a date that both insist isnt a date but an outing of sorts (suga does not fail to point out the irony ofc) suga takes oikawa to his favorite bakery but doesnt tell him its his favorite and has him sit down and wait with his eyes closed but he peeks and sees suga at the counter and his expression is unguarded for once and he inhales a little sharply bc holy fuck what an angel and he can tell suga’s eager to share whatever he’s ordering so oiks closes his eyes tight with a smug grin plastered on his face and suga feeds him a bit of pastry thats flaky and nutty and very sweet and one of the best things he’s ever tasted which later becomes second only to suga hehe

suga tries to teach oikawa different yoga poses to help with his knee problem and stress bc wow this man is stressed about nearly everything but it turns into a lesson on how to hush someone who’s whining about unfair it is that his instructor’s hands linger in places they probably shouldn’t as they bend his body this way and that, but he’s not opposed to it, exactly, it’s just that why can’t he touch back. “the idea, is that you would, oikawa.” it’s a mess of kisses and tangled limbs and pushed aside clothes and gruff but affectionate whispers

after countless more non dates they’re both still in denial but oikawa practically lives with suga and suga doesn’t mind in the slightest

(poor long-suffering iwa-chan who is forced to listen to all the details)

Robbie Kay Imagine: Let's Be Awkward and Drink Hot Chocolate

Requested by anonymous on Tumblr: “4 AND ROBBIE PLS AND THANK YOU”


#4. “I’m sorry for being awkward, I just really like you.”

((Um okay but please look at dis gif I found, it’s not mine, but it’s so amazing))


Originally posted by darlinglostcrank

The streets of London were entirely all too busy for your taste, and you had to squeeze yourself through the immense number of people that were scrambling about. It was claustrophobic, really, nothing anybody would willingly be out doing on a Friday night unless they were tourists or wandering window shoppers.

You took a deep breathe, maneuvering sideways through an arguing couple, muttering a small apology even though you knew they couldn’t hear you over their obnoxious bickering. With a grunt of displeasure, you plopped down on a bench, the cold metal chilling your skin almost instantly.

You rubbed your hands up your arms, wishing that you’d brought a jacket along with you. The wind nipped at your skin, and the sun had long since disappeared behind the droopy, gray clouds, making it even more chilly than it was.

You pulled your phone out from your pocket, typing in a short password. Your Instagram feed was much less interesting than watching the people around you, so after clicking it off again, you stuffed it back to it’s original place. You drowsily rubbed your dry eyes, resting your elbows on your knees.

Today had been stressful, with all the running around and juggling your constantly changing schedule. You were reminded once again by your growling stomach that you had also not eaten anything since breakfast this morning, completely forgetting about lunch and dinner.

You heard a shuffle next to you, and then felt something warm fall onto your shoulders. You groggily opened your eyes to look at the stranger, the street lamp giving off just enough light to see his beautiful features.

With a button nose, sharp cheekbones, and very descriptive eyes stood a boy who looked to be around your age. A small smile melted onto his face as you gave him a tired one of your own, tilting your head at his kind gesture. You knew nothing about who this boys was, yet he was treating you so nicely; it shocked you. Most people, like the dozens of other that had passed, would have just spared you a glance and continued on their way.

“I’m sorry, I just noticed that you were shivering and felt the need to lend a helping hand…”

You frowned to yourself for not even being able to control the weird movement; shivering made you feel like a helpless chihuahua. It was embarrassing really, how nobody had even stopped to ask if you were okay.

You gave him a sleepy smile, reaching to pull his jacket from your shoulders to give it back,“ Thank you so much, but it is rather nippy out tonight. I think you’d better keep this for yourself, I’ll make it smell like a girl.”

As you finished you gave off a small giggle, relishing in the thought of making a boys jacket smell like flowers and vanilla. It was in the spur of the moment that you had made the comment, and had no time to take it back from mid air. Only a few seconds after did you realize how creepy the reply probably was to him, a random stranger you’d just met.

“No, you keep it. You’re still shivering a bit, and plus I wouldn’t mind having something to show off to my man friends!” He joked, lifting his arms to flex them, all the while laughing.

You smiled wider, a laugh bursting from your lips. The people walking by either gave you a strangle look or smiled at the noise, and some just chose to ignore you completely.

He laughed too, sliding onto the bench next to you. He kept in his own personal space bubble, which you thought was considerate because you’d only just met. He was in every meaning adorable, an absolute cutie.

“That was a weird first impression, wasn’t it? I’m sorry for being so awkward, I just really like you…the names Robbie, Robbie Kay.” he chuckled, jutting his hand out for you to shake.

You took it, looking into his eyes and smiling, “(Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N)”

He hesitantly let go of your hand, the two of you blushing slightly. He nervously scratched the back of his head with his hand, and then put it in his lap. Shying away from your kind gaze, he looked down to his twiddling fingers, and then back to you. His face was tinted in more red than before, the color dusting his face suiting him cutely.

“Would you like to, maybe, walk down to that cafe on the corner? I…think some hot chocolate sounds pretty good this time of night, and it would warm you up quite a bit…” He suggested shyly, his voice shaking.

You nodded your head slightly, excitement and nervousness flooding your veins so much that you wanted to faint, “Yes, I would, um, I would like that very much…”

He grinned from ear to ear, standing up and taking your smaller hand into his. You, out of complete instinct, entwined your fingers together. He pulled you gently out of your seat.

As you glanced up to him, you found him already staring, soft eyes melting into your own. It was a complete coincidence that he would have met you today, but you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

He looked down at your hands held tightly together, and then looked to you, “Ready to go?”

“Yep, now let’s go get hot chocolate before it gets any colder out here!" 

The Wish [Chapter Two] | Naruto

prompt: See Chapter One.

pairing:Naruto ◊ Hinata

notes: Sooo, this is the second chapter. I have a margarita in my hand (second one), and I’m a bit tipsy, so we’ll see how this goes.

notess: Naruhina shippers, I’m just going to let you know now, this chapter has narusaku in it just because I want to make you all cry because I’m a bad person. Also, I don’t believe this would actually happen, it just makes for some juicy shenanigans. Btw, I am sorry, truly. #naruhina5eva

notesss: If you decide not to read it because I put a little bit of narusaku in it, please keep reading anyway because this is about Naruto wanting to take the wish back, but he can’t until Hinata falls in love with him again, so there is no emotional attachment to Sakura for Naruto, it’s just..idk, just read please. One more thing, because this is an au, character are going to be OOC, please don’t hurt me (this whole thing is OOC and it hurts me to write it like this..). 

So who was he looking at? Were his eyes playing terrible games on him again or maybe this really was genjutsu, he didn’t know anymore nor did he care because the being in front of him walked just the way he remembered, with their back straight, with their head held high and had an arrogance about them that he remembered. This was who he thought it was, and all the memories and emotions pooled into his thoughts. 

Before speaking, before any movement, before he could even breathe, tears started pouring from his eyes. This was a sick nightmare. 

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anonymous asked:

Hanji and Levi! Love your blog! :D

You gave me my all time OTP <3 And THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON!

  • Who was the one to propose:
    Hanji would if Levi waited around too long, or Levi whenever he got the balls too. Levi’s proposal would be extremely awkward and would call Hanji by her first name “Zoe” while making sure they were completely alone to keep is pride. He’d try and avoid directly saying it like; “We should both wear rings to keep other filthy pigs away” but eventually, after some help from Erwin, he’d get down on one knee and propose.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:
    Probably Levi, Hanji would have WAY too many ideas that would fit a kid’s party rather than a wedding. If possible, she’d like to ride a titan down the isle but Levi would make sure none of those nutty idea’s ever makes it to the actual wedding. He’d plan for it to be gorgeous and would absolutely 100% make sure they’d serve tea in tea cups without the handles
  • Who decorated the house:
    Both of them, Hanji would have more antique things that would clutter shelfs like the files on her desk, she’d do more of the nick nacks; hanging pantings, placing flowers and lights, putting up shelfs of pictures, ect. Levi takes care of the furniture and he’s very picky about what he chooses. It has to be the right color, sturdy, affordable, and made from just the right materials. If it passed his standards, he then spends 2 days trying to figure out where it goes. He probably even has a map of the house to he can mark where everything goes
  • Who does the cooking:
    With out a doubt, Levi. Hanji will attempt to cook once in a while just to please her angry husband when he comes home from work but it usually ends up burnt bad enough to the point where she just throws away her failed attempt and ends up ordering take out. Levi and Hanji’s holy food is chinese food.
  • Who is more organized:
    That would be without a doubt Levi. Levi’s personality is just more organized in general. He’d take the time to put away files in alphabetical order while Hanji will just throw her files on a desk and wait till they have importance to her again. Levi also lays out his clothes at night, folded and ready for the morning and Hanji will just pick up anything she finds on the floor.
  • Who suggested kids first:
    Hanji. Levi at first would’t want any brats running around but then he’d slowly warm up to the idea of him and Hanji raising a family together. Hanji would want kid(s) because she kinda (well to me lol) has that motherly instinct and raising a family would be one of her many dreams. They’d both raise their kid(s) with French
  • Who’s the cuddler: 
    They both love to cuddle, wether it’s at night raining or during a hot day in the middle of the weak. Hanji would prefer to snuggle naked to feel their body’s touch skin to skin, Levi wouldn’t really ever complain about it. Levi would love big comfy blankets as they snuggled
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
    They alternate between the two of them; sometimes Levi enjoys having Hanjis ass against him while he feels her chest. Sometimes Hanji will spoon Levi if he’s having a bad day or being extra grumpy. They both snuggle each other by attempting to curl up in each of their sides
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 
    Playing video games. Hanji’s a huge role play gal and Levi “attempts” to go along with it. Hanji and Levi also love to lounge around on their DS’s and play pokémon and they can trade back and forth a lot. The rule with them is that you cannot play if either one of them isn’t present
  • Who cooks: 
    Levi, he cooks dinner, makes them both lunch, and gets up earlier enough to feed the beast breakfast. He’d leave snacks he made at Hanji’s desk incase she forgot to eat and he’d automatically would pack her lunch for work.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:
    They both do, then they bicker at each other. To unwind, they both go to the same bar to hang out and roughly make out all night. Hanji’s a happy drunk that always giggles but always start’s pointless arguments between Levi. Both of them get wasted and don’t remember the arguments the morning after, but they still know the arguments happened.
  • Who kills the spiders: 
    Hanji has to, Levi’s too afraid of the 8 legged freaks. Hanji would want to capture them and used them as pets or experiments. Probably keep them in a jar and study them for hours on end till she figured out everything there was to them. Levi would stay 10 feet away afraid of the litlte shits.
  • Who falls asleep first: 
    Hanji, she’s so worn out by the end of the day and she loves to sleep. Levi would have insomnia on most occasions so he’d stay up to watch Hanji fall asleep. He’d fall asleep after her once he was done playing with her hair.
  • A head canon: 
    Hanji blushes madly when she’s called Zoe, so Levi randomly calls her Zoe when he tries to be romantic or serious about something important.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

  • Who has the most patience?
    That’s obvious, Levi. Hanji would whine and complain until she got what she wanted. Levi would have no choice but to either give in or endure it.
Physical Characteristic Of The Signs

Aries: High set and narrow facial bones, rosy complexion, strong body, above or below average height, hair is likely to have a reddish cast in the sunlight, high energy

Taurus: Innocent and steady eyes, full lips, thick wavy hair, thick neck and broad shoulders, pleasant and attractive looking, slow and steady movements, engaging yet soft spoken in communication

Gemini: Full lips, lanky, defined chin, high cheekbones, youthful appearance and energy, pointy features, long fingers, a swift walk, sparkling eyes that dart in different directions

Cancer: Sensitive eyes, fleshy body, a round face, prominent forehead, expressive facial expressions, uncontrollable laughter, looks like the boy or girl next door

Leo: Thick and luscious hair, dignified expressions, appears to resemble a lion, prominent nose, athletic build, vivacious energy, carries themselves with confidence

Virgo: Large and clear expressive eyes that appear to analyze the environment, understated movements, often appears to be contemplating something of importance, clean-looking, meticulously groomed

Libra: A dimpled smile or dimpled knees, full lips, sensitive eyes, makes a lot of expressions and movements while talking, crisp and clear voice, contagious laughter, can be apathetic at times, classically handsome or beautiful

Scorpio: A glowing complexion, appears self-contained, deep-set piercing eyes, thick hair, heavy eyebrows, strong in stature, either shorter or taller than average, intense animal magnetism, a shrewd communication style, mysterious beauty

Sagittarius: Large skull with a broad forehead, elongated facial features, tends to be clumsy, a searching gaze, expressive communication style, frequently acquires scrapes and bruises

Capricorn: Finely chiseled features, a poised demeanor, steady melancholy eyes, a sturdy resistant body, tends to be taller than average, perspires when under significant stress, weak knees, engaging in communication, classically handsome or beautiful

Aquarius: A vague expression, distant eyes, chiseled features, silky hair, alternates from being withdrawn and to being very engaging, tends to be taller than average with drooping shoulders, willowy stature, mysterious off-beat beauty

Pisces: Delicate features, large compelling eyes, a wondering dreamy expression, chameleon-like, awkwardly built yet graceful, thick wavy hair, the feet are typically smaller or larger than average, often appears uncomfortable out in public, ethereal beauty