knee socks plays in the background

aesthetics for the signs

aries: fairy lights, ripped fishnets, disco balls, neon signs, movie tickets, concerts, roller blading rinks, train tickets, listening to a good song for the first time, watching scary movies with friends, screaming until you lose your voice.

taurus: flushed cheeks, playing in the snow, staying up all night to talk to someone you like, caring for someone, hugs, travelling, the sound of a pen scratching against paper, twirling around in a pretty dress.

gemini: finishing a paper ten minutes before its due, sending a risky text, ripped skinny jeans, storm clouds, standing in the rain, screaming into your pillow, making out with someone for hours, blasting your music.

cancer: the colour blue, grocery shopping, holding hands, love confessions, cherry blossoms, sexual tension, making bad decisions, motorcycles, coffee shops, cotton candy, spicy food, sweet talking your way out of things.

leo: long eyelashes, dimples, the feeling of freedom, dancing without a care in the world, buying clothes without looking at the price, lattes, face masks, sharp eyeliner, waterfalls, smirking, making people jealous, blankets fresh out of the dryer.

virgo: campfires, stargazing, old books, rainy days, modern buildings, a steamed up mirror, the rooftop of a building, breathless laughter, the glow of your phone at night, dipping your feet into a swimming pool, a shy kiss on the cheek, glittery eyeshadow.

libra: having someone play with your hair, flirty texts, the colour pink, red roses, high heels, long hair blowing in the wind, hands on your thighs, scented candles, being complimented, kissing someone you like for the first time.

scorpio: spending all your money on concert tickets, bruised lips, getting drunk for the first time, pressed flowers, glitter, polaroids, red lipstick, laughing at 2am, whispering secrets, piercings, making eye contact with someone you like.

sagittarius: an adrenaline rush, ignoring texts, knee high socks, smashing a window, staying out until 5am, freckles, stickers, the colour yellow, cursive writing, museums, laughing at silly jokes, discussing conspiracy theories.

capricorn: city skylines, chocolate, red wine, being pampered, lace bras, silk robes, bubble baths, smelling flowers, bubblegum, piano music, rose petals on silk sheets, expensive perfume, driving down an empty highway at 3am.

aquarius: coloured hair, hot chocolate, a field of flowers, taking long showers, smiling until your cheeks hurt, drinking with friends, the sound of a movie quietly playing in the background as you fall asleep.

pisces: hickeys, ripped denim jackets, bumble bees, rain gently pattering against your window as you try to fall asleep, fluffy clouds, receipts, sunsets, biting your lips, messy eyeliner, discovering new places, scented candles.

Aesthetics For The Signs

aries: fairy lights, ripped fishnets, disco balls, neon signs, movie tickets, concerts, roller blading rinks, train tickets, listening to a good song for the first time, watching scary movies with friends, screaming until you lose your voice.

taurus: flushed cheeks, playing in the snow, staying up all night to talk to someone you like, caring for someone, hugs, travelling, the sound of a pen scratching against paper, twirling around in a pretty dress.

gemini: finishing a paper ten minutes before its due, sending a risky text, ripped skinny jeans, storm clouds, standing in the rain, screaming into your pillow, making out with someone for hours, blasting your music.

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discovery characters as vines

michael: “i don’t even know which way the quiznos is” 

philippa: “put a quarter in your no yelling sock”

saru: the dog getting snacks dropped on it while pour some sugar on me plays in the background

lorca: “kinkshaming is my kink”

tilly: the woman dancing on the construction equipment while gimme more plays in the background

stamets: the guy sharing his lollipop with a snake while pocketful of sunshine plays in the background

hugh: touch knees!

ash: the guy gobbling to a distant turkey

I knew it

Summary: You’re an Avenger with super powers on a mission. You are attacked by two demons and get hurt. Luckily the Winchesters make an appearance and save you. The brothers refuse to leave till you’re fully healed and it makes a certain super soldier jealous.

Word count: 2149

Pairings: The Winchesters x reader, Steve x reader

Warnings: None?

A/n: So this is my first fic I’m like literally publishing and well, I kinda like it, which does not happen often, so it’s great. If there are mistakes, I’m really sorry, it’s just… English is not my main language and well… Hope you’ll like it.

I was just looking back at this and I had the need to rewrite this along with ‘Could you?’ so I hope you’ll like this rewritten version. 

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The signs aesthetics

Aries: The feeling of going downhill on a roller coaster, long kisses in weird places, sleeping way too late, painting a room with someone you love, growing your hair long, skin tight jeans on a hot summer day

Taurus: Bubble baths with slow music in the background, dizzy spells, cooking a pie with your best friend, buying eggs from a farm, meeting someone new and wanting to talk forever, the most comfortable shoes ever

Gemini: Dusty books found in the attic, the taste of old chap stick on your lips, looking through old photos, the very first kiss with someone magical, wearing knee high socks, playing tag late at night when you can’t see, soft fluffy blankets wrapped around you

Cancer: Going to your very first dance, meeting your partners parents, seeing a movie you’ve been dying to watch, petting a cat, sleeping in the sun and waking up burnt, dreams about falling, long pointless conversations with your best friend

Leo: The first day of summer, wearing a brand new swim suit, your phone being fully charged, leading people and doing it well, taking a long early morning bike ride, saying nice things to your friends

Virgo: Cleaning the entire house, straightening your hair, buying 5 books at once, laughing at your own joke, people watching, taking long showers on your day off, eating strawberries dipped in chocolate

Libra: Changing your outfit in the middle of the day, saying something sassy, smirking at your crush, biting your lip while you think, the sound a computer makes when it turns on, week long sleepovers

Scorpio: The smell of toast in the middle of the afternoon, loud concerts, coming home late and shutting the door just slightly too loud, having the movie theater entirely to yourself, ice cold water

Sagittarius: Wind blown hair, running to nothing, laughing for hours straight, telling the funniest jokes, staying up all night, taking your friends to a midnight dinner, sharing secrets in low whispers

Capricorn: Dying your hair out of anger, getting your nails done, talking to the cashier at the grocery store, having frozen yogurt with cherries on top, making your bed right when you get up, reading a book that is a million pages long

Aquarius: Petting strangers dogs, being late to work, having paint coat your hands, wearing unusual shades of lipstick, trying new things, sleeping on the couch cause you don’t want to get up to go to your bed, rainbow beads

Pisces: Snuggling with someone you love, creating a blog, trying on perfumes, smiling at strangers, imagining unreal things, creating movies with your friends, trying on clothes you’d never wear, photo albums

Lena Luthor didn’t do Christmas.

It didn’t seem so very out of character, when you take into account all her previous Christmases consisted of her and Lex and a near empty dinner table. It wasn’t so bad when Lex was around, but after he landed himself in jail it just got downright lonely.

And yet here Lena stood, in the middle of Kara Danvers’ kitchen, with a glass of eggnog in her hand and a Santa hat on her head while she watched Kara boogy around the apartment in an oversized button up and knee high socks as All I Want For Christmas played softly in the background.

And yeah, Lena thought, if this is what the holiday could mean, maybe she could get behind this whole Christmas thing after all.

ok perks of dating me

  1. hella cute
  2. no but 5 real i can cook (like order pizza)
  3. sometimes i wear a shirt with no pants and knee socks
  4. i liek cuddling
  5. i literally have no social life so i have time whenever you want
  6. we can make out while the arctic monkeys play in the background
  7. i probably love you a lot
  8. hella rad
  9. did i mention the knee socks
  10. please