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The Reason I Don’t Do Cold Readings Anymore…

by reddit user Skarjo

I don’t do ‘Cold Readings’ anymore. I don’t tell fortunes. I don’t read tea leaves.

And I do not do contact ‘the other side’.

Look, don’t judge me alright? It was an easy gig. I mean, the first time I did it, it was a joke. I did it just to impress a girl. You’ve been there right? It was something I’d read about online and I thought I’d give it a go.

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Don’t Say Anything (part 10)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


A/N: I’m going to Pride for the first time this Saturday and I’m sooooo excited :)

It goes completely silent. Like dead silent and you hate it. Wanda’s looking between you and Natasha while your voice gets caught up in your throat.

“Nat.. I-I’m-” you stop speaking, running your fingers through your hair.

The fiery red head stood in front of you, mouth slightly open in shock. For a spy, she did not see this coming. Everything happened so fast. You didn’t mean to blurt it out. You cracked under pressure. This is exactly what you were trying to prevent from happening.

Suddenly the door bursts open and in walks Bucky and Steve, worried looks etched on their faces and guns pointed.

“What’s going on? We heard yelling.” Steve spoke first, eyes searching the room. From where they were, all they could hear was muffled yelling and they thought you and the girls were in some sort of danger. Once Steve looks at you, he lowers his gun. “What happened?”

Your eyes travel over to Nat who kept her gaze on the ground. Your heart broke. “Nat, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Steve glances between the two of you before glaring at Bucky. “You’re not waiting any longer - talk to her.”


“Talk to her!”

Bucky let out a shaky breath before stepping towards Nat. “Natasha can I.. Can I talk to you? Alone?”

She cleared her throat. “Yeah, we have a lot to talk about.”

You watch the two exit your room and your eyes fill with tears yet again. As your lip quivered, Steve pulled you into a hug where you let out a sob. “She hates me, Steve. I hurt her.”

“She doesn’t hate you, Y/N.” he sighed, rubbing your back in a comforting manner.

“You didn’t see the way she looked at me. She was so hurt. I betrayed her.” you cried. “What kind of friend am I?”

He shushed you, petting your hair softly as you cried your eyes out. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. She wasn’t supposed to find out. All you wanted was for them to be happy regardless if it hurt your feelings and made you want to drown in your own tears.

Wanda slowly got off the bed and placed her hand on your back. “Are you okay?”

You step away from Steve and wipe away your tears. “I fucked up.”

“I tried to stop it, Y/N.”

“I know. I should’ve walked out or something. Anything really.” you sniffled. “Now she hates me.”

“Steve’s right, she doesn’t hate you.” Wanda frowned. “Shocked, yeah. But she would never hate you.”

“Why wouldn’t she hate me? She just found out that her best friend is in love with her boyfriend. Of course she hates me!” you exclaim.

Steve’s eyebrows raise. “You’re in love with Bucky?”

Both you and Wanda ignore him. “Don’t think like that. She doesn’t hate you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Wait.” Steve waved his hand. “You’re in love with Bucky?”

“Don’t make me repeat it.” you sigh.

“For how long?”

“Does it matter? Nothing good-”

“Five years.” Wanda cut in and you glare at her.

“Five years?!” he shouts. “Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“What?” the both of you say, watching as Steve slapped his palm against his forehead.

“Bucky, he-” but he stops himself.

“He what?” you question.

Steve cleared his throat. “That’s not for me to tell.”

“What the hell? Tell me.” you take a step towards the blonde.

He takes a step backwards. “No.”

“Steve, I’ve had enough today. Just tell me.”

“You’ll have to ask Bucky.”

You scoff. As if you’ll ever go near Bucky now. You should’ve just stayed away from him right when you found out about the two of them. Now everything’s out of control. You’re pretty sure Natasha hates you and Bucky  - Why would Bucky want to be with you now? Nothing will change with him.

Platinum blonde hair pokes into your room and the man attached to it smiles. “Guess who’s back and brought a cake… What’s going on? Why are your eyes all red?”

He fully steps into your room with a bag hanging from his wrist and you exhale loudly.

“Not now, Pietro.” Wanda says, shooing him away with her hand.

Pietro snarls. “Not now my ass, she’s crying.”

“Just go!” she points to the door.

“Like I’d ever listen to you, младшая сестра.” he scoffed, setting the bag down on your bed. “What happened.”

“She’s in love with Bucky.” Steve says as Pietro walked towards you.

“You finally told him? Did he reject you? Is that why you’re crying?” he held you by your upper arm, eyes filled with concern. You glance at Wanda then at Steve before letting out a sigh.

And you told him everything.

Bucky led Natasha to his room where he shut the door and locked it so they could have their private conversation. Bucky was nervous. His hands were shaking, his heart was pounding and he wanted to throw up.

If he even said the slightest thing to piss her off, she’d murder him. Literally. Bucky walks around her and sits on his bed, patting the spot next to him. Natasha doesn’t say a word as she sits beside him, a decent gap space between the two of them. She was thinking hard, thinking about the mini argument with Bucky 3 days ago, thinking about everything that’s happened, literally in the past hour and 30 minutes.

The brunette clasps his hands together, leaving them to rest on his lap and clears his throat. “So..”

“Do you like Y/N?” Nat asked, not bothering to waste any time. “Be honest with me.”

“I - Yeah. Yeah, I do.” he breathed.

Natasha exhaled an ‘okay’ and looked over at Bucky. “Don’t hurt my best friend, Barnes. Do you hear me?”

Bucky nods. “Yeah.”

“If she ever comes crying to me because of you, you’re dead.”

“Got it.”

“Alright.” she nods. “We’re done here.”

Natasha moves to stand up but Bucky grabs her hand. “Wait, that’s it? We didn’t even get to actually talk!”

“Because there’s nothing to talk about!” she replied.

Bucky scoffed. “There’s a lot to talk about.”

The red head sighed and sat to face Bucky. “Alright, fine. Let’s talk.”

“Thank you.” he breathed. “Before I start I just want you to know that I do care about you and you’re a great person.” Nat nods. “Okay so, before.. us happened I had a thing for Y/N but I didn’t think she.. you know, liked me back.” this made Nat scoff as she thought back to what you had blurted out earlier. “And then you came along and we got to talking which then led to.. you know and every time I was with you, I forgot about my feelings for Y/N. You were like a distraction. What we had was a.. a fling. You know that. I enjoyed your company. You filled the hole inside me briefly, the one that yearned for Y/N’s love and affection. I know this all sounds bad, trust me - and I know that messing with your feelings was a douchebag move but at the time, I thought I wanted to be with you. I told myself over and over again that I wanted to be with you and not Y/N but fuck, seeing Pietro all over her these past couple of days annoyed the hell out of me and I couldn’t lie to myself anymore - I couldn’t hurt you as well. I couldn’t string you along, making you think that I loved you when really, my heart belongs to Y/N.”

Nat nods her head. “So you were using me this whole time?”

“I wouldn’t necessarily word it like that but yeah.” he sighed. “It was a dick move, I know. It’s fine if you want to hit me or cut my balls off. I deserve it. I’m sorry.”

The red head exhales. “If I were some other woman, I’d be absolutely furious right now. I’d want to punch you, knee you in the balls so hard that you wouldn’t be able to produce children later on in the future.” Bucky chuckled softly. “But, I’m not some other woman. I’m me. And although everything you just said was fucked up, I shouldn’t be one to judge because I’ve been using you too.”

Bucky raises his eyebrows at Natasha’s words. “What?”

“I was in a bad place when we started talking. Bruce had ran off without even saying goodbye to me. I had to hear from Tony that he left. Fucking Tony. I was sad, I mean I really did love him. I get that he had to leave for the protection of everyone around him but a simple goodbye would’ve sufficed, you know?” Bucky nods. “Anyways we got to talking and all that other stuff and for a minute, you’d make me forget about all the heartbreak Bruce caused me. Just like I filled the hole in you that craved Y/N, you filled the hole in me. A distraction was what you were. You distracted me from my real feelings. I know what we had was a fling, I never saw it as anything more than a casual talk and fuck - sometimes make out sessions. But other than that, I didn’t have feelings for you. I liked the fact that you distracted me from Bruce and I guess I made myself think that I actually liked you in the process.” she ran her fingers through her hair. “And I’m sorry too.”

“Wow.” Bucky laughed, staring straight ahead at his wall. “So us dating, that was-”

“Completely idiotic and for no reason.” she finished for him.

He face palmed. “Oh my god, we’re idiots.”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “We are.”

“We didn’t even actually like each other, why did we start dating?” Bucky questioned, although he already knew the answer.

I have no idea.” Nat laughed. “Oh, and sorry about getting all mad after accusing you of liking Y/N. I guess I got frustrated that reality was setting in and the fantasy was no longer there.”

“It’s cool. Sorry for.. literally everything.” Bucky shrugged.

“It’s fine.” she chuckled. “No hard feelings?”

“No hard feelings.” he nodded before running his fingers through his hair. “Oh god, now I have to talk to Y/N. What if she doesn’t feel the same way?”

“I have a feeling she will.” the spy says as she stood up, extending her hand out for Bucky to take. “Come on, let’s go get your girl.”

The super soldier takes her hand and stands up, following her out to the hallway. “You know Y/N’s a jealous person, right? Not too jealous though but a reasonable amount of jealous.” she says.

“Yeah, it’s cute, right?” he smiled. “Ooo she’s gonna get so mad and jealous when she realizes that we’ve had sex. Plus those make out sessions and the amount of times she’s caught us. Wow. You’re in some deep shit.”

“She’s gonna get mad at you, not me.” Nat scoffed.

“You were messing around with her man.” Bucky countered.

She rolled her eyes. “Sisters before misters, Barnes. Never forget.”

“Yeah well… Bucky before Nat.” he replied, causing the red head to laugh.




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Who Am I? Part (1/?)

@illusionassasin requested: could I get a drabble with Bucky for 3, 11, 33, and 59 where they hate each other but the reader gets kidnapped or something with a happy ending???3.    “Hey now! Hey, hey calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore”11.    “She’s hiding behind the sofa”
33. “I feel like I can’t breathe when I look at you, you make me want to vomit.
59.    “Why don’t you go cry me a river and see if I care?!”
Pairings: Bucky x Reader, past!Natasha x past!Reader
Warnings: Torture, Angst
Author: Alice

“Miss, Captain Rogers is requesting your presence in the debriefing room.”
I groaned as I got up, pushing the covers off and requesting the lights to be turned on.
“Thank you Friday, please tell Rogers I’ll be down in ten.”
“Of course Miss.”

I sighed, moving over to my closet and grabbing my classic attire, a black crop top, black leather jeans, black combat boots, and spiked fingerless gloves. On my way out I grabbed my black leather jacket and threw it on, tossing my ombre blue hair up into a messy bun.
“Miss, Captain Rogers is requesting your presence. He says it’s urgent.”
I rolled my eyes as I entered the elevator,
“Friday, how many minutes has it been since Rogers first requested my presence?”
“Six minutes Miss.”

“Then tell Rogers that I still have four minutes left and to calm the hell down. I’ll get there when I get there.”
“Of course Miss.”

It didn’t take long for the doors to open and when they did, I heard the cocking of guns. I looked up and saw men in tactical gear pointing their guns at me but the team was nowhere to be found. I scanned over everyone and noticed that one of them was wearing the Hydra emblem. I quickly moved to the corner and started to press the “close door” button but it would never close. They started to shoot and I took cover behind the control panel seeing as how they couldn’t shoot through that.
“Friday I need assasitance! There are intruders in the tower!”
There was no answer and the shooting came to a stop.
“Bring her to me!”
I peered over the side of the elevator doors and saw they were starting to come towards me. I got ready for a fight when they threw a grenade into the elevator. I made quick work to throw it back towards them and once it went off, I left the confines of the elevator and made my attack on the first guy who was near me. I jumped up performing Nat’s signature thigh grip move. I reached down into his utility belt, grabbing his extra gun and shooting the men who were coming at me. The agent finally dropped to the ground and I backflipped off him and threw the gun to the ground, grabbing one of the bigger guns and running for cover. Once I was safe, well as safe as I could be and I started firing. I could hear the thuds of the people I had managed to hit fall to the ground before I felt a searing pain in my back. I turned to late to see one of the men grinning at me. I fell to the ground with a thud and then I felt hands grabbing me and carrying me out from behind the sofa. They dropped me to the ground and the big man who I assume was the leader had them put me on my knees and started to punch me. I tried to put up a fight but whatever they had attacked me with was messing me up. They threw one good punch to my head and knocked me out. *General View*
“Friday where is Y/N?”
“Miss Y/L/N arrived at the debriefing level twenty minutes ago.”
“Friday track Y/N’s whereabouts.”
“Miss Y/L/N is not in the tower.”
“Then where is she?”

“Miss Y/L/N was removed from the tower against her will.”
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Steve and then looked at Tony.
“Friday what the hell do you mean Y/N was taken against her will?”
“Security camera’s on level ten were disabled for thirty minutes.”
“And you didn’t think to tell me?”
“My programing wouldn’t let me Mr. Stark.”

Tony pulled out his tablet, messing with Friday.
“Son of a bitch!”
“Hydra was here and they took Y/N.”

Bucky chose the time to enter then and looked over everyone before he sat down.
“What’d I miss?”
“Hydra was here and they took Y/N.”
“They took that annoying thing? Well good reidenance then.”
“What?! She has never brought anything to this team and she let herself get taken? It’s a good thing she’s gone!”
Natasha jumped up and pointed her gun at Bucky
, making everyone jump up but no one made a move to stop her. Her voice was ice cold, and if it was anyone else they would probably be dead.
“Listen here James and you better listen carefully. Y/N was more apart of this team than you ever will be. She was and always will be family to all of us. Ever since you came here you’ve been treating Y/N like shit. She has done nothing but stand up for you and help you even when you don’t realize it. And I can tell you this, I don’t care if you had nothing to do with her being taken, but if anything happens to her, I will kill you myself. And while you’re here, you will not talk shit about her. Do you understand?”
“Talk shit about her one more time and you won’t be able to stop me.”

Natasha sat down but kept her gun in front of her, the barrel still pointed at Barnes.
“Friday was Y/N wearing her purple ameythst ring when she was taken?”
“She was.”
“Track it.”
“I don’t get it. How does a ring have anything to with it?”
“When Y/N first joined SHIELD, she came to us with the ring. The ring has special properties and her handlers used it to track her every movements. She asked us to change the properties and whenever the time came for us to use it, we would. The only exception is that the ring only works for Y/N.”
“Sir the ring’s tracking device is disabled.”
“Disabled?! How?!”
“I’m not sure sir but nothing is popping up.”
“What’s the big deal? Tracking devices can be disabled.”
“I know that Barnes, I’m not an idiot but what I’m saying is that you can’t disable the rings tracking device because it’s the ring itself. The only way you can cut it off is if the ring is destroyed and the ring is attached to Y/N’ finger and she’s the only one who can physically take it off her finger. The only other way to get it off her finger is to well, cut it off.”
“So you’re saying that Y/N took it off or she lost one of her fingers?”
“Exactly what I’m saying.”

Everyone looked down around at each other before they looked up at the big screen when Fury came on.
“I don’t know how you did it and I honestly don’t want to know. We found her. She’s being held at a Hydra fecility outside of the city limits. I want you all to promise me that you’ll bring her back, and you’ll bring her back alive.”
“We will. If we don’t then we’ll make the sons of bitches pay for what they did.”

Everyone looked over at Bucky, surprised he had even said something, let alone something like that.
“Then suit up and bring our girl back home.”
“Yes sir. You heard the man, suit up and meat at the hangar in five minutes.”

Everyone nodded their heads and got up leaving the room when Steve called for Bucky to stay. Bucky nodded and sat down and waited for everyone to leave. Once they were all gone, Bucky turned to face Steve,
“I want to make this clear, you may be my friend but Y/N has been with us since the beginning and since you’ve been here, all you’ve ever done is treat Y/N like complete shit so I need to know right now if this is how you’re going to be I will bench you.”

Bucky nodded, wordlessly getting up and walking towards the door. He grabbed the door, only turning a little bit to speak to Steve,
“Don’t worry about having to bench me Steven, I’m benching myself. If worst comes to worst and I get in a compromising position no one on this team will come to help me because they will all be up in Y/N’s business.”
And with that Bucky left, the door slamming shut behind him. Steve rubbed his hands down his face, collecting himself before he grabbed his shield and going to get ready. Once he was ready he met up with the others at the hangar, they all boarded and left, hoping to save their long time friend.*Y/N’s View*
Slowly I opened my eyes, my eyes needing some time to adjust to the brightness. Once I fully came to, I looked around and noticed I was in a cell and strapped down to a chair. The lights were so bright, I couldn’t see what was outside the cell.
~~~Outside One-Way Wall~~~
“Is she awake?”
“Yes doctor.”
“Excellent, prep her for transport and then take her to the lab.”
“Of course doctor.”
“Oh and agent, have ten guards with transport. This one will fight back.”
“Yes doctor.”

~~~Normal View~~~
I heard the cell door creaking open and I snapped my head over to it, seeing a scrawny man enter.
“Is this what they send to break me? I believe I’ll be the one doing the breaking here sweetheart, not you.”
The man started to laugh and I gave him a funny look, eyeing him as he walked closer and the door opened again with five bigger men than Steve entering.
“I believe I will actually break you, sweetheart. You can do nothing but bend at our will, and you will. They all do.”
“I will never break.”
“They all say that to sweetheart. Bring her. The doctor is ready for her now.”

The agents circled me, moving closer as though I were their prey. I didn’t move, letting them think I was going to be cooperative. They released the shackles holding my legs down to the chair, only to replace them with something stronger. They did the same thing to my wrists and then they attached the two, pushing me forward with a hard shove telling me to walk or die.
“Well you kinda can’t.”
“Oh yeah? And why is that?”
“Because it’s like short stack said, the doctor wants me, and he wants me alive. So you kinda can’t kill me or you’ll die. I mean either way I don’t care but you would loose your life, and the only thing Hydra teaches is die for your mission. I am not your mission. You would be the laughing stock for years to come. Everyone will know who you are, even if you are dead. You’ll be used as a marytr so I wouldn’t do anything stupid if I were you.”

He pushed me forward and I stumbled a bit before I caught my footing, holding my head high and walking with confidence. I cut my eyes over, watching everyone and paying close attention to my surroundings. Five more guards joined us, their guns trained on me. I scoffed but kept my snide comments to myself, following the little nobody to where the doctor was. We entered another building, it was much cleaner than the one I had just came from and went below it, going to the lab. I was forced into a chamber, one that reminded me much like the cryro-chambers. They removed my chains, locking me in place with the glass chamber. The guards moved around the room, the scrawny agent staying near me. When the door opened everyone snapped to attention and I cut my eyes over in his direction, freezing up when the chamber started to move into an upright position.
“Is my little Amethyst ready?”
“Yes sir. She’s been prepped and we’re waiting on your orders.”

The doctor moved closer to me and touched the side of the chamber like he was touching my face.
“You will truly be beautiful Amethyst.”
“I’m sorry I believe there has been some sort of misunderstanding, you see, I already am beautiful.”
“Yes you are, but I will make you better.”

He looked over at the scrawny agent and nodded, and moved back going to a console. The chamber started to fill with purple smoke before I felt something poking at me. I could feel the burning and cooling of a liquid coursing through my veins. I screamed out, the pain becoming too much. As quick as it came, it left. The chamber opened, purple smoke filling out. The doctor walked towards me smirking, causing a shiver to run through me.
“Let me see you my little Amethyst. Open those pretty little eyes for me.”
I opened my eyes, and the doctor’s evil grin was the first thing I saw.
“It worked! Put it down, we must send this to Madame Hydra. This is excellent, excellent indeed. The serum from the ring worked, the only known physical change is her eyes are no longer Y/E/C, but they are now purple. Take her to the training room. We must know what she can do! But leave her in  the chamber, we shall see if we can make her even better.”
“But sir, that may kill her.”
“The Amethyst can not be killed. Now do it!”
“Yes sir.”
I felt a searing pain coursing through me, everywhere it was just, there. I couldn’t hold my screams in, making the doctor laugh. I felt myself slipping and the last thing I heard was it was done.     
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I remember the first time I learned about homosexuality.

“Homosexuals are sinners.” My grandmother spat, an open bible sat on her lap. There was such an intensity to her voice that it made me recoil. I saw that homosexuality was in the same section as murderers and thieves, but it didn’t feel right. Why would people loving one another be considered a sin?

But my grandmother talked about it with such a disgust that she might as well have been talking about rotting flesh. So if my grandmother hated it I would too.

Even though my stomach turned.

I remember when I first heard the word ‘gay’ hurled as an insult.

It was third grade and I was on the playground. I watched as two boys fought over who was ‘hotter’. One of them shouted, “Well you’re gay so it makes you ugly.” The entire playground erupted in laughter, and the other boy’s face lit red with shame.

And even though the insult was hurled at him, I was the one who took the biggest hit. There it was again, the belief that two people in love was gross. But my family and friends were against it, so I had to be too. So I shook off the hurt and laughed as well.

Even though it stung.

I remember the first time I saw two girls kissing.

My mother gasped in horror, like we’d just been flashed. Maybe to her, it felt like we were. She turned, grabbed my hand, and sped by the couple, like they were fire and she didn’t want us getting burned.

“Don’t you ever do that, do you hear me? God doesn’t like it.”

But all I can remember thinking is that I’d give anything for someone to look at me the way those two girls looked at each other. But mom was disgusted so I had to be too.

Even if it hurt.

I remember the first time I saw her.

It was a new school and a new start. I didn’t know what to expect, but then our eyes met. I didn’t know it was possible to feel lost yet right at home at the same time. Every heart stopping, butterflies flying, knee shaking cliché sucker punched me in the gut. Her smile marked my soul like a tattoo.

But then my family’s words crashed over me, drowning me in a sea of prejudice and discrimination. I felt self-disgust morph into a dragon, my only weapon a wooden sword. So I tore my head away from her and buried my feelings. I killed them every time they came to life.

Even if it left open wounds on my heart.

I remember the first time I decided not to give a shit.

I evicted years of self-loathing from my body, because I would never let my heart be its home again. I let the love in instead, providing shelter to all the feelings I’d been trying to kill for years. Because at the end of the day, love is not defined by gender or sex. Love knows none of these things, does not need to know any of those things.  Love is a basic human right, and I finally understood that I needed to treat it as such.

Even if not everyone could see that.

—  Above all, remember this; we were all built to love, and who we love is not a broken part of us (N.O)

“…We’re really having fun, but if you’re being HELD up, I won’t twiSt your ArM oFF to stay. I just really like seeing heroes get all cRacked uP.”

Another villain!Sai pic completed!

He cares about the ‘borg-boy. He just wants to play “Tom & Jerry” for a bit with him

Saitama & Genos © ONE &Yusuke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129

The Rogue [Grayson] Part One

Summary: Being the little sister of a cartel leader is hard. Your skills are put to the test when you’re forced to go undercover and destroy one of the country’s most dangerous cartels, The Rogue. What you weren’t planning on, was to get involved with their leader. 
Word Count: 2,081
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, abuse, death, sexual intercourse, cussing.
A/N: So, this idea just came up to me and I feel like it’s probably not a good idea to start up a new mini series when I’ve already put two of them on hold. But maybe this is what I need to break free of my writer’s block. I wanna thank my lovely Katie ( @twininspiredwriting​ ) for being a huge help through my block. Without further ado, I present to you The Rogue.

The Rogue Masterlist.

“Your brother is a coward, you know.” Slater laughed mockingly, letting his dark eyes roam over your helpless body before tearing them away. He looked at the knife in his hand, twirling it like he was a kid and it was a knife made of plastic. “Sending his little sister to fight his battles. You girls, you’re just as weak as everyone say you are.”

You tried to keep the look of disdain off your face as he uttered those sexist words, but your lips scrunched together like you’d eaten something sour, eyes narrowing into slits as you looked up at him. The thick rope was starting to chafe around your wrists, burning your sensitive skin as you wrung your hands around in a desperate attempt to free them so you could kick his sorry ass. But it was useless, you were bound tight by the ankles and wrists, sitting on a chair in the middle of a beat down warehouse. Slater and his three guys were surrounding you, the three of them looking on with no emotion showing on their faces as Slater blabbered away.

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Okay, I’ve finished two episodes of Iron Fist. Does it have some problems? yes. Is it as terrible as the reviews say? no. 

I think one of the reasons for the negative reaction is the built into the story itself. Daredevil is a blind lawyer who works pro bono in Hell’s Kitchen. Jessica Jones is an abuse survivor who is an alcoholic. Luke Cage is a wrongly accused black man living in Harlem.  Danny Rand is a rich white guy.. Many of the reviews mention how this series seems like a throwback, nothing new, not as “timely” as the others.  This is true because it’s the story of Iron Fist himself, a problematic white savior story to start with .

The reviewers also savage the fight scenes, saying they’re not up to par with the other three series. Yes, I agree that the direction of the scenes makes them choppy and dark, but Danny doesn’t fight the same way the others do.  He bends his knees, flows with punches and deflects more than he hits.  I think it’s an intentional choice on the actor or director’s part. I’m holding my judgement until I see more episodes. Also, I have a soft spot for the laid back hippie Danny Rand from EMH. :)

Finally, they are trashing Finn Jones’ acting.  Maybe I’m crazy, but what I see is an actor playing a man with anxiety issues, PTSD, and serious social awkwardness.  Flashbacks to his childhood bolster this interpretation of the part. So, yeah, he’s hesitant, odd, lashes out then gets depressed.  But I think it’s an interesting angle to take. 

My verdict?  I’m going to give it a chance.  I’m interested in the plot and am half in love with Collen Wing. :)

Iron Balls

couples ballbusting game

You will need:

- Nothing


- Male partner stands, kneels, or is on all fours naked in front of female partner.

How to play:

- Female partner delivers her choice of a hit to the balls (kick, slap, punch, knee, etc) or a squeeze (no longer than ten seconds).

- If the male partner remains standing, add 10 seconds to the running total and repeat the first step.

- If the male partner drops to his knees (if standing) or the floor (if kneeling/all fours) he is finished. He is permitted to fuck the female partner for the amount of time he has accrued or receives a blowjob for the amount of time accrued.

Have fun!

To the Beat of His Heart

Pairing: Nessian 

Rated: K 

Words: 1000+

Summary: Everyone finds out about the mate bond, sort of…

AO3, Masterlist

Inspired by 

“Once Upon Another Time” by Sara Bareilles

Nesta could feel the beat of his heart, the sound pounding in her skull. She could feel his rapid breathing, his troubled worry an inch away from her fingertips. She paced around the room, trying to itch a scratch that was entirely out of reach. Her fists clenched, leaving half-moons on the skin of her palms. She wouldn’t have been surprised if she drew blood.

Her mind clutched the pain, grieved with it. One minute she was pacing, the next she was crouched low. Her hands pulled her hair. Her breathing turned rapid and her chest moved up and down, up and down, up and down again, until she was sure no air was reaching her lungs.

She felt the string, felt it tighten and pull. She tried to grasp at its ends, to reach for the tightrope of promise, tried to hold on for all she could.

It ruptured anyway.

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Playing with Tin Soldiers

So, the sparring match between Saitama and Genos was what got me into One Punch Man. Like, immediately, I saw it and went, “YOU. Are going to be bad for business. I can tell.”

This is an homage to that scene as well as my first little wade into the deep end of the pool known as the Villain AU. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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“Thank you for agreeing to meet me here.”

“How could I say no? I can’t even think of the last time a hero invited me to a fight.”

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Oh my God....the dude is literally injuried. PUNCH HIM SOMEWHERE! KICK HIS KNEE! Punch him in the stomach! Throw him down some stairs!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING STEPHANIE!? The frustration of this episode… ridiculous. I’m…it’s killing me. I don’t get frustrated with a show unless there’s an injured guy who is clearly easy to take down taking advantage of someone and they suddenly forget basic defensive instincts.


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Last One Chosen

Yup. Yup, we’re doing this now. I’ve got a pack of Coke, a few hours of sleep, and a favorite character, so, I present to you…Melvin fluff! (Partially inspired by @slytherin-unite‘s art over give her a hand!)

Melvin Sneedly had never been the Team Captain of any game. Well, or one of the first chosen. In fact, it was usually reluctance that came with him being chosen at all to play in any team sport. Children gave him weird looks when he wrote out the drag equations on his forearms to swing the baseball bat at the perfect moment, or when he calculated the best trajectory for volleyball, usually succeeding with the perfect angle, though failing to gain significant force. 

It was for that reason that he was typically the last chosen in Gym class or on the playground, sometimes earning a rough shove, punch, or knee to the gut when the yard duty’s back was turned. Once, that Kipper had shattered his glasses, and he’d been forced to go home early and miss Professor Gaylord’s neuroelectrophysiology demonstration just-just because he was brilliant…

He absently cupped a flower, recognizable as a sample of lycoris sprengeri, in his hand, stroking its soft petals for no more than a moment before he crushed it in his palm. 

When he’d signed up for Science camp, it was supposed to be an invigorating experience to learn more about the principals of fields he didn’t know as much about, maybe do something productive with all the extra time where only delinquents were allowed to attend school. Instead, they dedicated maybe 43.436% of their time to education, and spent the remaining 56.564% on silly activities like fishing, toasting marshmallows, and physical past-times like soccer, which none other than George and Harold got to be Team Captains for.

Adjusting his glasses, he scooted forward on the grass, careful not to get verdant stains on his automatically-matched crisp white socks and listened to the calls, his gaze flickering back and forth as if a ping-pong match had unfolded.

“James McCall.”

“Abigail Bevin.”

“Rebecca Nguyen.”

“Maverick Schleisch..”

“Chris Osten.”

“Mac Turtledove.”

“Melvin Sneedly.”

Harold gestured to his position and smiled, and almost instinctively, Melvin sat up and glanced behind him. When it became apparent that no duplicate names had been placed in his cabin, he got to his feet uneasily. 

“Aww, bro, you took Melvin? No fair!” George sighed from the other end of the field, still beaming. 

Melvin trotted to the left team, his palms sweating, waiting for someone to tell him he had made a mistake somehow. Instead, the boy held up his palm in the social symbol Jerome Howitz students often used to greet one another, the typical response being to slap one’s hand against their’s. The blond squinted at him like anyone would a blown circuit board, baffled at his apparently-misdemeaning conduct. 

“You…haven’t ever gotten a high-five before, have you?”

Melvin flushed slightly and scraped the toe of his sandal against the playing field behind him, arching his spine marginally in defense. 

“Not everyone specializes in social rites, Harold Hutchins.”

“Fist bumps?”

“Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. Therefore, being a straight gold-star student, my best friend is a hamster.”


“Socializing is a waste of time that could be better dedicated to research.” 

Okay, um…have you heard that entropy isn’t what it used to be?”

At first, he remained confused. After a second, his face lit up and a short chuckle bubbled from his throat. 

“There we are! You understand physics and stuff, how about playing offense?” Harold said, beaming with evident pride and tossing him the appropriate uniform color. 

Melvin slipped it over his head and gave a thumbs up, merging into the lineup, forever grateful not to have been chosen last. 


As a seventeen-year-old graduate of Jerome Howitz High School, Melvin Sneedly framed his certificate, slipped it into its cardboard sleeve, and stacked it carefully in the appropriate box, allowing it to seal itself and hop onto the track down the stairs, giving a smile when it rolled down the stairs, across the living room, and onto the front porch of his house

“You ready to get this show on the road, Sport?” his father said, ruffling his  hair. In response, he pulled a fine-tooth comb out of his shirt pocket and tugged it through his auburn locks, giving a slight nod. 

“In a second..just gotta grab one more thing, and then I’ll be right there.”

In a formulaic fashion, he unfastened his prize photograph from where it hung above his bed, wrapping it carefully in one of his spare dress shirts and placing it between the textbooks in his backpack. Depicted were him, George, and Harold posing for their graduation, each wearing an identical grin and splattered in silly string. Throwing the weight of his bookbag across his shoulders, Melvin walked to his father’s car, stepped in, and cleaned his glasses.

Before long, the sun had set, and he watched the golden clouds roll down to the horizon calmly, one hand caressing the photograph in his lap. 

Yep. It really had been one wild ride with those two.

Cheers to a half-dozen more.


Imagine: Eric teaching your son to defend his family when he’s bullied at school.

For: Anon

Note: Y/S/N = Your Son’s Name

This is a part 3 to my Coming Out series, so read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Eric’s POV

“Hey Uncle Eric!” I look up from my desk and see my best friend, Y/N’s son standing at my door. 

“Hey kiddo,” I say, “Come in!”

Every since Y/S/N had started school, visiting my office after school had become a daily routine for him. His moms usually finished work at around 8:00 pm. So he’d come to my office to do homework, at 6:00 I’d get off work and we’d train for two hours before having dinner with his moms. 

He sat at the second desk I’d set up for him, but instead of doing his work like he normally would he just stared blankly at the wall. 

We get to the training room and Y/S/N goes straight for the punching bags today. I follow him and watch as he viciously attacks the bags. Y/S/N was strong for a 14-year-old, but this was too much for even him. Something’s wrong. 

I stop him and force him to face me, “What’s going on buddy? You’re acting strange.”

“It’s nothing uncle,” He shrugs. 

“You know you can’t lie to me Y/S/N. What is it?”

“Why can’t you be my dad?!” He suddenly blurts. I’m too shocked at his words to even respond, “Kids in my class always make fun of me for having two moms and no dad! Why can’t I just be normal Uncle Eric?!”

I’m overcome by anger, how can someone say that to a child?! “Listen to me Y/S/N; don’t ever listen to those kids! Who says you need a dad?! You have the two most wonderful women in the world raising you; don’t let those assholes tell you otherwise. One more thing, you never, ever let anyone disrespect your family, am I clear?!”

“Yes sir,” he nods rapidly. 

“Good. If those kids ever say anything about your moms again, you give them a piece of your mind, understand?” He nods once again.


I walk to school, a bit sore after the intense work out session with Uncle Eric last night. 

I see small group of boys from my class stalking towards me, not again. 

“Hey Y/S/N,” the leader of the pack, Ryan, glowered. 

I ignored him, not wanting give him the reaction that he wanted. 

“Cat’s got your tongue?” One of his minions says, “Or are you just ashamed of your parents?”

“Shut up,” I hiss, trying to make my way past him. 

“Aww that’s cute,” Ryan looks at you mockingly, “it must be hard for you to be aggressive considering that you don’t have a dad, two mamas just turning you into a pathetic girl.”

You never, ever let anyone disrespect your family, am I clear?! Uncle Eric’s words ring in my mind and I clutch my fist. I step forward menacingly, “I said shut up!”

“What are you gonna do about it,” He steps even closer.

“Don’t do this Ryan; I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s funny isn’t it, you don’t have a dad, and your moms aren’t even your own.”

My face heats up but I decide to keep my cool and hiss, “At least my moms got to choose me, your parents just got stuck with you. As for not having a dad, my moms are a thousand times better than any dad in the world.”

Not happy with my response Ryan comes at my with a punch, my training with Uncle Eric instantly kicks in, I block his punch, and knee him in the gut. He hunches over in pain and a take advantage of his position, upper cutting him in the jaw. He falls to the ground and his minions quickly pick him up, the trio steps away from you fearfully. 

“Don’t ever disrespect my family again, am I clear?!” They nod vigorously and run off. My chest fills with a sense of pride as I walk to my class. 


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