knee length pants

what in the heck is a heat

aFTER SO LONG ITS FINALLY HERE, lets see how many months have i been working on this shit?? 2 months, 2 whole months, well i guess that goes to show how fucking slow i am at writing, anyways, here it is! i hope my shit writing was worth the wait

Pairing: (underswap au) papyrus/sans
Rating: nsfw
Warnings: heat, first time, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, dirty talk(im not good at dirty talk so i apologize), praise kink, ecto vag, ecto dick, just ecto parts basically, i think thats it, if i missed anything tell me!
Summary: papyrus helps sans with his first heat
ah yes, such a creative summary lmao

read the Ao3 version here (u should probably read it on Ao3 the layout looks a lot better and it will be easier to read alright trust me read it on Ao3)

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Denim on Denim on Denim on Denim and more Denim. I just can’t get enough 👖👖👖

Yesterday’s look was way too easy to throw together! Just make sure your denims are very different hues. Ha! My hair I didn’t even brush out. Needed a pattern tho so my shoes are it.

May I just recommend Chanel Le volume mascara, if a redhead is obsessed with a mascara it’s because it’s the best, lol. Transparent eyelashes 😉. My only bold makeup her are my orchid color waterproof lipstick by NYX 💜

Banana Republic deep blue denim classic button up shirt.

Treasure and Bond skinny ripped knee ankle length boyfriend jeans.

Leopard print pointy toe wedge heels by Circa Joan and David.

Two tone leather bucket bag (probably my favorite handbag) by Michael Kors.

Homophones: A Tutorial

I’ve noticed that a lot of fanfic writers have a hard time remembering the difference between certain words that sound the same or similar but are spelled differently and have different meanings. So here I will give you a short reference for a few of the most common ones. If there are any others you think should be added, message me or send me an ask and I will add it to the list.


Further: Figurative distance. Let’s go further with this relationship.

Farther: Literal distance. It’s not much farther to Disneyland.


Your: Possessive. That is your toy.

You’re: Contraction of you are. You’re going to University, right?


There: A place. I am going over there.

Their: Possessive. That is their land.

They’re: Contraction of they are. They’re all in the same club.


Effect: Noun. Notice the effect baking soda has when you add it to vinegar.

Affect: Verb. I am deeply affected by your terrible grammar.


Loathe: Verb. Synonym for hatred. I loathe bad grammar.

Loath: Adjective. Means reluctant/reluctance. He was studying hard, and she was loath to disturb him.


Breath: Noun. I could feel his breath on my cheek.

Breathe: Verb. I was able to breathe normally again.


Who: Pronoun. To replace he/she. Who is this?

Whom: Pronoun, objective case of who. To replace him/her. To whom is this letter addressed?

Despite/In spite of

Interchangeable. Surprise!


Then: Adverb. Refers to a time. That was then, this is now.

Than: Conjunction. Used to compare. Dark chocolate is better than white chocolate.


Breach: Noun. The whale breached the surface of the water.

Breech: Noun. Buttocks; part of a firearm behind the barrel; breech birth, a baby born feet-first; breeches: knee-length pants/trousers.


To: Preposition, Infinitive, Adverb. Expressing the motion in the direction of, identifying a person or thing affected by. Used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive or used without the verb following when the missing verb is clearly understood. So as to be closed or nearly closed.

We went to the mall.

You weren’t very nice to her.

I don’t want to come to the mall.

He pulled the door to behind him.

Too: Adverb. To indicate excessiveness. As well. He was driving too fast. I liked the movie too

Two: Numerical 2. I have two cats.


Loose: Adjective, verb. To not bind tightly, ill-fitting. To set free or release. The shirt was loose on her. He set the chickens loose.

Lose: Verb. To no longer have an item/person, to be unable to find something. Don’t lose your keys. If we don’t start CPR, we will lose him.


Where: Adverb or Conjunction. Location, at, in, or to which, the place or situation in which. Or that, whereas. Where does she live? Paris is where I lived in the seventies. This is where I live. Can you see where you lost your grip on reality? Where some writers burn out, others become more intense.

Were: Second person singular past. As you were. Where were you?

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 4


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Word Count: 4.9k

A month later, Sebastian had to leave again. This time it was for the promo of Civil War, the fan conventions and stuff like that. You understood, but you didn’t look forward to seeing him go away again. Life was nice and soft with him around. It was domestic, and it brought a sense of security and warmness to your otherwise lonely and routine life. You wordlessly agreed to spend most of your time together at your apartment, to avoid the paparazzi as best you could. Though the paparazzi weren’t the center of your problem at all, far from it.

Here you sat in your kitchen, fiddling with your fork, counting your peas and letting your food get cold. Two weeks of him gone, and you didn’t know what to do about your problem, you wished he was there. Sebastian would place himself behind you and engulf you in a bear hug of his. Then he would lean down and nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, alternating between placing kisses in your neck and whispering sweet nothings in your ear all the while you told him about your issues and than he’d turn you around and give you a piece of advise before reminding you that he was there no matter what and that you could count on him if your problem didn’t go away.

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Runner

Running was something that made you happy, it was almost as if when you ran your problems cannot keep up with you, you are free to think without the worry and the guilt or any issues you would have in your life. It was amazing, the feeling you got as you tied your neon green laces into a double bow and stretched your legs gently, it was excitement and thrill that made you crazy for it. You used to always run with Steve every day, but recently he had been sent on a mission and wouldn’t be back for a few weeks, I mean you didn’t mind that much however, but you always preferred it when you had someone to run with, some competition.

It was early, very early, but you couldn’t sleep so you decided to go for a morning run. Deciding on just a sports bra and knee length almost yoga pants that were black and complimented your green sports bra. You never really ran in more than this because you would sweat and this was the best way to stop looking like you fell in a puddle of sweat. Tying up your trainers you set your playlist and ran, running laps around Avengers towers and gardens, you loved running through the gardens and around the fountains, it was a calming scene compared to regular day to day life.

It was a sudden flash that shot past you which confused you at first but you continued to run, thinking that because it was early you were probably still half asleep or something, just focusing on your pace. You had almost forgotten about it until it happened again this time making you slow down and look. You were really confused about what was happening but nevertheless you kept your pace and continued to run. The third time it happened though was different.

A flash appeared past you again but this time it pulled your headphones out and took your phone causing you to come to a complete stop. Looking up you came face to face with a very attractive boy with glowing blue eyes, your headphone wrapped phone in his hands. He placed his hand firmly on his shoulder before handing you the phone. “Pietro” he spoke, “Just arrived me and my sister are joining today you?” he questioned trying himself to gain his breath back. “Y/n” you breathe taking the phone but Pietro placed his other hand onto yours. “Oh yes, y/n, Fury told me a lot about you” he chuckled letting go of you.

“Yeah he also said you could do with a running partner and although you are a bit slow for me, I figure I can slow down.” He smiled, grabbing your hand and beginning to run again, only at your pace though, partly so he could chat with you, and partly so he could study your delicate features better, taking a clear look at how beautiful you are. Stopping you pulled him by the hand over towards you him standing a little closer than normal but you didn’t mind. “You keep staring at me” you giggle looking down as Pietro tilted your chin up. “Do i? Sorry could be worse could have been staring at your b-“you had to cut him off. “Thanks Pietro” you laughed as an idea flashed into his head.

“Look it’s what 6am, Fury told me about this place where yo can get coffee, I have never had coffee before, well American coffee so come with me?” he pleaded as you nodded slowly. “Here” he groaned picking you up bridal style and flashing off to the address Fury had given him. Stopping hi tracks he put you down and making sure you weren’t too dizzy before going into the shop. It was a good thing you kept money in the back of your phone. Handing the man the money you took the two coffees (Decaf of course) and handed one to Pietro before walking out of the coffee shop. “My turn to choose where we go c’mon” you giggled taking his hand him intertwining his fingers with yours. Strolling over to the small park that was hidden behind many planted trees and bushes, Pietro sat down on a bench pulling you down with him. It wasn’t until you had both chatted for about 20 minutes you realised how cold you were. Pietro noticed this too, throwing the empty coffee cups into the bin before taking his shirt off and putting it over your head, you had to admit you were warmer but Pietro was shirtless and he must be freezing half to death. Standing up you shuffled yourself onto Pietro’s knee wrapping your hand around his neck and trying to keep him warm. “Much better” Pietro chuckled catching onto what you were attempting to do.

Pietro looked down upon your eyes and noticed how tired you were growing, “Let’s head back yeah? The others won’t be up until later, were not supposed to be meeting you all until 12 so we can go back to your room, to sleep obviously, just because I don’t have a room yet” he spoke awkwardly as you tiredly nodded, Pietro flashing you back to outside of your door, you pressing the passcode in so that you could both just lay back on the bed. Pietro placed you down letting you sit up before himself finding a spot next to you. “Y/n?” he whispered making you gaze up at him.

Before you could properly react, you found yourself placing your lips onto him, before you could pull away, Pietro bit your lip, making eye contact for a second or two before letting it go and kissing partway on your mouth and partway on your cheek. “Night y/n, try and get some rest I heard that there was a new guy starting, his name was Pietro I recall, who is really hot” he teased making you giggle. “Night Pietro” you smiled back leaning over to cuddle into your chest.


This is the first fic I’ve written. It’s based off of aymmichurros merman!Eren AU. Warning, I don’t know anything about surfing and my writing skills are rusting due to barely being used in a year or two.

Words: 8,114

Summary: Surfer Jean meets Merman!Eren and trouble ensues.

Click here for recommended viewing as my theme is not built well for reading stories, though it is still available under the cut.

Update: Now available on AO3

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the talk

@kalendraashtar asked Mod Gotham about the conversation where Modern Glasgow!Jamie and Claire decide to wait until their wedding night. So this story takes place on the night they get engaged - which is on the day after they meet on the flight from New York to Glasgow…and they share a bed for the first time…

Jamie sat up straight against the headboard, listening to Claire brush her teeth.

What in hell was he supposed to do now? He’d never shared a bed with anyone – well, sleeping with his parents or his sister when he was a bairn didn’t count. What did a man wear to bed with a woman he was going to marry? Was it too forward of him to just be wearing his sleep pants? She’d seen his chest and back before, but that was different…

Was she expecting anything? She’d shared a man’s bed before – what if he didn’t match up? Christ, was she already comparing him to Frank?

All thoughts left his head as she turned off the tap and strode into the bedroom.

Her pyjamas were conservative – a scoop-necked top that showed off her bonny collarbones, and loose knee-length pants. Her lovely hair was down, curling madly around her face. She smiled at him as she eased beneath the covers and leaned into his side. Automatically his arm rose to settle around her shoulders. She leaned into him, sighing. Jamie’s eyes saw right down the front of her shirt, eyes tracing the milky white contours of her breasts. He swallowed.

“This is nice,” she purred.

“Aye.” He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes. So grateful to be here, in this moment, with her.

“I’ll give ye a proper flat,” he said softly into the clouds of her hair. “I dinna ken how much I’ll be making at the printshop, but I promise ye I’ll provide a home of our own.”

She sighed. “I make a decent salary at the hospital. Frank’s flat was provided by the university – so I’ve been able to save up a good deal. I can support us until you land on your feet.”

He held her tighter. “It’s my duty as yer husband to provide for ye,” he said softly.

She lifted her head to meet his eyes. “And it’s my duty as your wife to support you in whatever way I can,” she said just as softly. “Do you think I’ll need you any less, just because I can pay my own bills?”

He swallowed and shook his head slowly. “No. I don’t. I – Claire.”

She traced his cheek, so softly. “You said you’d provide me space to be myself. Let me provide you space to be yourself. It doesn’t make you any less of a man.”

He nodded, eyes captivated by hers. “We can stay here a while longer – but we should start looking for a place to live. A home of our own.”

She ran her thumb along his lips. “Yes. Though you should know I’m not much of a cook. Or a housekeeper.”

“Dinna fash yerself. We’ll make do.”

She sighed happily. “I so want to make a home with you, Jamie. It would be our –” she blushed.

He kissed her forehead. “Our what, mo nighean donn?”

She smiled. “Our – sanctuary. Away from the world. Just us. We could drink whisky, watch television, not make the bed.” She paused, thoughtful. “And – make love wherever and whenever we wanted.”

He swallowed, the long column of his throat bobbing up and down. “Aye,” he rasped. “Claire – I – I want to tell ye something.”

She nodded, encouraging.

“I – I dinna wish to lie wi’ ye until we’re wed.”

She traced his lips. “Are you scared of it?”

“No – no I’m not. Only – I want to do everything properly wi’ ye. I want to marry ye in a church, before a priest. I want ye to wear a bonny dress. I want to give ye a proper home. Because it’s what the men in my family do, Claire. We take care of our women, and care for them. And love them wi’ all we have.”

Touched, she rested her forehead against his. “You’re so traditional,” she breathed.

He laughed. “Aye, weel. It’s worked for Frasers for hundreds of years, ken? Why stop now?”

Thoughtfully he traced one big hand down her front to rest on her belly. Bravely his fingers pushed up the fabric to feel her sensitive skin there. His thumb settled in her navel, fingers cupping the small swell of flesh.

“Claire – I must ask ye. Do ye – do ye want children?”

Her eyes met his. This conversation had gotten very serious very quickly. But they needed to talk on these things – needed to discuss this.

“Honesty, right?” she asked softly. He nodded.

“Yes. But I never really considered it – it was never an immediate possibility. Frank, he – didn’t want children right away. So we – took precautions.” Her cheeks flamed.

“Like what?” Jamie’s voice was quiet.

She sighed, flustered. “Do you really want to know about my sex life with Frank?” she said tiredly.

His free hand cupped her cheek. “I willna ask ye about anything ye dinna wish to tell me. I only ask there be complete honesty between us, Claire.”

She nodded. “I – well. I’m on a pill. And Frank he – he used condoms. So.” She blushed scarlet.

Jamie kissed her forehead. “Ye’ve nothing to be ashamed of. I’m no’ embarrassed by it. I ask because I want to know what ye like – what ye don’t like.”

She sighed. “He didn’t want to – to finish inside me. He didn’t like how it felt.”

His heart raced. “When – when I lie wi’ ye, Claire – do ye want me to do that? Would that – would that please ye?”

She nodded furiously. Her eyes met his, so open and honest. It was probably the most honest conversation she’d ever had – and he was so patient and understanding. Dear God, he only wanted to understand her and please her.

His fingers traced her stomach, so brave, trembling. “I’ll give ye that gift, then. For as long as ye wish, Claire. And – ” he stopped, hesitating.

“Don’t you stop talking now,” she said quickly. “Don’t you start making me uncomfortable.”

He drew in a shaky breath. “Claire – I want children. As many as possible. As soon as possible. Is that – is that something ye’re willing to do?”

Would she give Jamie that gift? The gift of her love, the gift of her body?

“Yes,” she breathed. How she wanted everything with this man.

He swallowed. “So – the pills. Ye’ll stop taking them?”

She nodded.

“How long until it washes out of yer body?”

She considered. “About two weeks.”

He nodded. “So that’s when we’ll marry. Even if it’s just in the registry office – we can have our church wedding later.” He paused. “Now do ye understand why I want to wait to lie wi’ ye until we wed?”

Overcome with emotion, he eased her back into the pillows and climbed on top of her. He braced his hands on either side of her shoulders, looking straight down at her. His pelvis rested in the cradle of her hips. He closed his eyes, lost in feeling. Then opened them. His eyes shined into hers.

“Just think on it, Claire – the first time I lie wi’ ye, finish inside ye – we could make a bairn. Because ye want to, and because I trust ye. And the bairn would always know – it was made during a moment of such love and honesty and commitment.”

She burst into tears and wrapped her legs around him. “Jamie – ” she rasped. “Jamie – I –”

He kissed her tears away. “Hush,” he said softly. Gently he ground his pelvis into hers. She gasped against his lips. “I know, mo nighean donn. Ye feel the same way, don’t ye?”

She nodded, holding him tight. She wanted to give this man everything.

“Will you still want me when I’m fat and pregnant?” she whispered into his ear.

He groaned. “Ye canna say those things to me,” he whispered. “I think I’ll want ye even more, when I see ye all swollen wi’ my child.”

He drew back and butted his nose against hers. “So I’ll want to keep ye pregnant as much as I can, aye?”

She stole a kiss and bit his lower lip. “We’re going to have so much fun together, Jamie.”

He rolled off her but kept his arms locked around her side, their legs tangled together. “Do ye truly want the bairns, then? Not just because I want them?”

“I do, Jamie. I – I never thought I’d meet a man who would want the same thing.”

He cupped her belly once more. “I canna wait to feel a bairn move inside ye.”

“Not so fast, laddybuck,” she smiled. “I canna wait to feel ye move inside me first.”

He groaned. “Is two weeks too long?”

She sighed happily. “I need to get a dress. That should take a good week at least.”

He kissed her nose. “Murtagh thinks we’re mad.”

She kissed his chin. “Murtagh also thought he could best me at the pub.”

He laughed and rested their foreheads together. “What do ye want to do tomorrow?”

Her hand rested in the hollow of his chest. His heart beat strongly under her palm. “Hmm. Do you need to do anything before you start at the printshop? I don’t want to keep you from getting ready.”

He nuzzled her nose. “No, I dinna need to do anything. Just a wee phone call. I want to spend every moment I can wi’ ye, before ye go back to the hospital and I start my job.”

She nodded. “Let’s talk about it in the morning, then?”

He rose to switch off the bedside lamp and returned, gathering her to him. She nudged even closer so that they shared a pillow.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, Jamie.”

next time knock, next time lock

mm, yeah daddy, punish me. i’ve been a bad boy,” baekhyun moans into daehyun’s mouth in the most sexual voice he can muster. and daehyun chokes on his own spit, quickly pushing away from the snorting boy to shoot him a withering glare.

the look on daehyun’s face is hilarious, and baekhyun nearly loses his balance and slides off the vanity table from laughing so hard.

“seriously?” daehyun raises a brow while baekhyun pulls him back in with his legs hooked around daehyun’s waist. “can you not? i’m about to shove your dick down my throat. i’d really appreciate it if you didn’t call me things like daddy, or father, or anything that implies incestuous relationships.”

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I present to you...this.

A brief Claire x Owen oneshot. I’m sorry if it’s terrible! If I do any others, they more than likely will not be in first person, I almost wish this one wasn’t. I do have a few others planned. Claire can’t sleep so she goes to his bungalow.

It was two-thirty in the morning, and I felt stupid as hell standing on his door step. I had tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. Zach, Gray, Karen, and Scott all slept on the same air mattress on my living room floor, but I couldn’t stop tossing and turning. I just felt in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong. That something was missing. The worst thing was that I suspected I knew what—or who—that something was. So I threw off my blankets, put on a pair of knee-length yoga pants and an old college t-shirt, and carefully snuck out of my own apartment.

I knocked gently on the door. Claire, you are so stupid. It’s two-thirty in the morning. He’s asleep. The air around me was cool and there was just the slightest breeze. I tried to fight the sensation that I needed to look behind me. There are no more dinosaurs, there are no more dinosaurs. I bit my lip and tried to decide what to do. I should go home. Yeah, I really should—

Suddenly the door opened and Owen was leaning against it. I took a small intake of breath. He was in a light gray undershirt and black sweatpants. His eyebrows were slightly raised, but his mouth was unsurprised.

“Hi,” I said hurriedly. “I, uhm…you’re awake?” I asked. Ugh, Claire, you’re so stupid. Of course he’s awake.

Owen gave me a blank stare before smiling slightly. “Couldn’t sleep?” he asked, opening the door wider. “Me either.” He gave me a tender smile and moved aside. “You can come in, you know.”

I stepped over the threshold carefully, while shaking my head. The inside of his bungalow was…surprisingly charming. The decorating scheme, if you could say there was one, was something beach house-esque. He had old surf shop ads on the walls, and an old sailor clock on a shelf. There were paleontology and animal behavior books everywhere. As I ventured further into this Owen-paradise, I knocked into a small table by his couch, and a glass bottle wobbled. Owen leaned over and grabbed the bottle with lightning speed, before it could crash to the floor. It was only a small glass bottle, but upon further inspection I noted that there were a few little things inside it. I gave Owen an inquiring gaze. His lips twitched like he wanted to smile at me, but then he looked away and put the bottle back.

“It’s uh… it’s their first teeth. That fell out.”

Realization dawned on me. The raptor’s baby teeth. “Oh… Owen. I’m—I’m sorry about that.”

Owen gave a small shrug. He motioned to the couch. “Wanna sit down?” he asked. I gave a small smile and sat. I drew my legs up next to me and he sat on the other end of the couch. I brushed a copper strand of hair out my eyes. For a few moments, we just stared at each other. I didn’t feel uneasy anymore.

“I’m sorry if you think this is weird…but I…I just needed to see you.” I said matter-of-factly.  I went to put my hand on my leg, but when I placed it, a sharp sting occurred on the side of my calf. “Ow!” I winced and inspected it.

“Oh, wow, Claire. Why isn’t that in a bandage?” Owen said. Without asking, he placed his hands gingerly on my leg and pulled up the end of my yoga pants, just a little. I had a pretty big gash on the outside of my calf.

“I don’t know. I hadn’t even felt it until now.” I said, feeling only a little embarrassed.

“Hold on,” Owen said. “I got it.” He got up from the couch and went into the back room that I could see was the bathroom. He opened the cabinet and pulled out bandages, antiseptic and medical tape. He sat back down and looked up at me with those big green eyes. He opened the cap to the antiseptic. “This might sting a little, but it will get infected if we don’t do it.”

I nodded and took a deep breath. I knew that antiseptic would sting, I wasn’t a child. “Do it,” I said. Owen poured the dark brown liquid all over my wound and sure enough, it stung a little and bubbled a lot. He used paper towels to soak up the bubbles that threatened to run off my leg and onto the couch. Then he carefully wrapped the bandages around and around my leg. He taped it off, and then rubbed his thumb once down the length of my leg.

“Thank you,” I said sincerely. I yawned. My eyes were starting to get heavy. “I should probably—“ I started as I went to move. I should go home.

“You don’t have to go,” Owen interrupted me, holding out a hand. “You could…spend the night here. You know. For survival,” he said with a smile. “You could sleep in the bed and I could sleep here, or…”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll sleep in the bed. But only if you sleep with me. You know…for survival,” I said bravely, mimicking his words. My heart beat at a thousand times a minute. Those green eyes would be the death of me, I swear.

“Okay,” Owen said. He stood and offered me his hand. I took it. It was calloused but warm and inviting and I didn’t want to let go. His sheets were dark blue and his bed was unmade, but I couldn’t care less. I drew back the brown blanket and slipped inside. The bed dipped on the other side as Owen settled in beside me. We laid on our sides to stare at each other and I tried to hold in a giggle. I wanted to go closer, but at the same time I felt like I should pull away.

I must’ve looked like I was debating something, because Owen leaned in and whispered, “You know you want to. Give up.” A smile tugged at his lips and I tried to give him a scathing glance. I moved in as he flipped to his back. His arm curved around my body and I could feel all five of his fingers at the base of my spine. I placed my hand and my head on his chest and the other arm under his back. I knew that arm would fall asleep, but I didn’t care. He placed his free hand on top of my hand that was on his chest and gently squeezed my fingers. I closed my eyes as his clean smell lulled me to sleep. I suspected I should enjoy it while it lasted, because I also had first-hand experience of what he smelled like when he wasn’t clean. I wasn’t quite yet asleep when I felt his lips on the top of my head.

Digibear Drabble: Like Us

RivamikaWeek, Day 1: Iridescence - Like the colorful effect of the inside of a seashell
Word Count: 1844 (short; reason for no Read More is because you can’t read at all on my blog grr) 

Like Us
a rivamikaweek fanfic by a rivamika fangirl
“That’s… a shit ton of water.”

“…That’s one way to describe it.”

Mikasa watched in minute fascination as the liquid expanse seemed to stretch towards their feet. All around them, clear water as far as the eye could see clashed with the white sand under their feet. For a moment, she feared that the mass of blue would take her, swallowing her whole and filling her lungs. But it couldn’t—not when they got this far. Not when they finally reached the end. Mikasa hesitated on instinct, one foot inching back in the sand.

A hand grasped her shoulder, stopping her. “Don’t,” Levi ordered just as the water tickled their feet. Swirling around their ankles, the freezing water sent chills to their spines and splashed little droplets onto their bare shins.

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Trump Suit

TITLE:  Trump Suit


AUTHOR: kookiefics


NOTES/WARNINGS: Violence. Gore. Drugs. Smut.

Chapter 1

I cried. A lot. I can’t remember a time when I ever cried that I cried so much.
I didn’t burst into tears like a drama queen as soon as Bruce told me; I found out more details and then I got piss drunk. Then I cried. It would have been easier if I had my own clothes.
Sorry, let me back up a few steps.
Bruce had just said that I would never see Loki again.
“The fuck?” I said, sitting up. It was difficult because I was weak, but damn, I was determined.
“I probably shouldn’t have told you,” Bruce said, getting up gingerly. “I don’t know how to react in these situations.”
“I don’t give a fuck about your social skills, Bruce,” I said, rubbing my eyes. “Just explain to me why Loki isn’t here.”
“It really isn’t a good time,” Bruce walked to the door. “Just rest a bit longer and someone else can explain it to you properly.”
“Bruce,” I roared hoarsely. “I don’t need a fucking counsellor. Just tell me what’s happening.”
He shot me an apologetic look just as he shut the door. I flopped back on the bed and groaned. I was tempted to rip out the drip, but I’m smarter than that. It was pure torture, waiting. Waiting for someone to come to me. Waiting for answers. Every minute felt like a century. I was probably only waiting for about forty minutes or so, but my thoughts and worries buzzed around my head like wasps.
“Finally!” I exclaimed when Pepper came in. “Do you want to explain this shit storm to me?”
“I would have come up sooner, but I didn’t know you were awake,” Pepper came over and stood by the bed.
“Excuse me if I don’t make myself comfortable,” she said, smoothing her suit. “I don’t really like to come in here.”
I smirked at her. “I should hope not,” I glanced around the room. It was very bare, with dark tinted windows, a mahogany wardrobe, black painted  walls and emerald satin sheets.
“Anyway,” I said, sitting up. “What the fuck is going on?
“Where to begin?” Pepper sighed. “The entrance to the building has been completely demolished, we’ve been receiving threats from unknown sources and Clint has gone missing…”
I blinked in surprise. Pepper threw her hands in the air exasperatedly. “Just… Come up to the bar, when you’re ready. We’ll discuss things there.”
She smiled wanly and left. I looked at the drip in my arm. I thought about it for a second, but I shrugged, pulled the needle out and dropped it on the floor.
I went to the wardrobe. Looking at the contents, I suddenly realised that the only clothes I had were night-out attire and sexy underwear. I didn’t understand why I never realised that before. I normally slept in my underwear and wandered around the building in Loki’s wife beater, boxer shorts and bare feet. I was comfortable and Loki didn’t mind; he had a few pairs to wear under his suit. Had.
Unfortunately, when they kicked him out they were thorough; I couldn’t find a single possession of his.
I was worried that when I left my room I would look unbelievably inappropriate in my raunchy gear. Pepper wouldn’t care if I wore a bedsheet. I laughed to myself. Funny, I didn’t know what else to do, so I actually stripped the bed of its sheets and wrestled off the thick white sheet around the mattress. I put on some fresh underwear and pulled the sheet around my shoulders, enveloping myself from neck to ankles. I tied back my waist length hair.
Loki told me I might be of Swedish descent, because my hair was so pale. Thinking about him left a heavy feeling in my stomach. I still felt like he was hiding somewhere, waiting for me to put on my dress or finish my book. I shook the thoughts from my mind and left the room.
I got a few funny looks as I went down the hall and up the elevator. Most epople didn’t even react; they had definitly seen me looking worse at some stage.
I had never been to the bar in this building. I had no need, Loki and I went to all sorts of bars nearly every night. It was small, up in the penthouse where Tony and Pepper lived. I went up regularly to use the kitchen, but I had never been anywhere else up there.
When I arrived, I was horrified to see the Avengers all sitting together by the bar. I thought it would just be Pepper and I. I blushed crimson.  Pepper saw me first and jumped up to meet me.
“Skye!” She said, hugging me. “What are you wearing?”
“My bed sheet,” I said, dejectedly. “Did you know that I don’t own casual clothes? Not even a pair of pyjamas. I normally wore… Loki’s old stuff…”
“Hey, Skye is here!” Tony waved and smirked. The others looked up and mumbled their hellos. I shot Tony a dark look. This was so fucking humiliating.
"Come with me, then.” Pepper put her hands on my shoulders and steered me from the room. She took me down the hall and brought me in to a warm, dark room. She switched on the light and I saw clothes folded on shelves.
“The hot press,” Pepper declared. “Take what you need. I have plenty, nothing will be missed.”
She smiled at me and left, closing the door and encasing me in the cosy room. I dropped the sheet and closed my eyes for a moment. I was still recovering and I had a lot on my mind.
I didn’t spend long choosing. I grabbed a loose fitting white shirt, knee length yoga pants and some memory foam flip flops. I held them to my chest and stared at the ground. The room was so warm and quiet that I was reluctant to get dressed and leave. When I did, I left the bedsheet on the ground.
“Even thought I doubt that you have reached the legal drinking age, what can I get you?” Tony was behind the bar, making drinks for everyone. They all sat around the table, which was glass and located between the bar and the door.
“Your cheapest and most bitter beverage,” I said bitterly. “Pepper, I thought…”
“What?” she turned to me with a glass of wine in her hand. I bit my lips, suddenly realising how pathetic I would sound if I said that I wanted it to be just us, like we were fourteen year olds at a slumber party.
“I thought you would wait for me before the drinking games started,” I said, pulling a face as Tony handed me a shot glass. I downed it straight away.
“Gimme that again, but, like, in a full bottle.” I handed back the shot glass. “Not joking.”
“Long day at the office?” Tony said sarcastically, referring to my long stint in bed.
“Shut the fuck up, unless you are going to tell me what’s happening.” I sat down on a bar stool at the furthest end. I remember once upon a time when my constant swearing and bluntness bothered people. Now they just accept it as the way I talk.
“Fortunately, this is a very informal debriefing.” Pepper turned to the group. “Let’s get things started.”
“Clint is missing,” Steve said, pressing hands together anxiously. “Natasha, you can confirm?”
“Yeah,” Natasha mumbled hoarsely. “I left his place this morning. He had some stuff he wanted to do, so… I went ahead.”
She shrugged and kept her head down, staring into the bottom of her empty glass. I heard a very quiet sniff.
“This can be confirmed as suspicious because of the threats we received yesterday,” Bruce said. “Also, um, because of Natasha’s statement. Of course.”
“What did the threats say?” Steve asked. Tony cleared his throat.
“Something along the lines of, ‘give me Skye, or I will throw a hissy fit resulting in the messy death of one of the people who want to keep from me what is mine’… but, you know, it could be anyone.”
“Thanks,” Pepper rolled her eyes.
“Hang on,” I said. “I thought the threats were from unknown sources?”
“Obviously they are from Loki,” Thor said. “But we can not tell from where and how he is sending them. They over power the systems, destroying them and leaving us defenceless.”
“What did you guys do to make him react like this?” I raised an eyebrow.
“We made him leave,” Natasha said. “His departure was long overdue. No offence.”
“Long overdue… Like mine?” I snapped. “Should I be taking a hint?”
“Grow up, Skye,” Natasha said. “He was getting dangerous, becoming powerful and secretive. You should know that.”
“So he didn’t always comply with your every little request, maybe he had interests outside this place, go fucking cry about it.” I glared. “But at least he had a function! He would help on missions, supply knowledge, create a link with another civilization. But you got rid of him. Why do you keep me around? Do I have a more important role?”
The Avengers were silent. Pepper looked thoughtful. I narrowed my eyes.
“There is a reason I’m still here.” I muttered. “You’re keeping me for something.”
“Skye,” Thor stood up. “We have reason to believe Clint is dead. We have gained a powerful enemy and the entrance and communications of our base have been destroyed. I do regret the loss of your lover, the same man as my brother. But we have far greater things to worry about, such as the safety of this building, this planet, you included.”
“HA!” I laughed derisively through the angry tears that pricked my eyes. “My safety? Why would you care about me? I am a crack-whore that you have tolerated for the sake of appeasing one of your own. Have you forgotten those times that I have been put in harm’s way, sent away, abandoned, for the sake of 'security’? You certainly aren’t keeping me around because we’re great buddies.”
“Skye, seriously,” Pepper gripped my arm. “Can we end this?”
“End it?  End it?” I snarled. “We’ve only just fucking started. Scratch that, we haven’t even started yet, have we? You need to tell me why I’m allowed to stay. You haven’t even told me why Loki left. Why now? What made this night so different? Well?”
Everyone stared at me like I was a ticking time bomb. I bit my lower lip to stop it from quivering.
“Hey, kiddo.” Tony had a full pint glass of spirits in his hand. “If you sit down quietly with a drink and let us figure out the immediate threat, I personally guarantee answers to every question you may have, up to and including the meaning of life.”
I sighed and took the glass. I hated being patronised, but now really wasn’t the time for me to  get upset. I can be a hot head, but I am not completely hopeless. It was stupid of me to throw a tantrum because I couldn’t find my boyfriend when there were serious threats to our safety.
They continued their discussion, but I wasn’t listening and stayed facing the bar, with my back to the group. I knew they were watching me. I sipped the liquid fire until my tongue burned and my throat was raw. After a short while, I lost all feeling in my face. I kept sipping, even though everything in my vision began to swim away from me and every movement required microscopic precision so I didn’t collapse and make an even bigger fool of myself. My thoughts lost their sharpness, but became darker as I dwelled on my questions. Why was I here? Why did they let me stay? They used to plan my disappearance. Maybe not the Avengers personally, but the people they stood for, the ones who acted under their orders or for their gain.
A hand waved in front of my face. I slowly lifted my head, my eyes bleary with the unshed tears of anger.
“You were so quiet that everyone forgot about you,” Tony’s voice. “Pepper left the meeting a bit early, she had a headache.”
“Everyone is gone.” Steve’s voice. “Are you ok?… She is going to be really drunk.”
“Well, yeah, she had over half a litre of undiluted vodka.”
“I meant that she hasn’t had anything to eat or drink for almost four days.”
“Shit, yeah.”
I exhaled slowly. Keep it together. Ask your questions now.
“Why didn’t Loki take me with him?” I burst into tears. Yeah, fine, like a fucking drama queen. If I could have seen their faces, I knew they would be exchanging glances of horror. I’d been to plenty of parties; I knew the one thing that made boys really uncomfortable.
“It’s ok,” Tony patted my shoulder. “Let it out.”
Poor choice of words. I puked several mouthfuls of vodka onto the floor between the two men, sobbing uncontrollably.
“What do we do?” Tony sighed. “I had a guy who would take care of the sad drunk girls, I’m not sure how to deal with them myself.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Steve said, rubbing my back. “When I went to bars with my friends, I was always the wingman, which usually meant I had to take care of the unbelieveably drunk friend. I know what to do.”
“No take-backs,” Tomy called out over his shoulder as he bolted from the room.
“Just you and me, Skye,” Steve sighed. “Tell me what’s going on.”
I drunkenly babbled about how I missed Loki and how nobody else in the world cared about me like he did. Steve put me over his shoulder and carried me out as I demonstrated my feelings of remorse by pounding his back every so often for emphasis.
“At the start I knew he only kept me around for sex,” I wept, watching Steve’s heels sliding out behind him and vanish as he stepped forward. “I know that I’m a crack whore, a street kid who grew up alone, I don’t doubt it anymore, but recently, Loki and I would stay together, alone, sober, platonically for hours and hours and hours and he told me he loved me and he told me so when we were both sober and we weren’t even having sex so I believed it but now he’s fucking vanished and trying to cause havoc and he wants to use me as some pawn to cause even more trouble and you all are fucking letting him and everyone forgets how I feel, I am a human person being and I need love and affection and… and… answers, and I need Loki, even if I am only his.. his slut, I don’t care, I just need him.”
I was bawling so hard I couldn’t speak. I’m surprised that no one came out to slap me for being so loud.
Steve went in the elevator and set me down against the wall. I slid down onto my bum and pressed my face into my knees.
“I don’t have powers or special abilities,” I moaned. “I don’t even serve my purpose as entertainment anymore. I’m a stupid little whore and… and…”
Again, I wept hard. Steve pressed the button for my floor and sat down beside me.
“Steve?” I held his shoulder and leaned forward so I was looking in his face. “These guys aren’t complete idiots, as soon as they realise that I am no use, I will be gone and back on the streets. But I like it here, I don’t want to leave. Could you let me stay? I’ll do whatever you want, anything, anything… just please don’t leave me in the streets, like last time. Please, never let that happen again.”
The doors to the elevator dinged open pleasantly. Steve picked me up and carried me like a small child down the hall to Loki’s room.
I pressed my face into his chest, hard with muscle, and continued to cry.
When we entered the room, Steve lowered me onto Loki’s bed and went into the bathroom. He back with a roll of toilet paper in one hand and a glass of water in the other.
“Which do you want first?” he asked with a shy smile. I laughed through my tears and took the toilet paper. I tried to unroll it, but my fingers were clumsy and heavy so i just used the roll itself to wipe my face.
“That’s one way to do it,” Steve said, handing me the glass of water. I gulped down half the glass straight away.
“You are so nice, Steve,” I said as a fresh wave of tears fell. “The most nicest.”
“Do you know anything about what Loki is doing?” Steve sat down at the end of the bed. “Anything information you have could help us find him and help him.”
“Why do you all expect me to know stuff?” I sighed and drank the rest of the water. “I am not an accomplice to anything… Except using illegal drugs for recreation. Loki is a bad person who wants world domination. I know that, I’ve always known, I just didn’t care, because he was special and I loved him… and he loved me…”
“He isn’t dead, Skye.” Steve said. “I think there is hope yet.”
“No one else thinks so,” my voice cracked. “I can never see him again, he might as well be dead. I might as well be dead.”
“Don’t say that,” Steve said. “You matter.”
“Like fuck I do,” I snorted. “Do you have any idea what happened to me when I was discreetly kicked out? Do you?”
“Loki may not be here, but you will not be kicked out again,” Steve put one hand on my shoulder. “Those were different times. None of us had gotten to know you and there were different people in charge. It isn’t like that anymore.”
“You are full of shit, Steve,” I said, swiping drunkenly at his hand. “I was kicked out on four different occasions. Fucking four. Do you have any idea what it is like to be drugged up and abandoned in a New York alley way? Do you?”
Steve was silent. Stop talking. Stop fucking crying.
“I just need answers,” I sobbed, closing my eyes in defeat. “I need Loki, but if I am denied that, at least give me answers, like I was promised.”
“Tomorrow we will have a meeting dedicated to answering your questions,” Steve said, standing up. “But right now, you are too drunk. You won’t even remember this. I should go and let you sleep it off.”
“I will,” I wept desperately, my body growing weak. “I will remember. Please don’t leave me. Please.”
Steve hesitated. He sighed and climbed onto the bed. He sat back and I put my head on his chest, curling up against him. My fingers lighted on his bare arm as I came closer.
“Freezing!” Steve exclaimed. “I should get you something.”
“No,” I said drowsily. “Don’t go. I’m not cold; just sad.”
That’s how I got to where I am now. A girl, all cried out and roaring drunk, sprawled across the first person to show her care. That’s me.
Steve’s rhythmic heartbeat and the slow rise and fall of his chest is comforting. I feel less lonely. My limbs limp with intoxication as I am on the brink of sleep. I didn’t even get my questions answered. Loki has been gone for days and I am kept in the dark.
As my thoughts grow bleak, sweet sleep welcomes me with open arms.

150523 - SHINee comeback stage Music Core recording (please do not delete credits)

→ Just got out of music core recording. Rehersed once and recorded about 4 times. Jjong made a mistake once so there’s a half rec as well.
→ The over-hyper SHINee of the Odd promo period continued today ㅠ ㅠ They’ve been so hyper and talkative and cheery I’m losing my mind…
→ Taemin is driving me mad. He wanted to talk to the fans so much he’d talk over the PD’s standby comments and talk until the last sec.
→ Key was wearing knee length super wide pants. Taemin was also wearing mega wide ones but everyone else had normal ones xD They also had their socks pulled super high with their pants almost tucked into their socks I can’t XD
→ So Minho told us to eat right away after recording. then Taemin and minho thanked fans for the food support today and said they ate well^^
→ Taemin wanted to get his sweat wiped off too but all the coordis were busy with the others so he had to just stand there and wait. He looked embarrassed so he walked back and we were all just going “aww~~”. He finally found an opening and went in there to get cleaned up
→ Jjong realized on stage that his mic wasn’t taped on properly so he had to run back going tape! His mic was on so you could hear him talking. When taem was waiting for his turn, he walked up to the edge of the stage&started waving his hands imitating the fans there with their fans. When Onew was done he joined Taem and stood behind him also imitating the fans with his arms XD
→ Taem realized just how many fans were there today and he went oh wow really a lot of you came today, thank you ㅠ ㅠ
→ The studio was so packed today, they seated ppl on the floor, at the back, on the stairs in between the isles…basically anywhere…

→ Out of View recording, boys were once again so playfull!
→ When we were getting inside the stage light turned off
→ They kept making pretty bad jokes and sooooo strange noises OTL
→ When Jonghyun was dancing back to us and face to Taemin he kept making faces to make him laugh xD
→ Minho asked us if we had ate, we told him no so he told us to eat well after then Taemin thanks us for the food support and the members followed him, bowing at us and telling that they’ll eat it well.
→ Taemin asked us if it wasn’t tiring to keep shaking the lightstick, we told him no and he told us to change hand often. But then he was like “you’ll get tired in both arms but you’ll get muscles” ㅋㅋ
→ They started doing strange voices and baby voices and they ended up doing the intro voice of the SWCII ㅋㅋㅋ
→ For the last take Jonghyun made a mistake end so they had to stop, he kept apologizing. They all went at the side to dry their sweat. Taemin went last but couldn’t find a free cordi noona to help him so he cam in the middle of the stage alone. We laughed at him really hard xD And when a cordi noona was finally able to help him, he ran to her ㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin made a strange voice while talking and Key told him to not do Lee sooman voice ㅋㅋㅋ

→ They were so cute today! All were wearing dark jeans except key and taemin. Key had dark capri pants and taemin had dark retro flare jeans Taemin wore the dark flare jeans and a cap with a white blue and red sweater that said “eazy one” on it
→ After one of the recordings fimished and the shinee members pose with their back, taemin started to shake his butt~ so cute
→ The SHINee members kept making weird sounds and high pitch laughs and taemin did a weird laugh and key told him he was weird

→ Taemin was being super cute and pretending to flee the girls drying their sweat with this little shuffle run ^.^;;;
→ Omgosh it was so cute today. The atmosphere was so light and happy and the fanchants were amazing. OT5 feeling is the best in the world.
→ SHINee were making noises at each other & singing little snatches of different things & imitating each other & calling each others nicknames
→ Taemin was talking to the PD at the beginning and replying: ‘ok, ok thank you. Ok thank you’ in English ^.^

anonymous asked:

Four words. Samandriel in yoga pants. Six more words. Dean and Castiel drooling over him B)

okay i don’t think you even understand how fucking badly i want this

dean and cas get a gym membership together after moving to a new city. they had to sell all the equipment in their old home gym because the new apartment is big, but it ain’t that big. so they find a reasonably priced gym where the staff let them take a small tour, and they pick the one where the people there don’t stare or ask rude questions about them being together.

(dean thought they should’ve broken into the worst after closing and fucked on one of the machines just to spite the bastards, but cas talked him out of it)

they’re three weeks into enjoying their new membership, talking to a few people in the local lgbt+ community (and wow there’s a pride parade in a few weeks, they should go to that), when they decide to go look and see what sort of classes are offered. dean already knows CQC, but he figures he could stand to learn some more, and cas is flipping through pamphlets about yoga. dean’s not subtle when he implies that he loves the idea for very dirty, bendy reasons.

cas blushes and punches him in the arm.

then they see him. one of the instructors. he’s shorter than both of them, wearing a tight tank top and knee-length, skin-tight yoga pants. dean’s seen the yoga pants cas has bought for lounging around the house, but the ones this guy’s wearing are more like the girl’s versions. cas and dean share a i fucking want it look before turning to the guy and smiling.

they find out his name is fucking samandriel and it’s the only name that weird that dean’s heard outside of cas’ family, and is glad they samandriel tells them to call him alfie because dean was sorta lost on nickname possibilities.

as subtle as dean isn’t, cas is worse, just blatantly staring at the dude’s ass. dean would say something, but then alfie notices and just blushes and laughs a bit, and it’s so cute it fucking hurts. they talk a little more, cas signs up for alfie’s class (dean signs up for tai chi at alfie’s suggestion), and then they trade numbers

he texts dean later that night and says: oh, i forgot to tell you, i’m also an LMT

dean shows it to cas, who just breathes in deeply and mutters massage therapist 

and halway across town, samandriel is sitting in his apartment, chewing on his lips while he looks at dildos and tries to imagine what it would be like to be shoved between dean and cas