knee lenght

“I don’t have a washing machine so I’m always down the launderette. I made this skirt myself, it was stitched together from an old pair of jeans and started out knee lenght, but just got shorter and shorter. I found the patches in the market. I customise a lot because I like to look different." 

- Amy Winehouse interview session at Launderette, Camden Town (2004).

lunar--resonance  asked:

Ladia 👔 please~

This is about as formal as she can get (also for storyline reasons I guess); the goal is being appropriate for the occasion, but without drawing too much attenction on her.

-Tuxedo jacket: they’re formal, right? Let’s go for a tuxedo jacket

-Flat shoes: despite her being not really tall, she totally can’t manage to walk on heels without tripping every ten seconds

-Knee lenght dress: noone would ever guess it normally, but she likes dresses with flowy and practical skirts. She likes moving her legs freely, and this style of dresses feels good on her.


REQUESTED Kylie winter essentials

So Kylie was into long coats, leggings and sweatpants styled with ankle boots or knee-lenght boots. If it’s not cold and during the winter there’s no snow /depends on where you live/ you can put on some sneakers with some of the outfits. Also you can put parka on if you don’t like coats. She loves sweaters and she styles them with leggings or jeans and some Timberlands on. She likes her hair down during the season so it warms you neck.