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Why My Minis Are Amazing

           Over the past few years the standards for young dancers have been increasing. Today it seems like there are so many amazing mini dancers on the competition scene. Minis who can do 10 pirouettes, minis who can lift their leg up to their ear, minis who can do leg hold turns, scorpion turns, and leap 5 feet off the ground. It feels like it’s not uncommon to see 7 to 9 year olds preforming a routine with the maturity and quality you’d expect from a senior. There are so many little kids out there that are amazing. But here’s the thing:

You don’t need to be amazing when you’re eight years old.


If you are, that’s great. But the reality is, the vast majority of minis dance because it’s fun. It’s extremely important for me to keep my classes fun and entertaining for my younger dancers. As a teacher it’s so easy to get caught up in this craze of pushing your dancers to dance beyond their years. You go on YouTube and search “mini solo” and you find videos of little kids dancing like they’re adults. And it’s so easy to start expecting that of your students, and it’s so easy for your students to start expecting that of themselves, when it’s the image of mini dancers you’re surrounded with. My minis have technique. My minis have technique, quality of movement, and repertoire that is appropriate for their age. My 7 to 9 year olds don’t dance like seniors, but they don’t need to, because they’re 7 to 9 year olds.

           Over-training is very much something that exists. I could push my minis to train 10+ hours a week, to develop new skills rapidly, and to gain immense flexibility. However, I choose to make the most of the 1 hour a week I have with my minis, out of the 4.5 hours they train. I choose to train safely, spend at least half the class on technique, but still incorporate elements of play. Because the reality is, those amazing minis you see on YouTube train at least 10 hours a week, most train more. Even if this is safe training, I truly believe that 9 times out of 10, it will lead to burnout. Young dancers who train that many hours will become exhausted, they will be more susceptible to injury, and they will be taught discipline that is beyond their years. The 7 to 9 year olds you see doing the amazing solos on YouTube are also the 7 to 9 years olds you see taking classes with their knees taped and their ankles bandaged. Minis don’t need sport induced injuries. Minis need to train safely and reasonably.

           That’s not to say there aren’t minis out there that are self-motivated, and choose to train extensively in such a manner. That’s not to say there aren’t minis that are willing to give up so much to perform amazing solos. But those kids are few and far between. My minis don’t do crazy tricks, countless turns, show off immense flexibility, or dance like seniors, but I still think they’re amazing. I think my minis are amazing because they dance like minis. They dance like minis, yet every class they still show me that they are attentive, passionate, and happy. They’ll dance like seniors when they’re seniors. But for now? They’ll come to class and have fun.

Bruins injury list (so far):

Brandon Carlo: Concussion
Torey Krug: MCL injury
David Krejci: Knee injury
Adam McQuaid: Neck injury
Patrice Bergeron: Sports hernia 
Tuukka Rask: Groin injury (beginning of the season); back injury (late March)

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happy birthday, terry mcginnis! (Can we pleaseeeeeeee get a terry Drabble, I miss him terribly)

“You’re on the next flight back to Starling,” said Mr. Wayne, sounding even more gravelly than usual by phone.

At baggage claim in Gotham International, Terry yanked his suitcase from the carousel one-handed and adjusted the phone against his ear. “You couldn’t have decided this before I got on the plane home?” Every minute in the air, he had resented being called back to work while Mrs. Queen was missing. Turning right back around was exactly what he wanted, but he could not let this pass without a grumble.

“We didn’t have the information we have now,” Mr. Wayne replied, even and businesslike. “Your flight boards in forty minutes. Before you go, there are some things you should understand.”

Terry had known Mrs. Queen for years, eaten at her dining room table, and laughed at her stories about the old man as she had known him twenty years prior. She had welcomed Terry into her house with cheerful equanimity, even moments after discovering him and Jon attempting to beat each other up in her backyard. “Boys! Dinner,” was all she yelled to stop them.

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today i feel proud bc i finally told my parents that i seriously want to get my knees checked out!! i’m still hurting from an old sports injury i got a few years ago and lately it’s gotten worse and i want to fix it. for me this is one step in the process of fixing how i view life and actually taking action in what happens rather than let it stay and make me suffer

YES. Get the help you need. Make your life the best it can be. 

Remember that Oikawa doesn’t wear mismatched knee pads, he wears one knee pad and a tube grip because he injured his knee badly before the interhigh started.

Imagine Oikawa injuring his knee again very badly during the current Aoba Jousai vs Karasuno match and has to retire before the game finishes. Imagine Seijou losing because of their subsequent loss of moral and captain and Oikawa realising that that was it. His days playing with Seijou are over. His entire volleyball career is possibly over. He can’t even walk, let alone play volleyball, so he sits in the corner of a locker room and cries out all his pain and anger and frustration and sadness until every member of his team hugs him and carries him off to the waiting ambulance.

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WELCOME !!!!! could you do a scenario where the s/o gets a sports injury (knee) and can't play and they lose self confidence because their sports were the source of it? and not playing makes them sad and the boys give them cuddles and what not to perk them up? for Bokuto, Iwaizumi, Daichi and Oikawa? THX AND GOODLUCK!!!

I feel the pain in this one since I have a knee injury too. 😭 -Admin Lana
Bokuto Koutarou:
Bokuto was no stranger to feeling the way _____ was at the moment. Sports had been the center of their life, radiating with confidence for every game they won, and determination with every loss. But now, an injury stripped all of that away from them, leaving an empty feeling in the conclaves of their chest. Their body was laying across the bed, unmoving save for their soft cries. His golden eyes softened as he gazed upon their vulnerable state. Silently he crawled up behind them, gently taking them into his arms.

“Baby, how can I make this easier do you?” His tone was laced with concern, wanting nothing more than to strip away all of their pain.

“There’s nothing you can do. Nothing I can do. I just wish I could take it all back. I’m nothing without sports…” They mumbled, words striking a cord in the captain.

With firm arms, Bokuto turned their body towards his front, eyes boring into theirs. “Don’t ever let me hear that come out of your mouth again! You’re worth much more than a sport. It’s not what defines your worth at all!”

A fleeting look of resolve crossed her features as they absorbed Bokuto’s words.

“It’s just going to be really hard from now on….” They mumbled, face buried in his chest.

“I know, but I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.”

______ couldn’t ask for better morale support.

Iwazumi Hajime:
Seeing _____ like this reminded him of Oikawa and that alone pained him to see his girlfriend/boyfriend in such a position. He knew words alone wouldn’t make this better for them, but he could at least offer physical comfort. Seeming to sense this, ____ scooted over a bit from their spot on the couch for Iwazumi to join. The ace gently pulled them closer, making sure to be wary of the injury.

“I’ve never been too good at this, but I’ll try my best to get you through this. I know it hurts hearing me say this, but just because you can’t play sports anymore doesn’t mean anything. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to be active shins once you’re done with physical therapy.” With every syllable he spoke, a small piece of hope was restored in the fallen athlete.

“I’m hope you’re right. I just…don’t want to get my hopes up too soon though.” They sighed, leaning closer to is warmth.

“I don’t blame you. We’re going to take baby steps.” A gentle kiss reassured them of the worries that clouded their mind.

Kuroo Tetsurou:
The captain himself could nearly feel the pain that was inflicted upon _____. The amount of dread and disappointment delivered to them in waves seemed to drag them into a depressive stupor. But as a diligent boyfriend, he had to find some way to comfort them. They sat unmoving upon the edge of the bed, hands clutching their former jersey tightly.

“Kuroo,” they called out softly, voice raw from their previous sob session. He approached slowly, tenderly pulling them into his arms. “I don’t want this to be the end.”

“It won’t be. We just have to work on getting you better.”

“But what if I don’t? Then what?”

Kuroo lifted their chin with his finger, eyes casting a firm gaze into them. “Even then we will figure something out. This isn’t the end for you.”

Somehow, a small phase like that could make the dim future seem brighter.

What if Newt was the one who decided not to die?

I have been thinking a lot about “Newt's incident”, mostly because I’ve been trying to figure out in which position he might have landed on when he jumped off the wall so that the consequence was his limp, and then I realized something very very important.

To get a limp, he would have had to land either on his knees or his feet. Landing on his knees would imply that he landed on his hands as well, so he would’ve probably gotten severe injuries in his arms, so I’m not thaaaat sure about this option.

But still, think very well about it. He didn’t get a a concussion or a broken rib, or broken teeth, or anything that could point out that he’d landed on his face or that his head hit the ground at all.

Do you think that someone who really wants to die would put out his hands or even position himself to land on his feet? Because, I repeat, he got a fucking limp. The damage was in his leg. More specifically, I would go as far as to deduce the injury was in his patellar tendon, which is in his knee.

Do you know how it is called when your patellar tendon is torn or strained? Jumper’s knee. It’s the injury people get when they practice a sport that implies jumping and landing on their feet from high heights. 

So yeah, in few words, I would dare to deduce Newt regretted his decision in the very right time he jumped. That he remembered everything he loved, everyone, his friends, Alby. And instead of giving up, he decided to fight one more time for them, for himself.

He did everything he could not to get a mortal injury. 

Today hasn’t been good in terms of food, physical injury and depression, and thoughts of wanting to hurt myself. But I’m trying to focus on the positives. I got my new Quidditch kit, I learned a lot from practice before I injured my knee (an old sporting injury); I can still walk, I have been clean from self harming for over two weeks, and i’m going to have an amazing time tomorrow seeing my friend. Today is a blip that I have/will continue to overcome.

Some Oikawa and Kuroo career possibilities! I was thinking about the path they’d take after high school (・ัᗜ・ั)و


  • Someone like Oikawa definitely has professional volleyball in his future. In a perfect world, Oikawa would solely play volleyball but I like to think he’d have some backup in this cruel, real world of ours! 
  • I imagine that Oikawa would play collegiate volleyball while studying something in the business and economics department (business administration, possibly; I see it as kind of like the “setter” position in business, where one needs exceptional efficiency, leadership, and decision-making tactics in order to succeed / fulfill a common goal. In addition to these skills, no doubt Oikawa possesses the charisma to win over many people’s hearts!) 
  • During college, Oikawa’s popularity would exponentially increase; he would be nationally recognized. His success during collegiate volleyball, along with his already well-decorated history, would undoubtedly catch the attention of distinguished figures of the sports world!
  • After he graduates with a business degree, he’d be recruited to a prodigious pro team. Is the Olympics a possibility? Anything’s possible.
  • Another thing I like to imagine is that Oikawa would take physical therapy classes. He’s probably had to endure years of sports-related injuries, and even now he has to live with chronic knee pain. He knows how to deal with sports-related injuries from his experience, and the additional education would only further his knowledge. For sure he’d make a brilliant physical therapist.
  • After he retires from pro volleyball, he’ll work as a pro coach and physical therapist for young new athletes! 


  • Furudate hasn’t yet revealed to us just how serious Kuroo is about pursuing volleyball as a career. But it’s clear that volleyball is a hugely important aspect of Kuroo’s life and I don’t think he’d abandon it when college comes around!
  • I imagine that Kuroo would definitely, at least, play on his college’s team.
  • All the while studying… law!
  • Kuroo is a sharp individual, possessing the intelligence and cunning that have earned him his notorious title among teammates and opponents alike: The Scheming Captain (possibly this name will follow him all throughout his volleyball career).
  • These qualities of his are also part of the reason why he is studying to become a prosecutor: he is conniving, an expert of provocation, and frightfully observant. (This makes him sound villainous, but he’s just really smart! And Kuroo will be using these skills of his for justice.)
  • No doubt studying law while playing collegiate volleyball will pose as a great challenge for Kuroo… but I believe in him. He’s currently in Class 5 at Nekoma while serving as boys’ VBC captain, after all.

…Clearly I didn’t think these through very well, but just some ideas! Wherever these golden-hearted captains go after high school graduation is up to Furudate. I trust that he’ll give these boys a good future (T▽T)


From Making of Du riechts so gut ‘95

Till explains the “Till Hammer” move.

So basically, instead of twisting or pulling his leg to get his knee and kneecap back to normal, he’d beat his knee to get everything in it’s right place again.

Can’t really be good for the knee, but it’s pretty hardcore.

A meniscus tear is fairly common with athletes. It’s really painful and it can result in sprained or even torn anterior cruciate ligaments.

After the anterior cruciate ligaments (basically the tendons that keep your knee together) have been injured, there’s a strong possibility of them never going back to normal, so they don’t support the knee like they used to.

It’s quite common after suffering such an injury, that the kneecap moves out of place and/or the knee joint itself gets dislocated from time to time or by certain movements.

Every other soccer player I know has to tape their knees before playing so that their knees don’t dislocate.

Honestly, I can’t help but to facepalm a bit over Till beating his knee into place, since it sounds like the most unhealthy thing to do with an injury like this. But hey, each to their own. His knee, his life. 

And even with a fan inside, temperatures in the suit can get to 113 degrees or more, resulting in quick dehydration or heat stroke if you don’t excuse yourself repeatedly for water. This must be done strategically, of course, since nobody’s allowed to see you with the head off, least of all a bunch of dumbasses who just have to have their picture taken with the dying man dressed as Tigger right now.

So now you have a heavy, wet, furry suit that makes you feel like you’re being cooked alive. That suit now smells like a worm’s asshole, and you can never wash it. The material won’t allow a good scrub, so you can only dry-clean it. This does diddly squat for the smell, which is why mascots will almost never wear another mascot’s head. As an NBA mascot put it, “If you put [my mascot head] within a foot of you, you might gag.”

Then there are the injuries: yes, the skinny kid in a giant gopher suit is just as likely to get hurt as any athlete. A study of pro sports mascots revealed that more than had suffered a heat-related injury, 44 percent complained of chronic lower back pain and about 20 percent sustained knee injuries at work. And not just sport mascots, either: more than a third of the 1,900 people working at Disney World in 2005 suffered some sort of injury.

For all this, mascots typically pull in $60 or so per night, even at the major league level. The surly kid at 7-Eleven who spits in your coffee and reads magazines all night pulls in more than that.

6 Silly Sounding Jobs That Are Way Harder Than You Think

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I do not think Aliya Mustafina a legend because she gets medals she does not deserve always.

Aliya’s been on the lucky end of a few outcomes for sure but even if you take away all of her controversial titles (which would be kinda silly because almost everyone gets the benefit of the doubt sometimes) she’s still a very decorated gymnast - she’s an all around world champion with eponymous skills on 3 events and back-to-back Olympic gold medals on UB. Not many people can say that, and I think it certainly makes her a “legend”.  Personally, what I find most impressive about Aliya is that she came back from a devastating knee injury when she was at the top of the sport and won medals at the Olympics the next year and then continued on for another quad and another successful Olympics. Even if she had finished 4th in the AA in Rio, putting together an AA set like that after being out of competition for so long and successfully defending an Olympic UB title is super impressive and really only something Aliya has done. So while I get what you mean in a way, and I don’t disagree that she’s benefited from a few lucky outcomes and from the harsh judging of SCS in Rio, she’s definitely a gymnastics legend no matter how you look at it I think.


Red/James’ Bum Leg and/or Knee? (Bored/Miss Blacklist Theories, So Creating One To Pass The Time)…

This has been bugging me for a while, and I know he’s a deeply private guy so we wouldn’t know about it anyways, but has anyone else noticed that James Spader in real life seems to have a bum left leg and/or knee?  As a girl who’s had a half dozen knee surgeries on both knees due to various sports injuries (who will be dealing with chronic bad knees the rest of my life), I can spot a limp, drag, swing, and just plain bum leg/knee a mile away… or so I think.

I first noticed this in the pilot episode, when Red was walking down the stairs near on the National Mall to meet Zamani and placed his hat on that kid’s head.  While descending the stairs, Red/James seemed to “slightly” swing his left leg out to the side when going down the steps instead of just lifting it straight up like you normally do when walking stairs…  I didn’t think anything of it at the time… just thought I was seeing things.

I noticed it pretty obviously again in the Kingmaker episode, when Red is guiding Liz into the pawn shop/ gentlemen’s club.  There is a DEFINITE PRONOUNCED OUTWARD SWINGING OF THE LEFT LEG at the knee in this scene… almost like his left leg is not quite straight in real life… like it caves inward at the knee… you can see it in the image I’ve included above.

And while watching the Wujing episode again with a friend tonight, I noticed it AGAIN during the getaway scene right after Red shoots the Chinese computer tech - as he’s stepping over the man’s body (that he just shot) he again swings his left leg way out as that particular leg is being lifted over the prone man’s body.  Again, right at the knee area.  I tried to include pics of these three scenes (from Screencapped) but only video of them truly does them justice.

Anyone else notice this (or give two $hits? :) or is this completely in my head?  I’ve never read about any real life injuries he’s had, and never noticed it in any of his earlier work… including Boston Legal.  Maybe old(er) age and/or a recent injury just wore his knee down?  Or maybe Red got shot one too many times in that leg, IDK… 

Any opinions, thoughts, etc?

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Hey, I absolutely loved your specialty post but I was wondering about orthopedic surgery. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Haha well, don’t take the specialty post seriously! It’s meant to be satirical :) 

Ortho surgery, if I want to go the satirical route again, is all about the classic ortho bro stereotype. Weight lifting. Protein powder in everything. Big muscles. Fist bumps. Bro nicknames for each other. “Rock”, “Wolverine”, “The Fist”. I’m not joking, I know three ortho residents and these are their nicknames.

If I were to be more thoughtful, I’d say that ortho surgery IS, like all surgical specialties, physically demanding. Ortho even more so. And like all surgeons, a huge source of satisfaction and reward comes from fixing problems through surgical management. You can focus on replacements (knee, hip, etc.), sport injuries, there’s lots to do in the world of ortho!

Afghan women's football team get jerseys with in-built hijab for International Women's Day

The Afghan women’s football team will hereafter receive their jerseys with in-built hijabs, or the Islamic headscarves. Danish sportswear brand Hummel unveiled the latest designs on International Women’s day.

This is the first time such a football kit which would include a built-in hijab. The feature will be part of a full body base layer, allowing the players to kick the ball with their bodies fully covered.

“We don’t sponsor the biggest teams in the world, but we make partnerships with teams and clubs with a story to tell, like Afghanistan,” said Hummel’s owner Christian Stadil on the firm’s website.

“We try to meet the Afghan people where they are, and right now that is by helping the women play football with or without a hijab.”

Former Afghan football team captain Khalida Popal, who has been an inspiration for female football players in the war-torn nation, welcomed the clothing. She said: “The national team shirt symbolizes all of our culture, our tradition, our history. It was a huge honour to captain my country but it was an even bigger honour to be seen as a role model and an inspiration for thousands of young girls and women in Afghanistan. To wear that shirt and to lead your country out onto the football pitch is something that stays with you forever.” Popal retired from the sport following a knee-injury.

Paul Fitzgerald, the designer of the outfit, which has been hailed as “cool”, said: “From the outset it was clear that the shirt was enormously significant. I asked [former team captain] Khalida to think of something that inspires her about Afghanistan and she told me about the Afghan mountains – that was really my starting point.”

It is still difficult for women to participate in sports like football due to the religious stigma attached in the Islamic nation. It is estimated up to 25 women’s football teams are active across Afghanistan and there are about half a dozen national players.

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Who got it wrong?


Photo courtesy of NY Daily News 

   As I sit back and think about the ESPY awards I can’t help but wonder who got it wrong? The whole show for the most part went on without a flaw. A perfect two and a half hours of feel good award stories and big names like Drake and Dwayne Johnson with some Peyton Manning and Michael Sam to go with it. But, there was one award that went to the wrong person and it was the Comeback Player of the year award. Here’s why:


  In no way shape or form do I believe that Russell Westbrook was not worthy of winning it, I mean the man  can ball, and his stats proved it. But on-court accolades aside, shouldn’t the comeback include an actual comeback story to go with it?  


   Too often we place emphasis on the injury aspect of things when you talk about comebacks in sports. Player A (westbrook) suffers a knee injury and sits out the whole year or player B (Peyton  Manning) goes through neck surgery and misses a year, just to come back and dominate like never before. We let the numbers talk and as long as they are making jumps shots or passing for miles, literally, that wins us over.


  Personal tragedy rarely comes into play.


  By all means, of course injury is a personal tragedy when your body is your main source of income, the thing that feeds your kids. But does time not heal all wounds? Ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones heal. There are very few injuries a surgery can’t cure, cancer being one of them. But, if you were never injured or contracted/developed a disease like cancer can you be a comeback story? If you were out a full season but were perfectly healthy would you even qualify for the Comeback Player Award?


  New York Rangers Center Dominic Moore missed all of the 2012/13 season and 18 months all together to tend for his sick wife Katie. Katie Moore passed away in January 2013 at the age of  32, after losing her battle with liver cancer, with her husband right by her side.


  Moore was never injured, at least an injury that kept him out for a season, nor was he in trouble or suspended. He never was, nor has been the best player on the team the way Peyton Manning is, or a solid two sometimes a number one like Westbrook is. But, his willingness to give up a career in pro sports, something most people would kill for, to care for his ailing wife should have earned him that award alone.


  So who got it wrong? Did ESPN get it wrong for not giving the nominees more of a story than a name for people to vote? Did the media get it wrong for not covering this story more? No, we the people and general public/ESPY voters got it wrong for not paying attention or figuring out why we vote for the names and not the true comeback stories.


  The truth is, the injury that is hardest to recover from is a broken heart. And Dominic Moore did that. He gave up one of the most coveted jobs in the world, being an NHL player, to take care of the only thing or person he loved in the world, his wife. Even after losing her, he Came Back.


Welcome to fatmaninalitlesuit’s Blogs of Spring! This is a list of some of my favorite fitness blogs that I recommend you check out. It is open to anyone that is on a physical or mental fitness / health journey with a special emphasis on personal blogs that share the journey as they go.  

Here you will find some of my long time favorites, some blogs the I love but may not be well know by most and some blogs that are new to me. If you want to know more about this process or want to be considered for this list, please see this post.

So, without any further delay - I am proud to introduce my next blog of Spring, dontcallmecosmo !

Airelle is 26 and bounces between New York and New Jersey (with occasional trips to Israel) :) She was a High School athlete but a serious knee injury pushed her away from sports and caused other health challenges. She has overcome that and is now into Crush, eats Kosher Paleo and is an all around nice but badass person. 

I’m lucky to call her a friend. If you check out her blog and follow, you can too :) 

Also, check out these other blogs on my Blogs of Spring List!

Who will be next on the Blogs of Spring list? Check back tomorow and see!

Want to be added to this list?

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On October 2013, I’ve been diagnosed with a very bad knees injury and since then I’ve been forbidden to do any kind of sports until my knees get better. In spite of this, I’ve found a way to stay healthy without exercising. 

First of all, love who you are. Embrace yourself, beautiful you! If you don’t love yourself now, there’s no guarantee you will when you’re 30 lbs lighter. Start the body lovin’ now! 

Yes, I believe that you can lose weight without doing any sports « Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. 30% Gym - 70% Diet. » So if you have health issues, don’t give up. 

I’d highly recommend you to avoid sugar and processed foods. Indeed, if you eat fast food or junk food regularly, it is unlikely that you can stay fit without exercise. Most of those foods contain very little nutrients and can therefore be classified as « empty calories » therefore completely useless to your immune system. 

Water is good for everything in your body and I would list them all but it’s never ending. Flush you system totally. Drink a full glass before every meal, and another after you eat. Make sure to have it with you at all times whenever you are at work or at studies. 

In addition to water, you can drink green tea. Green tea has antioxidants, boosts your metabolism, clears your skin, hydrates faster than water and has 0 calories. However you shouldn’t make an excessive use of it if you’re not used to drinking caffein, no more than 2 cups a day.

Fruit contains sugar, but it also contains fiber, which helps to regulate your digestive system. So if you feel a craving for sugar, eat a piece of fruit. If after that you still crave sugar, it’s perfectly okay to have a treat. But make it a choice, not a cheat.

Color your plate, make it looks pretty with a lot of green! Make sure you are getting a wide variety of other foods from fruits to veggies to dairy and that your diet is still balanced. Mother nature blessed us with so many good nutriments it would be a shame not to enjoy what’ve been given. 

Avoid late night snacks. Not only they fill you with unnecessary calories but can disrupt your beauty sleep! We wouldn’t want that right? What’s more precious than sleep?! 

If you do need that midnight snack, stick to fruits or nuts. 

Remember, It’s a lifestyle change not a diet. 

Eat in moderation. Stop before you feel full and concentrate on your food as you eat instead of eating while watching TV. Indeed, since exercise is out of the question, you must be more mindful of the amount you eat.

Eat well throughout the day! Here’s an example of one of my daily intake:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with wholemeal bread with a side bowl of fruits (Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t be afraid to eat a lot!) 

Morning Snack: A medium apple or a banana 

Lunch: Tuna sandwich using wholemeal bread

Afternoon Snack: A cup of tea and a bowl of air popcorn 

Diner: This is out of control if you’re still living at home like me; so try to eat in moderation (no more than two fistfuls of food would be great) and stay away from high fat foods!

NB: Please don’t forget that I’m 16 years old and everything in this post is purely my own opinion. I’m no dietitian, everything I suggest is from my own research and what is working for me. 

I do not encourage you not to do sports. Sport is really important. I myself am crazy about sports and used to workout 6 days a week when I could. Being forbidden to do sport was really hard for me, that’s why I had to find a way to keep up with my healthy life until I can exercise like a beast again. 

This post was to motive people that might be in the condition I currently am in. 

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. -Mahatma Gandhi 

So I’ve been seeing some speculation about Sousuke hurting his good shoulder according to this:

And I’m beginning to think that’s a probable assumption. I once tore the ligament in my left knee because of a sports injury and I put most of the pressure onto my right knee for years after. I ended up injuring my right after the left healed because I’d consequently pushed that one too far. Our bodies don’t take the sudden extra work too well, and it’s especially harder for taller people (like Sousuke.) Throughout the season, it shows him paying more attention to his left shoulder, so I think he injured the right while trying to take it easy on the other. Excuse me while I cry eternal tears.