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Future Kids- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so this is kinda short but cute and fluffy. Andre needs children. Stat. Ok so I got not much else! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: would you mind eventually doing one where you like help babysit a friends kids with andre b and you both love seeing each other playing with kids so then you have “the talk” when you get home of having kids, how many, names, what theyll look like, idk something like that? thanks for writing for all of us! and thanks for writing so many with andre! :)


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Good morning

Warning: Smut

If anyone has any requests, I’m willing to give them a try. :) enjoy


Some mornings are hard.

Most mornings Shawn wakes up alone, tangled up in the sheets.

This morning was different, because he had woken up here, with her. It was almost like his body - even in its unconscious state knew that she was beside him, and reacted. He woke up with a hard on straining against his boxers, and as he roused realised the reason for that was her body curled up beside him, pressed flush against him.
He slid his arm over her, hugging her ever tighter to his chest, pressing a kiss just behind her ear. She didn’t wake but made a small sound. She was a light sleeper and Shawn knew that it wouldn’t take much for him to wake her.
His fingers skimmed down to hover over her breast, and lightly started toying with the nipple. She stirred a little but not much, letting out a small sleep filled moan. He grinned to himself, dropping a couple of kisses from behind her ear to her collar bone.
“Shawn?” her sleep filled voice asked.
“Mhm, who else?” he teased, kissing her lightly on the lips.
“Good morning.” she smiled, still half-asleep and curled up in his hockey jersey, knee socks rolled to mid shin, she rubbed her legs against his, bringing one up to level with Shawn’s hip. He moved his hand to cup her ass and squeezed, before move to grip her thigh.
Her fingers threaded through his thick dark hair and pulled his head back before attaching her lips to his neck, he let out a raspy moan.
He straddles her, one knee either side and looks down at her; she arches her back, smiling up at him and asks “What are you looking at?”
He doesn’t answer, his attention drawn to the way she moved, which brought her breasts closer to his face. He pulls at the jersey until it’s up and off over her head, and drops it off the side of the bed.
He leaves a trail of soft kisses as he moves downward, his hot breath tickling her sensitive skin as he moved to remove her socks, followed very swiftly by her underwear.
Coming back up, he grinned and kissed her fully on the lips while his hand dipped between her thighs. She hooked her arms around his neck and brought him close, kissing the tip of his nose, and his forehead.
“Tease.” she whispered.
He responded by caressing the folds of her sex, his finger dipping into her.
She reached down, her hand circling his morning wood.
They responded to each other’s touch, she waited until he pressed a finger in, and he watched her expression, and the rate at which she inhaled to gauge when to move faster, slower and add a digit. She followed his pace, the slower his fingers moved, the tortuously slower she rubbed her thumb over the sensitive head.
He cant stop himself from thrusting into her fist, his free hand balled up in her hair.
She felt his breath against her ear as he said “Who’s teasing now hm?”
He moved free of her hand and sat up, rummaging around for a condom while grazing his hips against hers.
“Still you.”

She murmurs a small please, quiet but needy and it sets him off. Sliding an arm beneath her he rolls her on top and presses up into her as her hips grind down to meet him.
She digs her nails into his shoulder and his hands find her waist, guiding her down onto him , but she set the pace, each movement to her own end.
“Shawn.” she moaned, eyes fluttering shut, reaching for the headboard to steady herself as she felt her walls clenching around him and the urgency of his grinding intensifies until he’s spasming along with her, his hands gripping her thighs tight enough to keep her from collapsing on to his chest.
They slow to a still, riding out simultaneous orgasms, gasping for breath that escapes them both. He gently pulls out of her and tosses the condom, tucking her against his side under his arm and grins. “Good morning.”

Zach and Easton? (Zach Werenski)

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requested by anon: could I have a werenski one where him and y/n are friends, but then become something more after zach accidentally makes fun of one of her insecurities? I hope you could understand that I’m terrible at describing things lolll

warnings: talk of insecurities

note: hopefully this fulfilled your request! :) and many thanks to @justhockeywriting for editing (a blessing, honestly)! 

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Jimmy Vesey- I can do it myself.

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Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader sprains her knee while playing street hockey, and so her boyfriend, Jimmy Vesey freaks out and doesn’t let her do anything herself and just takes care of her? Thank you ❤ Author note: Hey! So I’m ver unsure about this one. I had writes block like the whole time. So, I’m sorry that it took so long. Please let me know if you like it! —————————————-

“So, the tests show that you have sprained your knee. You will need to take it easy for a while. Limit your walking. Ice and elevate it. But only keep the ice on for about twenty minutes, do that for ever hour you are awake.” The doctor said reading from the paper, then handing it to me.

“Also, you can’t drive.” The doctor says before getting a nurse to bring a wheel chair.

I take this time to call Jimmy.

“Hey baby, how are you?” Jimmy asks through the phone.

“I’m okay, umm…I need you to pick me up.”

“Okay, where are you?”

“I’m uh… at the hospital.”

“What happened? Are you okay?”

“Depends on what you classify as okay.” I mumble.

“What happened?” He asks. The noise of a door closing behind him in the background.

“I sprained my knee.” I mumble.

“You did what?!” Jimmy exclaims into the phone.

“I um…..well you see, I was playing street hockey and I umm, well, I kinda fell. The fall just so happened to be on my knee and someone else’s body weight was added, but I’m good. Love you!” I exclaim quickly hanging up the phone.

I know how protective Jimmy can get so I rushed out what I needed to tell him.

Then again, knowing him he is probably already on his way to my house since he goes straight there on mondays and Thursday’s since it’s the only day that we are normally off work.

Though As cute and caring as he is, he can kinda be like an overprotective mother at times.

I’m broken out of my thoughts when the door to the examination room open. Entering is the nurse followed by Jimmy.

“I’ll help her out you guys don’t need to put her in a wheel chair.” Jimmy says.

“We cannot allow that sir. You can push your wife in the chair if you want to though.” The nurse says. My face turning bright red when she says wife. It gets even redder when Jimmy doesn’t correct the nurse.

“Come on hunny.” Jimmy says, with a cocky smile and while exaggerating the word ‘hunny’, as he lifts me into the chair.

“I can walk from here.” I say bracing myself to get up and grab my crutches from Jimmy.

“Nope, you are not walking.”

“I wasn’t gonna walk I was gonna use my crutches.” I reply as I start to stand up.

“Baby, stop. Your gonna hurt yourself.” Jimmy says softly as he keeps rolling me toward the car.

“Babe, I can get into the car by myself.” I insist when he tries to pick me up to put me in the passengers seat.

“Doctor said you have to rest and avoid using it. So, your not gonna use it or those crutches when I’m around.” He says as he grabs me out of he chair and gently sets me down. Buckling my seat belt for me then closing the door.

“Jimmy so love you. I really do. But you know I can still use my arms right?” I ask cocking my eyebrow at him.

“I know. But, your my girl and your injured. Your not gonna do anything for yourself till your healed.” He says as we pull up to a red light. Here he decides to kiss me. His warm lips on mine as his hand cups my cheek.

We are only broken apart when a car behind us honks.

“Jimmy, my house was the other way.” I say as he turns down his road instead of mine.

“I know, I want you to stay with me till your healed. I don’t want you to get hurt any worse.” He says glancing at me as he pulls into his drive way.

“As long as it’s okay with you.” He adds quickly.

“It’s fine with me, but I don’t have any clothes.” I reply adjusting in my seat.

“You can wear some of mine?” He says getting out of the car and coming to my side. Though he did make it sound more like a question.

“Okay.” I reply as he lifts me up to carry me inside. My crutches left in the car.

“alright, I’m gonna go get you an ice pack and some pillows, okay?” Jimmy says as he softly lays me on our bed. Also placing clothes for me. Which include a pair of his grey sweatpants and one of his old hockey t-shirts.

I change and Jimmy comes in with the ice pack, pillows, and two bottles of water.

He gently places the ice back on my now elevated knee, careful not to put to much pressure on it.

“Come cuddle with me.” I say as I reach out for him while he is sitting by my knees on the bed.

“Okay, just let me make sure your ice pack won’t move to much, alright?” He asks softly as he move the ice pack so it is placed securely on my knee.

“How is your knee feeling?” He asks as he crawls into bed next to me.

“Cold.” I reply.

“Hahaha, very funny.” He says sarcastically with a smirk. Jimmy also wraps me in his arms so we are now cuddling.

“Jim?” I ask after a few second of silence.

“What’s up?” He asks his voice soft and caring.

“Can you please pass me one of the waters?” I ask pointing to the waters that are sitting on his nightstand.

“Sure thing baby.” He says reaching over and grabbing one, taking the flimsy plastic lid off before handing me the water. I take a quick swig before getting the cap from Jimmy and putting the water bottle on my nightstand.

“Babe?” Jimmy asks getting my attention.


“I’m never letting you play street hockey with out me there again. You know that right?”

“You know I’m going to play anyway, right?” I ask slightly mocking him.

“Babe, I don’t like seeing you hurt.” Jimmy says as he kisses my head.

“I don’t like seeing you hurt either, but we both play a sport where that’s gonna happen.” I reply kissing his chin.

“I love you baby.” Jimmy says once again breaking the silence between us. While also waking me up from my half asleep state.

“I love you to Jimmy bean.” I reply with a lazy smirk, letting sleep take over.

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BKYA Body Types

So some stuff has come up and I’m taking a little break from writing. But before I leave, my friend asked me about the boys’ body types in BKYA, so lemme share with the world. (If you picture differently, you don’t have to go with these descriptions, only a couple of them are mentioned in the fic.) 

  1. Jungkook: Jungkook is just like… gangly and lanky and all elbows and knees. He plays hockey, but he also plays lacrosse, so he just runs around and also is a growing young lad, so he burns off every calorie he consumes and barely manages to maintain his weedy little muscles. He wears his hair pretty short because he’s always running around, he needs something that won’t be flying all around (and won’t get too sweaty and weird under his hockey helmet.) 

  2. Taehyung: Taehyung is very flexible, even though he isn’t well-balanced (he’s trying his best at yoga). But for the most part, he’s sort of a home bunny. He eats really healthy; Seokjin makes sure all the boys do. And I think he cares a little bit about his shape because he’s so easily embarrassed around other people. So he’s slim, not strong, and he might have like… the normal “I am a teenage boy who doesn’t play sports” tummy. Just a cute little thing. As for hair, picture Taehyung RIGHT NOW, that’s what it is. Black with bangs. The cutest of bowl cuts (probably picked out by Seokjin)

  3. Jimin: Jimin is very fit. He’s a gymnast, essentially, so he’s got strong everything. But that being said he’s a high school freshman. So he’s not stacked. He’s young and also he’s Korean, so his body isn’t equipped to bulk up. You can tell he has muscles; he’s on the cusp of abs. But he’s not some big, giant man. He’s a young athlete. (Also he definitely has some smushy cheeks that Hoseok teases him about relentlessly.) Basically think 2013 Jimin, but like… chilled out and less crazy with a dad who feeds him 3 square meals and a snack every day. His hair is like… the same as it is in Dope, except for black instead of red. That’s how Seokjin wears his hair and Jimin thinks it looks mature.

  4. Hoseok: Hoseok isn’t muscular, but he’s very fit. He dances, so I’d say the Hoseok of now is probably a pretty good representation. Also, like…he’s definitely very attractive to the ladies. He’s a sophomore, he he’s an eligible bachelor who -to their knowledge- has never had a girlfriend except his date to the sixth grade formal. So they’re interested, especially because of his hair. He doesn’t rock a bowl cut like his brothers, in BKYA we get to see his forehead circa BTS debut. He’s a heartbreaker. (Like he is irl, am I right ladies?)

  5. Yoongi: Yoongi doesn’t do any kind of exercise. He doesn’t like sweating. He doesn’t like stressing his body, he’s already stressed enough, and he doesn’t get sports. Like he watches Jimin cheer at his football games, but he doesn’t get it. Yoongi is a sitter. He likes eating snacks at this friends’ houses when his dad can’t yell at him. He doesn’t really care about how he looks because he doesn’t really care about other people, he’s not really interested in them? He has his few close friends and his really close family members, and then he has acquaintances that can either accept him as he is or stop talking to him, it’s whatever. SO. That being said, he’s not chubby, but he’s not super fit. He’s just… average? He probably has the widest pant size of all the boys and would order like… a size medium instead of a size small. (I know Yoongi irl felt weird about his weight before, so I just feel like he’s predisposed to a smushier body type in my head, which may not be true, but like SMUSHY YOONGI YES COME SNUGGLE.) Also, I think his hair is dyed blond??? Namjoon has his hair dyed silver, and Yoongi was inspired, so think Dope. Literally think everything about Dope. 

  6. Namjoon: Namjoon exercises but doesn’t make it a priority. He’s the slimmest of his friend group, though. So like… most people around Namjoon’s age show it in the waist, but Namjoon still probably looks the same as college give or take ten or fifteen pounds. Like he’s older now, so he doesn’t naturally stay stick skinny, but he doesn’t gain weight easily. He doesn’t care about how he looks, but he does care about staying healthy for his kids, he wants to be their dad until they’re absolutely sick of him. As for hair, it’s dyed silver and pushed back, I think like during the Skool Luv Affair era (is that how you spell that, I pretend this era doesn’t exist tbh)? Tentatively picture that, but silver instead of platinum, and also a little bit shorter, like someone drew art of it, hold on, I will link it. 

  7. Seokjin: Definitely cares the most out of everyone. As we know, his parents were always really concerned with appearances, he didn’t have the same unconditional love and support and he is easily stressed, God bless. He goes on runs and does yoga regularly, so he is flexible with a lot of endurance. He’s really concerned about his waist line, so he’s also probably the same as college, give or take 5 or 10 pounds, like he’s anal retentive about his appearance. His hair is like… okay, picture the styling of Fire but natural coloring. Sometimes, though, he’ll come home and his hair will be brown and the kids will be like “What?! WHY?!” because it’s normal for Namjoon to dye his hair, but STRESSFUL for Seokjin to dye it, they don’t like it. (Seokjin is their one sense of constancy in an ever-changing world.)

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“leave a prompt for me and i’ll get to it in the morning!! it can be…”


I WAS BUSY STUDYING AND PROCRASTINATING ON STUDYING TODAY BUT NOW I COME BEARING SOPHIE “PRINCESS” PARSON. anyway i kind of went crazy and wrote more than one minific about her. 

EDIT: previous posts about Sophie Parson: the origin, the second, more adorableness


Bitty rapped on the door angrily.  

“Young lady, you come out here right now and apologize to Nick and Marie!”

“You can’t make me!” Sophie called out, she’d covered her ears with her hands, hoping to mute out her Paw, but it was to no avail.

“Sophie Parson!” Her Paw said in his no nonsense voice. “Don’t make me count to ten!” 

“I don’t want to!” 

“One, two,”

“Paw, they started it!!”

“Seven, Eight,”

The door swung open to a Sophie in near tears. 

“They broke my hockey stick! It was my favorite, and I told them not to touch it but Nick wouldn’t listen and Marie kept on saying that I should let him play with it because he’s younger but Nick is awful and he broke it even when I told him he can’t touch it! Then Marie said that it would be okay and I can just get Daddy to buy me a new one but it’s my favorite and I hate them both and I don’t want them to visit us ever again!” She said in a huff, and then, to her embarrassment, tears started leaking down her eyes and she couldn’t control the hiccups she made as she started crying.

If Kent were here, Bitty mused, he’d immediately break down and start coaxing her. As it stood, tears don’t work on Bitty. 

“That doesn’t mean you should’ve pushed Nick. He got a cut on his knee. A hockey stick is just a thing, you should’ve let him play with it,” he took a knee to wipe off the tears streaming down his daughter’s face. “And Marie is crying because you yelled at her, didn’t we talk about not raising your voice near Marie? Do you like making people feel bad?”

“…No,” Sophie mumbled. “But they made me feel bad.”

“But that doesn’t mean you should have pushed Nick or raised your voice at Marie. We’re going to apologize to them now.”

“…Okay,” she sniffed.

Apologies were reluctantly given, accepted, and hugs were dispensed. When Bitty said goodbye to Nick and Marie when Shitty came to (with an abundance of apologies and a pie), Sophie ran back to her room before Bitty could turn around and grab her to talk.

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Hiya Hazel! Your newest video of Playoff Sid & Geno interviews just reminded me of this All Stars hilarious interview that is driving me nuts because I have been looking for months and cannot find it (((((. The interviewer was a French-Canadian woman from Canada I believe, and she asked Sid if he needed his knees for hockey since he is so much better than the rest, asked Ovi to keep his teeth straight because otherwise he is a handsome guy and Ovi going "but women like real men, without teeth

I don’t recognise this one. Anyone else?