knee fixator

AHS Imagine - Go away, Tate. 


“What’d your parents say?”

Tate sat on the edge of your bed and hugged his knees, his eyes fixated on the suitcase that you were vigorously filling up with clothes.

“What do you think, Tate?” You sighed in frustration, slamming the lid of the suitcase on your wrinkled cluster of clothes.

Ever since you were 7, prom was all you fantasized about, being with your high school crush; wearing the vibrant– yet subtle pink dress that you found in a magazine and was now pinned on your wall, and experiencing the night every young girl dreamt about. But since your father married the reincarnation of Satan himself, the answer was always—

“No, they said no…again” You zipped up the remaining teeth of the zipper and sat quietly on your bed. Tate stayed silent, allowing you let out your anger in peace… although you’ve only known Tate for a few months, he managed to know your every habit like the back of his hand.

Silence with Tate was never awkward; it was always somehow comforting, knowing he was there with you… he the only person you completely trusted.

“Are you really gonna go?” Tate asked, lifting his head from between his legs, his gaze on you showed anticipation and hope that you would change your mind and stay.

“I already told you Tate, I can’t take this anymore, I’m leaving as soon as I can” You said propping up your suitcase, and went to fetch another one.

“Would you ever come back?” Tate followed, scraping the heels of his shoes on your floor.

“Not sure” You replied bluntly, already tired of his questioning aura.

Tate was one to always ask questions, sometimes it felt like you were in an intense game of 21 questions…well that was until you finally covered his mouth and quietly, but threateningly whispered;

“Ask one more thing and your tongue comes off”

Followed by his unoriginal yet obvious remark,

“But I’m dead”

You pulled out a smaller suitcase from your empty closet, feeling Tate’s hand grab onto the handle.

“Don’t go”, He whispered, gripping onto the suitcase,

“You’re my only friend.”

Letting out another frustrated sigh, you yanked the suitcase from his grip and sped to your bed.

“We already went through this Tate, I’m leaving” Opening up the suitcase, you repeated what you did the first time…but this time faster.

“Please don’t go… you’re the only person I talk to, what would I do without you Y/N? I can’t talk to anyone like I talk to you…” Tate trailed off, looking down at his worn out shoes,

“Tate I swear—“ You were pulled into his chest as his arms snaked around your waist. Tate’s face hid in the crook of your neck as his embrace got tighter,

“Please” He whispered, every time he shook his head, his curls would tickle your neck, but it was a feeling you got used to…since Tate’s only knowing of comfort was hugging.

“I can’t” You replied, pulling away.

“I have to go,”

His eyes shined from the tears he tried to hide, and his lip, ever so slightly started to tremble. He reminded you of a child, with the heartbreaking look on his face, all you wanted to do was be back in his arms…being the one comforting him.

“Go away” Your demand came out as an almost soundless whisper, but judging from Tate’s change of emotion, he heard you.

“What?” Tate questioned, searching your eyes for an answer,

“I want you to go away,” You repeated, raising your voice.

“No, no please” Tate cried, covering his ears as he walked closer to you,

“I won’t hear it, I wont hear it!” He yelled, the tears evident on his cheeks, and the hurt clear in his eyes.

“Go away Tate” you warned, pushing him back,

“You’re all I want,” He cried, gripping onto your shoulders.


“GO AWAY!”  You closed your eyes, waiting for his screams to disappear.

His hands found your cheeks as he crashed his lips with yours. You tasted his fresh tears as more trickled down his pale face,

“I love you,” He whispered, softening the kiss.

“Go away” the claim was inaudible, but the pain of saying it was 100 times worse, his hands left your skin and the presence of his body was no longer notable. You opened your eyes to an empty room; your breaths became more obvious as anguish filled your heart.

After packing the last of your things, you took a quick look into the room you and Tate shared most of your memories in;

The first time you opened a wine bottle, almost hitting Tate with the cork.

The first time you came home high, and Tate thinking you had completely lost your marbles

And the first time you cried, knowing you had someone you loved… and who loved you back to comfort you, with his simple yet meaningful hugs.

You loved him, but you realized it later than expected,

“I love you too” You whispered, rolling your suitcase out of the room, and eventually out of the house,

For the first time in your life you considered the house you were living in as a home, a place of comfort and a sanctuary…only with Tate by your side. 

Once completely out of the driveway, you noticed Tate looking at you from your bedroom window…the same way you first met him. He gave you a small smile, the gesture was small but meant the world to you. Returning the gesture, you turned on your heel, letting out a sigh… with one more step you were out in the real world by yourself, without Tate by your side. You loved him, and you knew eventually you would come back, and he loved you…giving you more of a reason to come back.