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There are so many to chose from, so I thought I’d make this. 

They will be split up in to ships, and then into six other categories. So, here we go! The other ships will be on other posts, but when they’re done, I’ll link em.

Lams (John Laurens/Alexander Hamilton)

Modern AUs

Something They Can Never Take Away by a_mind_at_work  (@undiscoveredstory here on tumblr)

Word Count: 65,524 (WIP)

Summary: Alexander Hamilton arrives on Washington’s doorstep in distress and disarray feeling like just another worthless kid in the system. He’s certain that the Washington’s house will be no different from the others he’s been to. Usually a chatterbox who always speaks his mind, Alex decides it’s best to keep his mouth shut and his head down as he navigates his new life with the Washingtons, their adoptive son, Lafayette, and Lafayette’s amazing friends, one of whom may be working his way into Alexander’s heart. As much as he wants to move forward, he’s haunted by his past. Can Alexander face his demons or will they ruin him once and for all?

Personal Comment: Amazing. Read it. I am not usually a fan of modern AUs cause I am a massive history nerd, but I mean just read it. 10/10 would recommend. 

i saw the whole story unwind by pocky_slash ( @fourteenacross here on tumblr)

Word Count: 132,888 (complete)

Summary: It’s been two years since Alexander’s popular parapsychology blog helped him crowdfund his way to America and into college. Now, after graduating early, he finds himself accepted into the most prestigious parapsych grad program in the world. He’s going to study and hunt ghosts under the tutelage of George Washington, just like he predicted in his ten year plan. What he didn’t predict was stumbling into the best friendships he’s ever had and falling in love, but he can’t say he’s complaining.
(AKA the one where they’re all grad students ostensibly studying ghosts, but mostly having a lot of feelings.)

Personal Comment: This fic. This fic right here. Okay I read all 100k words of this in like one day and it gave me so many feelings Jesus I love this fic so much omg. Just read it. Seriously. Read it. 

Wine and Dine by UpsideAround (wont let me tag, here’s a link)

Word Count: 17,372 (complete) 

Summary: How many disastrous blind dates do you have to go on before you inevitably fall in love with the waiter that stays behind and talks to you after every one? Alexander was pretty sure this wasn’t Herc’s original plan.

Personal Comment: Amazing, just amazing. Funny and cute and I’m gushing. It made me smile and squeal and jump up and down. Just really, really, really, wonderful. 

In Pursuit of Happiness by theother51 (can’t find them on here, if you know em, tag em)

Word Count: 70,290 (complete) 

Summary: Squabble (v.) - to quarrel noisily over a trivial matter.
“Alexander and John squabbled over who should get the last box of Cool Markers in the store.”

Personal Comment: Hamilton, Laurens, teachers; arguing over markers. I rest my case. There is nothing more to say, than, read this goddamn fic. 

Fix it AUs

A Complete, Unmatched Set by triedunture (it wouldn’t let me tag them; so here’s a link – Contains more than just lams, (eliza/alex & john/eliza) but still.

Word Count: 10,187 (complete)

Summary: Eight years after the war ends, Hamilton finds his old compatriot and lover John Laurens, very much alive but without possession of his memories. Eliza takes charge, as she did eight years previous.

Personal Comment: Okay, fix it fics are my life and soul and this one is just so wonderful and perfect. I mean a fix it fic and someone coming back to life, sign me the fuck up.

Other AUs

We are powerless by Sammyy (I can’t find their tumblr, but if they have one, feel free to tag them) 

Word Count: 47,675 (Complete, but there’s a sequel on the way) 

Summary: “District Four’s tributes! Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton!”, Lee shouted into the microphone and Alexander reached out to take Eliza’s hand without prompting.
“Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!”
People were still watching them. Eliza’s hand was clutching his, though her face betrayed no emotion. Alexander swallowed and, once Lee was done, pulled her into a tight hug. “Smile for the cameras, Betsey,” he murmured, using the nickname only he had for her, “We won’t let them know we’re scared.” 

Personal comment: A Hunger Games AU, I went in not knowing what this was going to be like and I was blown away. Like better than the actual thing blown away. 10/10 would recommend.

Historical Fics

Apple by Madtom_Publius (Can’t find them here, if you know them tag em)

Word Count: 1,602 (complete, one shot)

Summary: John and Alex think making out will help relieve stress, but John can’t get over what society has taught him, especially when he starts enjoying it too much. John’s perspective. 

Personal Comment: Some trigger warnings: internalised homophobia, Christian specific homophobia, time period homophobia. Yeah so this isn’t the happiest of things, but read the rest of the series. It is wonderfully written.

Ocular by iniquiticity (can’t tag, here’s a link!

Word Count: Ocular (adj): of/or connected with the eye
He was in the eye of the storm. He was surrounded by the calmness of it, by the void of the tempest. He was wrapped and swaddled in the quiet. The tranquil air insulated him from the force of the wind and hail. He had been protected by the shield of it, and it gave him strength to outlast.

Personal Comment: Remember how I said fix it fics are my life and soul, I lied, historical lams is my life and soul. I blame knee breeches and cravats. Actually, this historical fic is my life and soul. I read it again, and again… wait… I’m just going to read it again. 

Okay! The next post will be Jamilton (Alexander/Thomas Jefferson), and I’ll link it here. If you have any lams fics you want me to read, then just submit the link here!! 

She is still pretty young but starting to look like a looker nonetheless. I think she rather liked me and now I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a thing for me. The knee breeches are cut tight to show off my crotch at its best, and the uniform – worn by everyone but Dad at these court functions – seems to have caught the polite eye of the young heir.
—  22-year-old future President John F. Kennedy, writing in 1939 to his friend (and future U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Claiborne Pell), on his interaction with the 13-year-old future Queen Elizabeth II at a royal function for diplomats hosted by King George VI that JFK attended (in traditional court dress) alongside his father, U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy. 

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Why does Victor have his hair long in this au? I'm definiteky not complaining, just curious if there's any particular reason. Does he ever think about cutting it? How would Yuuri react if he did?

Victor’s pirate character was inspired ny Sam Bellamy, a real pirate. When I was researching I saw this description of Bellamy and thought it fit so perfectly for Victor:

“He made a dashing figure in his long deep-cuffed velvet coat, knee breeches, silk stockings, and silver-buckled shoes; with a sword slung on his left hip and four pistols on his sash. Unlike some of his fellows, Bellamy never wore the fashionable powdered wig, but grew his dark hair long and tied it back with a black satin bow.”

Plus, Yuuri likes shiny things and Victor having long hair is something very alluring to him. It might also be a plot point, but Victor has never considered cutting it
Victory Garden

From the Drabble Games:  "Sweetheart, what did you bury in the garden?” requested by @little-red-83 || Also incorporating “Imagine Bard holding your hands in his and his thumbs rubbing over the back of your hands” from @imaginexhobbit || More Bard fics || Drabble games fics || Fanfiction masterlist

Originally posted by mishacolins

The climb up the stairs to your modest Lake-town home is taking more effort with each passing day - and this is only day 160 of carrying your first child, fathered by your first and only love.

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You and exadorlion and everyone else. Are in this super cute Hamilton clique. I want to be apart, but I don't have any talent to offer😓

Okay! So, I totally understand where you’re coming from - it’s easy to look at groups of friends and want to be a part of it. I’ve been there Many times.

However, I’m going to go into what I’ll call “mom-mode” and say that it is super important to let friendships develop naturally. This might get a little long because this is something I have quite a few thoughts on, so bear with me.

If you chose not to read, it can be summed up with this: It’s not about talent, it’s about personal connection

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Any other mouse kylux/technician hc?

(Ask me about kylux I’m a one trick pony)

•they look like little people with mouse ears, tails & senses.
•Hux is now the clan Leader in the house after Brendol died (mysterious circumstances). He plans all scavenging missions, resource distribution, & the wars they have with the insects & the house cat.
•Kylo was sent on a mission into the big broad world by a very gross & old big street rat named Snoke. Kylo has become very worldly by the time he stumbles into Hux’s territory.
•Hux wears a short sleeveless little tunic made out of a shiny black cloth used to clean glasses & its belted around the waist & secured with a tiny silver brad. He usually wears little poofy knee breeches under it as well to preserve his modesty. He goes shoeless.
•Kylo wears little black Polly Pocket boots when scavenging (other times goes barefoot) & a black cowl, belted tunic, & leggings all made from scraps of cloth.
• Millicent is the house cat
•Growing up, Hux & Kylo were both very sheltered in their nests, especially Hux. Kylo escaped his mommy’s nest & got into lots of trouble from a very young age. Hux has always been groomed to take over the clan so he’s never left & his Dad was very mean & always expected him to be the perfect Leader & Mouse. Techie was the younger brother & rebelled a lot and got away with it because Hux protected him from Brendol (Hux gave techie stern lectures on proper conduct after he saved techie’s mouse butt). Techies met all sorts of strange rats & mice while scurrying all over the house.
•Kylo’s the first strange rat Hux ever met & on Hux’s first heat day too …..

Aesthetic: Woolsey Scott + aestheticism 

“He was probably in his early twenties, tall but slender to the point of slightness, with blond hair nearly to his shoulders, dressed in a velvet jacket, knee breeches, and a trailing scarf with a paisley print. A tinted monocle obscured one pale green eye. He looked like drawings she’d seen in Punch of those who called themselves ‘aesthetes’.

Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince.

So remember this post? I ended up making that aesthetic. Sort of.

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Could you recommend me some history blogs and why?

@ploddingthroughthepresidents the one blog I look up to. Their website is amazing, makes me laugh every single day and I check it at least once every few days to see more of what they have in store. Halarious writing, comidical and down right amazing. Their one of the reasons I started my own website, here. Want to look at their website? (you should be) link is here. Perfect if you’re looking for more information on the United States Presidents and the Revolution era.

@parkersrevenge one of the first blogs I followed when this was solely an American Civil War blog. They post about the the Revolution era onward to the Civil War. Interested in other stuff? Meaghan has that too, what exact “stuff” am I referring too? I don’t know maybe if you checked out their blog you’d find out.

@deadpresidents highly knowledgeable in American politics. Go buy their book.

@teamputvedev another one of the first blogs I ever followed and I’ve loved it ever since. Mostly American Civil War and other stuff–check it out.

@marthajefferson their art is absolutely amazing. They also make incredible gifs and edits, their historical aesthetic is on point. Never a dull moment. No specific area of history, it’s got it all. 

@james-monroe shameless self promotion. Interested in the last founding father? Be sure to check out my James Monroe blog. 

@lafayessqueen looking for amazing historical art? Look no further–no need to when you can just click “follow”.

@revolutionary-pirate, if you’re interested in the Revolutionary era, George Washington’s aides and other figures such as John Paul Jones be sure to hit them up.

@franciskinloch, interested in John Laurens? Look no farther and look at them. Kat is sweet and you’ll immediately fall in love with them. 

@hclemadge Lydia is awesome, be on your way to their blog, American Revolution era. 

@iafayettes one of the better history blogs on here. 

@ciceroprofacto,  extensive insight in John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton’s relationship. 

@john-laurens ^

@kosciuszkovevo French Revolution, Polish History and obviously Tadeusz Kosciuszko

@nathanyale Nathan Hale, Meriwether Lewis and other parts of history. 

@abbaeadams American History and the Kennedy’s

@sunshineapollo everything and the French Revolution. Antoine is my godsend.

@modernmissbennet literature! and history! They got me to watch Anne with an E and I love that. 

@knee-breeches American history and James Madison. 

@wittyhistorian great blog, alright. 

@john-andre go go go follow them!!

@silveronthetree and I were talking about Scandalore (which is a hilarious and awesome AU you should check out if you haven’t already), and I was like, “Anakin: an inconvenient padawan” and she said, “that sounds like a Regency romance,” which was totally my intention! (I mean, you have met me, right?)

And then we started trying to figure out how to do a Star Wars Regency AU - who would it be about? And she said she was thinking about Devil’s Cub (my favorite Heyer!) and I was like, you could do Han/Leia with that, with Leia as Vidal and Han as Mary (her: “Han is certainly the sort to follow through with a blaster shot…”), and then I was like, you know who is perfectly suited to a Regency AU? Obi-Wan/Satine.

Picture it: Mandalore, fifteen(?) years ago - Obi-Wan and Satine spent a year together on the run from assassins! and then they meet again in the present! and people are still trying to kill them! but now they’re supposed to be respectable adults doing respectable adult things like dancing and flirting in ballrooms and meeting in the political arena where her outré views are ridiculed and he’ll do anything to protect her!

silveronthetree: Regency would be perfect for Obi-Wan and Satine. The pining! The flirting across the dance floor. The potential scandal. So good

me: the way she would rap his forearm with her fan, and he would hold her too tightly during the waltz!

silveronthetree: And all the hissed under their breath arguments on the dance floor.

me: ooh, maybe anakin and padme would elope and obi-wan and satine would go after them to save them from the scandal

silveronthetree: Oh they absolutely would!

me: and of course, obi-wan and satine get caught in the same scandal and anakin is like, i think you’re the one who has to get married, obi-wan; ahsoka and all of padme’s handmaidens were with us the whole time!

silveronthetree: Forced on a road trip but this time without the somewhat dubious chaperoning of qui-gon

me: YES

silveronthetree: There has to be a duel though. I mean this is Obi-Wan. Or was that what pulled them apart in the first place? Satine couldn’t countenance a duel for her honour or something

me: ooh yes! she was going to ask him to stay! and he would have! but after it was all over and she thought she was safe but then there was some random dude who tried to start rumors about her virtue(?) and obi-wan dueled the guy - “I didn’t kill him, satine, why are you so upset? he only lost a hand!” and satine is like, “you cannot maim everyone who spreads rumors about me, obi-wan!”

silveronthetree: He’s secretly all yes I can!

me: yes! and so they part on cranky terms rather than stay together, and over the years, Obi-Wan thinks fondly of her but thinks he probably made the right decision - they would have killed each other if they’d stayed together, and he’s a good jedi!

And then they meet again!

silveronthetree: Oooh. So why do they meet?

me:  well, the clone wars is still happening? like the peninsular war? because then it could be at some sort of peace conference that fails OR ooh ooh could there be something like the duchess of richmond’s ball? where he has to run off to battle from the dance floor? and she’s like, don’t get yourself killed obi-wan! i still have arguments we need to settle!

silveronthetree: Obi-wan in knee breeches and he keeps leaving his greatcoat or jacket in random places and shocking everyone by his improper dress

me:  ahahaha yes! and anakin is just like,“master, could you please keep your clothes on in company? padme’s family thinks we’re bad ton.”

silveronthetree: And Obi-Wan flushes because he doesn’t mean to but at the next ball he has to rescue someone and there his coat goes again

So I guess the question is - is this set in the romance novel version of Regency England, or should it be set in the GFFA with Regency social values/mores/etc.? I am leaning towards the latter but am still trying to figure out how to make that work.

Obviously it would have to be titled “Half-Truths and Hyperbole.”

(other ideas: Obi-Wan and Anakin as Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, with Satine as Edward Ferrers and Padme as Colonel Brandon; or Obi-Wan as Captain Wentworth and Satine as Anne.)

This uniform was worn by George Washington from 1789 until his death in 1799; the small clothes or breeches and waistcoat, date from the revolutionary period.

This uniform consisting of uniform coat, waistcoat, and pair of knee breeches was initially donated to the Columbian Institute; in 1841, it was transferred to the National Institute and was housed in the Patent Office. It came to the Smithsonian in 1883 from the Patent Office collection, and has been on display almost continuously. During the years 1942 - 1944, during World War II, the Smithsonian packed up many of its treasured artifacts and sent them to the Shenandoah Valley for safekeeping.

In paintings of Washington during this period, he often posed for life portraits and was often depicted wearing this uniform. An example of this would be the watercolor portrait on irovy painted by artist John Ramage in 1789; it is the first known depiction of this uniform in a portrait of Washington.

In December 1798, Washington was recorded wearing this uniform when he visited Philadelphia on Provisional Army duty. He wore a similar uniform when he was commissioned by the Continental Congress as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

None of his uniforms from the Revolutionary War period are known to have survived.

(Division of Military History and Diplomacy, National Museum of American History)

So let me make sure I’ve got this straight

In those clips from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, where we only saw Kristoff in his new outfit from the waist up, he is in fact wearing knee breeches with high socks with TASSELS

THE SLIDE-ROCK BOLTER (Macrostoma saxiperrumptus.) In the mountains of Colorado, where in summer the wood are becoming infested with tourist, much uneasiness has been caused by the presence of the slide-rock bolter. This frightful animal lives only in the steepest mountain country where the slopes are greater than 45 degrees. It has an immense head, with small eyes, and a mouth somewhat on the order of a sculpin, running back beyond its ears. The tail consist of a divided flipper, with enormous grab-hooks, which it fastens over the crest of the mountain or ridge, often remaining there motionless for days at a time, watching the gulch for tourists or any other hapless creature that may enter it. At the right moment, after sighting a tourist, it will lift its tail, thus loosening its hold on the mountain, and with its small eyes riveted on the poor unfortunate, and drooling thin skid grease from the corners of its mouth, which greatly accelerates its speed, the bolter comes down like a toboggan, scooping in its victim as it goes, its own impetus carrying it up the next slope, where it again slaps its tail over the ridge and waits. Whole parties of tourists are reported to have been gulped at one scoop by taking parties far back into the hills. The animals is a menace not only to tourist but to the woods as well. Many a draw through spruce-covered slopes has been laid low, the trees being knocked out by the roots or mowed off as by a scythe where the bolter has crashed down through from the peaks above. A forest ranger, whose district includes the rough county between Ophir Peaks and the Lizzard Head, conceived the bold idea of decoying a slide-rock bolter to its own destruction. A dummy tourist was rigged up with plaid Norfolk jacket, knee breeches, and a guide book to Colorado. It was then filled full of giant powder and fulminate caps and posted in a conspicuous place, where, sure enough, the next day it attracted the attention of a bolter which had been hanging for days on the slope of Lizzard Head. The resulting explosion flattened half the buildings in Rico, which were never rebuilt, and the surrounding hills fattened flocks of buzzards the rest of the summer. (Excerpt and photo from WM. T. Cox’s Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods.)

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lololol i want 2 read this ~call out~ post now

fucekning - it’s 1am in the morning and i’ve been awake since 5:30 am but why the fuck not, let’s do this. I’ll probably forget Someone so don’t be surprised if i edit this and add more - especially since there are people I regularly talk to but forget their tumblr URLs since I mostly talk with them over other platforms. 

  • @theinevitablesense is a wonderful and talented human being and a blessing in my life. Parker is so intelligent and so great to talk to. We’re writing a fic together which is a #blessing, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it. We became friends because Parker messaged me one day like ‘i love ur fic!!!’ and while our first few convos were awkward we are at a Really Great Place rn
  • @lol-phan-af is my Sunshine. Bella is the person who got me to start writing for hamilton, and as such I’m forever grateful to her for a multitude of reasons. We became friends because I literally kept pestering her on tumblr until she agreed to write a fic with me because i’m that kind of annoying. 
  • @iwritelikeimrunningoutoftime is the one who started it All. Irene is the miracle person who first messaged me about 177(6) RP, and honestly it is because of her that I know anyone that I do now. She’s a brilliant, beautiful, and gifted blessing in my life and I don’t know where I’d be without her.
  • @emmiimmeme stepped into my life as the jemmy RPer, and honestly i love her. Someone who has been around for about a year now. We talk about Seth Numrich and Ian Khan a lot. She seems to think I ghostwrote the moreos guy posts
  • @shipsdreamsandmakebelieve was the John RPer. She messaged me on tumblr a little after she started commenting on 177(6). At one point she decided to say fuck it and gave me her snapchat so I could experience chris jackson singing on the forth of july, and afterward I persuaded her to join the RP. we still talk now, it’s a great existence. I have a mom t-shirt and mom sticker from her. It’s a Fantastic time.
  • @thalia-the-guitar was the Dori RPer. It took us longer to hit it off, in all honesty. We got closer because of talking about writing. I like to think I was kind of a wall to bounce ideas off of for the train fic she wrote with rowan, but that’s probably inflating my importance in that process. She’s someone who I talk to more via text and snapchat than fandom platforms tbh.
  • @bewitchinghowell was the lizzie RPer. HOnestly an all around gift, a joy and light in my life. The one who made us make the groupchat, and literally where would we be without that gropuchat. 
  • @ceracero was the Philip RPer. they’re literally so pure and so wonderful and i love them so much and they send me cards and i treasure them in a drawer next to my bed to read when i’m sad and i just,, they’re so good 
  • @hamilshot was the Burr RPer. Honestly one of the most brilliant, most motivated, and strongest people I know. Real life goals, tbh. They’re the type of person I will gladly admit I look up to. I literally wrote an essay about them and started to cry while interviewing them because they’re just that Great. ONe of those people that once they set their mind on something, it will take the entire universe and Then some to prevent it from happening. 
  • @rhfe was the dolley RPer, joining us a little later on in the game. Honestly, he’s made my life so much better. A source of joy that also took me longer to get close to. I didn’t realize that was his URL until like yesterday so that’s how attentive I am. 
  • @little–feather was the maria RPer. I’ve actually met her, and hoenstly, it was a Great time. We got ice cream and were super cute and it’s one of those cases where over the past year I’ve really gotten to seem them grow and honestly? a Blessing in my life
  • @night-lester mads is fantastic?? someone i’m still not as close as I want to be to but literally every interaction I’ve had with them has improved my life in some way and everyone loves them so much and that is such a good because they spread love and positivity in a way i don’t think they even do on purpose and they’re just a Good. originally the seabury RPer
  • @clarind-uh was the George-io RPer. Honestly, just,,, incredible. Another person that took me longer to get close to, but I’m so glad I did. We initially communicated via heart emojis, which was a good thing that i’m very happy happened. 
  • @the-real-m-vp was the martha RPer (obvi). Sam is literally one of the nicest and most beautiful people i’ve ever seen in my entire life??? like??? so nice and kinda and positive and perfect and sweet and literally Everything
  • @alexangery is someone I met through rowan - someone who RPed lance - and we ended up writing kinkcember together. We kinda drifted after a bit since the health chat got busy and what not, but we keep ending up back together and it’s a MIracle because honestly?? alex is one of the best parts of this fandom and where would we be without him is the real quesiton
  • @roseclipping is so sweet, and someone I kinda watched from a distance for a little bit because I knew she was a really talented writer from the gift exchanges. We kinda had a word here or there, mostly communicating via drabble prompts in all honesty. We became closer because I ended up answering some questions for a college au of hers haha and now we’re in a writing chat!!
  • @thellamaduo is someone that I started talking to because we were thinking about doing a big bang of sorts. It never happened and probably will Never happened. Rainah is literally someone who I know Knows her shit. Like, if I were to ever doubt a characterization I could go to her and be like “HELP ME” and she’d be able to with reasoning and explanations to back of her words. She’s so smart and knowledgable and literally everything she writes is ironclad and I’d trust it with my Life. And she’s just really great to talk to in general? I consider her to be a good friend and i’m so happy I can because honestly Where would I be without her. I’m slowly progressing, but everytime I do take that brief second back to think about a writing decisions, it’s with her in mind “what would rainah do”
  • @franciskinloch is a recent friend but a Good one. Their very attractive face is a blessing in my life and something i can look forward to and i know that if i ever have lams feels they’re feeling it times a gazillion and also the first person who i saw recognize just how attractive cravats and knee-breeches are and i’m never letting that go. Ever.
  • @ham-for-ham is also a recent friend, but one i’m glad to have. we were thrown together in a group chat and then we talked about turn and it was a Good decision
  • @hambrr amber is also more recent and is in the same writing chat/network as alex and sarah and is Good. honestly, if you have any appreciation for hamburr as a ship, i’d recommend checking them out. They’re vv supportive and vv good.
  • @procrastinatingbookworm is also a new friend and one i’ve yet to get to know very well but as we’re in a writing chat together i imagine we will grow closer in their future. very sweet <3
  • @speedilyunabashedhologram is someone who was just kinda tossed into a big chat with the RPers and Friends because why NOt and she’s become a constant presence and honestly it wouldn’t be the same without her
  • @weehawken-dawngunsdrawn is also someoe who was just kinda tossed into the big chat with RPers and friends and hoenstly super sweet and super nice and super thoughtful and also from ohio which means i might get to see her in real life which is superr !!! because honestly !! best things
  • @exadorlion i assumed i already put them on here but honestly mari is a fantastic person and someone i can trust to have something interesting to say and they make my life Better which is more than I can ask from anyone and they’re just important to me okay. where would i be had they not pestered me about the fic i probably wouldn’t have ever written otherwise
  • @fortheloveofhegame marah, my real life friend. we go way back. i don’t know what else to say for her except that she was introduced to the RP chat as daddykinkfriend around a year ago and that’s defined her online presence partially ever since,. i love her. she’s a Good and my bff

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Might you be persuaded to write the Mr Bennet time travelling grad student stuck in regency hell fic? Because I am loath to tread on any literary toes, but simultaneously have some ideas... Not that I'll get to them any time soon.

… I’m weak and I started it. (Though I would love to hear your take on it, since I just cobbled together a bunch of fake science from wikipedia.) Here you go:

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Oscar Wilde Anecdote #41

The signature costume of an aesthete like Wilde included knee breeches and a velvet coat, and as such he travelled in this extravagant costume for much of his American tour. When speaking at the Boston Music Hall, some Harvard students thought it would be funny to dress in velvet coats and knee breeches as a joke, to mock Wilde. However, he was one step ahead of them - he showed up on the night and spoke in traditional evening dress.

His audience could now take stock of his attire, which was not at all what he had been wearing to the receptions, and was far more daring than anything in the lecture. […] Its most conspicuous feature was knee breeches, which showed off his well turned legs and feet. […] His stockings were also noted. ‘Strange.’ he said later, ‘that a pair of silk stockings should so upset a nation.’

oscar’s knee breeches bringing their reign of terror to america