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A while back I said I wanted some hip-touch action, and now Link tried to deliver for once. Too bad lil’ Rhett’s not ready to go that far yet. Maybe next year. (GMMore #829)

Rule of Thumb Pt. 2

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TW: depression, abo, alpha! Dean, dubcon issues, sex, knotting, breeding kink, alcohol, weed

Summary: As it turns out the Winchesters are a very alpha family, and a very fun family. Which is great, except for how hard it is for the reader not to trust them. 

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Y/N hadn’t realized she dozed off while waiting for Mary to bring in food until a firm yet gentle hand rubbed her back softly. Her body startled awake, her eyes flashing open, meeting green. “Hey there sleepyhead.” 

She rubbed at her eyes slightly, mumbling out an apology as she tried to shift up into a seated position. Dean sat on the chair across from her, a plate balanced on his lap. 

Mary was beside the younger omega, a small comfort. She passed Y/N a plate that had little dabs of everything she thought the younger girl would like.  Her hands stayed on Y/N’s knee and the simple action was enough for the slightest bit of jealousy to run through her.  Dean and Sam had a loving mother. 

A silence of chews filled the living room until Dean tried to prop his feet up on the table. “I know you aren’t going to do what I think you’re going to do Dean Winchester.” Mary might be an omega, but she had the bite of an alpha.

Dean moved his feet off the table and tucked them under his thick thighs. “Yes ma’am.”

Everything in her was telling Y/N that she was over stepping her boundaries. These men, this family, they were all alphas. Nothing good was going to come from this, but Mary smelled like freshly cut grass and kept rubbing her knee and she had never felt safer. 

“If you don’t mind me asking darling, why the hell are you in Lawerence?” John broke the silence with a warm smile over his coffee. 

Y/N shifted on the couch, setting the plate down on the table. She hadn’t noticed the makeshift blanket over her shoulders until Mary pulled it closer. Glancing down she saw it was a uniform shift with a name tag pressed on the breast pocket: Dean. “I fell in love.” The honest confession eased her burden ever so slightly. 

“Damn.” Dean swore under his breath, he hadn’t seen a mark on your neck when he placed his shirt over you. 

“His name was Alex and we decided to run away. I hated home, so did he. So we ran. We were passing through St. Louis when we stopped at this motel. I went out for food and when I came back he wasn’t alone.” 

An awkward silence fell over the room as Y/N moved to pull the rubber band up to smack it down on her wrist. “So, I just started driving. Ended up here.” She shrugged softly. 

“Well Alex was a dick.” Dean pointed toward you assuringly. “Because any guy who would cheat on a girl who drives a car like that isn’t worth it.” 

“He’s an alpha. I shouldn’t have expected much.” 

Dean furrowed his brow, shaking his head. “No. Not all alphas are dicks. We can keep it in our pants. We’re capable of loving someone.” 

Mary cleared her throat, and got up. “You are welcome to stay as long as you like dear.” 

“I can’t ask that of you.”

“You’re right.” Dean purred. “She could spend the night here and then come back to my place. Stay there until we get her baby up and going.” 

It was crazy. Y/N shouldn’t trust them, she barely knew them. Not to mention the raging alpha scent that they emitted with each breath. “Who are you people?”

A ripple of laughter followed before Dean leaned forward on his elbows. “We’re just human.”

It wasn’t log until Y/N had curled up on the couch again, burying her nose into the shirt Dean had left. His scent was achingly wonderful. Far different from Alex’s. Dean smelt like oil, whiskey, and the faintest bit like the coffee Mary made. Y/N spent the night on the Winchester’s couch, unaware to the fond smiles passed among the family. 

“She’s charming.” Mary whispered at the bottom of the stairs. Dean lingered by the guest room entrance. 

“Mom.” Dean warned, his alpha tone flaring up slightly. 

"Don’t use that tone of voice with me. I just want you to be happy. She’s young and new to town. Her life needs something worth holding onto. Wouldn’t you hate to see her get hurt?”

Dean said nothing and kissed his mother on the cheek. He turned away from her, going to lay down on the guest bed. His thoughts were traveling too fast to keep up with, but he knew he wanted them to stay that way. Lavender trickled down the hall and through the vents into his room, lulling him to sleep like an omega should. 

100 years of American Fear

The US government has a history of targeting vulnerable groups.

Here are 11 groups targeted during 100 years of government action.

Chinese exclusion act

Adkins V. Childrens Hospital, Truax V. Corrigan, Bailey V. Drexel Furniture Co.

Mexican Repatriation

Executive Order 9066

Communist Control Act


Kent State, May Day Action, Wounded Knee Occupation

Helms Amendment

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act

Patriot Act

Arizona SB 1070, Georgia HB 87

More will be added soon if we do not end the demagoguery by the conservatives in the government.

This is an outfit for a farm girl turned General of her kingdom’s armies.  She just went to war to protect her family but then there was a prophecy and a magical sword and a missing princess she ended up rescuing and it just kept escalating from there.  Midway through the war, the King and Queen held a ball (for morale or something) and this is what she wore, in case she had to spring into action.  The knee braces are actually enchanted armor, probably.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with dark red hair that is braided back and pinned up.  I am wearing a green-grey shirt with a delicate red floral print on it.  The shirt has a wide neck and wide sleeves.  Over it, I have on a very short sleeveless dress made of layers of fringed black lace.  It’s belted with a dark brown belt with a gold-and-copper buckle that looks like two shells.  Under the dress, I’m wearing black leggings, with black knee braces strapped on over them.  I also have on dark brown boots.  I’m wearing dangly bronze earrings, red lipstick, and a gold necklace made up of small panels of metal joined together.  As always, I have on my round, silver glasses.]


Castiel had been acting strange all night. He took you out to dinner, which he never did because he didn’t eat and he wouldn’t want you eating alone. He bought you flowers, which was redundant because there was no sunlight at all in the bunker, but the gesture was nice. Even Cas’ demeanor was different; quiet and thoughtful and aloof.

Dinner was nice; you both talked about things that didn’t have to do with a hunt or whatever problems you were currently facing. It was quiet and normal.

But it was the walk that changed everything. Cas convinced you to go for a small walk before driving back to the bunker. Once the streets were quiet and peaceful, the angel stopped you and went down on one knee. The action shocked you, and you didn’t even think about what he could be doing. Castiel was always ignorant about human traditions, so the thought of proposal went over your head. But then the angel pulled out a small velvet box, and the breath vanished from your lungs.

“Y/N,” Castiel started, his voice shaky, but he cleared it to steady himself, “I may not know a lot about humans and the things they do. And I don’t claim to know the full range of your very complicated emotions, but I think the feelings I have for you can safely be called love. And so, I want us to be bonded forever.” Again, he stopped and took a breath before opening the box, a small but beautiful ring laying inside. “Will you give me the honour of being your husband?”

You couldn’t even affirm his question because your throat was tight with emotion, so you nodded. Cas immediately stood up and pulled you into a quick hug before lovingly caressing your lips with his own.

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