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How to Flirt with a King like Daenerys Targaryen

As requested by @itsteia​ & @thevagabondthoughts, Dany’s version of Jon’s Stargaryen Playbook - The Queen’s Playbook

Step 1) When the Lord of Light’s ancient tinder brings you a match, swipe right and send a raven to invite him over to your place for some solid knee bending action. 

Step 2) Casually drop the kind of dirty talk that works for him, like how you have all the resources to kill White Walkers just lying there on Dragonstone.

Step 3) A fabulous entrance: Shine like a diamond with your perfected Dragon Queen persona. You are the most powerful woman in the world after all. 

Step 4) No matter how thick he is, gracefully lay it on him that if he wants to take things slow, at some point in this relationship, there’s going to be some solid knee bending action required on his behalf. 

Step 6) If your dad did something super crazy to his family, like maybe gruesomely murder a relative or two, be the bigger person and apologise. 

Step 7) Honesty is the key to every successful relationship. Tell him about life experience, your troubles, your issues and your dreams but also be intimidating AF about it. 

Step 8) If he still doesn’t get it, offer him a royal suite, a warm bath & supper. He deserves to be pampered like a King.

Step 9) Give him meaningful gifts which are precious to him without expecting anything in return. He’s not your average gold digger, he’s a Drogonglass digger! So just casually give him all your dragonglass mines. 

Step 10)  But also be super chill & Queenly about it… Like you aren’t even thinking about checking him out as he walks away.

Step 11) Get to know him. Take interest in his hobbies and interests - dragonglass, caves, ice zombies, fighting & ancient cave paintings featuring those interests. He might be a weirdo, but he’s your weirdo now!

Step 12) Now that he’s shown you some proof of these ice zombies he keeps raving about and he’s looking at you with those big brown direwolf puppy eyes, promise to protect him and his people. 

Step 13) But close the distance, speak in a low sultry voice and hope that in this intimate dimly lit setup, he finally understands that now it’s his turn to bend the knee & explore your cave. 

Step 14) Stop messing around and call him a ‘King’ in your sexiest voice. 

Step 15) Casually invite him into your inner circle, when diplomats are failing you, seek your King’s counsel. #Power Couples Rule

Step 16) Introduce your kids to him now that you are getting serious about him to check if he fares well with children. 

Step 17) Subtly try to ask him to take his shirt off. You know, for science, or whatever…nothing fishy here, you’re just curious about how he survived a knife to the heart. 

Step 18) Make him jealous when he’s playing too hard to get. You have options, he needs to know that!

Step 19) Shit, jealousy backfired! You didn’t expect him to be this suicidal and competitive. Quick, find the words to express your heartfelt concern for his safety. Whatever you do Dany, don’t say something Queenly… 

Step 20) Now that you don’t know if you’ll ever see him again, look at him longingly & let the Queenly mask fall. Come on sweetie, feelings aren’t that hard.

Step 21) When bae needs you, strap on your prettiest coat, get on your dragon and it’s ride or die to save his suicidal ass. 

Step 22) You not only lost your child but also your future husband. What’s even the point of anything anymore? Stare into the abyss of the snow covered white waste hoping by some miracle he comes back to you. 

Step 23) He returned from the dead & after seeing his sexy scars, you know he’s quite literally done that too. You love & admire him, stop fighting it & take your time sailing back to stay by his bedside as he recovers instead of flying.

Step 24) Now that he evoked your greatest kink & called you his queen, make the move, but in a totally chill & ladylike way.

Step 25) Oh he wants to bone? Right now? This escalated quickly! Since he’s a King in a world obsessed with producing heirs, be completely honest about the future and leave him to decide what he wants when he’s less horny. 

Step 26) Now that you’re less angry & more turned on by his public declaration of loyalty for you at the worst possible moment, drop some sexy Valarian quotes on him & show him what a worldly & unburnt last dragon you are!

Step 27) After this magically undead man challenged the legitimacy of your birth control curse, give him a chance to help you make an heir. 

Step 28) Make up a totally lame reason to once again take slow transit with him instead of flying so that you can get this “military alliance” successfully up and running, if you know what I mean ;)

Congratulations, the knee is finally bent in the way you wanted it! 

pineapple pizza || b.b

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x f!Reader

Summary: Being forced into getting a personal trainer by your friend, you soon find yourself swooning for the man himself. 

Warnings: nothing except for cheesiness and corniness again!!!!

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: I know nothing of Buck’s stance on pineapple pizza but I gave it a shot + excuse my horrible writing I haven’t written anything for over a year and I’m trying to get my mojo back because I miss it all!!! 

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“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,” you kept whisper-shouting to your best friend as you walked into the gym. 

“You’re just saying that,” she chuckled as you shot her a glare refusing to move any further into the gym.

“But I didn’t ask for a personal trainer,” you whined like a child reluctantly following her into the change rooms. 

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Prodigy Lance Fic Part 10!!!!!

Lance’s sleeping form remained unmoving as he was in the pod. He had been in there for two days already, and the team were starting to get impatient, especially Keith. He was currently sitting in front of the pod, chin propped in one hand while he drummed his fingers against the cold floor. His eyes never left Lance’s face. Keith heard footsteps approach behind him, but ignored them. “Keith.” Shiro sighed. “Come to dinner. You’ve already missed lunch and Lance isn’t going anywhere.” Keith shook his head, eyes never moving. “I’m not leaving him. Not again. What if he wakes up when I’m not here?” “Keith, you’re dead on your feet. If Lance comes out now, don’t you think he would be worried about you? You’ve haven’t slept at all, and you’ve been skipping meals. Get some rest and something to eat. You want to be able to stay awake when he is, right?” Keith stayed silent, knowing he couldn’t argue. With an aspirated sigh, he slowly stood up, knees popping with the action. Shiro smiled and place his hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go eat some dinner.” They both walked and joined the team who were already eating in the kitchen. The two sat down and began to dig in. After a few moments of silence, Coran practically skipped to table, relief and excitement bumbling out of him. “Good news everyone! I just checked Lance and according to my calculations, he should be out by today!” Allura set down her spoon and sighed in relief. “Good. Considering the injuries he sustained, he healed fairly quickly.” Hunk silently nodded. “I’ve never seen so much blood before..” Keith clenched around the fork in his hand, his mouth pressed in a thin line. His mind replayed the scene over and over again. It was something he could never forget. “There’s just one thing I don’t get.” Coran stated. “How did Lance know exactly what his injuries were?” Pidge looked up at this. “What I want to know is how he manage to hack into their system without breaking a sweat. It took him like two minutes tops.” “Not to mention that he spoke fluent Galran!” Coran added. Keith furrowed his brow. Hmm… “Hey, Hunk. Did Lance do anything..out of the ordinary at the Garrison?” Hunk shrugged his shoulders. “Not that I can think of. Though he spent a lot of time with Iverson and the other professors. He was always having meetings and sometimes ate lunch with them. Even the president and CEO over the Garrison.” Shiro raised an eyebrow at this. “What? Only highly skilled students with unique abilities spend that much time with the professors, especially the head president. Why was he at the Garrison for, what was he studying to be?” Hunk picked up his fork, using it as a toothpick and shrugged, nonchalant. “Every time I asked he always said he wanted to be a fighter pilot.” Pidge intervened. “Yeah, but when I would try to go into detail about it, he would quickly change the subject. It was like he was nervous or scared about something.” “Oh, I almost forgot!” Hunk exclaimed. “He would always carry around this notebook, and he was suuuuper protective over it. He would only show it to Iverson and the other teachers, but would never show it to me. Always said it was extra credit or something. Although one day when he was writing in it, a read one heading but had no idea what it meant. Before I could ask, he quickly shut it and got super defensive about it.” Keith spoke up. “What did it say?” “Oh uh, something like The Shada Plan and in small letters beside it it said revised.” Shiro started coughing, choking on his food. “Shiro!?” Shiro ignored them. “The Shada Plan?? The plan that was created specifically for the Kerberos mission? Why was he revising it? Hunk did you read anything else in his notebook?” Hunk twiddled his thumbs. “Umm, well there was this other time where he left his notebook opened when he went to use the bathroom, but all that was in it was a huge line of code. Like it took up almost two whole pages. When I asked Lance what it was, he was said it was just a little project he was working on, he was just fooling around. It had a weird name at the top of the page though. I think was Bex Klaus or Taylor Bex?” Pidge leap from her seat.“WHAT?? Are you telling me that Lance created THE Bex Taylor-Klaus code?!” Hunk arched his eyebrow. “Uhh..yeah?” “Guys do you know what this means??” The team looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders. “Are you kidding me?! Lance, our Lance, created one of the most famous battle codes of all time! It’s used for technological warfare! You just have to enter the code, and it causes the host to destroy itself while sending the information right to you! It untraceable and you don’t even know it’s there before it’s too late! It was revolutionary in the technological world!” Pidge said incredulously. The team were at a loss for words, letting the information sink in. “So you mean to tell me,” Keith started slowly. “That’s Lance has created these plans and codes that have been very successful and famous. Plans and codes that only a genius could come up with?” Pidge could only nod. “So does this make Lance some sort of genius?” Allura questioned. Shiro shrugged. “There’s only one person who can answer our questions.” As if one cue, the team heard the familiar hissing of the pod opening.

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I have heard people say that Yuzuru's and Patrick's skating skills are the best in the field. However, their approach to footwork are totally different? My absolute favourite skater is Yuzuru but imo, Patrick's skating skills are on a whole nother realm. Could you maybe help me understand the best qualities of each skater's style and why someone might prefer the one style over the other? Thank you very much for your hard work!

Oh yes, it’d be my genuine pleasure to help you out with this. IMO the two SP step sequences from Yuzuru and Patrick last season are perfect examples of their different styles, so I’m going to use those as illustration. I’d highly recommend to give them a re-watch if you need to refresh your memory (or if you simply feel like it, there’s never an occasion not suitable to watch those two step sequences over and over again). Here’s Yuzu’s Let’s Go Crazy and here’s Patrick’s Dear Prudence/Blackbird.

Some general observations:

  • What they both excel at: effortlessness, clarity of turns and steps, multi-directional skating, rhythmic movements in tune with the music structure.
  • What Patrick specializes in: deep edges, smooth and accentuated curves, flows and glides. Basically when Patrick does his step sequences he would appear to do everything in one serene motion from start to finish.
  • What Yuzuru specializes in: agility and lightning-quick changes of directions, variety and originality in upper body movements. Yuzu’s footwork is a bundle of energy and emotion. LGC is quite an extreme example of course, but you’d see this even when he skates to a slower tempo like in Hope and Legacy.

Let’s look at them side by side, using the 3 combinations of difficult turns from their step sequences:

For that third combination they happen to do the exact same turns, so let me zoom in on their feet:   

Both of their footwork are of the highest quality. When you look at it carefully there is no question whatsoever about any of the turns they perform. Edges are cleanly changed where they need to be changed, held where they need to be held, same story for entry and exit curves. Yuzu’s turns and steps are just a tiny bit harder to pick out in real time because, as said, he does so love his speed. The technical content of their step sequences are roughly the same, however Patrick took around 45 seconds to deliver his and Yuzu 35 seconds (and that’s because Yuzu spent quite a bit of time on that knee slide).  

Have another look at those side-by-side. See how Patrick likes to press deeper into those curves before turning, while Yuzu prefers to rotate as fast as possible? Also see how Patrick tends to move his upper body in broader, more patient gestures, while Yuzu obviously enjoys expressing the music with his entire body using those playful and dramatic movements?

Note, however, that I’m not saying either of them is incapable of what the other likes to do. See these 2 choctaws for examples:

Yuzu is perfectly capable of extra-deep edges and emphasized curves, while Patrick can totally pull off light knee actions and quick turns. They just prefer to do things the other way most of the time - that is, after all, what it means when people say they each have their distinctive style :)

The reason why someone might prefer one of their styles over another is purely a matter of taste really, and it should be so, because technique-wise it’s impossible to say whether skating like Patrick or like Yuzu is harder. To borrow the convenient analogy of their music choices, I’d say asking if Patrick is better than Yuzu in skating skills is like asking if The Beatles are better than Prince. There is no valid comparison to be made here, and if you don’t have a clear preference there’s no need to force yourself to pick only one. I myself very much enjoy watching/listening to both skaters/artists, because why not? 

A while back I said I wanted some hip-touch action, and now Link tried to deliver for once. Too bad lil’ Rhett’s not ready to go that far yet. Maybe next year. (GMMore #829)

ten minutes in heaven [warren worthington iii]
warnings: Language, Sex mention (a lot), light smut (like this gets kind of heavy, but I do not write actual smut so)

word count: 2057

    It had started out harmless.

    Just a harmless game of truth or dare, but then again, nothing involving these rowdy teenagers was innocent.

Scott had gotten cocky, as he did on occasion, and called the group together. He claimed that you were going to have some ‘team bonding.’ You had laughed and asked him what that meant, but he would not tell you, instead forcing you into the room where everyone was gathered.

When everyone gathered in the living area, you sat on the couch next to Warren. This led to the group letting out various wolf whistles because they all knew that you and the angel were dating.

Scott then announced that you would be playing a few games of truth or dare. You had rolled your eyes and muttered, “Yeah, ‘team bonding.” It was a sarcastic, quiet mutter, and you thought no one had heard you, but Scott, from your other side, pushed you off the couch. You landed on the ground with a huff and looked up at your boyfriend who was laughing at your current predicament.

You turned and slapped him on the knee, but the action only caused him to laugh even harder.

“I’m sorry, baby. You’re just too cute,” Warren made out through gasps and chuckles. You frowned and crossed your arms like a child, and Warren reached down. He grasped you by your arms and pulled you up to your feet. He then proceeded to pull you into his lap, seeing as Kurt had taken your spot on the couch.

Warren wrapped one of his wings as well as an arm around you and squeezed your body close to his. You snuggled closer to him, laying your head underneath his chin and wrapping your arms around his neck. The Archangel dropped a small kiss to your forehead and the rest of the group groaned at your public display of affection.

Seconds later, Scott was trying to explain to Kurt what the game was as the smol blueberry cutie had no idea what truth or dare was.

You laughed and got off of Warren’s alp to grab a drink from the kitchen, questioning if anyone else wanted anything. Peter had called out that he wanted a soda and a Twinkie, and you chuckled telling him that you’d only get the soda.

When you arrived back in the room, you tossed the can of soda to Peter who quickly grabbed it and popped the lid. You sauntered back to Warren who held out his arms childishly, wanting you to come and sit on his lap once again.

“C’mere baby,” He seductively spoke, the words causing your cheeks to enflame and turn a bright shade of pink.

You walked back over to your cherubic boyfriend and when you got close enough, he reached out and grasped your hips. He yanked you down into his lap and wrapped his wings around you once more. He knew that you absolutely adored his feathered wings, which he had recently gotten back thanks to Hank’s intelligence. You stroked the pristine, white feathers in your hands, and Warren attempted to contain a small moan, but was unable. He groaned out and tossed his head back, causing the rest of the group to holler and laugh at him. Warren blushed, but was not ashamed; his wings were sensitive and when you stroked them, he was unable to hold back his pleasure.

When the game finally started, it had been innocent. Small, easy questions like ‘who do you like?’ or ‘how old were you when you had your first kiss?’ Simple dares like: ‘go jump in the pool’ and ‘go scare Charles and Erik downstairs.’

Then it got dirty.

Scott had asked Jubilee when she lost her virginity.

Jean dared Peter and Kurt to kiss.

You had chuckled and hoped that no one thought to ask you anything bad.

Then Peter spotted you.

It had coincidentally been his turn and he asked you to pick truth or dare, and you had bravely picked dare. That had been a mistake on your part.

Peter rubbed his hands together, a plan forming in his head.

“Stand up,” The silver haired speedster commanded, so you did. He then told Warren to do the exact same thing.

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked to Peter, “What are you doing Peter?”

Peter laughed and then replied, “You and loverboy are going to play my favorite game: Ten Minutes in Heaven.”

Warren chuckled with his arms still wrapped around your waist, “Peter, it’s Seven Minutes in Heaven, dumbass.”

Peter rolled his eyes at the wing-adorned boy, “Yeah, I know that. I just don’t think you can get anything done in that time. I mean, you’re not me.” Peter boasted, which caused you to lean farther into your boyfriend with a smirk. You had been dating for a few years, and you knew exactly what he could do with seven minutes.

Warren smirked and his wings tightened around your frame, “Oh, I think seven minutes is enough time to get her crumbling beneath me.”

Your eyes widened at his blunt remark, the rest of the room letting out cat hollers and whistles. Warren only continued to smirk before rolling his lips into your back. You coughed and sputtered when you felt his obviously hard erection on your back. Warren held you tighter to him and repeated the action which led to Peter yelling at the two of you to get started in the room rather than in front of him.

You laughed nervously and stared up at Warren. You marveled at the tattoos on the sides of his face and the side of his scalp. You grew aroused when you thought about how the tattoos followed down his sides and onto his muscular stomach. Having the pleasure to trace those tattoos with the tips of your fingers and your tongue one night was the best thing you had ever experienced. Well, it was not really your pleasure, more like Warren’s. He had groaned and arched his back when you lightly traced the lines close to the hem of his sweat pants. Beads of sweat rolled of his forehead as you played with the strings that kept his pants from falling off. Warren continued to groan until you used your fingers to pull the sweat pants off.

By the time you came back from the memory, Warren was dragging you in the direction of his room. You followed behind him, almost melting in your own arousal.

When you reached his room, the door was immediately shut behind you and Warren reached behind you to lock it. Before you could do anything, Warren had you pressed against the door, his lips finding your neck and latching on. He used his plump lips to scour for your sweet spot, and when he did, you let out another moan and tossed your head back against the wooden door. The archangel smirked against your neck and sucked on the spot harder, no doubt leaving a dark purple mark for you to cover later.

Warren let his lips still for a moment before he spoke, “What do you think, baby? Think I can get you crumbling beneath me in seven minutes?”

You nodded your head frantically before responding, “Fuck yeah, you can. You just might need some more time after for a few extra rounds.”

Warren smirked again and began walking backwards, his wings expanding to their full fifteen foot length. You practically melted at the sight of his wings, and Warren knew it. He knew you had a fucking wing kink and used it to his advantage. The angel knew that the thing you loved most about him (Well, this was debatable) was his large, white wings. Warren smirked and puffed out his feathers and let you watch them for a few moments, before he extended his muscular arms as well. He nodded his head once before he flexed his biceps, the action causing you to whimper under your breath.

Warren chuckled and motioned for you to step forward, “Then we better get started, babygirl.”

You moved forward, attaching your lips to his. Warren responded with enthusiasm, tilting his head to the side so he could dominate. He slipped one hand up to your neck, tilting your own head to the side. He ran the tip of his tongue along the edge of your bottom lip. Granting him access to your mouth, he slipped his tongue into your mouth and rolled his hips up into yours. You groaned and Warren pulled his mouth away for a split second to whisper, “Jump.”

So you did.

You jumped into the air, trusting Warren to catch you. When he did, his arms were underneath your ass, supporting your weight.

The blonde angel walked backwards towards his bed. He let you fall first, so that he could lay on top of you. He reconnected his lips to your neck, allowing you to arch your back into his chest. You dropped your hands to run down his hard chest and you played with the hem of his shirt. Warren got the message and leaned back away from your body so that he could pull the shirt over his muscular body. It seemed to go in slow motion as you watched the shirt leave his body.

God, you had the hottest boyfriend.

From his muscular biceps, his chiseled six-pack, and his sharp v-line; you melted under him.

Warren let you watch him for a few moments before he reached down and pulled your shirt over your own body. This led to him marveling your body just as you did to him.

“I’m so lucky,” Warren whispered, his eyes deep and dark with lust as they scanned over the bare skin.

You pulled his lips back down onto yours by grabbing him by the back of his neck. He let one of his hands drop and roam around your body. You let out a few moans as he did so, and you raised a hand to pull on his gorgeous blonde locks. This caused Warren to let out one of his own moans, and you smiled at you achievement.

As for Warren’s wings, they were transferring between extending to their full length and curling around your body. At one point, you raised your other arm to stroke his sweet spot. Because his wings were sensitive as he just got them back, he had a sweet spot; it was just above his right shoulder blade. When you stroked it with your fingers, Warren collapsed above you. He kept his weight from crushing you, but his wings shuddered and his head threw back. He moaned out again and you let yourself arch into him.

Warren took your lifted back to his advantage, so he reached behind you to grab ahold of the clasps of your bra. With one flick of his fingers, he unclasped it from your chest. He quickly pulled the straps from your arms and let the material fall. He chucked the useless bra away from you, his movements becoming frantic and rushed as he grew more aroused.

When Warren finally let his hands fall to the hem of your pants, there was an interruption.

Knocking was heard on the door, and a voice shouted out, “Hey, your time is up!”


The both of you ignored his voice and continued your actions.

Minutes later, Peter knocked again, “Hey guys? Can you even hear me over your fucking?”
    Warren laughed against your skin and pulled his head up from your stomach, where he was layering kisses along the soft skin.

The angel spoke next, diverting Peter from opening the door, “Hey Peter? Can you please fuck off? We’re going to stay in here to finish some important business!”

You moaned beneath Warren as he reattached his lips to your stomach.

Peter was heard shuffling outside the door and his voice rang out one last time, “Okay fine, but if you guys fuck again, can you keep it down? I didn’t get any sleep last time you fuckers went at it!”

Warren ignored the comment and finally let his lips graze the hem of your pants. Then in one swift motion, he pulled the pants off of you and smirked, “Let’s see what I can do with unlimited time then.”

There are four different eras of Lefou’s relationship with Gaston.

The first era is when they first meet, twelve years old and neighbors to each other. There is the initial meeting where Lefou is stricken in the face of Gaston’s confidence and boldness. It wasn’t exactly narcissism. It was sureness, practiced precision. It was gorgeous, and in the face of it, Lefou fell in love.

The second era is the war. There, the war, where Gaston is heavier, stronger, brutish and untamed. It’s as if something about the war brings purity and purpose to Gaston. No longer was there gray area. There is the enemy. There is the friend. Lefou remembers this era most distinctly, for it was this era they grew closest. They spoke more. They slept within inches of each other, waiting for the morning call in a few hours. They fought together, bled together, grew together.

Then there is the era they both return to the village. Gaston is seen as a hero, brave for having fought, and Lefou walked in his shadow. He didn’t mind, in fact he preferred it. Lefou wouldn’t know what to do if he had such attention directed at him, how to live up to expectations Gaston lives up to.

It is in this era their relationship becomes strained, though, because Gaston says something so detrimental to Lefou’s ideation of them both: that he is going to make Belle his wife.

And it’s ridiculous for Lefou to have thought that Gaston and he would be together for the rest of their lives, just as they had until that point. It’s unthinkable, unbelievable, ludicrous, laughable, meritless.

And yet Lefou finds himself yearning for it. And hates himself for it. He truly does feel like the fool.

And the final era Gaston falls deeper into obsession with the idea of a wife, something the people around him urged him to undertake, and if Gaston were societally forced to wed a woman, it would surely be objectively the best woman he finds. And driven with this idea, it deteriorates the Gaston that Lefou fell for in the first place. The Gaston that was brave, strong-willed, blunt, but not unkind. The Gaston that Lefou knew and loved called him dearest friend, grabbed his shoulder and leaned closer to hear his words, smiled at him. Laugh with him.

But the Gaston of the fourth era left him in the midst of battle, and Lefou, in that moment, felt the sting and the sinking of his heart.

The Gaston Lefou had fallen in love with was gone. He understands that now. Sitting among the rubble of the castle, Lefou understands.

The guests invited to the ballroom had long since gone home. Belle and Adam are in bed, sleeping. The moon is high in the sky. Lefou is alone for the first time since he was twelve years old.

But then he hears: “Lefou,” his name on a familiar tongue.

Lefou stands, looking out past the broken castle. He searches with his eyes- and sees him. He sees Gaston.

“Gaston,” the word rushes out of his mouth like short breath of air. He runs to discover Gaston bloodied, a familiar sight, and weak, an unfamiliar sight. He is overwhelmed with the idea of Gaston not being in control of a situation. It feels wrong. Lefou doesn’t like it at all.

He tries to remember: Gaston of eras one two and three are gone, but then Gaston says, “Lefou, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you.”

“Stop,” Lefou admonishes. “Stop talking.”

He isn’t sure if he’s saying it because he doesn’t want Gaston to strain himself or if he doesn’t want to let himself believe Gaston cares for him. Not again.

But Gaston continues, “I might not make it. I need you to know,” he takes a breath. “I was wrong. In the castle, I was wrong to do that to you.”

There’s a spell of silence. It covers them like a blanket.

“We fought together,” Gaston says quieter, not exactly gently because very little about Gaston could ever be gentle. No. He was strong, but quiet. “I’ve never abandoned you before, and I can’t believe I did it then. I need you to know that.”

It’s everything Lefou had ever wanted to hear. Though, against his better intuition, Lefou found himself brushing the words off. “You were confused. You get like that when you’re angry, you know? I’m usually able to calm you down, talk sense into you, something. It’s nothing.”

Gaston reaches out. His hand is a heavy, weak weight on his knee. “Don’t defend my actions,” he said simply, and nothing more.

Lefou’s throat feels tight. He feels like he wants to cry, and he’s never cried for as long as he can remember. He swallows, and stands up. He grabs Gaston by the forearm, and then the waist, and hoists him up.

“Let’s see if we can find anyone to help.”

Lefou carries Gaston back to the village, and in his heart, feels another era beginning. So in fact, there were not four eras to his relationship with Gaston. There is the beginning of confidence, the second of bravery and the third of maturity. There is the fourth of obsession, misdirection, and confusion.

And then there is today. The fifth era where Gaston learns to love what has always been in front of him.

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hello alice! first of all i'm so grateful for all the effort you put into answering asks and analysing programmes ❤ i have a question for you (hope it's not as difficult as the ones you've just answered on pcs): (objectively ;)) do you think yuzu's chopin at aci was overscored?

Oh, thank you, I like answering this one :D 

TL;DR version: nope, not overscored.

A breakdown of his score in detail:

Base Value: 49.51

Jumps: Quad Salchow || Triple Axel / Quad Toe Loop + Triple Toe Loop. No pre- or under-rotation anywhere, no edge call to be made. Full BV earned.  


Flying camel spin, Level 4. Features: difficult variations: [1] layover camel [2] doughnut; [3] difficult flying entry (Arabian); [4] eight revolutions without changing position

Sit spin with one change of foot, Level 4. Features: difficult variations: [1] broken leg [2] pancake; [3] difficult entry (illusion); [4] clear increase in speed

Combination spin with one change of foot, Level 4. Features: difficult variations: [1] A-spin [2] cannonball [3] non basic position; [4] clear change of edge in camel position

Step sequence, Level 4. Features: [1] complexity (twizzles: 1 CW 3 CCW, rockers: 1 CW 1 CCW, counter: 1 CW 1 CCW, brackets: 1 CW 1 CCW, loops: 1 CW 1 CCW, choctaw: 1 CW); [2] rotations in either direction for at least 1/3 of the pattern; [3] use of body movement for at least 1/3 of the pattern; [4] two combinations of 3 difficult turns (twizzle - rocker - counter on the right foot, twizzle - counter - loop on the left foot)

GOE: 14.66

  • 4S: bullet 1 and 2 (inside spread eagle - 3-turn - mohawk), 4, 5 (spread eagle outside to inside), 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 3.00 x SOV = 3.00
  • FCSp4: bullet 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 = GOE 2.0. Real GOE 2.20 x SOV = 1.10
  • CSSp4: bullet 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 3.00 x SOV = 1.50
  • 3A: bullet 1 and 2 (back counter), 4, 5 (change of edge and turn on landing foot), 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 3.00 x SOV = 3.00
  • 4T+3T: bullet 1 and 2 (3-turn sequence), 3 (Rippon variation on 3T), 4, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.00. Real GOE 2.80 x SOV = 2.80
  • StSq4: bullet 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 2.80 x SOV = 1.96
  • CCoSp4: bullet 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 2.60 x SOV = 1.30

PCS: 48.55

  • Skating Skills: balanced, precise footwork, rhythmic knee action, effortless flow and glide, clean edges and clear curves, plenty of energy and speed, frequent variations in speed and direction, no overuse of two-footed skating = 9.50 and above. Real PCS: 9.65
  • Transitions: varied, difficult linking turns/steps/equivalent free skating movements into all elements, executed with quality = 9.50 and above. Real PCS 9.55
  • Performance: commitment to the program as a whole, clarity in delivery, quality in carriage and posture throughout, plus good projection and connection with the audience = 10.0. Real PCS 9.80.
  • Composition: originality and creativity in the choreography, clear purpose and concept to the composition, attention to details, full utilization of the ice surface = 10.0. Real PCS 9.80
  • Interpretation of the Music: all elements matched to and enhanced the music structure, constant usage of full body movement to reflect the nuances of the music = 9.50 and above. Real PCS 9.75.  

Conclusion: World Record, 112.72. Worthy of every single decimal point :)

Edit: Thanks to @fuckyeahdearlybeloved for helping me correct a mistake with the spin levels. Gosh I hate them spin levels with a vengeance -___-


Title: Toxic

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader / Do Kyungsoo

Notes: all im gonna say is sorry, cause i think this is the best fucking thing i’ve ever created. also, i guess go leave a request?

Summary:  All those bad boy stories you used to read, you never believed them. You never believed an innocent girl like you could fall for someone like him. But you caught yourself in your own bad boy story.

Words: 2,718

Warning: Drugs (Marijuana), Age Gap, Blonde Kyungsoo (cause fUCK)

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Secrets-NewtxReader (smut)

A/N: Here y'all go! As always, I didn’t proofread….so if there’s any embarrassing mistakes well….🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I love Tina. Lol So this isn’t hate on her~ she’s precious.


A breath of relief escaped you, and you sank back into your bed, enjoying the simple comfort of your sheets. Work seemed to drag today, and all you kept wishing for was a good night’s rest, and maybe, just maybe the arms of your boyfriend. Newt had written to you a few weeks ago, promising to visit New York once his field research was done. You had hoped this would prove true. Sometimes he got so involved he tended to lose track of time, not that you held that against him. He was dedicated to his job, and his creatures, it was just who he was and you loved him for it.

Only thing is, tonight was one of Tina’s few nights out of the house. She would be working late on a case, and you really wanted your sister to be gone when Newt came over. You were all friends, however Tina didn’t believe the British wizard was worthy of you. But, you knew that was simply her being protective. She was still warming up to Jacob after all.

As you settled back into the bed you heard a soft tapping at your window, and you turned over to see Newt standing on the fire escape, case in hand as he gave you a smile. Your heart soared at the sight of him, and you giggled as you untangled yourself from the sheets and climbed out of bed.


As soon as you opened the window, the wizard pulled you into his arms, holding you impossibly close.

“Hello, darling.”

He left a sweet kiss upon your cheek, resting your foreheads together as he just admired the beauty in front of him.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Mm.” You hummed back in response, agreeing with his sentiment. It had indeed been far too long since you felt the affection of his touch. “I’ve missed you too, Newt….why on earth did you come through the window?”

“Oh, um…you see I thought Tina was going to be here…and after the last time I figured this would be better.”

You laughed at his worry, though you did have to admit he had good reason. Last time he came over at night Tina nearly ran him out of the country.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s at work.”

His eyes seem to light up at that, and he grinned mischievously as he placed his case down and wrapped both arms around you.

“So, we’re alone?”


It was obvious what he had in mind then, and weeks apart from your lover would make anyone instantly needy upon their return. It crossed your mind earlier, while you were filing paperwork and wand permits, but thoughts of that nature only distracted you terribly from work. But, having Newt here, in your arms…it was the perfect moment to reacquaint yourselves with the others body.

You trailed your fingers up his chest, playing with the loosened ends of his bow tie as he leaned down to finally shower his affections upon you. His lips brushed across yours, making you part your lips in anticipation. He always knew the right buttons to push, and as he closed the small distance between your mouths you tugged on his bow tie, pulling him harder against you.

His lips moved slowly against yours, almost teasing, like he wanted to savor this moment just a while longer until one of you caved into the desire. And judging by the significant bulge pressing into thigh, he was rather close to that point.

“Merlin’s beard, I’ve forgotten how much I’ve enjoyed this.”

He caressed his lips down your neck, fingers slipping under your night gown and pushing it up as he gripped your hips in his hands. He walked you over to the wall, pinning you between him and it as he continued his pleasurable assault.


You gasped when he nipped at your neck, tenderly leaving kisses on each love bite before working his way lower. He spun you around, your palms meeting the wallpaper as he came back up to his full height and nuzzled into your neck. It was very much like his mating dance, though a bit more seductive, his own unique way of getting you flustered and ready to be taken.

Newt ran his hands along your sides, bunching up your nightgown and revealing your backside to him. He admired the view for a second, before kissing down the nape of your neck, and along your shoulder blades. Every patch of skin his lips touched left you wanting more, and you almost whined out his name as kissed down your spine over the night gown.

“My darling…”

He quietly spoke, now down on his knees as he kissed the back of your thighs, pressing his lips softly to them until he heard delightful little whimpers leave you. You could feel your knees buckling, his ticklish actions making you crumble before him. It was almost distressing, the hold he had over you. But, even so you were more than willing to allow him the honor.

“Newt, gods sake, just please…”

He smiled into your skin, the tip of his nose pressing into your lower back as he released the material of your night gown. It fell back around your thighs as he moved up, placing his hands over yours that were against the wall.

His larger body enveloped you, creating a tempting mix of your body heat as he pressed down on you. His arousal was evident, and you closed your eyes in bliss as he rubbed into you, making your inner thighs warm with need. He pressed his lips to your ear, whispering a bunch of naughty and loving things that only made your desires rise.

“Y/N, I’m home.”

The sound of keys being thrown onto the table made you snap your head towards your door, and you both stiffened when you realized Tina had come home.

“Shh….” Newt whispered out with a smile, his lips still inches from your ear as he held you gently against the wall of your bedroom. You could hear the steps getting closer, and you cursed your sister for coming home now of all times. She was usually an early sleeper, but tonight she seemed more stressed than usual, that much you could hear in her voice.


Tina stood outside your bedroom, lips tightened into a frown as she knocked on your door. “You alright in there?”

Newt and you stood silent, your breathing the only thing that could be heard in the bedroom. You tilted your head a bit back, eyes meeting those of the magizoologist as he grinned down at you. He was playing a dangerous game here, sneaking in late at night, and risking the wrath of Tina. Though you had to admit this was all rather exciting, your older sister could be a bit brittle at times…


Hardly the smartest thing you could’ve said. But, with the wizard’s strong body pressed firmly against you, and his damn arousal rubbing into your backside, intelligent thinking was beyond your reach.


You watched the knob of your door slowly turning, your heart pounding even more in your chest. If she came in here, there’d be hell to pay. Sometimes, you wish Queenie never moved out with Jacob. Tina only became more protective of you after that.

“N-No…wait, Teenie!”

But, Newt only sighed, whipping out his wand from his pocket and uttering a quick spell that locked your door.



It came out in a harsh whisper, your brows furrowing at the wizard as he slowly lowered his arm, giving you that guilty smile he was so very good at. It always made you cave and forgive him for whatever trouble he caused, just like now.

“So sorry…”

“Sure you are, honey.”

You stifled your giggle, shutting up quickly when you heard Tina’s voice raise. “Y/N! What is going on in there? You’re acting strange!”

Newt chuckled softly into your ear, nipping at your lobe before wrapping his arm around your waist and moving you towards the bed. He laid you down carefully, knees pressing into the mattress as he rose up onto them. He placed his wand in his mouth, smiling around it as he slowly removed his overcoat.

You could still hear Tina cursing outside your door, something about ‘Mercy Lewis’ and 'Deliverance Dane’, but with Newt undressing in front of you, your mind was a bit preoccupied. You knew eventually your sister would give up, and judging by the silence behind your door she already had.


“Yes, darling?”

The Hufflepuff’s fingers slid along your bare thigh, slipping under the hem of your nightgown as he traveled further up. The soft touch made you sigh beneath him, making your need for the wizard rise if that were even possible.

“Just keeping going…”

He chuckled at your insistence, but happily complied with your wish. He kept his green eyes on you the entire time as he tossed his shirt to the ground, piling it on top of his waist coat. He didn’t bother with his pants yet, he was more interested in other things at the moment.

He removed his wand from his mouth, prying it between your own lips as he kissed a wet trail down your chest and towards your inner thighs. When you gaze down at him curiously, he chuckled, removing your panties slowly as he spoke.

“So you won’t be so loud, darling.”

You rolled your eyes at him, biting down on his wand as he proved his point though. He kissed along your inner thighs, getting close to your need before moving away and delighting in the soft moans of protest you made. He enjoyed teasing you, if only to see you a gasping, whimpering mess beneath him later on. But, he was getting impatient with his own game, and he hovered his lips just above your clit. He grasped under your thighs, spreading your legs wider and watching intently as your folds glistened before him.

With a groan, he dipped forward, taking your clit between his lips and sucking eagerly down on it. The feeling immediately made you moan, back arching nimbly off the bed as he swirled his hot tongue around it. It never ceased to amaze you at how good he was at this. He was such a gentle soul, yet in bed he was always the one to take charge, leaving you panting for breath after.

“Oh, Newt…”

He moaned when he heard his muffled name fall passed your lips, and he buried his face even deeper between your legs. He sucked hard on you, opening his mouth so he could drag his tongue quickly up and down your folds, eliciting more of the sweet noises he had come to love from you.

You gripped the pillows above you, throwing your head back against the sheets and biting roughly down on his wand as he licked the tip of your clit. It caused a heated shock to run up your legs and you could hardly contain your scream as he flicked his tongue over it again and again. He was watching you, corner of his mouth twitching into a small smile as you thrashed around.

“Settle down now.”

He joked, releasing you from his talented lips and dragging them along your stomach. He pushed your night gown up along his way, finally freeing you of the offending garment that kept you from his full sights. He tossed it carelessly to the side, eyes roaming along your body and resting on your chest where he cupped your breast and gave a soft squeeze.

As the pleasure built you parted your lips, gasping out and letting his wand fall to the side. He paid it no mind though, and as you tangled your fingers through his wavy locks he leaned down, capturing your lips once more in a heart stopping kiss.

Your tongues massaged one another, mouths trapping the moans and grunts that left the both of you. Even through a lack of oxygen, none of you stopped, you just allowed the dizzy spell to further your ecstasy enjoying the closeness that you felt.


Your moan was drawn out, head falling back as his lips brushed and tickled across yours in a messy kiss that left you both wanting. Newt was beyond the teasing now, and he made quick work of his belt and pants, pushing them down as he settled himself between your spread thighs.


He growled out, nuzzling your cheek as his cock slid between your folds. It was hot and heavy, the very feel of the smooth skin of it making you shiver. You wanted him fiercely, so much so you bucked your hips up, letting the head of his cock tease along your entrance. And that was all it took for him to comply.

Newt gripped your hips, lifting them slightly off the bed and over his thighs. He shifted, hand wrapping around his length and fixing it at your entrance as he slid smoothly inside your warmth.

“Unh.” He groaned, burying his face between your neck as he began a steady pace. His hands rested on either side of your head, fingertips digging into the blanket as he tried to control his pleasure. But, with as hot and wet as you were, that was proving rather difficult for the Hufflepuff.

Every thrust was painfully slow for you, yet all the same it created a wave of enjoyment that ran along your entire body, making your toes curl. You seized his shoulders in your hands, nails clawing at his freckled skin as he snapped his hips forward, burying his cock once more inside of you. You could practically feel the pulse of it against your clenching walls, each movement of his hips only making you want to beg for more.

“Newt…ahhh, harder…”

The magizoologist eagerly listened, teeth grazing along the skin of your shoulder as he bucked forward roughly. The harsh thrust made you both moan, and he snaked his arm between your bodies, two fingers rubbing between your legs and pleasuring you all the more. You wanted to cry out, to declare your love for him, and whisper out his name, but knowing Tina was here only made you bite down on your lip.

Newt was panting into your skin, the sound of your love making filling the room, and he could only thank the heavens that he left your window cracked. The heat of your bodies was driving him crazy in all sorts of ways, but the cool air of the night was a welcomed treat. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead and back, making your fingers slide effortlessly down his skin as he tried to keep up his harsh rhythm. His thrusts were becoming more relaxed, and you knew he was getting close.


You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into you and purring out his name right next to his ear. Just like you knew he loved. It was enough to set him off, and wrapped his arms around your body, pressing your breasts firmly into his chest as he pushed forward one last time.

He came with a soft grunt, hiding most of his moans and groans between your neck as he spilled his seed inside of you. You weren’t too far behind, and your inner walls clasped down on him, making him audibly moan out your name before slipping out of you and falling to your side. His breathing was ragged, hair a mess above his head from all your clutching at it, and you couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“Sorry but, what’s so funny?”

“Mmm, nothing.”

You laid your cheek against the heated skin of his chest, nails dragging along his toned stomach. How you missed such interactions with him, before he left New York this was almost a daily occurrence, now you just had to cherish this for as long as possible.


The sound of your door unlocking made you both shoot up in bed, and Newt scrambled out of the sheets, grabbing his clothes and dressing as quickly as he could. His waistcoat hung around his shoulders messily, the buttons mismatched, but you had to admit he was still quite charming.

Tina burst into your room, hands balled into fists as they rested on her hips, and once she saw Newt it was like a fire lit inside her. “Mr. Scamander!”

Newt froze in place, coat slung over his arm, and case in one hand as he attempted to go out the window.


He gave a smile, hoping it’d calm the older Goldstein, but all it did was infuriate the witch more. She pulled her wand out, pointing it towards Newt with a fury in her eyes that would make even Grindelwald shrink away in fear.

“Tina, wait it…isn’t what it looks like…”

You held your hands up, blanket still wrapped around your nude body. You knew your sister didn’t trust the wizard, after all the trouble he caused in New York. At least not fully anyway, especially when it came to your heart.


Your sister paused for a moment, and Newt took advantage of that window.

“Really must get going then.”

He leaned over the bed, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out the window and disapparating.


You blushed, Tina’s questionable stare only making it worse. You could see the judgement in her eyes, and all you could do was grin and bear it.


A/N: was it okay? Sometimes I finish and then realize maybe nothing I wrote made sense…lol

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Mulder likes to tell Scully "you fine AF" and Scully rolls her eyes but smiles too.

Two Fathers, One Son

He has two fathers. And about a thousand apologies he needs to make.

More than a thousand.

About five hundred to his father, on behalf of his mother.

Another five hundred to his mother, on behalf of his father.

No apologies to that cigarette smoking bastard.

But maybe five hundred, to his fucking brother.  

Dribble.  Dribble.  Shoot and swish.  Money from the free-throw line, son.  You shoot a good free, you may even get a free ride through school.  Everybody’s looking at the white kid that can shoot frees and threes these days.  

Dribble.  Swish.

He’s got a younger brother. A fact he’s never considered.  Not even under the ketamine haze of infidelity exposed.  

Or.  He had a younger brother.  A brother he hated, he taunted, and who’s last communication to him was a slap on the shoulder.

Mulder will forever remember that from the last meeting in Kersh’s office, Jeffrey proved himself the bigger man.  

Dribble.  Bonk.  Mulder rebounds the ball.  The thunk of his dribble echoes in his maniac mind.  

There are more apologies to be made.  Considering Diana’s body was not among the remains of El Rico.  

“Thou-thought they could sleep with the enemy.”  A statement. A gaze.  A skeptical eyebrow.  And a billion apologies swallowed in Kersh’s office.

Dribble.  Shoot.  Bonk.

He’s absolutely pouring sweat.  It’s been hot in D.C. regardless, and he’s always been a heavy sweater, but the A.C. in the Hoover’s gym is on the fritz.  The heavy air can’t hide the sound of her heels.


He rebounds and turns, after a dribble.

He would say something like, “S’up Scully?” or, “Gaaaaame.” or “Sunk it, Milk saves the day!”

But he’s not really feeling all that confident these days, nor she all that playful.

“Hey.”  He has nothing in the tank.  




“I finished clearing out Jeffrey’s files…” he mutters.  Dribble, dribble.

“I noticed.  Um.  There were a couple of hangers; things we should clear out.”

“Yeah that thing out in uh…” dribble.  “What’s the name of the hood?”

“Hood, Mulder?” she smiles softly and, with that, lobs him a bone.  

He breathes and chuckles. “Arcadia.  Yeah.  There’s that thing in Arcadia.  Sounds and smells like bullshit though.”  He turns, shoots.  Bong.


He grabs the ball but he huffs, elbows on his knees.  He can’t face her.  

The gym is curiously empty, and without his erratic shooting,  it’s dead silent, echoing his heavy breath.

“Scully, I-“

“Mulder…” she cuts him off, and she’s not looking at him, body angled away, staring at various banners hanging from the balconies.  “Apologies don’t fix this.”

“I…”  His jaw hangs and works.  How does one put into words how royally they know they’ve fucked up?


Dribble once, twice.


“So, um.  Married, huh?”

She grins and shakes her head.  “I guess. See you in the morning, Mulder.”

Clicks and clacks of her heels.  “Scully?”

She stops and turns and Mulder is fascinated by the errant way in which her skirt refuses to hang below her knee.


“Actions, Mulder,” she cuts him off.

He bites his lip and dribbles once.  Twice as she turns.  


She keeps walking but tosses her head, lets him know she’s listening.

“I just want you to know… You fine as fuck in that skirt!”  

Goofy laugh, check, erupting in quite gym, check, no turn over her shoulder… check.  He can practically hear her eyes roll.

Dribble. Dribble.  Turn.  Swoosh.

Drabble #8

Beck x reader

“Do you think Watneys okay?” You asked softly, curled in a wooly blanket with a mug of hot coffee grasped close to your chest.

“I’d like to think so,” Beck replied, “He’s using his botanist powers, Y/N.”

You let out an airy laugh, glancing over at the man sharing your blanket. His hair was ruffled and fluffy, reminding you of a baby duck. He lolled his head to look at you, giving a wide smile. You snorted again and looked away, partly to hide your blush and secondly to stop yourself kissing him.

He had one hand hooked on your thigh, his fingers trapped in the crease of your bent knee while his thumb rubbed circles by your knee. The little action was causing your heart to pound. He followed your gaze to the window where countless stars glowed in the blackness of space.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” He said softly, nodding to it.

“Yes,” You agreed.

Beck didn’t speak again, lost in a daze as if he was hypnotized by the little lights. You glanced over, shocked to find his eyes fixed on you. When he realized he’d been caught, he gave a toothy grin and brought a hand up to further ruffle his hair while looking away. You noticed the light dust of pink on his cheeks, the minute detail sending your heart into another rampaging fit of infatuated fury.

“What’s the first thing you’re going to eat when you get back to earth?” You blurt suddenly.

Beck took this into serious consideration, tilting his head as he chewed on his bottom lip. He looked over at you and gave you a long look before answering.

“I really want fresh fruit,” He said, shockingly dull compared to what he was acting like it’d be.

“I really want bread,” You said mournfully.

Bread wasn’t allowed. It crumbled and could damage important equipment.

Beck groaned in response, “I forgot about bread… I change my answer.”

You chuckled as he dropped his head onto your shoulder, acting like your heart wasn’t doing a gymnastics floor routine in your chest. Beck yawned quietly, reminding you of a kitten. He was bundled in a NASA sweater and warm sweatpants. His feet clad in large wooly socks. Beck didn’t like being cold, if it wasn’t obvious.

Conversation didn’t start up again, choosing to sit in a comfortable silence. Beck hadn’t moved instead wiggling closer against you. You gave him a questioning quirk of the eyebrow.

“I’m cold,” He explained.

“How?” You asked incredulously.

“Dunno,” He shrugged pulling the blanket close to his chin.

You huffed softly, gulping quietly when the cold tip of his nose grazed your neck.

“Jesus, Beck, do you wanna cuddle?” You asked suddenly and more sharply than you had intended, your pent up frustration obvious.

“I’m sorry,” He pulled away, eyes downcast.


“No, it’s fine. Do you?” You softened your voice.

It wasn’t hard to figure out Beck was a sensitive soul. He was quiet, soft and introverted. He would talk, sure, but only when he had to. Every time he cracked a joke it sent Watney into a fit.

“I’d like it,” He hadn’t met your gaze.

“C'mere,” You wrapped your arm around him and pulled him down to lay on top of you.

He was quick to find a comfortable position, face pressed to your neck, one thigh between yours, the other against the outside of your hip. One of his hands softly cupped the side of your neck his face wasn’t against.

He had a ghost of a smile on his lips as he laid there. You glanced down and saw it, the small quirk once again sent your heart pounding away.

“What’s the smile for?”

“Your heart is beating really fast.”

Of course he could hear it.

“Huh,” You responded vaguely in hopes that he’d just drop it.


“No reason,” you had tried to respond in a casual, airy voice but it came out as a choke.

Beck turned and propped his chin on your chest to see you better.

“Well don’t lie, just tell me,” He insisted.

You remained silent, averting your eyes. The blush on your cheeks was enough to tell Beck what he needed but he wanted to hear you say it. So he sat there, staring at you. The intensity of it made you twitchy.


“Stop what?” He replied quickly and cheekily.

“Stop looking at me like that,” You snapped.

“Why?” He grinned.

“Because it makes me want to kiss you,” You felt the air rush from your lungs as the words left your lips.

Beck was smiling like the cat the ate the canary as you gaped like a fish. He hummed in satisfaction, pleased the words were finally out in the open.

“I know, love.” He pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth, effectively cutting off your stammering.

“You’re evil,” You said softly.

Beck laughed loudly, “I am not!”

“Are too! You knew!” You argued playfully.

“I just wanted to hear you say it, in case I was wrong,” Beck defended himself.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. Beck nuzzled back into your neck, fingers painting patterns on your exposed collarbone. The comfortable silence resumed.

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