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Bad Habits || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 966 (a bit long for a teaser but it’s totally worth it)

Warnings: VERY suggestive

note: i’ve written this awhile ago aka two days after never ever released which means you can find lyrical references in this. i wanted to release this because i can’t hold back this series anymore. i’m just super excited to share this with y'all. idk when i’ll update this because i’m so focused with school but i’ll definitely update very soon. take care everyone! also… happy april fools day! i’m no prankster so i’m here suffering while my brother pranks me haha -admin

“You have a girlfriend.” I protested, backing myself up to the nearest wall, pushing his body away from mine. Of course, my strength wasn’t great enough to push the toned body away from mine. Instead, he placed both of his hands near my head, with his head hung low to look at my face. The room was too dark to tell what he was thinking. Only the moonlight shone through the window, casting a silhouette over him. His deep eyes scanned my face as he leaned down to my ear, his hot breath against my skin sending shivers down my spine.

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There are four different eras of Lefou’s relationship with Gaston.

The first era is when they first meet, twelve years old and neighbors to each other. There is the initial meeting where Lefou is stricken in the face of Gaston’s confidence and boldness. It wasn’t exactly narcissism. It was sureness, practiced precision. It was gorgeous, and in the face of it, Lefou fell in love.

The second era is the war. There, the war, where Gaston is heavier, stronger, brutish and untamed. It’s as if something about the war brings purity and purpose to Gaston. No longer was there gray area. There is the enemy. There is the friend. Lefou remembers this era most distinctly, for it was this era they grew closest. They spoke more. They slept within inches of each other, waiting for the morning call in a few hours. They fought together, bled together, grew together.

Then there is the era they both return to the village. Gaston is seen as a hero, brave for having fought, and Lefou walked in his shadow. He didn’t mind, in fact he preferred it. Lefou wouldn’t know what to do if he had such attention directed at him, how to live up to expectations Gaston lives up to.

It is in this era their relationship becomes strained, though, because Gaston says something so detrimental to Lefou’s ideation of them both: that he is going to make Belle his wife.

And it’s ridiculous for Lefou to have thought that Gaston and he would be together for the rest of their lives, just as they had until that point. It’s unthinkable, unbelievable, ludicrous, laughable, meritless.

And yet Lefou finds himself yearning for it. And hates himself for it. He truly does feel like the fool.

And the final era Gaston falls deeper into obsession with the idea of a wife, something the people around him urged him to undertake, and if Gaston were societally forced to wed a woman, it would surely be objectively the best woman he finds. And driven with this idea, it deteriorates the Gaston that Lefou fell for in the first place. The Gaston that was brave, strong-willed, blunt, but not unkind. The Gaston that Lefou knew and loved called him dearest friend, grabbed his shoulder and leaned closer to hear his words, smiled at him. Laugh with him.

But the Gaston of the fourth era left him in the midst of battle, and Lefou, in that moment, felt the sting and the sinking of his heart.

The Gaston Lefou had fallen in love with was gone. He understands that now. Sitting among the rubble of the castle, Lefou understands.

The guests invited to the ballroom had long since gone home. Belle and Adam are in bed, sleeping. The moon is high in the sky. Lefou is alone for the first time since he was twelve years old.

But then he hears: “Lefou,” his name on a familiar tongue.

Lefou stands, looking out past the broken castle. He searches with his eyes- and sees him. He sees Gaston.

“Gaston,” the word rushes out of his mouth like short breath of air. He runs to discover Gaston bloodied, a familiar sight, and weak, an unfamiliar sight. He is overwhelmed with the idea of Gaston not being in control of a situation. It feels wrong. Lefou doesn’t like it at all.

He tries to remember: Gaston of eras one two and three are gone, but then Gaston says, “Lefou, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you.”

“Stop,” Lefou admonishes. “Stop talking.”

He isn’t sure if he’s saying it because he doesn’t want Gaston to strain himself or if he doesn’t want to let himself believe Gaston cares for him. Not again.

But Gaston continues, “I might not make it. I need you to know,” he takes a breath. “I was wrong. In the castle, I was wrong to do that to you.”

There’s a spell of silence. It covers them like a blanket.

“We fought together,” Gaston says quieter, not exactly gently because very little about Gaston could ever be gentle. No. He was strong, but quiet. “I’ve never abandoned you before, and I can’t believe I did it then. I need you to know that.”

It’s everything Lefou had ever wanted to hear. Though, against his better intuition, Lefou found himself brushing the words off. “You were confused. You get like that when you’re angry, you know? I’m usually able to calm you down, talk sense into you, something. It’s nothing.”

Gaston reaches out. His hand is a heavy, weak weight on his knee. “Don’t defend my actions,” he said simply, and nothing more.

Lefou’s throat feels tight. He feels like he wants to cry, and he’s never cried for as long as he can remember. He swallows, and stands up. He grabs Gaston by the forearm, and then the waist, and hoists him up.

“Let’s see if we can find anyone to help.”

Lefou carries Gaston back to the village, and in his heart, feels another era beginning. So in fact, there were not four eras to his relationship with Gaston. There is the beginning of confidence, the second of bravery and the third of maturity. There is the fourth of obsession, misdirection, and confusion.

And then there is today. The fifth era where Gaston learns to love what has always been in front of him.

Secrets-NewtxReader (smut)

A/N: Here y'all go! As always, I didn’t proofread….so if there’s any embarrassing mistakes well….🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I love Tina. Lol So this isn’t hate on her~ she’s precious.


A breath of relief escaped you, and you sank back into your bed, enjoying the simple comfort of your sheets. Work seemed to drag today, and all you kept wishing for was a good night’s rest, and maybe, just maybe the arms of your boyfriend. Newt had written to you a few weeks ago, promising to visit New York once his field research was done. You had hoped this would prove true. Sometimes he got so involved he tended to lose track of time, not that you held that against him. He was dedicated to his job, and his creatures, it was just who he was and you loved him for it.

Only thing is, tonight was one of Tina’s few nights out of the house. She would be working late on a case, and you really wanted your sister to be gone when Newt came over. You were all friends, however Tina didn’t believe the British wizard was worthy of you. But, you knew that was simply her being protective. She was still warming up to Jacob after all.

As you settled back into the bed you heard a soft tapping at your window, and you turned over to see Newt standing on the fire escape, case in hand as he gave you a smile. Your heart soared at the sight of him, and you giggled as you untangled yourself from the sheets and climbed out of bed.


As soon as you opened the window, the wizard pulled you into his arms, holding you impossibly close.

“Hello, darling.”

He left a sweet kiss upon your cheek, resting your foreheads together as he just admired the beauty in front of him.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Mm.” You hummed back in response, agreeing with his sentiment. It had indeed been far too long since you felt the affection of his touch. “I’ve missed you too, Newt….why on earth did you come through the window?”

“Oh, um…you see I thought Tina was going to be here…and after the last time I figured this would be better.”

You laughed at his worry, though you did have to admit he had good reason. Last time he came over at night Tina nearly ran him out of the country.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s at work.”

His eyes seem to light up at that, and he grinned mischievously as he placed his case down and wrapped both arms around you.

“So, we’re alone?”


It was obvious what he had in mind then, and weeks apart from your lover would make anyone instantly needy upon their return. It crossed your mind earlier, while you were filing paperwork and wand permits, but thoughts of that nature only distracted you terribly from work. But, having Newt here, in your arms…it was the perfect moment to reacquaint yourselves with the others body.

You trailed your fingers up his chest, playing with the loosened ends of his bow tie as he leaned down to finally shower his affections upon you. His lips brushed across yours, making you part your lips in anticipation. He always knew the right buttons to push, and as he closed the small distance between your mouths you tugged on his bow tie, pulling him harder against you.

His lips moved slowly against yours, almost teasing, like he wanted to savor this moment just a while longer until one of you caved into the desire. And judging by the significant bulge pressing into thigh, he was rather close to that point.

“Merlin’s beard, I’ve forgotten how much I’ve enjoyed this.”

He caressed his lips down your neck, fingers slipping under your night gown and pushing it up as he gripped your hips in his hands. He walked you over to the wall, pinning you between him and it as he continued his pleasurable assault.


You gasped when he nipped at your neck, tenderly leaving kisses on each love bite before working his way lower. He spun you around, your palms meeting the wallpaper as he came back up to his full height and nuzzled into your neck. It was very much like his mating dance, though a bit more seductive, his own unique way of getting you flustered and ready to be taken.

Newt ran his hands along your sides, bunching up your nightgown and revealing your backside to him. He admired the view for a second, before kissing down the nape of your neck, and along your shoulder blades. Every patch of skin his lips touched left you wanting more, and you almost whined out his name as kissed down your spine over the night gown.

“My darling…”

He quietly spoke, now down on his knees as he kissed the back of your thighs, pressing his lips softly to them until he heard delightful little whimpers leave you. You could feel your knees buckling, his ticklish actions making you crumble before him. It was almost distressing, the hold he had over you. But, even so you were more than willing to allow him the honor.

“Newt, gods sake, just please…”

He smiled into your skin, the tip of his nose pressing into your lower back as he released the material of your night gown. It fell back around your thighs as he moved up, placing his hands over yours that were against the wall.

His larger body enveloped you, creating a tempting mix of your body heat as he pressed down on you. His arousal was evident, and you closed your eyes in bliss as he rubbed into you, making your inner thighs warm with need. He pressed his lips to your ear, whispering a bunch of naughty and loving things that only made your desires rise.

“Y/N, I’m home.”

The sound of keys being thrown onto the table made you snap your head towards your door, and you both stiffened when you realized Tina had come home.

“Shh….” Newt whispered out with a smile, his lips still inches from your ear as he held you gently against the wall of your bedroom. You could hear the steps getting closer, and you cursed your sister for coming home now of all times. She was usually an early sleeper, but tonight she seemed more stressed than usual, that much you could hear in her voice.


Tina stood outside your bedroom, lips tightened into a frown as she knocked on your door. “You alright in there?”

Newt and you stood silent, your breathing the only thing that could be heard in the bedroom. You tilted your head a bit back, eyes meeting those of the magizoologist as he grinned down at you. He was playing a dangerous game here, sneaking in late at night, and risking the wrath of Tina. Though you had to admit this was all rather exciting, your older sister could be a bit brittle at times…


Hardly the smartest thing you could’ve said. But, with the wizard’s strong body pressed firmly against you, and his damn arousal rubbing into your backside, intelligent thinking was beyond your reach.


You watched the knob of your door slowly turning, your heart pounding even more in your chest. If she came in here, there’d be hell to pay. Sometimes, you wish Queenie never moved out with Jacob. Tina only became more protective of you after that.

“N-No…wait, Teenie!”

But, Newt only sighed, whipping out his wand from his pocket and uttering a quick spell that locked your door.



It came out in a harsh whisper, your brows furrowing at the wizard as he slowly lowered his arm, giving you that guilty smile he was so very good at. It always made you cave and forgive him for whatever trouble he caused, just like now.

“So sorry…”

“Sure you are, honey.”

You stifled your giggle, shutting up quickly when you heard Tina’s voice raise. “Y/N! What is going on in there? You’re acting strange!”

Newt chuckled softly into your ear, nipping at your lobe before wrapping his arm around your waist and moving you towards the bed. He laid you down carefully, knees pressing into the mattress as he rose up onto them. He placed his wand in his mouth, smiling around it as he slowly removed his overcoat.

You could still hear Tina cursing outside your door, something about ‘Mercy Lewis’ and 'Deliverance Dane’, but with Newt undressing in front of you, your mind was a bit preoccupied. You knew eventually your sister would give up, and judging by the silence behind your door she already had.


“Yes, darling?”

The Hufflepuff’s fingers slid along your bare thigh, slipping under the hem of your nightgown as he traveled further up. The soft touch made you sigh beneath him, making your need for the wizard rise if that were even possible.

“Just keeping going…”

He chuckled at your insistence, but happily complied with your wish. He kept his green eyes on you the entire time as he tossed his shirt to the ground, piling it on top of his waist coat. He didn’t bother with his pants yet, he was more interested in other things at the moment.

He removed his wand from his mouth, prying it between your own lips as he kissed a wet trail down your chest and towards your inner thighs. When you gaze down at him curiously, he chuckled, removing your panties slowly as he spoke.

“So you won’t be so loud, darling.”

You rolled your eyes at him, biting down on his wand as he proved his point though. He kissed along your inner thighs, getting close to your need before moving away and delighting in the soft moans of protest you made. He enjoyed teasing you, if only to see you a gasping, whimpering mess beneath him later on. But, he was getting impatient with his own game, and he hovered his lips just above your clit. He grasped under your thighs, spreading your legs wider and watching intently as your folds glistened before him.

With a groan, he dipped forward, taking your clit between his lips and sucking eagerly down on it. The feeling immediately made you moan, back arching nimbly off the bed as he swirled his hot tongue around it. It never ceased to amaze you at how good he was at this. He was such a gentle soul, yet in bed he was always the one to take charge, leaving you panting for breath after.

“Oh, Newt…”

He moaned when he heard his muffled name fall passed your lips, and he buried his face even deeper between your legs. He sucked hard on you, opening his mouth so he could drag his tongue quickly up and down your folds, eliciting more of the sweet noises he had come to love from you.

You gripped the pillows above you, throwing your head back against the sheets and biting roughly down on his wand as he licked the tip of your clit. It caused a heated shock to run up your legs and you could hardly contain your scream as he flicked his tongue over it again and again. He was watching you, corner of his mouth twitching into a small smile as you thrashed around.

“Settle down now.”

He joked, releasing you from his talented lips and dragging them along your stomach. He pushed your night gown up along his way, finally freeing you of the offending garment that kept you from his full sights. He tossed it carelessly to the side, eyes roaming along your body and resting on your chest where he cupped your breast and gave a soft squeeze.

As the pleasure built you parted your lips, gasping out and letting his wand fall to the side. He paid it no mind though, and as you tangled your fingers through his wavy locks he leaned down, capturing your lips once more in a heart stopping kiss.

Your tongues massaged one another, mouths trapping the moans and grunts that left the both of you. Even through a lack of oxygen, none of you stopped, you just allowed the dizzy spell to further your ecstasy enjoying the closeness that you felt.


Your moan was drawn out, head falling back as his lips brushed and tickled across yours in a messy kiss that left you both wanting. Newt was beyond the teasing now, and he made quick work of his belt and pants, pushing them down as he settled himself between your spread thighs.


He growled out, nuzzling your cheek as his cock slid between your folds. It was hot and heavy, the very feel of the smooth skin of it making you shiver. You wanted him fiercely, so much so you bucked your hips up, letting the head of his cock tease along your entrance. And that was all it took for him to comply.

Newt gripped your hips, lifting them slightly off the bed and over his thighs. He shifted, hand wrapping around his length and fixing it at your entrance as he slid smoothly inside your warmth.

“Unh.” He groaned, burying his face between your neck as he began a steady pace. His hands rested on either side of your head, fingertips digging into the blanket as he tried to control his pleasure. But, with as hot and wet as you were, that was proving rather difficult for the Hufflepuff.

Every thrust was painfully slow for you, yet all the same it created a wave of enjoyment that ran along your entire body, making your toes curl. You seized his shoulders in your hands, nails clawing at his freckled skin as he snapped his hips forward, burying his cock once more inside of you. You could practically feel the pulse of it against your clenching walls, each movement of his hips only making you want to beg for more.

“Newt…ahhh, harder…”

The magizoologist eagerly listened, teeth grazing along the skin of your shoulder as he bucked forward roughly. The harsh thrust made you both moan, and he snaked his arm between your bodies, two fingers rubbing between your legs and pleasuring you all the more. You wanted to cry out, to declare your love for him, and whisper out his name, but knowing Tina was here only made you bite down on your lip.

Newt was panting into your skin, the sound of your love making filling the room, and he could only thank the heavens that he left your window cracked. The heat of your bodies was driving him crazy in all sorts of ways, but the cool air of the night was a welcomed treat. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead and back, making your fingers slide effortlessly down his skin as he tried to keep up his harsh rhythm. His thrusts were becoming more relaxed, and you knew he was getting close.


You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into you and purring out his name right next to his ear. Just like you knew he loved. It was enough to set him off, and wrapped his arms around your body, pressing your breasts firmly into his chest as he pushed forward one last time.

He came with a soft grunt, hiding most of his moans and groans between your neck as he spilled his seed inside of you. You weren’t too far behind, and your inner walls clasped down on him, making him audibly moan out your name before slipping out of you and falling to your side. His breathing was ragged, hair a mess above his head from all your clutching at it, and you couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“Sorry but, what’s so funny?”

“Mmm, nothing.”

You laid your cheek against the heated skin of his chest, nails dragging along his toned stomach. How you missed such interactions with him, before he left New York this was almost a daily occurrence, now you just had to cherish this for as long as possible.


The sound of your door unlocking made you both shoot up in bed, and Newt scrambled out of the sheets, grabbing his clothes and dressing as quickly as he could. His waistcoat hung around his shoulders messily, the buttons mismatched, but you had to admit he was still quite charming.

Tina burst into your room, hands balled into fists as they rested on her hips, and once she saw Newt it was like a fire lit inside her. “Mr. Scamander!”

Newt froze in place, coat slung over his arm, and case in one hand as he attempted to go out the window.


He gave a smile, hoping it’d calm the older Goldstein, but all it did was infuriate the witch more. She pulled her wand out, pointing it towards Newt with a fury in her eyes that would make even Grindelwald shrink away in fear.

“Tina, wait it…isn’t what it looks like…”

You held your hands up, blanket still wrapped around your nude body. You knew your sister didn’t trust the wizard, after all the trouble he caused in New York. At least not fully anyway, especially when it came to your heart.


Your sister paused for a moment, and Newt took advantage of that window.

“Really must get going then.”

He leaned over the bed, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out the window and disapparating.


You blushed, Tina’s questionable stare only making it worse. You could see the judgement in her eyes, and all you could do was grin and bear it.


A/N: was it okay? Sometimes I finish and then realize maybe nothing I wrote made sense…lol

A while back I said I wanted some hip-touch action, and now Link tried to deliver for once. Too bad lil’ Rhett’s not ready to go that far yet. Maybe next year. (GMMore #829)

ten minutes in heaven [warren worthington iii]
warnings: Language, Sex mention (a lot), light smut (like this gets kind of heavy, but I do not write actual smut so)

word count: 2057

    It had started out harmless.

    Just a harmless game of truth or dare, but then again, nothing involving these rowdy teenagers was innocent.

Scott had gotten cocky, as he did on occasion, and called the group together. He claimed that you were going to have some ‘team bonding.’ You had laughed and asked him what that meant, but he would not tell you, instead forcing you into the room where everyone was gathered.

When everyone gathered in the living area, you sat on the couch next to Warren. This led to the group letting out various wolf whistles because they all knew that you and the angel were dating.

Scott then announced that you would be playing a few games of truth or dare. You had rolled your eyes and muttered, “Yeah, ‘team bonding.” It was a sarcastic, quiet mutter, and you thought no one had heard you, but Scott, from your other side, pushed you off the couch. You landed on the ground with a huff and looked up at your boyfriend who was laughing at your current predicament.

You turned and slapped him on the knee, but the action only caused him to laugh even harder.

“I’m sorry, baby. You’re just too cute,” Warren made out through gasps and chuckles. You frowned and crossed your arms like a child, and Warren reached down. He grasped you by your arms and pulled you up to your feet. He then proceeded to pull you into his lap, seeing as Kurt had taken your spot on the couch.

Warren wrapped one of his wings as well as an arm around you and squeezed your body close to his. You snuggled closer to him, laying your head underneath his chin and wrapping your arms around his neck. The Archangel dropped a small kiss to your forehead and the rest of the group groaned at your public display of affection.

Seconds later, Scott was trying to explain to Kurt what the game was as the smol blueberry cutie had no idea what truth or dare was.

You laughed and got off of Warren’s alp to grab a drink from the kitchen, questioning if anyone else wanted anything. Peter had called out that he wanted a soda and a Twinkie, and you chuckled telling him that you’d only get the soda.

When you arrived back in the room, you tossed the can of soda to Peter who quickly grabbed it and popped the lid. You sauntered back to Warren who held out his arms childishly, wanting you to come and sit on his lap once again.

“C’mere baby,” He seductively spoke, the words causing your cheeks to enflame and turn a bright shade of pink.

You walked back over to your cherubic boyfriend and when you got close enough, he reached out and grasped your hips. He yanked you down into his lap and wrapped his wings around you once more. He knew that you absolutely adored his feathered wings, which he had recently gotten back thanks to Hank’s intelligence. You stroked the pristine, white feathers in your hands, and Warren attempted to contain a small moan, but was unable. He groaned out and tossed his head back, causing the rest of the group to holler and laugh at him. Warren blushed, but was not ashamed; his wings were sensitive and when you stroked them, he was unable to hold back his pleasure.

When the game finally started, it had been innocent. Small, easy questions like ‘who do you like?’ or ‘how old were you when you had your first kiss?’ Simple dares like: ‘go jump in the pool’ and ‘go scare Charles and Erik downstairs.’

Then it got dirty.

Scott had asked Jubilee when she lost her virginity.

Jean dared Peter and Kurt to kiss.

You had chuckled and hoped that no one thought to ask you anything bad.

Then Peter spotted you.

It had coincidentally been his turn and he asked you to pick truth or dare, and you had bravely picked dare. That had been a mistake on your part.

Peter rubbed his hands together, a plan forming in his head.

“Stand up,” The silver haired speedster commanded, so you did. He then told Warren to do the exact same thing.

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked to Peter, “What are you doing Peter?”

Peter laughed and then replied, “You and loverboy are going to play my favorite game: Ten Minutes in Heaven.”

Warren chuckled with his arms still wrapped around your waist, “Peter, it’s Seven Minutes in Heaven, dumbass.”

Peter rolled his eyes at the wing-adorned boy, “Yeah, I know that. I just don’t think you can get anything done in that time. I mean, you’re not me.” Peter boasted, which caused you to lean farther into your boyfriend with a smirk. You had been dating for a few years, and you knew exactly what he could do with seven minutes.

Warren smirked and his wings tightened around your frame, “Oh, I think seven minutes is enough time to get her crumbling beneath me.”

Your eyes widened at his blunt remark, the rest of the room letting out cat hollers and whistles. Warren only continued to smirk before rolling his lips into your back. You coughed and sputtered when you felt his obviously hard erection on your back. Warren held you tighter to him and repeated the action which led to Peter yelling at the two of you to get started in the room rather than in front of him.

You laughed nervously and stared up at Warren. You marveled at the tattoos on the sides of his face and the side of his scalp. You grew aroused when you thought about how the tattoos followed down his sides and onto his muscular stomach. Having the pleasure to trace those tattoos with the tips of your fingers and your tongue one night was the best thing you had ever experienced. Well, it was not really your pleasure, more like Warren’s. He had groaned and arched his back when you lightly traced the lines close to the hem of his sweat pants. Beads of sweat rolled of his forehead as you played with the strings that kept his pants from falling off. Warren continued to groan until you used your fingers to pull the sweat pants off.

By the time you came back from the memory, Warren was dragging you in the direction of his room. You followed behind him, almost melting in your own arousal.

When you reached his room, the door was immediately shut behind you and Warren reached behind you to lock it. Before you could do anything, Warren had you pressed against the door, his lips finding your neck and latching on. He used his plump lips to scour for your sweet spot, and when he did, you let out another moan and tossed your head back against the wooden door. The archangel smirked against your neck and sucked on the spot harder, no doubt leaving a dark purple mark for you to cover later.

Warren let his lips still for a moment before he spoke, “What do you think, baby? Think I can get you crumbling beneath me in seven minutes?”

You nodded your head frantically before responding, “Fuck yeah, you can. You just might need some more time after for a few extra rounds.”

Warren smirked again and began walking backwards, his wings expanding to their full fifteen foot length. You practically melted at the sight of his wings, and Warren knew it. He knew you had a fucking wing kink and used it to his advantage. The angel knew that the thing you loved most about him (Well, this was debatable) was his large, white wings. Warren smirked and puffed out his feathers and let you watch them for a few moments, before he extended his muscular arms as well. He nodded his head once before he flexed his biceps, the action causing you to whimper under your breath.

Warren chuckled and motioned for you to step forward, “Then we better get started, babygirl.”

You moved forward, attaching your lips to his. Warren responded with enthusiasm, tilting his head to the side so he could dominate. He slipped one hand up to your neck, tilting your own head to the side. He ran the tip of his tongue along the edge of your bottom lip. Granting him access to your mouth, he slipped his tongue into your mouth and rolled his hips up into yours. You groaned and Warren pulled his mouth away for a split second to whisper, “Jump.”

So you did.

You jumped into the air, trusting Warren to catch you. When he did, his arms were underneath your ass, supporting your weight.

The blonde angel walked backwards towards his bed. He let you fall first, so that he could lay on top of you. He reconnected his lips to your neck, allowing you to arch your back into his chest. You dropped your hands to run down his hard chest and you played with the hem of his shirt. Warren got the message and leaned back away from your body so that he could pull the shirt over his muscular body. It seemed to go in slow motion as you watched the shirt leave his body.

God, you had the hottest boyfriend.

From his muscular biceps, his chiseled six-pack, and his sharp v-line; you melted under him.

Warren let you watch him for a few moments before he reached down and pulled your shirt over your own body. This led to him marveling your body just as you did to him.

“I’m so lucky,” Warren whispered, his eyes deep and dark with lust as they scanned over the bare skin.

You pulled his lips back down onto yours by grabbing him by the back of his neck. He let one of his hands drop and roam around your body. You let out a few moans as he did so, and you raised a hand to pull on his gorgeous blonde locks. This caused Warren to let out one of his own moans, and you smiled at you achievement.

As for Warren’s wings, they were transferring between extending to their full length and curling around your body. At one point, you raised your other arm to stroke his sweet spot. Because his wings were sensitive as he just got them back, he had a sweet spot; it was just above his right shoulder blade. When you stroked it with your fingers, Warren collapsed above you. He kept his weight from crushing you, but his wings shuddered and his head threw back. He moaned out again and you let yourself arch into him.

Warren took your lifted back to his advantage, so he reached behind you to grab ahold of the clasps of your bra. With one flick of his fingers, he unclasped it from your chest. He quickly pulled the straps from your arms and let the material fall. He chucked the useless bra away from you, his movements becoming frantic and rushed as he grew more aroused.

When Warren finally let his hands fall to the hem of your pants, there was an interruption.

Knocking was heard on the door, and a voice shouted out, “Hey, your time is up!”


The both of you ignored his voice and continued your actions.

Minutes later, Peter knocked again, “Hey guys? Can you even hear me over your fucking?”
    Warren laughed against your skin and pulled his head up from your stomach, where he was layering kisses along the soft skin.

The angel spoke next, diverting Peter from opening the door, “Hey Peter? Can you please fuck off? We’re going to stay in here to finish some important business!”

You moaned beneath Warren as he reattached his lips to your stomach.

Peter was heard shuffling outside the door and his voice rang out one last time, “Okay fine, but if you guys fuck again, can you keep it down? I didn’t get any sleep last time you fuckers went at it!”

Warren ignored the comment and finally let his lips graze the hem of your pants. Then in one swift motion, he pulled the pants off of you and smirked, “Let’s see what I can do with unlimited time then.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I started watch skating, but I don't understand skating skills very well. I've read what ISU takes in account, but when I watch an actual program, it's hard for me to say if they were good or bad in that section. Can you list examples of okay versus great skating skills? Sorry if this is a dumb question and for any mistakes, English is not my first language. Thank you! =D

(Super late reply, sorry haha) It does take some experience watching skating before you have a better sense of what skating skills are, so don’t worry if it takes you a while to get it. Even experienced skating fans sometimes have trouble understanding it. SS can be hard to explain in words. This is what the ISU looks for in SS:

Skating Skills: Defined by overall cleanness and sureness, edge control and flow over the ice surface demonstrated by a command of the skating vocabulary (edges, steps, turns etc.), the clarity of technique and the use of effortless power to accelerate and vary speed

  • Use of deep edges, steps and turns
  • Balance, rhythmic knee action and precision of foot placement
  • Flow and glide
  • Varied use of power, speed and acceleration
  • Use of multi directional skating
  • Use of one foot skating

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Biggest Distraction

Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Character: Donnie
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: can you do a oneshot where Donnie finds the reader making pancakes and decides he wants to marry her?

Donnie was drawn out of his lab by the soft singing coming from the kitchen.
His brothers had gone out earlier and he knew Splinter had went to bed for the night, meaning it could only be one person.
He hadn’t expected you to come today. He had been working on a new piece of tech for the last few days and you knew this. He was always grateful when you did leave him to get on with his work. You were his biggest distraction, and it had turned into somewhat of a nick name.
When you were in the lab with him, he couldn’t concentrate. He couldn’t even keep his eyes off you. Even when you were just sitting in the corner reading a book. He found himself watching you. When you read, he noticed you would make little faces when something happened in the book. He found it endearing.
Donnie felt bad when he hinted that he needed to finish something and you would leave. But you were fine with it and you understood complete.
It had only been 3 days since Donnie had last seen you. While the two of you had been texting and calling, Donnie felt an ache in his chest and upon hearing your voice, he couldn’t stop himself.
To him, you were perfect and this time apart was killing him.
As he walked down the hallway, a sweet smell filled the air. He instantly knew it was pancakes and that only made him walk faster.  
He walked into the kitchen and stopped to lean on the doorframe, smiled softly to himself.
You were standing with your back to him, your hair up in pigtails and you were wearing a oversized hoodie. Donnie couldn’t quiet guess the tune you were now humming but he could see the small plate at your side which was filled with fresh pancake.
You used a spatula to move the final pancake from the pan onto the plate and you turned off the hob.
“Smells good.” Donnie spoke up, revealing his presents. You didn’t jump but you glanced over your shoulder at him and smiled.
“I thought you might need a break. Plus I needed attention.” You giggled, picking up the plate and walking towards him.
He could have picked you up and spun you around.
He knew you could never fully know how much you meant to him. Or how ever time he saw you, he would fall in love with you all over again. Never had a moment gone by that he regretted kissing you that night. That first kiss had been on impulse and Donnie, who normally thought things through thoroughly, couldn’t control himself. So when you kissed him back, he felt complete.
3 years.
Donnie frowned slightly. Had it really been 3 years since that night? But he as he quickly calculated it in his mind, he knew he was right.
“You alright?” You asked, seeing Donnies smile fade and replaced with a frown.
“Yeah, just thinking.” He shook his head and smiled again. You walked past him and, as you did, he looped his arm around you waist and the two of you started to walk back to the lab.
It was late, probably just after 10pm so Donnie knew you would be staying. He wasn’t all that keen on you walking through the alley ways and streets this late at night in the pitch black. Not that you wanted to. He noticed you played on this and you would turn up at night so he would pull you into his bed with him.
you started to hum again as the two of you entered the lab again and went over to where Donnie had been sitting. You pulled a seat over and placed the pancakes on the table. You pulled open a draw, which was your things, pulled out a book you had been reading and started reading. As you did, Donnie allowed his eyes to wander to you and his thought away from the project.
Donnie was still very much in love with you and you with him. He couldn’t imagine ever leaving you or being without you and he wanted to show you how much he loved you.
It was the first thing to pop into his mind but he quickly shook his head and turned away from you. He couldn’t marry you. He couldn’t even go out in the streets with you.
But it didn’t have to be the conventional wedding. You had always said you like things that were different and unique.
Maybe you would think the same for marriage. The two of you were basically a married couple anyway. You would know it wouldn’t be conventional.
He looked up at you.
Maybe it could work. The two of you could figure it out some how. You would no doubt have the best ideas.
you look up to see Donnie staring at you. You had seen that look before and knew he was thinking about something important.
“Everything okay, Donnie?” You asked, reaching out to place your hand on his knee. Your actions brought him back into the room and he smiled. You saw a small spark in his eyes, normally meaning he had decided something or had an idea on how to fix something.
“Perfect, my little distraction.” He chuckled, leaning forward to press a kiss to your forehead but reaching out to grab a pancake.

glitterfulglitty-deactivated201  asked:

Hey, can you uhh write some leggy smut?

Fast Learner [Lafayette x Peggy Smut] 

Word Count: 2.2 k

Warnings: Smut, mutual oral sex, authority kink?, french dirty talk, Peggy being real sexy an shit. 

Notes: This is like one of my only hetero Hamilton ships lmao. Also this is kind of a continuation of that one modern college au!leggy swimming ficlet I did a few weeks ago. 

After that day at the pool party, Laf hadn’t been able to get Peggy Schuyler off his mind. She had fit perfectly in his arms… 

It had gotten progressively worse. At first, Laf attempted to be friendly with Peggy and maintain their association that way… then she had invited him over with promises of watching TV and staying cold. 

- u know netflix and chill means fucking right?

Laf had sputtered at his phone and the message from Hercules, and quickly typed back while shaking his head, 

- I do not think it means what you think it means.

Herc had come back with:

- don’t quote princess bride to me, you sassy french fuck, I actually know these things

- Oooh oui, Hercules, I forgot how many girls you’ve slept with. How silly of me.

- You’re excused, I lose track sometimes too ;)

Laf had just rolled his eyes, tossing his phone away. It couldn’t mean that… right?

Well, they were halfway through a random show Peggy had chosen on the tv streaming service, and they were getting cuddly. Fine. Cuddling was Lafayette’s favourite pass-time, with anyone. 

“Hey,” Peggy grinned up at him. 

“Hey,” he looked down at her summery yellow jumpsuit, lips never parting his smile to reveal cheery teeth. 

“Angie’s gone out clubbing for the night with Thomas and whatever that poor sad little guy’s name is,” Peggy mumbled around a mouthful of strawberry poptart, “Eliza’s in New York for her cello workshop, so…” she grinned a little. 

“So?” Laf smiled back, not wanting to presume anything. Peggy gave him a flat look, and scooched a little closer. 

“Daddy said not to invite anyone over after sundown. I say, fuck that.” 

“Ah huh?”

“We’re in my bedroom, Laf.” 

“Mmm, so we are. It is a very nice bedroom, Peggy- the pastel yellow and the white are very complimentary.”

“As complimentary as my bikini was?” Peggy began, biting her rosily painted bottom lip. Laf found himself thinking back, and suddenly, she was way too close for normal friendship stuff. 

“Where are you going?” the youngest Schuyler sister pouted, and Laf already felt weak at the knees from the simple action. 

“I am getting us some more popcorn.”

“We never had popcorn,” Peggy cocked her head. 

“Ah, then I will make some!”

Peggy frowned as Laf bounced up and darted out of the room, clambering downstairs. He quickly messaged his group chat, looking for advice.

Laf: Peggy is making advances??? I think??

John: shit dude rip

Alex: Yeah when I got with Eliza, Angie gave me The Talk and then I died

Herc: Ayy go get ‘er tiger!

Alex: …. one of these replies is not like the others

Laf sighed at his phone, then stuffed it away again. He had no idea where the Schuyler family kept popcorn fixings, so he had that excuse. Instead, he grabbed a couple of Sam Adams from the fridge, and ran back upstairs. 

“My apologies, cherie, I’m afraid I am rather helpless in navigating your pantry!”

“That’s fine,” Peggy quirked an eyebrow, and accepted the beer happily. They pressed play on their show, and Peggy rested against Laf’s shoulder. Lafayette had always been a touchy-feely person… hugs, kisses, caresses, they were not reserved for lovers only, they were for anyone he felt amiable with. But Laf actually had feelings for Peggy, and didn’t want this to implode.

“Laf?” Peggy asked suddenly, and Laf gazed down.


“You have nice shoulders.”

He chuckled. “Merci. I try to work on them at the gym a little bit,” he attempted to joke, making light of the situation with a little ridiculous flexing gag, but Peggy just licked her lips. 

“Yeah, I can tell… do you mind if I lay on your lap?”

Oh merde, I had better not become hard, he thought to himself, but nodded silently with a gulp. About halfway through the episode they had thrown on, Laf began to get restless, Peggy too. The french student knew exactly what she wanted, and what he wanted too, but… it was complicated. The last girl Laf had loved, Adrienne, had said he moved far too fast, and when he asked her to make a commitment, she told him he was too clingy. He didn’t want to make the “too this, too that” mistake again.

All of this was slowly spiralling to hell, though, as Peggy began to climb him like a tree. Soon, she was in his lap, Laf’s view almost consumed by Peggy’s bared stomach in his face and her full, delectable breasts dangerously close to him… there was that damn sun belly ring again. 

“You are going to miss the finale,” he tried weakly, feeling his cock begin to stir despite himself, but Peggy just stroked an errant curl from his face.

“Please,” she whispered, gently bunching the fabric of his long sleeved shirt in her hand and tugging. Laf felt himself drawn to her lips, unable to stop himself as he surged forward, lips capturing hers again and again until-

“Wait,” Laf said, gasping softly for air. Peggy stalled, eyes searching, and Lafayette tried to catch his breath. 

“Sorry,” she whispered, “I don’t want to force you.”

“No!” Laf exclaimed suddenly, “P-Peggy, this is not about me! Is… is this not… too fast for you?”

“Is that what this is about?”


“Laf,” Peggy sighed, “I know everyone in this god damn world thinks I’m the sweetest little flower who can’t be touched or defiled, but-!”

“Aren’t you?” Laf squeaked, plastered back against the cushions.

“I lost my virginity when I was fourteen,” Peggy deadpanned back, and Laf’s eyes widened. 

“Zut Alors…” 

“Yeahhh, Angelica knows French, I don’t.”

“Then get her to give you some lessons, cherie,” Laf growled, the fire in him rising, “For the things I will be whispering to you tonight are too despicable for the English language.”

Peggy moaned a little, and Laf flipped them so that he was on top and Peggy had her back to the mattress. Her tightly pulled back hair provided Laf with a gorgeous view of her features, and with the early evening light streaming in, he was even more enamored with her. 

“What?” she giggled.

“You,” he replied, kissing her nose, then brought his hands down to her shorts, undoing them quickly and hooking his fingers into her panties. He raised his eyebrows at her, but she quickly nodded, so he went on, pulling them down as well. Peggy kicked them off, beginning to grind up against Laf, and she made her pouty face again.

“I’m naked and wet, and you haven’t even taken your shirt off yet! Not fair.”

“I’m getting there, kitten,” Laf smiled, and pressed a kiss to her cheek, her lips, her neck, her chest, all the way down to her stomach. “Be patient.” Then, he reached her core.

“Ohhh my god,” she groaned, and Laf looked up, licking his lips and blinking his lustful eyes. 

“What is it?”

“N-Nobody’s ever done that to me before…”

“Mmm,” Laf smirked, “I will set the bar then.”

With that, he delved back down, licking striped up her until he reached her clit, stroking the nub with the tip of his tongue until Peggy’s legs were shaking around his neck. 

“Are you okay to take me now?” he asked nervously, and Peggy grabbed a condom from under her pillow. “Mon dieu!” Laf admonished, placing a hand over his chest. She just rolled her eyes.

“I knew you were coming, ass carriage.” 

Laf grabbed it quickly, and Peggy watched with wide, pretty eyes as Laf slowly undid himself, unbuckling and discarding his pants, thumbing down his boxers and getting rid of them. She immediately looked hungry when she saw his dick, standing hard and aching, against his stomach.

“I knew you’d be big, but… damn,” she commented, “11/10, would suck.”

“Get to it, then,” Laf grinned, and Peggy’s eyes lit up like Christmas. She scrambled forward on the bed, immediately blinking down at it… there was some apprehension now. “Never sucked a dick before,” Laf nodded. 

“Hey, I’ve practiced!”

“On what, a banana?” Laf chuckled, and when Peggy blushed, he shut his mouth. “Okay, well… let me guide you through it.” She leaned down, and Laf tapped her chin softly. “Open up your lips, and take the head gently between them first. Don’t suck too hard or go too deep… simply take me in your mouth. Good, ma cherie, that is…” he looked up to her ceiling, biting his lip hard to keep a steady voice for coaching, “Oui oui. So next, you begin to slowly drag the tip of your tongue across the- ohhh, yes, you have it, right there…” She was getting the hang of it, fast. 

“How do you know how to give such good head?” she inquired with her lips still preoccupied, and Laf reached back to give her a playful tap on the ass. 

“No talking with your mouth full, kitten… it is terrible manners.” He smiled. “Well, one… I am a man, so we know how we like it done. Two, I have sucked many dicks before,” he flashed her another grin, and Peggy moaned, rubbing her thighs together. 

“That’s hot as fuck…” 

“Suck a little harder now… ahhh, you are a natural, Peggy, ma chou…”

“As much I’d love a facial from you,” Peggy shrugged, popping off and sending Laf into a complete frenzy, “I want you in my pussy more.”

“Your wish is my command,” Laf’s voice was suddenly hoarse, and he used his strong, large hands to sweep her back again, to laying over the sheets. He liked his partners engaged, not pliant, and Peggy seemed every bit as passionate as he was. Arching her back a little, she provided him with easy access as he helped hold her ass up. In one slow push, he was in, and Peggy drew in a sharp breath, exhaling with a loud moan. 

Their breath both became laboured, the only background noise the whirring of the TV box accompanied by the hilariously paused face on screen. 

“You’re beautiful,” Laf murmured in her ear, leaning down to press his body weight against her, “So pretty… ma chaton is so pretty…” 

“Laf, you’re…” Peggy sighed softly as Laf thrusted in again, “You’re really good, oh my god…”

“I want to make you come, ma cherie,” he confessed, “I want to see your face, your eyes when you do. I want you to scream my name.” 

“Laf,” she whined, pushing down to meet him with every thrust. His fingers came down to work her bud slowly, until she was sweating and cursing, hands digging into Laf’s back. 

“I am so close,” he told her, “Please say you are close, Peggy, I do not want to leave you unsatisfied…” 

“Almost there,” she huffed, biting her lip. Laf looked down at this, and kissed her again, their moans swallowed up in each others mouths. Soon, both were close, hands roaming all over each other like they couldn’t get enough. Laf’s carefully administered pounding began to quicken into sharp, abnormal thrusts.

“I never want to feel anyone else.” 

“Merde, vous êtes si incroyablement excitant, je ne veux rien de plus que de vous baiser jusqu'à ce que vous êtes douloureux, alors embrasse-le tout mieux!” (You are so incredibly arousing, I want nothing more than to fuck you until you are sore then kiss it all better.)

“Please, sir,” she whimpered, and Laf groaned. 

“Yes, call me that again, chaton.” 

“Sir, I need to come!”

“Come, right away, Peggy, as soon as you need,” Laf drawled in her ear, nipping at her lobe, and Laf could feel the abundance of wetness around his cock, her toes curling into his back. Her head was tossed back, neck exposed, breasts heaving up and down, and it was all too much for him- Laf released into the condom shortly after, chanting her name. As they slowly came down, Laf pulled out, and Peggy stroked him through the aftershocks until he was oversensitive. Laf pressed a kiss to her forehead, and she let out a hazy giggle. 

“You smell like lavender.”

“You smell like cherry lip gloss, which is what I assume is all over my body now.”

“Guilty,” she shrugged, and sat back on her heels to fan herself. 

“That was so fucking amaze-balls,” Peggy sighed, and Laf almost laughed at how messed up her carefully done hair had become. 


“Your hair…” he snorted. 

“What about it?” Peggy felt up, “Yours looks ratchet, so what the fuck’s up with mine?”

“It is perfect,” Laf whispered, kissing her rosy cheeks and wrapping his arms around her to slowly ease her under the covers. “Now nap with me.” 

“Mmm,” Peggy smiled, “Uhhh… how you say, putain oui?” 

“You are a fast learner, ma belle fleur,” Laf smiled back, joining their heads together and closing his eyes, “A fast learner, indeed.” 

A Sweet and Sweaty Entanglement (Male Reader)

Request: “would be willing to do a newt x male reader smut? just super fluffy and all that x”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Male Reader

Word Count: 1163

Warnings: Smut

A/n: hope I did this justice! I’ve never written male perspective smut so pls don’t crucify me it it’s shitty ahhh

Originally posted by reachfortheskysquid

It was the need for him which sliced through the thick, humid air in the middle of the night. You groaned, checking your watch on the nightstand. Three in the morning, and still you could only slip in and out of consciousness irregularly, for only twenty minutes at a time before your body objected and pulled you from your dreams. The dreams you really, badly, needed to finish. It was true torture. To have Newt’s freckled body on top of yours, his hands on your chest and head tilted back so beautifully. To hear him moan your name. To have the illusion crash, and fall away to the darkness of hot night.

In an instant, you had made up your mind, the unbearable tightness of yours pants spurring you to find Newt in his room down to hall. The two of you had flirted around before, well, you mostly flirted and Newt just blushed and hid his face, but on the rare occasion he’d be brave enough to utter something so artfully suggestive. You knew how each other felt, but Newt was hesitant to initiate anything, and you didn’t push him to. But now you pushed open his slightly ajar door, praying that he wouldn’t be upset at the intrusion. You just needed to see his dishevelled bed hair, his rosy cheeks and freckly nose. The one you wished to trace with your fingers, leaving kisses on each freckle, even the ones that led down to the elastic on his pyjama pants-

“(Y/n)?” His gravelly voice was enough to elicit a wave of desire through your length.

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nygmobblespot  asked:

30 - nygmobblepot - of course 😉

Sorry this took so long! It’s been a hectic week. I hope you like it.


It had been an uphill battle for Oswald to exact his revenge on Edward. From the river, to the greenhouse, to the mansion, and finally to the 35th floor of a luxurious skyscraper full of traps and peril, Oswald was downright tired. How had Ed managed to get himself taken in by the Court? Did he turn himself over to them, for some reason? He had always been incredibly self-destructive when someone wasn’t there to level him out… and Oswald had been that person to him.

He had to admit that there was some measure of pride he felt at the anarchy Edward was managing to spread under his new moniker, even if he personally felt it was pretty sloppy. The elaborate traps he set, the careful manipulation of both the general public and the GCPD… It was thrilling to watch.  But Ed gave himself up too easily, made it too easy for the authorities to track the crimes back to him. It was like he wanted to be caught; but Ed craved attention and validation, and without Oswald giving him constant praise, he had apparently gone off the deep end. He supposed without constant companionship, Ed had to fill his needs elsewhere.

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Rest and Recreation

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 2007-ish
Namjoon helps you out with your discomfort, and you help him out with his.

A/N: I have a thing for laps. Like, there is no universe where Y/N is not in someone’s lap at one point or another. I also have a thing for blowjobs. And that’s what this is. SO. I also have no excuse for using this gif except that it’s my fav Joon smile ever caught on camera kthnxbai

Cramps hit you hard this month. You had spent the day in pitiable condition, whimpering and cringing and emotionally compromised, until Namjoon took pity on you and let you curl up in his lap, tucked under his chin while the both of you watched tv. He was absently rubbing your back, his long fingers massaging the base of your spine and the dimples above your hips, coaxing the tenseness from your muscles.

Way too many episodes into a Netflix binge, you found yourself nodding off in Namjoon’s arms, lulled to peace by his gentle touches. Eyes drifting closed, you dreamily wondered where the God of Destruction disappeared to, giggling softly because why the hell did that matter? Pfft, he was good with his hands. You chuckled again, because yeeah, he was good with his hands, in more ways than one.

Namjoon’s lips twitched at your soft sounds, and he tipped his head to press a kiss into your hair, never letting up on the massage. You nuzzled into his chest, breathing in the familiar scent of him, gently drowning your senses with everything Namjoon. It was just comfort and tranquility and love. It pulled you so into the moment, so into him, you honestly couldn’t pay attention to yourself.

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Rule of Thumb Pt. 2

Requested: no

TW: depression, abo, alpha! Dean, dubcon issues, sex, knotting, breeding kink, alcohol, weed

Summary: As it turns out the Winchesters are a very alpha family, and a very fun family. Which is great, except for how hard it is for the reader not to trust them. 

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Y/N hadn’t realized she dozed off while waiting for Mary to bring in food until a firm yet gentle hand rubbed her back softly. Her body startled awake, her eyes flashing open, meeting green. “Hey there sleepyhead.” 

She rubbed at her eyes slightly, mumbling out an apology as she tried to shift up into a seated position. Dean sat on the chair across from her, a plate balanced on his lap. 

Mary was beside the younger omega, a small comfort. She passed Y/N a plate that had little dabs of everything she thought the younger girl would like.  Her hands stayed on Y/N’s knee and the simple action was enough for the slightest bit of jealousy to run through her.  Dean and Sam had a loving mother. 

A silence of chews filled the living room until Dean tried to prop his feet up on the table. “I know you aren’t going to do what I think you’re going to do Dean Winchester.” Mary might be an omega, but she had the bite of an alpha.

Dean moved his feet off the table and tucked them under his thick thighs. “Yes ma’am.”

Everything in her was telling Y/N that she was over stepping her boundaries. These men, this family, they were all alphas. Nothing good was going to come from this, but Mary smelled like freshly cut grass and kept rubbing her knee and she had never felt safer. 

“If you don’t mind me asking darling, why the hell are you in Lawerence?” John broke the silence with a warm smile over his coffee. 

Y/N shifted on the couch, setting the plate down on the table. She hadn’t noticed the makeshift blanket over her shoulders until Mary pulled it closer. Glancing down she saw it was a uniform shift with a name tag pressed on the breast pocket: Dean. “I fell in love.” The honest confession eased her burden ever so slightly. 

“Damn.” Dean swore under his breath, he hadn’t seen a mark on your neck when he placed his shirt over you. 

“His name was Alex and we decided to run away. I hated home, so did he. So we ran. We were passing through St. Louis when we stopped at this motel. I went out for food and when I came back he wasn’t alone.” 

An awkward silence fell over the room as Y/N moved to pull the rubber band up to smack it down on her wrist. “So, I just started driving. Ended up here.” She shrugged softly. 

“Well Alex was a dick.” Dean pointed toward you assuringly. “Because any guy who would cheat on a girl who drives a car like that isn’t worth it.” 

“He’s an alpha. I shouldn’t have expected much.” 

Dean furrowed his brow, shaking his head. “No. Not all alphas are dicks. We can keep it in our pants. We’re capable of loving someone.” 

Mary cleared her throat, and got up. “You are welcome to stay as long as you like dear.” 

“I can’t ask that of you.”

“You’re right.” Dean purred. “She could spend the night here and then come back to my place. Stay there until we get her baby up and going.” 

It was crazy. Y/N shouldn’t trust them, she barely knew them. Not to mention the raging alpha scent that they emitted with each breath. “Who are you people?”

A ripple of laughter followed before Dean leaned forward on his elbows. “We’re just human.”

It wasn’t log until Y/N had curled up on the couch again, burying her nose into the shirt Dean had left. His scent was achingly wonderful. Far different from Alex’s. Dean smelt like oil, whiskey, and the faintest bit like the coffee Mary made. Y/N spent the night on the Winchester’s couch, unaware to the fond smiles passed among the family. 

“She’s charming.” Mary whispered at the bottom of the stairs. Dean lingered by the guest room entrance. 

“Mom.” Dean warned, his alpha tone flaring up slightly. 

"Don’t use that tone of voice with me. I just want you to be happy. She’s young and new to town. Her life needs something worth holding onto. Wouldn’t you hate to see her get hurt?”

Dean said nothing and kissed his mother on the cheek. He turned away from her, going to lay down on the guest bed. His thoughts were traveling too fast to keep up with, but he knew he wanted them to stay that way. Lavender trickled down the hall and through the vents into his room, lulling him to sleep like an omega should. 

I Can’t Save Her: Part 25

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Mentions of Torture/Death/Mind Control

Word Count: 1887

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: I love this chapter. Especially the last scene.

Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Originally posted by silent-rain91

I sat with my back resting against the wall as Bucky slept. I focused my remaining strength on not falling asleep since I was sure I had a severe concussion. My entire body felt like it had been run over by a freight train – my ribs radiated with pain every time I took a breath, and my head and arm ached. As time passed I was beginning to struggle with staying awake. My body was exhausted after I had depleted the last of my adrenalin fighting the man. I was beginning to close my eyes when the sound of the door scraping open woke me with a start.

“Steve,” I rasped as I took in the sight of him, Tony, and Nat. I looked down at Bucky, who hadn’t moved. “He’s… he’s unconscious. You’re going to have to carry him,” I explained as I looked up at my friends. I looked down at Bucky one last time – I didn’t want to break our physical contact for fear that he would disappear again. Steve and Tony lifted Bucky by each arm and hoisted him over their shoulders to carry him. As they were nearing the door Nat came over to me and helped me up. I wrapped my good arm around her neck and we slowly made our way out of the room.

“Are you hurt?” She asked as she looked at all the blood that covered my hands and body.

“I’ll survive,” I grimaced at her as we continued slowly up the stairs.

She paused for a moment and looked at me seriously. “One day you might not. Can you even remotely comprehend what that would do to our team? Since Bucky left… you’ve been totally reckless. You may not care about yourself, but the rest of us do.”

We continued on in silence for awhile each step we took caused me to grunt in pain. I knew she was right – I had been reckless and selfish. “Nat,” I whispered quietly. She looked at me as we continued up. “I’m… I’m sorry. You’re right.”

She smiled at me warmly. “I know.”

I winced as I tried to sit up in the bed – suddenly remembering that my body was fairly battered and bruised. I sighed uneasily – my head and ribs were throbbing among other issues.

“A chest wall contusion, bruised ribs, and a severe concussion,” I could hear Steve’s voice say. I slowly opened my eyes to look at him as he pushed out of his chair and walked over to my hospital bed.

“Hey Stevie,” I whispered.

“Hey yourself stranger.” He tried to keep his tone casual, but I could tell that he was less than thrilled with the results of my actions. In all honesty I was having a difficult time remembering everything.

“Bucky,” I whispered with a jolt of panic.

“He’s fine,” Steve rested his hand on mine and gave it a reassuring squeeze. I sighed with relief. “You on the other hand… Y/N what the hell were you thinking? You could have…. You could have died,” his voice cracked with emotion. I squeezed his hand gently and gave him a soft sad smile.

“I know. I’m sorry Steve… I just… I couldn’t… I was reckless,” I whispered sadly as I remembered bits and pieces of the conversation I had with Nat before collapsing in the jet. “Has he…has he said anything?” I asked nervously.

“No. He didn’t fair much better than you. He has a few fractures, and is severely dehydrated. The doctors here are still trying to figure out if H.Y.D.R.A. did anything to him… to his mind. Tony has called in the best that he knows, but it will be difficult for them to know anything until he wakes up. He should recover quicker than a normal person though,” he paused for a moment – which made me nervous.

“What is it Steve?”

“I just… I want you to be prepared for whatever happens,” he added uneasily.

I swallowed hard. “I promise,” I whispered. Steve turned to leave at this. “Steve?” I asked. He turned around to me – his eyebrows raised in question. “Can you maybe help me to the shower?” I asked embarrassed. I knew he wouldn’t want me to over exert myself and I felt like I owed it to him – Steve always liked to take care of others.

“Sure,” he smiled softly at me as he hoisted me from the bed and helped me to the bathroom. Once I was out of the bed everything hurt worse. I was amazed that it was even possible. My limbs felt heavy as I clumsily walked in unison with Steve. Once we reached the shower I felt relieved. Steve turned on the tap to the hottest setting and made sure I had all the essentials. “Just let me know if you need me – I’ll be just outside.” He hovered for a moment before giving me a small smile and excusing himself.

I sighed as the water cascaded down my skin. I had felt half frozen since Siberia and the heat of the water seemed to revitalize me in a peculiar way. My peaceful moment was shattered when I looked at my hands and discovered the remnants of blood. The sudden sensation of the knife sliding into the man’s body overwhelmed me – I wrung my hands trying to shake the feeling, but I couldn’t. I felt panic bubble up inside of me. In truth – many things had happened in the last few days, and I hadn’t had time to process them fully. I frantically cleaned myself, but it was as if the blood had permanently stained my skin. No matter how hard I scrubbed I couldn’t get it out.

I had killed two people. They certainly weren’t innocent, but my reasoning wasn’t pragmatic – it had been fueled by blind rage. The deaths flashed before my eyes making my stomach turn. I leaned over and vomited before falling to my knees. The actions sent me reeling with pain.

“Hold still!” a man commanded as I struggled out of the harnesses that bound me. Suddenly the sound of screaming filled my ears, and a searing pain ran through my head – as if someone was sticking a hot poker in it and swirling it about.

“Y/N!” Steve yelled as he pulled back the shower curtain. I was crumpled in the corner of the shower – the warm water still falling on me.

“Steve?” I asked confused. I was disoriented – I wasn’t sure where my mind had gone, and I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t. I felt myself rise slowly as Steve lifted me up and wrapped a towel around me before carrying me to the bed.

And then everything went dark.

“Buck, you shouldn’t be in here… not right now,” Steve’s whisper was harsh. I had been in a drug and pain induced haze of sleep for several days. I was too tired to acknowledge the men in my room and I quietly willed myself to go back to sleep. I couldn’t face the conversations that I needed to have with Bucky – not yet. I needed time to process everything that happened before his rescue.

“This is all my fault. I’m sorry Steve,” Bucky muttered sadly.

“Yeah, it is Buck. What the hell were you thinking? She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.” Even in my haze of sleep I could tell one thing for certain – Steve was pissed.

“I…. I was trying to do the right thing,” Bucky whispered back. “I was trying to be selfless…”

“Selfless? Are you kidding me Buck?” I could hear Steve shuffle around – probably to better stare down his best friend. “Did you know when you left? Did you know about her parents?” The question was really a demand. There was an uncomfortable pause – by now I was fully awake and feigning sleep.

“I wasn’t positive…. But I think some part of me knew… deep down. Somehow I knew it was true…” Bucky was cut short by a loud smack. By the sound of Steve’s breathing I could only guess that he had punched him. “I deserved that,” Bucky whispered sadly.

“She deserved to know,” Steve added quietly.

“I know…. I knew she deserved so much more than me –  so I left,” Bucky’s voice cracked with emotion. “I left even though I promised her I wouldn’t and it was like cutting out my own heart, because I do love her Steve. I love her more than anything I’ve ever loved…” He let out a sad sigh. “I tried to save her from this – from me. But I can’t save her… I can’t fix this.”

“Buck… if you love her don’t leave again. She… just don’t leave again. Promise me on our friendship that you’ll come back with us,” Steve wasn’t going to back down. He had always been my protector and he was once again fulfilling his role.

Bucky was silent for a few minutes – as each second passed my heart sank further. “I promise,” he whispered so softly I could barely hear it. “Steve… the way she went after that man when we were in the room… There’s basic survival… but this… it was like blind rage. I’ve never seen her…”

“—I know Buck,” Steve replied. “Try to get some rest… you need it. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I could hear one set of footsteps trail out of the room, but the other set came closer to the bed before its source sat in the chair closest to me.

I shifted slightly and slowly to my side – testing my level of pain. I peeked through my lashes at Bucky and was met with his piercing blue stare. “How much did you hear?” he asked softly.

“Everything,” I responded with a sad smile

“Y/N – I…” he began but I cut him off.

“Buck – I don’t want to talk about it tonight… can we… for one night can we just be together like before?” I asked quietly.

“Sure – anything you want,” he smiled sadly as he smoothed my hair from my face. The touch of his skin against mine was enough to bring a rush of emotions and memories that threatened to overwhelm me. I slowly moved over in the bed to give him room as he slid under the covers. His warmth enveloped me almost instantly as he put his arms around me. I rested my head lightly on his shoulder – causing him to inhale sharply.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I lifted my head up to face him. I didn’t hear his answer – I was suddenly hyper aware of the way he was biting his bottom lip as he nervously looked at me. I could feel the sudden lust erupt from deep inside of me – I hadn’t seen him in months – and all things aside, all I could think about was his body near mine, his hand trailing up and down my back softly, and his breath against my skin.

“Y/N,” his voice shook me from my revelry. “You should get some sleep. The doctors won’t clear you to travel until you’ve recovered completely,” he said softly. I laid my head back down reluctantly, but I could tell by the quickening of his breath that he had been thinking the same thing as me.


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