Why Numbuh 4 is undoubtedly a trans boy

Hello, I’m here today to talk to you about a subject very close to my heart :^)

  • To get the obvious parts out of the way, Wally fits a really stereotypical depiction of a young trans boy, in that he has an aversion to feminine things and is always trying to establish his masculinity (here’s to hoping he grows out of that)
  • While he’s even shorter than the girls on his team, it IS worth noting that he is much smaller than the average boy his age
  • His Dad brings him to Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, asserting multiple times “Well, I don’t have a daughter, y’know!”, but there WAS also a Bring Your Son to Work Day planned for the next week….and his Dad chose to bring him to the former
  • Wally also gets sent to a girls’ boarding school??? just sayin’
  • This goes with the first point, but he gets particularly defensive when referred to as feminine words, for example when the animatronic rainbow monkeys think he is a girl in op PLANET, and when he’s called pretty and retorts “I’m not pretty, I’m HANDSOME” in op TRICKY
  • I could probably go on, and I could talk about my more specific fan theories too, but this is all the canon stuff.