yuzuru hanyu || world team trophy 2017 cm (x)

“The Things We Used to Share” is a great song to listen to while writing.

It does spur the creativity rather well. Thank you @welcome-to-the-joangle and @thatsthat24 for a fantastic song to listen to while I delve into the dark universe of my stories.


Kuroneko con was A BLAST. My favorite KNC since I started going 4 years ago and to think next year is their 10th year anniversary. I cant believe it. I love this con to death both as home con and my first convention. I got to spend time with so many friends.
Like always, I cosplayed Crona (day 1) and I thinks its sweet and amazing that so many know me as Crona or from the Soul Eater Panel. A lot of people were heartbroken to learn we are likely not having it…
so maybe…
we will pull together and try to figure out a plan to host it for the 10th year.
I love Crona and Soul Eater that I wouldnt have it any other way.
It was lovely to get to talk to uptown cosplay for a short while. They were very busy (and likely getting a lot notifications so Im not going to tag them just to lessen that load), but theyre are always so nice to talk to. Thank you for coming to the con.
I didnt get any pictures in Titus and none other than the one with Uptown as Pidge (the wig needs to be styled so badly and we didnt have enough time to give it the care it needs).


[KnC][Compilation] BTS JINKOOK DANCE - When Jin and JK dance together

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