The Secret Race! RPG/Fic

All preparations had been successfuly made the trap was ready and the bait was set. 

Knockout couldn’t help but smirk as he spotted a familair green hue followed by a unfamiliar roadster heading directly for his location.

“Heh, As the Humans say… Like a fly to honey…” Knockout whispered to himself smugly as his plan would soon be set into motion. He felt a bit giddy at the prospect of racing once more.

Of course fun and games aside he did have a job to do. This ignorant youthful Autobot he planned to take full advantage of… After all he had some things to make up for in Megatrons eyes and what better way then to enjoy his favorite past time in the process.

There wasn’t anything in the Decepticon rulebook that said he couldn’t have a little fun with this Autobrat first however.

But in both regards he remained confidant that by the end of this night Knockout would enjoy the sweet taste of victory.

 "If you race as fast as you keep your appointments, then maybe I shouldn't even bother with you…“ Knockout called to the other, half irritated, half amused at the others naivety for having come alone after all the warnings his temmates had given him.

Was this mech really that stupid or just overconfidant? Ether way Knockout would enjoy taking him apart piece by piece just as he had done recently to Sailas. Oh the memories he would cherish for vorns to come. Just as he savor every moment of this. 

Now it was time to see if he brought the prize…

"You’re lucky I waited this long… better have brought the goods or I’m leaving.” Knockout taunted tapping his foot his arms crossed as he straightened from his position leaning against a mossy mountain wall. Most notably of which he remained positioned near a cherry blossom tree that in his mind complimented his paint job quite nicely.

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