What actually happened in Teiko Arc
  • Akashi: I need someone. *finds Kuroko* Good.
  • Aomine: Tetsu you my bruh
  • Kuroko: I will try my best to stay your bruh
  • Nijimura: I cannot captain. Akashi you captain.
  • Akashi: Ok.
  • Teiko team: We won again aaaaaaay
  • Murasakibara: Aka-chin weak
  • Akashi: Say that to my face you fucking tree
  • Aomine: Tetsu I'm too strong for you. We not bros no more.
  • Kuroko: ...bruh.
  • Akashi: Tetsuya. Shintarou. Daiki. Ryouta. Atsushi.
  • Ogiwara: Kurokooooo
  • Kuroko: Hello childhood friend. I wish to battle you.
  • Kuroko: *gets injured* Fuck.
  • Akashi: Don't worry Tetsuya, we will battle him for you.
  • Teiko team: 111-11
  • Kuroko: victory..?
  • Akashi: We've already kicked too many asses. Lets split up into different teams so that we can kick each other's asses. How's that sound?
  • GoM: Cool.

Kuroko no Basket「2012-2015」 || Season Finales
↳ This isn’t the end of everything. It’s more like it’s just begun. We can fight. With the basketball that we love…many times over.

I just love this serie’s endcard, like:

Himuro is surronded by little girls

And, obviously, Kise too

And Moriyama is soooo jealous, even children prefer those two ikemen

Miyaji-senpai and Izuki seem to be successful with little girls too

This two idiots are keeping their one on one match, i wonder how it will end

Shin-chan is doing the megane thing, the kid next to him is imitating him and Takao is pissing himself


Generation of Miracles
First and Last matches with Seirin