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kagami’s the only one who still takes those morons seriously

everyone else is 100% done, especially satsuki who has to bail them out

tatsuya knows nothing about it, leave him alone

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In which Akashi tries to compliment people, but end up offending them more.

Request by ship-dis-love-story

I was actually planning on doing this already, but post this tomorrow, but since I received an ask for it, I decided to do it today. Her/His request is an AkaKuro post. (I could’ve put her/his ask, but I used up all 10 spaces for photos Order goes as: Midorima Kise Murasakibara Aomine Kagami Momoi)


kagami mass text-ed this to everyone and their reactions were something that kagami wasn’t expecting. 

later that night akashi takes kagami on a date and aomine and murasakibara had to wait for him to return while kuroko and midorima where scaring of their family members thinking about the most painful ways to kill. while kise… you know… was admitted at the hospital. 


In the end, Ahomine still got Bakagami’s meat platter. It was too soggy by that time though.

Take that what you will. I’ll be finishing the asks I currently have in my askbox today since starting tomorrow, I have to study for my exams which costs around 30% of my grade from each subject. Alright? I’ll catch up on asks afterwards. 


Here it is, the saga continues

ft. Midotaka

Nothing can phase Midorima anymore like he’s one to talk

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