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KnB Countdown! : 13 Days Left

KnB Countdown: 14 days  Point Guards

“A point guard has perhaps the most specialized role of any position – essentially, they are expected to run the team’s offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time.


KNB countdown - 3 days left

キセキの世代 (Kiseki no Sedai)

“Teikou Junior High Basketball Club - an incredibly strong team with over a hundred club members and consecutive championship wins - even within that club, a group of five prodigies stood above the rest. Five players with talents that you would see once every ten years called the Generation of Miracles. However, there was a strange rumour of another member recognized by those five… A phantom sixth man.”


KNB Favorites || THE GAME
The feel of the ball. The squeak of the basketball shoes. The swish of the net. I started playing because I loved the game.

Whether or not I can win doesn’t matter. Working towards a goal is just so much fun, I can’t help myself. Don’t you enjoy basketball?