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How would the GOM + Kagami, react to their short s/o (like five feet tall) being a very good basketball player?

hi! thanks for the submission! had a lot of fun writing this! enjoy, xx

Kise Ryouta:

  • He doesn’t believe it when you tell him you’re a pretty good basketball player yourself. He laughs it off and pats your head and calls you adorable. “You’re a little too short to be a basketball player, _______-cchi!”
  • When he first sees you play during one of your school games, he’s in awe. He never believed you but you were absolutely amazing. He sees you shoot just like Midorima-cchi and he apologizes and cheers you on from the stands.
  • He had a taste of his own medicine at one of your matches. A swarm of boys and girls gathered around you to congratulate you, stopping him from reaching to you first. Irritated, he would push his way past the fans and tug on your arms, pulling you away from the crowd.

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Midorima Shintarou:

  • He never had the time to check out your basketball matches since he was busy with his basketball club, but when he did have a chance he went and brought over your lucky item of the day. 
  • He likes seeing you in your uniform, a black and orange uniform because it held the color of his school. Since the two of you go to different schools, it was nice seeing you in something he took pride in. (also because your legs look toned af).
  • He doesn’t cheer the loudest or even raise his voice for that matter so he brings Takao with him-sometimes Takao just tags along-to cheer for you. When you hear Takao screaming and hooting, you know your boyfriends there to support you. Sometimes it’s hard to spot him because of your height but once you see green you know he’s there.

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Aomine Daiki:

  • The fact that he reaches objects for you in your daily life such as in the library or in a kitchen questions your credibility but once he’s seen you play, he’s so damn proud of his short little shrimp.
  • He constantly teases you because of your height but he knows you’re one of the best players in your team and could even rival some of the players in his own team. He’s secretly such a proud dad.
  • He watches your game with Satsuki and likes to analyze the game with her. Afterwards the three of you get some dinner. You and Satsuki get along pretty well and like to discuss plays and strategies over food.

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Murasakibara Atsushi: 

  • He doesn’t really distrust you, but he can’t be too sure if you’re really in a basketball team considering how short you are. You constantly tell him that you’re one of the starters but he dismisses you by sho omg good into your mouth.
  • He’s amazed at how well you play and occasionally visit the games. After you finish and win a game, he carries you on his shoulders and walks around the stadium with you happily laughing with him at your win.
  • He isn’t much of a screamer but he lets out a “Gooo~________-chin~” and proceeds to stuff his face with popcorn. He talks about an exciting moment of your play after the game and points out what you could have done sometimes.

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Akashi Seijuro:

  • Akashi is a proud daddy. He knows you’re in the starting line up and he knows how amazing you are at your play. He goes to all the games he can make since you do the same for him. He sometimes brings the team as some sort of field trip, causing  a commotion since they’re from a popular and high ranked school.
  • He treats you to dinner after a win and discusses strategies and what you can improve on. He asks for tips as well to implement some of your moves to his team because lets be honest, you have a few killer moves up your sleeves, too.
  • When you lose a match, he takes you to his house and the two of you curl up in his screen room while watching your favorite movie. He likes to shower you with love and comfort because he knows how hard it can take a toll on you to lose.

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Kagami Taiga:

  • Kagami is obviously at disbelief when he first hears the news. He’s literally watching TV and sees you playing basketball and shits himself because you were freaking awesome???
  • He cooks congratulatory dinners when you and your team wins and sometimes invites your team knowing they’d be hungry. Your teammates love him although he gets flustered talking to them, you find it so endearing. The team praises you for having such a sweet boyfriend.
  • He takes you to street courts on dates and plays against you sometimes for a change. Usually it’d be shopping or movies but letting off some steam with basketball together is a dream come true for the both of you.

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Hi. Could I request headcanons for GoM reactions to s/o giving them a plastic rose saying it's not because their love is fake but their love will last forever?

Of course you can! I hope these are to your liking?


  • Has no words to say.
  • He’s not sure whether to smother you with affection or keep his emotions in check and politely thank you.
  • Instead, he chooses to take you to his favourite place, he’s never showed anyone before, and grabs a real rose, proclaiming his love to you, all the while smiling at your reaction to his declaration.


  • At first, he thinks the idea is silly.. After all, not many guys are on the receiving end of roses.
  • But when he sees the downcast look you’re giving him, he takes it, feeling guilty.

  • He then thanks you for being with him, even placing the rose by a photo he has of the two of you on his desk, and pulls you in for a loving kiss.


  • He completely overreacts.
  • He thinks he’s not worthy of having REAL roses and that the feelings he has for you are not reciprocated.

  • It takes a few slaps to the head, but when he settles down, he realizes it’s actually very endearing, and decides to keep it with him at all times.. After all, it’s not going to get wrecked.


  • He notices the trembling in your hands as you give it to him and explain the meaning, eliciting a smile to form on his lips.
  • He’ll take the rose, adding it to the bouquet each day you give him one.

  • And he’ll reciprocate the gesture with a kiss to the cheek, always thanking you for being thoughtful


  • He’s BLUSHING madly.
  • Although they’re not REAL, the feelings behind them are, and he’s never been good with emotions/PDA of any kind.

  • He makes a great effort to return the gesture by finding your lucky item each day, and the two of you begin to exchange gifts everyday, for the same reasons.


  • Finds the idea stupid at first.
  • I mean, who gives FAKE roses to show they care about someone? He even tries to eat it, as a way of saying even fake flowers can die and mean nothing.
  • Eventually, he realizes it takes more energy than he can handle, and accepts them, though he never lets you see the light blush on his cheeks. If it makes you happy, who is he to take that away?
Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: [kisses Person B's neck]
  • Person B: what is this?
  • Person A: affection
  • Person B: disgusting
  • Person B:
  • Person B: do it again

me: oh this anime looks cool maybe i’ll watch a couple episodes…

*binge watches the whole season in a day*

me: well then……time for season two!