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Can I have drabbles/scenarios of the GOM playing with their daughter please? It could be a range between playing house, tea party, or fairytale story where their daughter's the princess and the GoM member is the prince saving her from dragons. I thought it'd be really cute :3 Thanks (*^ -^*)




Because he had far from a perfect childhood he tries very hard to keep a balance between work and bonding time, so when his daughter asked him to repeat Alice in the Wonderland for the third time, he sighed but relented to her command.

By the time he got to the final chapter, she yawned.

“Are you tired?” Akashi asked, setting the book aside. His daughter shuffled in the blanket and looked up at him with big eyes. He didn’t need anything else to know that the answer was no.

“I want to draw the Cheshire cat, father.” She said before excitedly jumping off the bed.

“Okay.” Akashi glanced at the clock. It was still early but he knew young children must have their rest. “Not with paint, though. It would take a while to clean up.”

“Deal.” His daughter eagerly grabbed the water colours from the table before sprawling herself on the floor. Akashi made his way towards her, his eyes shifting around the room.

The walls were lined with pictures and artwork – he wanted a reminder of every memory, every significant moment. Because he wanted his daughter to have what he never did. Love, affection, appreciation.

Akashi watched ink spill onto paper as they both individually worked on their art piece. He finished his in a short while.

“How is your art going, darling?” He asked, but earned no reply.

Confused, he tore his eyes away from his project only to see his daughter’s head on her arm and the steady rise and fall of her body.

He smiled to himself before picking her up and tucking her back in the bed.

“Goodnight, my angel. Sleep well.”

It was back to work for him now.

Akashi switched the lights off before exiting the room. Ever since he met you, everyday had felt like a blessing. Especially now that they had a daughter who he promised to give everything to.

He had everything he could have hoped for.

A family.

And he could not be happier.


Aomine looked down at his robes made out of old curtain and how it wrapped loosely around his pyjamas. It smelt a little odd but he had worn it for long enough for his nose to get used to the smell. Then he looked at the wooden horse next to him, rocking gently. He never fully sat on it, afraid that it was going to break from his weight.

Then finally at the little girl in front of him, with radiant eyes that sparkled as she jumped from one couch to another.

“Wait I forgot!” She stopped in her tracks and skipped towards him.

The young girl placed a paper tiara on top of her father’s head. Aomine positioned it so that it circled his head comfortably, but no matter how much he shifted it, it was made way too small for his liking.

“Now you’re a real prince!” She clapped her hands and giggled, taking her place at the top of the couch again. Then she slipped.

“I’m falling!”

Aomine’s hands were still on his paper crown, adjusting and shifting when his little girl face planted onto the floor. He choked.

“Gaaah!” He rushed over to her, picking her up.

“I’m okay!” She held her thumbs up and grinned. He let out a sigh of relief.

He wouldn’t know what to do if his daughter was seriously hurt. And he wouldn’t know how to deal with your fury.

“Again.” She declared, taking her place.

He was ready this time. He watched as she purposefully twisted her foot so that she’d fall.


“I’m falling into the- the…” She trailed off and tapped her chin as she struggled to remember the right word.

“The…” Aomine’s eyes darted around, scanning for words in his head, “The lava!”

“Yeah, the lava!”

He watched as his little girl flailed her arms around. Her eyes grew wide as she pointed at a still bolster.

“No! Watch out for the dragon, Prince Charming!”

Aomine had a bit of trouble visualizing the pale white bolster as a fire breathing dragon but he went along with it, grunting as he lurched forward, tackling his daughter onto the couch.

“Watch me slay the dragon, Princess of the… Uh… The East!” Aomine found himself shouting, grabbing a pen and stabbing the bolster repeatedly. It folded before falling off the chair it was placed on.

“Hooray!” His daughter exclaimed excitedly, jumping onto her father’s back. She too, was filled with energy and adrenaline – just like he was when he was a child. He could never just stay still.

“Hooray.” He echoed with a smile. She was his pride and joy. At first he was hesitant, but once he saw how her eyes were an eerie but beautiful reminder of yours and her hair a perfect imitation of his, there was nothing he was more sure about.


He loved being the stay home dad because of his modelling career. Because that meant he had time to spend with his daughter. The centre of his world.

“Can I look now?” Kise opened one eye, only to earn a hard but playful slap on his head.

“No!” His daughter shrieked.

“Ow!” He complained, reaching out to rub his head only to feel her slap his hand away.

She reminded him of you, even at this young age. The adoring smile that made him so happy but also how it would disappear when things don’t go as planned.

“You’re taking longer than usual, you know.” He huffed, forcing his eyes back shut. His daughter had been playing with his hair for who knows how long – something she very much enjoyed doing.

“I’m trying something new, dad.” She said. He couldn’t see her but her voice was full of concentration.

Kise sighed, “You expect me to do the same to your hair after this?”

“Yeah, of course.” His daughter was grinning. She knew of his Generation of Miracles stories and his ‘super power’ that he was so proud of.

Then, she spun his hair around so that he was facing the mirror. He took this as a cue to open his eyes.

“This is what’s called the diamond weave.”

It never failed to amaze him how she could do such a thing with his medium length hair.

“It’s so pretty, ____-cchiii!~ I’m so proud of you!” He gushed, engulfing his daughter in a hug.

“Now you do mine dad!” She had a wide grin as she sat cross legged on the floor. “I expect it to be a bazillion times better!”

“You set way too high expectations, ____-cchi.” Kise studied his own hair in the mirror, every curve and every twist. He never wanted to disappoint his daughter.

“I only set high expectations because I believe in you.” She replied and Kise chuckled because that was something you always said to him.

“Well I’ll exceed those expectations. Every time.” He promised before starting to work on her hair.


“Marry me?” Midorima’s 7-year-old daughter said in a deep voice as she held a Ken doll in one hand, and a Barbie doll in another.

“Of course!” She said in a higher pitch, rocking the Barbie doll side-to-side.

Midorima watched with his eyebrows scrunched together, a confused look written all over his face.

“Now, dad!” His daughter whispered, and he snapped out of it. He picked up a toy bell the size of two fingers and sounded it. His daughter gave him a long hard look before groaning.

“Daaad! This is where you say the husband and wife part.”

“Right. Sorry, I was a little distracted.” He apologized before proceeding with the ceremony.

He cleared his throat, “Barbie, do you take Ken as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do!”

“Ken, do you take Barbie as your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do!”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Midorima finished, but his daughter was frowning.

He immediately wondered if he did something wrong.

“I don’t want to make them kiss, it’s… yucky.” She shuddered, earning a laugh from her father. He remembered what he thought of marriage and affection when he was her age.


“What do boys and girls do after marriage, dad?”

Midorima paled. You should be the one to have the birds-and-bees talk with her. Not. Him.

Mostly because he would fumble with his words a lot and would not know how to explain everything in proper terms without sounding like an awkward mess.

And the fact that his daughter just turned 7.

“Well t-they live together, li-like your mother and I.” He stated simply, adjusting his glasses frame. He cleared his throat again.

“And…” She urged.

He gulped, before standing up hurriedly. He knew you would do a much better job in his current position.

“Well, I suppose we have to find your mother now.”


The house always smelt of cinnamon, vanilla and sugar due to Murasakibara’s love for pastries and food. One day he decided that store bought snacks weren’t cutting it anymore.

He was more than ecstatic when his daughter started to show the same passion as him. His eyes gleamed when she told him she wanted to be a pastry chef as well.

“It’s tea time!” He heard a cheery call from the other room. He headed over, carrying the sweets he had made all morning.

Sometimes they would make cream puffs and tarts together before setting them on an elegant silver afternoon tea table. Then they would both take their places facing each other, surrounded by a stuffed brown bear which she called Almond, a broccoli which she called Broccoli and last but not least, a furry unidentifiable toy named Snowball.

But today she had slept in, and it was up to him to work on the treats.

“Would you like some tea, Papa?” The little girl questioned. She had a tiara on her head and a tutu skirt.

“Ah? Yes, I do. And some scones, thanks, ____.” Murasakibara said.

She placed a scone on her dad’s plate, and then on her own. She took a bite and made a sour face.

Murasakibara’s eyes grew wide at the reaction.

“Weak vanilla flavour, I don’t like this brand of milk and you need more sugar, dad.” Her eyes were closed as she swirled the food around in her mouth.

Now normally, if anyone said that to him, his response would be

“I’ll crush you.”

But since it was his daughter, his eye only slightly twitched before he pushed himself off the chair.

“Are you challenging me to another cooking competition?” He questioned. He was sure he put exact ingredient servings.

“Bring it on!” His daughter declared, getting up on her feet too. “Race you to the kitchen!”

She made a quick dash before Murasakibara could reply. He ran his fingers through his hair and exhaled. She was a lot to handle, especially for a lazy bum like him. But he wasn’t at all troubled, not even one bit.

He tied his hair up into a ponytail, which reflected that he was getting serious before following his daughter into the kitchen. He saw how she had already gathered her ingredients into a small circle on the counter. The ingredients she had assembled told him that there would be a lot of cleaning up after this.

“Get ready to lose again, dad!” She exclaimed.

“Me? Lose?” He pointed to himself, “We’ll see.”

The score was 3-2, not in his favour.

They both didn’t like losing.

Like father, like daughter.


“Number two, go, go, go!” The young girl squealed, flapping her hand everywhere to get the fur ball to move.

Kuroko’s ears perked up at the sound of his daughter’s voice echoing throughout the hallway. His lips tugged into a small smile.

Number two spotted him and wagged its tail, barking cheerily as it ran towards him. Kuroko placed his pointer on his lips, and the dog quieted down.

“Where could ____ be, Number two?” He wondered out loud.

A stifled giggle followed.

He wasn’t sure why the young girl liked this game so much. She could never stay hidden for more than 30 seconds, but sometimes he would drag the game out longer for her entertainment.

He tiptoed towards her hiding place and thought he saw something flash to his side. He took a momentary glance but saw nothing. Kuroko took a rapid final step, “Got you!”

And how confused he was when there was no one behind that corner.

“Got you.” Kuroko jumped at the voice behind him.

“I … didn’t see you there.” He stated.

“I know. I read your books.” The little girl had a smile as she held up books on magic tricks and lines of vision.

In that moment Kuroko felt nothing but pride and happiness. He had never, ever been startled by anyone – especially because he would always notice them before they noticed him.

“You didn’t get to catch me this time. Are you proud?” She was smiling from ear to ear.

Number two chimed in with a bark and a tail wag. She picked him up.

Kuroko patted his daughter’s hair, “Yes. I am. Very, very proud, in fact.”

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