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  • Akashi:*gently biting Kuroko’s neck*
  • Kuroko:What are you doing?
  • Akashi:Getting into the Halloween spirit.
  • Kuroko:But you do this even when it’s not Halloween.
  • Akashi:That’s because I’ve been practicing for the occasion.
  • Kuroko:...
  • Akashi:...
  • Kuroko, blushing:Well, I think you need more practice.
  • Akashi, smiling and whispering closely:And I think you’re right.
Aomine wearing Halloween costume

Aomine: dude, wanna see my halloween costume?



Kuroko: please don’t put that costume on, aomine-kun, you might scare akashi-kun and made murasakibara-kun crying with that.

Kise: geez, aominecchi! can you warn us beforehand? i was really shocked.

Aomine: i haven’t even put the make up on yet you assholes. i hate all of you.

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I have a request! ^^ GOM & kasamatsu's reaction to their s/o acting like a little child when she's drunk?

This is so me when I’m drunk! Please cuddle me and give me all your attention!! Lol
~ Nia ~


  • The change of roles is frustrating for him. He’s fine with you cuddling up next to him but is confused by what to do about your constant whining. He won’t hesitated to tell you how annoying your being or push you away when you start drooling on him.


  • This poor man is at a loss when you won’t listen to reason, instead badgering him with silly requests like getting you a blanket or to pay more attention to you. Of course, he will heed your request as he soon understands you will not stop asking until your “needs” are met.


  • Can physically not roll his eyes back any further into his head. He reminds himself over and over again that correcting your childish behavior would be pointless and decides just to take you home because most likely you are making a fool of the both of you and he can’t have that.


  • Omg he is going to take such advantage of you now that your put yourself at his mercy! He’s going to tease you endlessly and actually doesn’t mind they fact that your super needy. Hell use that fact to make you do things you would normally do and there will be picture proof! He knows he’s gonna get it when you get sober but it’s so worth it!


  • He has the most fun with you out of the bunch. He loves the way you act when your drunk and loves to spoil and baby you. Hell entertain your whining with cooing at you and asking what he can do to make it better. If your hungry, hell insists on hand feeding you himself and asks if you want anything else. >.


  • Like Mura, he’ll find your clingy, whininess frustrating but he deals with it a little better. Hell make sure that you have everything you need and that you don’t end up harming yourself but he won’t entertain you at all. However, he may take advantage of your weak state of mind and tease you a bit.


  • He kinda freaks out?? Like how am I gonna take car of this large child?? What dose one do in this situation? What’s the protocol?? At first he’s a bit uncomfortable with how your acting towards him but quickly gets used to it when he realizes you cant help it and really do need his help. He secretly likes how dependent on him you become when your drunk!
iv-a. dressing up for halloween

ft. Kasamatsu Yukio

Originally posted by sixpenceee

Kasamatsu Yukio:

Fall is never more than dry leaves and chilly air for Kasamatsu—he agrees that it is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year (he finds every season beautiful in its own way, still) and he enjoys the delicacies that can only be brought by fall, like the festivals and the food… but nothing further than that. 

Your presence in his life as a significant other, although new, has brought many changes to him, including what he does and how he does it. As an example, this year you made it a point to drag him with you to a Halloween party. Kasamatsu can be a bit bashful around the opposite sex sometimes, but he thinks he’s okay with social events like parties, so he normally wouldn’t object. This time around, however, it’s a Halloween party, and you told him that dressing up is a must. You try to compromise by telling him that you don’t have to do couple costumes this year in order to give him the chance to dress up how he sees comfortable.

This is the main source of Kasamatsu’s uneasiness and undeniable reluctance to attend the party, but that isn’t good enough of an excuse for him to not show up and leave you alone. “I’m not sure about this, ____________,” he said multiple times to you, and as much as you don’t want to force your boyfriend into doing something he doesn’t want to, you really want to experience a Halloween with him.

“Please, Yukio?” You begged multiple times to him. He knows he’s screwed because he can never deny you what you want when you look at him like that.

Kasamatsu sought help from Kise, of course, since the guy is natural at this sort of thing. “Senpai would look great in a vampire costume!” Kise exclaimed, but it is followed quickly followed by Kasamatsu’s protest that it would look so flashy. The golden-haired boy immediately had an idea forming deliciously in his head and reassured his captain that “vampire costumes don’t have to be flashy, senpai, just leave it to me!”

[He didn’t expect the clothes Kise shoved at him to be a set of Edward Cullen costume.]

“…this is a vampire costume?”


“…they look like ordinary clothes to me.”

“Oh, right! This is what makes it count, senpai,” Kise chirps, handing Kasamatsu a box of fake vampire teeth. “You’ll rock the look! I bet ____________ will be so pleased! Heck, you might even get jump and ____________’ll ask you to bite—ouch, stop kicking me, senpai!”

[Another thing that he didn’t except is your reaction to his… Edward Cullen outfit…]

Your jaw is slightly lax the moment you open the door to your apartment, revealing your boyfriend and all his glory. He’s dressed in a black pea coat with a simple white tee underneath, both hands tucked in his jeans. Thank heavens he didn’t put glitter all over his skin… Your eyes widen as you spot the tooth caps when he offers a shy “hey” and at that point, you’re already freaking out at how downright sexy he looks. 

“You’re so hot,” you blurt out. 

His face burns absolutely red at your statement, and the embarrassment accompanied by the tinge of happiness he won’t admit is so much that he has to cover the lower half of his face to mask the emotion, though to no avail. He steals a glance to appreciate your form in a sleek black biker costume, but what catches his eye the most is the way you’re looking at him right now.

“I don’t think we can go to the party now, Yukio.”

 “Huh? Why? Is this not the appropriate costume? That Kise…”

“No-no-no, it’s not that!”

“Eh…? What do you mean, then?” He’s thoroughly confused, eyebrows furrowing as he tries to understand what you’re saying.

“It’s just… you look really good and I can’t help but get a little, you know—”



Kasamatsu thinks it’s impossible for him to blush brighter than he already is, denying the paleness of the character he’s dressing up as, but then your comment easily proves him wrong as he feels his own body temperature rising up. It’s partly weird because he’s there, standing at your doorway, ready to take you out to the party he’s not too keen on attending… another part of it is secretly satisfying, to hear (or at least you implied) that he’s desirable…

When you lean forward to whisper into his ear, he’s sure that the two of you aren’t going to attend any sort of party except the one that’s going to happen in your bedroom—if you make it there, that is.

[”I want you to bite me.”]

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I went to a wedding recently and I happened to be the only bridesmaid without a bestman, which was a bit depressing when we had to take pictures =.=;; I even had a pretty dress on and looked somewhat girly for once, with heels and nail polish DX Sigh! (Still, it was lots of fun!) So can I ask for a scenario with Kagami and Midorima going to a wedding with their s/o as bestman and bridesmaid? Thank you! Your blog is the best! :D

Gurl im sure you looked stunning, someone missed out! If you ever need a date im probably most likely always free :D lol jk im just lonely take me to a party !!

~ Nia ~


“What are you doing…”

The redhead didn’t even look up at you as he struggled earnestly with his tie that was, at this point, in knots. You don’t know how long he’s been at it but hes working up a sweat and everyone’s already outside taking their places. Theres no time to lose.

You interrupt his struggling by placing your hands on his busy ones and pushing them aside. “Here, babe, let me help you before you hurt yourself.”


After untangling and retying, he stands in the mirror looking stiff and uncomfortable. “Feels weird…”

“You look good,” you reassure him. “You look really handsome with a suit on.”

“Thanks! We should go.” As he turns away from the mirror and towards you, you notice a particular smell..

“Babe, do you smell barbecue sauce…?” Just then, as he walks ahead of you towards the door, you notice a small dark stains on the elbow of his sleeve. He smiles sheepishly as you stand there completely at a loss. “Kagami they haven’t even served the food yet, how did you even…???”


“I can believe this!” It was the day of your best friend’s wedding and you had just pulled in to the church parking lot. You were all done up but it was just your luck that it would pour down rain when the forecast had promised clear skies all day. Now you were alone, stuck in our car half way across the lot that was flooding more and more every second.

You had two choices. You could make a mad dash for the church, most certainly getting soaking and ruining both your dress and your up-do… or wait out the rain. The only problem was that the wedding was starting in 30 minutes and the rain didn’t look like it was going to let up soon. With a whimpered sigh, you brace yourself to make a run for it… that is until you hear a knock on your window.

Its Midorima! Hes standing outside your door holding an umbrella, allowing you to exit your car without getting a drop of rain on you. He, on the other hand, is standing in the rain, getting soaked from head to toe.

“Midori, you don’t have to do this! You’re getting all wet.”

“It’s fine.” He wipes at his glasses, which were really actually useless in a time like this, drops of water all over the lensis. “I’m sure it is more important for you to arrive dry then it would be for me. I’m sure you’d look beautiful right now, if I could see you properly.”

“You know, this is actually pretty romantic.” You take the umbrella and his hand, leading him back to the church

AN: not sure if the last one was fluffy or just lame D:

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Akashi and his s/o being a powercouple gets me GOING ( + him calling her his empress is the end of my poor soul)

Damn, that is so my jam. Powercouple. Yes. YES. (⊙ᆺ⊙✿) I’m going to mention jūnihitoe in this drabble, so for those who don’t know what it is, it’s a type of a very formal Japanese attire for court ladies, very rarely worn these days (like really really rarely, the most often you’d probably see it worn by the bride on a wedding, but only when they want to make it very traditionally themed, or during reenactment events?) and it looks more or less like this.


Seeing Akashi Seijūrō alone makes one think of that word, so how to describe the situation when there is you standing beside him? How to even begin to comprehend the aura that surrounded the two of you together on regular days, never mention during your wedding?

It was Akashi’s idea to give the ceremony a thorough Heian look and it worked miracles. Everyone was dressed in fantastic outfits, the music and the food were beyond brilliant, the decorations, he scents, everything was outstanding. And yet, none of it was even close to how the two of you carried.

It was right after you were officially announced husband and wife that you walked hand in hand, heads held high and stealing discrete, happy glances and smiles at each other, that it seemed like no one else could match how extraordinary you were. Those affectionate gestures were reserved for the two of you alone and in all honesty, anyone who caught them had a desire to bow and apologise for intruding.

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