• Aomine:So are you gonna be sleeping on the couch for a while?
  • Kuroko:No, no. Akashi-kun will calm down by morning.
  • Aomine:Why is he so mad at you?
  • Kuroko:Akashi-kun has these things in his body called..
  • Kuroko:Expectations.
The GOM+Kagami and why they started playing basketball [REQUESTED]

Kuroko Tetsuya - he saw a basketball match in tv in 5th grade and got interested 

Kagami Taiga - he admired Himuro’s skills and was interested to learn 

Kise Ryouta - he wanted to learn after seeing Aomine play 

Aomine Daiki - he has been playing for as ling as he remembered that he forgot 

Midorima Shintarou - it was required in school and he had no choice but to play it 

Murasakibara Atsushi - he was invited by kids to play mini basketball when he was young 

Akashi Seijuuro - it was a sport his mother taught him 

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hanamiya, aomine, akashi, murasakibara reactions to their girlfriend goes to their game in their school's cheerleading uniform but they have their jersey numbers on her uniform + when they realize members of the other team are ogling at her

Akashi: your routine was flawless as always, and Akashi wonders, not for the first time, how you manage some of the flips and tumbles that you do. It has him mesmerised until he overhears a few words that he would not like to repeat. 

“If you have time to such crass things about my girlfriend,” he starts with an air of intimidation, “maybe it could be better spent trying to be as good as her in anything you do.”

Aomine: he has to admit, you look incredibly cute while cheering for Touou; the maroon and black combo looks great on you. But if he’s thinking that, a bunch of other guys are definitely going to be thinking the same while you do your routine during the interval. As long as no one tries anything with you, it’s all good. They’re sure not to one they see that you have his jersey number on your back.

Hanamiya: you hadn’t said anything about coming to cheer him on with the rest of your squad, but here you were and he wasn’t complaining. However, he can hear a few comments as he stops to tie his laces, and he doesn’t like them one bit. So Hanamiya stops in front of them, where you happen to be, and whisper a few words in your ear. He makes sure they see the matching numbers on your backs.

Murasakibara: the whole game is a drag, but at least you’re here to support him. He already wants to crush the opponents for being so troublesome, but now it looks like he has to crush some of the spectators. There are a few who are blatantly staring at you in your cheerleading uniform, and he knows he’ll be putting all his annoyance into the next quarter.

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Yeah! Of course I can do that thing! XD This is actually a really nice and chill way to start writing again on this blog so thank you for that tbh.~ I hope you don’t mind it being in headcanons. ^-^ - admin queen ☆  


  • Daichi Sawamura
  • Something just tells me they’d instantly click. Like they just know the other has to deal with some obnoxious shits from time to time but that they also care for them because they’re their family and it’s literally how their first conversation goes pretty much.
  • Like, just, friends and family are so important to the both of them and I feel like since they both share that understanding there’s just a certain level of their friendship no one else really can get to understand and that’s what makes them such close, best friends.
  • Along with Sugawara, I feel like they could literally be a great Trio Of Dads™.
  • Ok but I feel sometimes Akashi can be a little hard to approach from time to time but when he’s around Daichi he’s so much more calmer and I feel like whenever Daichi can get him to laugh it’d be way softer and melodic than usual and before they know it there’d just be a crowd of their friends wanting to hang out with them because they’re such a great duo.

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How about moriyama trying to flirt w the other teams super adorable manager, asking if his team wins, shell give him her number? and she agrees shyly??

My first Moriyama request! I hope I do this justice!

The Kaijo team walked in, onto the gym floor. They made their way to their seats, and waited patiently for your team to arrive. Kaijo was on a winning streak, however so was your team. You were sure your team was going to win. Your team arrived late, you were caught in some traffic so it took some time for the bus to arrive.

Your team went in before you, you were grabbing them some water. When you finally walked in, you caught Moriyama’s attention. He looked over at you and felt his heart skip a beat. He grabbed onto Kise’s arm and shook him violently.

“Kise… Can you set up a group date with that girl?! Also, you aren’t invited.” Kise groaned and pulled his arm off of him.

“If you like her, just go ask her out.” Moriyama looked mortified. Like it was that easy! He wasn’t like Kise, girls don’t just flock to him. Moriyama decided it wouldn’t hurt to try, after all he may never see you again. He took a deep breath and walked over to you.

“Need a hand?” You gasped and dropped a water bottle. Moriyama grabbed it off the floor and wanted to kick himself for scaring you. Smooth move idiot. He rubbed the back of his neck and helped you carry the bottles to the seats.

“u-um, Thank you.” You looked down, slightly blushing. “Are you on the other team?” You looked him up and down, inspecting his jersey. He smiled and nodded.

“That’s right! Your team is up against us this round!”

“Doesn’t that make us enemies? Why would you help me?” Moriyama looked down at his feet and then back up at your face. He was hesitant, not used to being so bold.

“Actually, I think you’re really cute. u-uh, I was hoping you would go out with me?” You felt your face turn bright red. You didn’t know what to say, you of course thought he was cute also. You shifted your feet a bit, nervous to meet his gaze. He started to panic a bit, had he messed up? Maybe you didn’t like strange guys asking you out.


“How about this, If we win you go on one date with me? If you win… I’ll do whatever you want? Or I’ll just leave you alone..”

“O-okay. That seems fair.” You waved to him and he ran back to his team. You covered your face slightly and sat down. Your team started to tease you, a couple of them jealous that another guy asked you out. The game started shortly after, it was a close game. Moriyama was actually the star near the end, he was determined to beat your team.

After the match was over, you walked over to Moriyama and slipped him a piece of paper. You ran back to your team and left the gym. Moriyama opened the paper and found a series of numbers. He cheered out loudly.

“I got her number!!”

“That’s great. Now can we go?” The team laughed at him and walked to the locker rooms.