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If the request box is still open may I request some fluffy Akashi nsfw please! :3 by the way you're one of my favourite blogs and your writing always makes my day!! Haha have a nice day or night!! :D

“Sei-chan~” you called out loudly. Akashi fought back a frown as he embraced you. However, you could tell he was displeased. “What’s wrong sei-chan?” again, Akashi’s face twitch in frustration.

“Must you use that pet name with me?” he sighed placing his forehead onto yours. “But I like it!” you argued with a pout. Akashi rolled his eyes and pinched your cheek. “I am aware of that, but it feels a little demeaning” Akashi confessed.

You gave a little huff and swatted his hand away. “I bet I can change your mind” you challenged him. Your hand came up and pinched his cheek in retaliation. “Oh~? I’d like to see you try~” Akashi said in a playful tone. He half expected you to use that sweet voice when you wanted to persuade him.

He never expected you to do….that.

You released his cheek and ran your hand down his chest. “Hey, Sei-chan~” you purred stroking the area above his crotch. Akashi tensed up, his hands balled into fists. “Are you sure you don’t want me to call you like that~?” you drew closer, allowing your lips to brush against the shell of his ear. You heard the sharp intake Akashi took before he released a shaky sigh.

“So that is your angle” Akashi groaned resting his hands on our waist. You pulled back and gave him a sweet smile. “You asked, now fess up” your hand pressed the semi-hard organ in his pants. “M-my order still stands as is…” Akashi groaned rocking his hips into your hand.

“Oh come on” you sighed.

“As you wish” Akashi pulled you down to the couch, letting you rest on his chest. “Easy sei-chan, no need to be so rough” you teased running your finger along the shape of his erection. Akashi’s hands went to your ass in retaliation. “I can’t help but lose control when you’re like this~” Akashi smirked groping your ass.

You leaned down and kissed Akashi, your tongue slipped past his lips and entered his mouth. You felt Akashi run his hands up and down your sides for a while. Breaking the kiss, you gave him a wry smile. “Sei-chan, getting frisky aren’t you?” you teased. Akashi scoffed and slipped his hands into your waistband.

“It’s too late for you to change your mind” he smirked running his fingers along your opening. You shivered against his touch and leaned into him. “Who said I changed my mind?” you whispered into his ear. Akashi slipped two fingers into you without warning and made you squeak.

“S-sei…chan…” you whimpered clawing at his shoulders. His shirt wrinkled up as your fingers dug into him. Akashi released a sigh and furrowed his brows again. “I can’t believe it…” he sped up his fingers and brought his other hand up your shirt. His fingers took hold of one of your nipples. “Sei-chan!” you cried out.

“Again” Akashi groaned burying his face into your neck. His teeth grazed your neck and clamped down on your sweet spot. “Sei-chan” you whined feeling heat pool inside you. “Ah, you’re ready to cum aren’t you?” Akashi purred against your skin. He tugged harder at your nipples and plunged his fingers deeper.

You nodded and bit your lips. “Cum for me princess” Akashi blew into your ear. “Sei-chan!” you screamed cumming hard. Akashi withdrew his fingers and allowed you to fall limp on him. “I suppose you can call me that if you must” Akashi ran his hand through your hair while you came down from your high.

“Thought so”
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Thank yoooou

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Are requests open? I'm seeing a lot but idk Bc I'm on mobile! (If they are can I get Momoi eating out her female s/o?)

“Your so cute ___-chan~”

Momoi’s voice made you shiver as she removed your blouse. Her hands came around to your bra and undid the clasp. Your breasts fell down freely for her eyes to see. “Your nipples are adorable as always~” she purred before cupping your chest gently. Her hands always felt so soft against your skin. She squeezed them just enough for you to gasp aloud.

“You like it when I get a little rough huh?” she giggled moving to your nipples. Her fingers pinched them and tugged them till they went hard. You moaned out her name and arched your back into her touch. “But I want to be gentle with you ___-chan” Momoi sighed pulling away from your chest. You made a small sound in disappointment, only to find your voice hitching in your throat.

“I’m not done yet~” Momoi kissed down your exposed stomach until she reached the waistband of your skirt. Her fingers grabbed the hem of your skirt and lifted it up. “Even your panties are cute” she rested your skirt in an uplifted position while she curled her fingers around the waistband of your panties.

Her nose pressed into your cloth folds, allowing her nose to nudge your clit. “You smell so inviting,” she said with a small laugh. Momoi pulled your panties down to your ankles. You kicked them off eagerly, throwing out any pride you had left. “You’re awfully horny right now” Momoi teased running a finger up your glistening pussy.  You let out a painful groan and arched your back.

“You’re practically drenched, I can’t wait~” Momoi bit her lip and lowered herself until her face was leveled with your pussy. She blew cold air onto you, making your hips jerk in response. “Easy~” her hands went to your thighs and pushed you back down. She took this chance to press an open mouth kiss onto you.

Her tongue dipped into you and pulled out almost immediately. “Satsuki…” you shined clawing at the sheets. “Don’t rush me, my naughty girl” Momoi flicked her tongue against your clit to shut you up. She slipped her tongue back into your folds. This time she went deeper, as deep as she could go. Her warm breath made your skin crawl with pleasure.

You felt her tongue rub your insides slowly, making you cry out for her to go faster. “Satsuki please!” you begged helplessly. Momoi’s brows furrowed in frustration as she let her teeth graze your skin. The added stimulation made you throw your head back. With her tongue pistoning inside you and her teeth grazing your pussy, you couldn’t hold back your oorgasm any longer.

When you came, you heard the slupring sounds as Momoi drank your juices up. She was loud enough to be heard overy your erratic heartbeat. You could feel your face burn with embarrasment. When you finished, Momoi raised into your field of veiw again. You could see your cum glisten on her face. “Thanks for the meal~” she purred.

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May I request; "Daily reminder: Remember to pet your waifu"(or s/o. Whichever is cooler) with Takao, Kagami, and Midorima? Just saw this on Go Boiano and it is perff for awkward husbands(except Takao, that sun-ball haha) LOVE YOUR STYLE!! ☆ ~('▽^人)

Awww, thank you! ♡♡ So, I spent some time on searching for what did you exactly mean and I discovered that GoBoiano is a youtube channel, I think? And the only thing I found on “Daily reminder: Remember to pet your waifu” was something otome game related. I think? I’m not sure. But I’ll do my best here. (✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)

“Pet… your… what…?” Kagami’s entire face turned red. “That’s some… um. That’s an… in… interesting request?”

You smiled at him widely and tilted your head in anticipation while he scratched the back of his neck, at utter loss on what to do.

“It’s just… um… what… well…” He gulped and looked away. Steam was about to gush out of his ears. “What, uh… how do I say it… it’s not anything, um… private, right? Because, um… I think… I’m not ready for this stuff.” He cleared his throat. “Just… which body part, um… which body part is a waifu?”

Your face went blank.

“… eh?”

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what i learned from yuri!!! on ice: you can overcome your mistakes, learn from your failures, and grow to be an even better person than you were before

what i learned from free!: not everything is as it seems, you can’t take everything at face value

what i learned from haikyuu!!: hard work pays off even if the results aren’t immediate 

what i learned from kuroko no basket: basketball players have superpowers


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