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Hello!! I love your work so much^^ can I request headcanons of gom with an artist s/o? Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much anon! ♡^▽^♡

Thank you for requesting! 💋


  • He loves their passion. He would make the most of their talent and take them to different kinds of places for them to find inspiration and get new ideas of what to paint.
  • “Have you ever tried painting the lotus temple? Do you want to take a personal look to make it more realistic?”
  • He knows there’s a meaning behind every illustration. He would ask them on their feelings as they were painting, and or what the painting means itself.
  • Would hang their best works in his room, and or his favourites
  • Would so paint together
  • Buy them materials and things they need. Basically everything an artist would want, really.


  • Very excited every time he sees them paint, cause he never really got into art. So expect him to be with them whenever they’re painting, cause he’ll grab unto every opportunity
  • Would so be the type to volunteer as the model to be painted, ends up complaining an hour later
  • “(Name)cchi, what’s taking you so long?”
  • But he loves how they would end up painting something meaningful to the both of them, or something they both love and enjoy.
  • I bet he’s the type to try and make them draw something. Wether it’s his dreams, or something he’s seen before, it doesn’t matter.


  • He wouldn’t admit it, but their works and paintings are actually cool and interesting in his opinion 
  • Another thing he wouldn’t admit, how he loves it when they get all enthusiastic about art, they would be so jumpy and smiling, and it would be so adorable, sometimes, even he couldn’t help but crack a smile
  • It may not look like it, but he’s actually really interested on the meaning behind every painting they paint, as it gives the work more life
  • Headcanon that Midorima’s good at painting, but never really got the chance to show much people because of that high pride of his
  • But with a little push, I guess he can show them of what he can do. Don’t blame him when he paints just as good.


  • “Isn’t painting like.. the more colorful version of drawing?”
  • Since they’re so interested in art, he has no choice but to go with them in museums and conventions. Soon enough, he’ll be surprisingly knowledgeable in artwork  
  • Want that paintbrush? He’ll buy that for you in no time. How about that new palette? Bring it in with that new sketchpad. Yeah, he’ll spoil them that way.
  • “I think’ll I’ll look cool as a painting. I won’t pose for you, but picture it in your mind. Alright? Here.. lemme do that shot again.”
  • “Can that be used as warpaint?”


  • Would be so hyped on seeing the ‘cartoon-ish’ version of snacks  
  • “Can you use ketchup as red paint and mustard as yellow paint?”
  • They tried it once. It didn’t work.
  • Is actually very interested in painting and will ask his s/o to teach him how to paint
  • Once he gets the hang of it, he’s probably the type to suggest painting each other

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“Mmm,” you moan, “so good.”

He looks at you with a mix of seduction and mirth in his eyes as he clasps a hand over yours, squeezing it just because he likes the contact. You’re so preoccupied with the taste of bittersweet chocolate melting like absolute sin inside your mouth that you don’t realize the look he’s giving you right now. It’s blatantly obvious that Kagami’s planned all this, and a part of you at the far back of your mind knows the end of this path, but you just don’t give a damn. The velvety dessert is heaven.

“You like it?” Kagami asks, watching you with amusement. You have your eyes closed whilst enjoying the treat—he said you deserved one after all your hard work, and although this might be a part of a more elaborate plan, he really does mean it. The small smile adorning your face tickles his insides, and if the sensations keep it up a little longer, he feels like he might shake with excitement. You lick your lips to clean up from whatever bits of the cake that are stuck, but Kagami swallows at the sight.

“No,” you finally answer, sighing with happiness, “I love it.”

“Good to hear,” he replies, and good to see, too, he thinks. Your expression and demeanor are, to be frank, similar to those when you orgasm under him. A shiver runs down his spine at the thought. Your other hand, the one that he’s not playing with, starts to cut up the slice of cake with a fork and just like that you begin digging again.

When he hears you let out another sigh with your eyes shut, he bites his lip as he silently praises himself for being good at making food—it’s not the only way into someone’s heart, but into someone’s pants as well.

Send me one character name and I’ll do what I want with it (not writing for the ones that are requested already)

GOM and their College Majors

AKASHI: Definitely something along the lines of Economics or Finance. Graduates with a pristine record and a 4.0. He might eventually enter law school or at least get an MBA afterwards.

AOMINE: What was his major again? Got a basketball scholarship from one of the most prestigious universitiies in Tokyo. Aomine shortly joined the national team upon graduating prior to being drafted into the NBA.

KISE: Extracurricular Aerospace Engineering. Hear me out, he wants to be a pilot and would do anything to achieve it, even if it means dealing with numbers day in and day out. He can be found more often in the hottest college party rather than the library though.

KUROKO: Education. His major dilemma was choosing the proper track towards the end — should he teach primary or middle school students?

MIDORIMA: An undergraduate program in Chemistry or Psychology. He looks like a zombie almost all the time from pulling all-nighters but he’s determined to enter medical school and graduate with honors.

MURASAKIBARA: Culinary Arts. Was delayed by a year or two because he always underloaded, insisting he wanted to keep things slowly but surely. Opened an online pastry shop that helps support his education.

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Takao, Kagami, Hanamiya, Mibuchi, Imayoshi reacting to their s/o ignoring the romance-comedy movies they brought and instead choosing to watch super scary horror movies? Thanks for all your hard work until now!!

-Is completely impressed and in love
-Any reason, lame or no, to snuggle and get close is fine with him!

-Very surprised because he spent hours doing his best to pick a good choice
-He wanted cuddles and watching someone being chased and hacked into tiny pieces was not his idea of romance.

-He yells at you for choosing out of his private stock when he spent time choosing chick flicks
-He refuses to cuddle with you

-He will leave the room and find something else to do until the movie is over
-Not a big fan of blood, guts and gore

-Is totally into it and will help pick a freaky movie
-Expect a few pervy touches at the completely unnecessary sex scene in the movie

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Can I get scenario with Akashi meeting his ex after many years in the same wedding dress boutique where his bride is, don't have to be a happy ending just a bit of angst maybe. thanks ;)

You’re welcome anon! (⺣◡⺣)♡*

It’s short, but I added more plot to the story to give it more life ♱♡‿♡♰

Thank you for requesting! 💋

The moment he first saw her, he stopped.

He still remembered the smell of fresh air, mixed with the crisp smell of fresh water to his right.

He still remembered the sakura petals that slowly fell on the pavement, making the scene more memorable.

But most of all, he remembered her smile. The smile that urged him to go and talk to her. The smile that dusted away all his worries…

She was alone..

She was beautiful.

She was kind.

And she was mute.

He sat down next to her.

She turned her head and watched as the sun started to set in front of them.

‘It’s my first time watching the sunset.’ Akashi signed, surprising her a bit. She smiled again, and replied:

‘It comforts me.’

‘Are you okay?’ he gestured, noticing as she looked a bit uneasy.

‘I’m happy.’ she gestured back. ‘That you can understand me.’

‘Always be happy.’ Akashi motioned his hands, before standing up and giving her a hand. ‘Would you mind if I walk you home?’

And when he saw her again, he stopped.

He watched as she admired the lovely dresses in front of her. She never failed to make him smile.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a familiar red-head. Without any hesitation, she turned her head and waved.

Her gaze landed on a girl behind Akashi, and she gave him that smile. ‘Are you taking care of yourself?’

Akashi blinked a few times before responding: “I am. Life has been good. How are you?’

She grinned. ‘I’m happily engaged like you. She’s one lucky girl.’

‘I see that.’ he motioned to the wedding dresses, earning a silent laugh from her.

‘I would-‘

Her signing was cut off when a man walked up from behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Love, shall we go?” he spoke softly.

She glanced uneasily at him.

“I’ll wait for you outside, alright?” he said, placing a kiss on her cheek before walking outside of the shop.

She shouldered her bag from the counter and turned her head to look at Akashi.

‘I guess this is goodbye. Again.’ she smiled.

’That’s what you said before. Let’s hope we see each other again. the red head motioned.

She smiled wider. ‘Always be happy.’

She bowed and walked outside of the shop. Akashi watching from afar as the guy wrapped is arm around her shoulders and walking away until their figures disappeared.

“Sei, does this look good?” his fiancé asked from behind him, stepping from outside of the dressing room.

He sighed and put on a smile on his face, turning around.

Sure, that girl was his first love.

But that didn’t mean they were meant for each other.

Ended relationships don’t always have to be bitter.

Because in the end, what mattered was that he loved her.

Even if he never got to hear her say it.



A knock was heard on your door, after school and you frowned not expecting anyone to come. As you opened the door, you were suprised to see the red-head with a bunch of roses in hand. “I love you my empress.” He kissed your forehead after giving you the flowers.


Walking to the roof, you opened the door preparing to wake the dark skinned idiot, that was skipping practice again. You saw him with a box of chocolate, sitting near the door. “I know I don’t say this often but I really love you….and your tits. ..” He smirked as you blushed ignoring the last part.


As you sat yourself at your desk you were suprised to feel a hand on your shoulder, turning around you saw kuroko which led you to scream. “Why are you here?! Your not even in thus class!!” You shouted suprised at him. “I love you” he muttered, giving you the freshly bought milkshake. “Oh…” you blushed and hugged him smiling “thank you!”


“H-here” He blushed as he gave you a flower “nothing special…i love you…” He mumbled and walked away. “Kagami!!” You giggled and hurried behind him happily


Kise and you walked hand in hand to school, him swinging your arms while you smiled happily. He walked you to your class happily and leaned down slightly to kiss you “i love you my waifucchi!“He smiled and walked off.


You waited patiently for kiyoshi as he went to the locker room to finish changing. "Let’s go I’ll walk you home” he smiled as he walked home. Nodding you took slow steps towards him. He took you by your hand and walked out smiling. “How about we go for ice cream while we’re here?” Kiyoshi pulled you to a ice cream truck and bought 2 ice creams.“thank you senpai. .."you smiled


When you walked out of your house, you were suprised to see midorima holding a toothbrush."h-here…y-your lucky item!” He stuttered as he handed you the toothbrush.  “Tsun tsun~ thank you!!” You giggled hugging him


When you walked into school, you had no idea what was about to happen. Once you opened your locker, you were suprised to have piles of sweets to rain on you. Frowning, you tiled your head confused “y/nchin~” a bored voice said. Turning around, the titan lifted you up “ do you like your gift? Took me awhile to put it in…” He frowned.


You walked inside the cafeteria, trying to find ryo. Once you found him you skipped to him smiling. “Y/n-san I made you a-a bento! ” He blushed giving you the box. Once you opened you saw a heart and lots of cute octopus sausages “thanks ryo-chan!!”

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I asked a similar question somewhere else before for Hikyuu, and I would like your take on this. Anyway, Hara, Seto and Haizaki are first time parents and they just don't help taking care of a 3 month old, because "how hard can it be? Just feed the child and put him/her to bed". Their wives are fed up with this so they decide to leave the guys for a weekend or so alone with their baby(-s) and go to a spa. Honestly, I just want to see one of them cry. Have a nice day/night.

Seto Kentaro

He knew you expected him to fail at this “parenting thing” (although he didn’t understand why you would use your child as an experiment); what you hadn’t counted on was his side job during high school as a babysitter for his next door neighbour. Now an expert from those times, he easily had his son in bed and asleep- just in time for your arrival.

Haizaki Shougo

It should have worked- his foolproof plan, to get the kid tucked away and dealt with as he watched basketball matches and booed most of the players, should have worked. But it didn’t. Apparently, babies heads were heavy and, if not positioned correctly, could easily make said child roll of a downhill sofa. Now there was a dark bruise spreading across his daughter’s forehead and, despite often saying he would never be afraid of you, he didn’t know exactly how he would feel when matching red patches with the baby- expect these red patches were to be created by your fists.

Hara Kazuya

In all honesty, the only experience Hara had had with babies until this point was his younger brother’s birth but he had been three years old at the time and for some reason his parents had thought he would rip apart the baby as he did pillows and duvets- not too incorrect an assumption. So, how was he supposed to deal with this kid? You had written a long list of instructions but he had band practice soon and could he really be bothered.?

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Kise with his s/o who's personality is very similar to his? But she's not a model or sth xd Just personality is similar ^w^ thank you! *I'M GLAD YOU'RE BACK*


Thank you for requesting! 💋

“Kasamatsu-senpai!” the blonde squealed, bursting inside the gym with his arms open, sprinting towards his favorite senpai.

“O-Oi!” Kasamatsu stumbled over his words as the model tightly wrapped his arms around him, yelling: “Happy Birthday!”

“Oi! He’s turning red!” Moriyama warned, throwing a basketball at Kise’s head, making him let go and rub it.

“Ow.” he frowned, then glanced at his senpai again. “Kasamatsu-senpai, what are you planning to do today? Let’s go to the amusement park.. or the mall! Or, ohh! The karaoke! Oh please let it be the karaoke!”

Kasamatsu watched as Kise grinned ear to ear, waiting for his reply. He placed a hand on his hip and pinched the bride of his nose.


“Kasamatsu-senpai!” (Name) bursted inside the gym, her arms wide open and a huge smile on her face. She sprinted towards the captain, before tightly embracing him.

“Hey! He’s turning blue!” Kobori yelled from the other side of the gym, running over and pulling (Name)’s sleeve.

“Oops, my bad.” she said cheekily, then turned to Kasamatsu again, who was trying to catch his breath.

“Ryouta.” she smiled once her eyes landed on her boyfriend. Kise returned it, before jogging over and giving her a hug.

“Say, (Name)cchi.” Kise started, giving her a knowing look. She perked up and giggled.


And just when Kasamatsu thought it was over, they started singing Happy Birthday so loud all eyes were on them. But it’s not like there were many people, nor they cared.

“Happy Birthday dear senpai!” they sang in union, inching closer to him. “Happy Birthday!”

“Oh god, will you two shut up?” he said frustratingly, feeling a migraine coming. He massaged his temples. “My mind hurts. I wouldn’t appreciate spending my birthday in the karaoke.”

(Name) pulled out a water bottle from her bag. “Here, taste this, Kasamatsu-senpai.” she offered, handing it over to him.

“What is this?” he questioned, eyeing the bottle.

“It’s water we drink when we’re tired.” Kise replied plainly. “It’s cool.”

“You mean you drink different kinds of water depending on your situation and feelings?” Kasamatsu questioned, confused as hell as he twisted the cap open.

“Of course.” the couple said in union.

“Anyways, come on!” (Name) groaned, placing a hand on her hip. “Karaoke or no?”

“Don’t be a killjoy now, senpai.” Kise added. Moriyama and Kobori approached the trio from


“Do we really have a choice?” Moriyama sighed, placing a hand on (Name)’s shoulders. “Both of you are so adorable.. especially (Name)-chan right here!”

Moriyama pinched her cheeks, earning a rather grateful reaction from her.

“Well, I can easily reject the two.” Kasamatsu shrugged.

“Come on, please!” (Name) begged, clasping her hands together as Kise gave him the puppy eyes even Kasamatsu couldn’t resist.

“Alright, fine.” he gave in. “But your treat.”

They both shrugged. “No big deal!”

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