Beneath my Feet

Beneath my feet are stones and daggers

Gray and brown and stains of sand

Sharp as they are; I feel no anger

Bleed as I might and bleed as I can


Step one foot forward; above the sharpest shiv

Pressed down my foot so I knew I lived

They called me stupid and called me numb

But this is where I uphold my freedom


Stones— they hurt me, but I’m stoic inside

It stings and I know it; I just choose to hide

They test how I’d bear this pain and wound

I look at the end of my trail—it’s you.


I see daylight brighter than I can recall

I feel your warmth echoing down the hall

I know if I try I could reach for thee

I know it by heart; just please don’t leave me


I can make it; I promise it to be true

Scars are nothing if the gold is you

These stones below; I have them beat

For they are specks beneath my feet

Torn Heart

I don’t know how to tell you this;

But our moments I will truly miss.

So here goes what I have to say,

"I’m sorry, but I’m leaving you today…"


Please don’t ask the reason why

We must have to say goodbye

For it hurts me even more

To know that your heart I tore.


I hope you know that I loved you

And to you I was really true.

But as you know, feelings fade

Like an upcoming wave.


Now we must go our separate ways

And look forward to the days

When we would meet someone new

Who would ease and erase the pain we knew.


Now, as we part, I look back at you

Hesitant to go and forever leave you.

But one thing I know for sure,

This is the only cure.


When together I hurt you so

Then this torn heart is the final blow.

No longer will I hurt you more

But this pain in me will forever grow…

It Began That Night

I have these thoughts of you

Oh, if you only knew.

But as for now I’ll keep you here

Within my thoughts ‘till things are clear.

The night was young and free,

So, let’s waste time happy;

A toast to celebrate tonight.

Being with you brings me delight.


To alcohol we’re tools.

You DANCED AT ME audaciously

As I sit back down so meekly.

If I could, i would dance

With you in every chance.

But as I said I’ll keep you here

Within my thoughts till things are clear.

The night’s about to end

No more shall I pretend.

In the GARDEN I searched for you

And with that HUG, I knew it’s true.

It’s for a while, I felt

That in your arms I’d melt.

But you let go and bid to me

A goodnight that filled me with glee.

Next night with you I found,


So in this moment that you’re near

I’ll keep you in my heart, my dear.

Because of TIME you knew

That I am in love with you.

You can’t get me out of your head;

"I like you too" was what you said.

UNDER THE STARS we shared,

and it showed that we cared.

Stories and untold memories

Shared to none, but us and the trees.

Our bond - sealed with a KISS

A moment I would miss.

But at that moment that we’re here

We’ll keep it in our hearts, my dear.

I want to be with you,

But first let’s see things through;

To see if what we really feel

Is from the heart and oh, so real.

People have their labels,

And love has different levels;

But now we’re breaking all the rules -

Together we’re but love struck fools.

I broke my rule, you see,

For us to be happy.

In every moment that we’re here

I’ll keep it in my heart, my dear.

I’ll treasure all our hugs.

Pains - we’ll together lug.

And when you’re mouth is onto mine

Everything else will feel divine.

You are my second chance,

Ever since that night’s dance

Though drunk we are of alcohol,

To each other we seem to fall.

You helped me see love’s light

And it all began that night…

5.7 kilometers of CARDIO workout!

We walked a lot today, feken-high and I. c:

First, it was a 1.4 km walk from UST to SM San Lazaro/Avida Towers San Lazaro. (Manila City)

Then we walked back to UST/Espanya Avenue, which adds another 1.4 km walk. (Manila City)

feken-high then walked back to Avida Towers San Lazaro after I got on the jeepney which will drop me off at Crossings Department Store in Quezon Avenue.

From Espanya Avenue to Crossings Department Store in Quezon Avenue. From there, I walked 1.0 km to the MRT Quezon Avenue Station. (Quezon City)

I got down in MRT Shaw Boulevard Station and walked from there, to Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and to our home, near the National Center for Mental Health for 1.9 km.

It was so tiring and the heat was so scorching, but I made it~! And I had fun. Hope to have more long walks, hopefully with long talks too. ^_^