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My Sun, My Moon...

Fire Sun, Fire Moon: The Star

Individuals with this combination are enthusiastic, passionate, and active. They know what they want, and how to get it, and don’t hesitate in doing so. They can be rather egocentric and arrogant at times, but also have a genuine concern for their family, friends, and other loved ones, and have a knack for taking care of and protecting them.

Fire Sun, Earth Moon: The Meteorite

Charming and tactful, these individuals have the ambition and drive to attain anything they desire. They’re often torn between following impulses and thinking things through, and often succumb to the former. These individuals are strong and tough, though it may not always be apparent at first. They’re also very genuine and nurturing to those they care about.

Fire Sun, Air Moon: Heat Lightning

Energetic and spontaneous, those with this combination of Sun and Moon Signs radiate optimism. They’re active and tend to be rather extroverted. Sometimes rather unpredictable, and often quite hot-headed, these individuals can have intense mood shifts, but calm down rather quickly, too.

Fire Sun, Water Moon: The Obsidian

Individuals with this Sun and Moon combination are intense and passionate. They are compassionate, generous, and genuine. They have a soft side beneath their bravado, that only a select few get to see. They’re kind and sensitive, while remaining proud and true to who they are.

Earth Sun, Fire Moon: The Volcano

While individuals with this combination appear aloof and detached, there’s usually a fire burning within them waiting for the perfect moment to manifest itself. They’re the type of people who invest themselves into what they care about, the type to get things done. They can have rather explosive tempers, but it usually takes a lot to get them to that point.

Earth Sun, Earth Moon: The Plains

Strong and stable, these individuals aren’t prone to mood or personality shifts. They’re reliable and consistent. People with both their Sun and Moon in Earth Signs are also warm and nurturing, providing welcoming habitats for the loved ones in their lives - much like the fertile plains.

Earth Sun, Air Moon: The Cave System

These individuals are logical, through and through, relying mostly on what they know rather than what they feel. They can be rather complex, much like an underground labyrinth, and take patience and skills to navigate. They often appear aloof or otherwise unattached, but are easily brought back down to Earth.

Earth Sun, Water Moon: Underground Lake

On the surface, these individuals appear calm, cool, and collected, but often have much more going on internally than they let on. They often feel a struggle between emotion and logic, and prefer the latter. They tend to be rather secretive, but are compassionate, nurturing, and protective over their friends, family, and other loved ones.

Air Sun, Fire Moon: The Thunderstorm

Energetic, social, and passionate, individuals with this combination tend to enjoy life from center-stage. They’re passionate and driven, though often conflicted between following what they know and what they feel. They can be a bit unpredictable, much like a lightning strike. They often have a presence that makes itself known.

Air Sun, Earth Moon: The Tornado

Individuals with this combination of Sun and Moon Signs are known for their aloof and logical natures. They have an ability to be compassionate towards others, while still taking care of themselves. They’re determined, like the mighty Tornado, and nothing can stop them when they  set their mind on something.

Air Sun, Air Moon: Wind

Individuals who have both their Sun and Moon are social, and energetic. They have a lively nature to them, and thrive on intellectual stimulation. A bit unpredictable, these people can go from 0 to 60 in a relatively short amount of time, and sometimes the stimulus causing it is unapparent to everyone else.

Air Sun, Water Moon: Hurricane

Unpredictable and compassionate, individuals with this placement are known for following their own paths. These natives can be rather intense, and are known for fighting for the freedom they know they deserve. These individuals are a powerful and passionate blend of following what they know and what they feel.

Water Sun, Fire Moon: Hydro-thermal Vents

Individuals with this combination are passionate through to their core. They’re intuitive and impulsive, often acting based off of what they feel more than what they know. Similar to Hydro-thermal Vents (or Hot Water Vents), which are created by water being super heated by magma and then erupting from the vent, these individuals can be rather hot-headed, most often when they’re watery emotions are compromised.

Water Sun, Earth Moon: The Islands

Individuals with Water Suns and Earth Moons are a blend of emotion and logic. Much like underwater mountains rising up from beneath the waves of the Ocean, there’s an underlying steadiness to those who have this placement.

These people, much like tropical islands, are warm and welcoming, but are prone to stormy weather.

Water Sun, Air Moon: The Clouds

Individuals with a Sun in Water, and a Moon in Air are compassionate and friendly. Like the clouds gently drifting above, they have a knack for seeing everything. Their Watery intuition combined with their Airy logic gives them quite an insight into the affairs of others.

Similarly to clouds, these individuals can change with their moods. Sometimes they’re light and calm, other times dark and ominous of impending storms.

Water Sun, Water Moon: The Iceberg

Individuals with both their Sun and Moon in Water have a lot that lays under the surface. There’s much more to them than meets the eye - much like the Iceberg, where 85% of it’s mass resides below the surface of the water.

They tend to drift through the waves of the ocean peacefully, but can be lethal to those who underestimate them.

Aries: Cry babies, always wanna bully on someone, and if anyone stands up to them they’ll feel insulted. it’s there way or no other way. they’ll hold a grudge and make it all your fault. if you apologize or it’s not your fault they won’t care and hold it against you till they need you again.

Taurus: Emo and Angst they get a pass because they’re quiet but they also have quick tongues and sharp ones they know how to cut people down and laugh it off like it’s nothing. they speak fluently under their breath. Every word is calculated, and they have a script if you don’t play it. Emotional Terrorist, you wouldn’t know but they have a lot of emotions going under the surface.

Gemini: Always reading between the lines, especially when nothing is there they have a knack for being a detective on a case no one asked for. they will argue with you just to argue with you. they will tell someone how much they loved their jacket and ask where they got it, when they walk out of the room ask “who shops there?” they’re always right, and when they’re wrong, they’re right.

Cancer: are a lot of fun until you get them to admit they’ve done something wrong then they point 12 fingers at every direction, nothing is ever their fault. they looked shocked when you call them out of something and play victim like it’s their job. they won’t deal with anyone else complaining though. You can say you have cancer and they’ll say “well at least you’ve got today” and if they get a cold they’ll act as if they’re on their deathbed. 

Leo:  they know how to get on every nerves their aesthetic is: laughing really loud in your face, chewing with their mouth open, and getting angry because they’re hungry. They have a short attention span and don’t really listen they just wait for their turn to talk. Nothing is more important to a leo than themselves. they always feel like people are talking about them they make sub posts all day and they can make jokes, they just can’t take them.

Virgo: Shit starters, they’re behind the scenes of drama, if you look close enough their finger print is all over the drama, but they’ll act unaware and unsure what you’re talking about. They are wrapped in drama and thrive off of it, but they’ll act as if they do not care. You’ll never know what they’re thinking, they’re private, so much they don’t know what they’re thinking. they play cool but have nerves and miss out on things and people because they act like they don’t care.

Libra: Fair and balance, just like fox news. They make sure the scale is tipped to their side of things. Control freaks, they know you have a way to do it but they have the right way to do it. They will dump you for something better, they will make plans and cancel at the last moment. because well something better will come up and they can rarely commit. they may not show it but care about what people think of them and will suck up to the person in the room with most power.

Scorpio:  Liars, cheats, needy, they will put the blame on everyone else. They can accept they were wrong but after months and months of bad mouthing you. They will talk about anyone, they’re a sponge of information you just poke ‘em and they’ll spill all they know and even stuff you didn’t ask for they can’t help themselves. they usually have a low self esteem or seemingly but that’s more so they can hear people compliment them, and then get sad when people don’t compliment them. 

Sagittarius:  Playful, they have something to say about every topic and know the best things about the topic and do too much and really act immature and will piss you off and then can’t handle people being mad at them so they’ll annoy you until you tell them they’re forgiven. like grown toddlers make messes for other people to clean up. kind of careless. kind of messy. talk shit about others in areas they are lacking. they need you to cheer them on for being mediocre. and if you don’t…they’ll be upset with you. they’ll tell everyone else their problem with you but they never tell you face to face. They won’t go out of their way for you but expect you to move heaven and hell for them and feel offended if you do so. 

Capricorn: Assume they are right not just right but just, morally right. tell corny jokes and fake like at everything not so you like them but they want your respect. If they think you might disrespect them. they will disrespect you through and through but if you don’t say thank you, you’ll see furry like no other. and timing is their worst trait, they laugh at the wrong time, say the wrong names, and they don’t care about who you are they care what you can do for them. they’ll say information they gathered to seem closer to you than they are and they will step on your toes and say your welcome.

Aquarius: Nothing can make you feel more alive than attention form an aquarius that cares for you, nothing can make you feel more dead than being ignored by the same aquarius. they are moody, they’re judgmental. they want you to move the world for them because they asked. they don’t do favors, even if they owe you a couple hundred, they get joy out of seeing others in pain, but they wouldn’t admit it. they act clueless but have a lot going on underneath. the truth is they use people in their lives as pawns to get what they want.

Pisces: Spend too much time trying to fix others when their own lives are a mess. They need alone time and time with people. You can depend on them, but you also know they’re really flakey. They will let people use them, and can’t say no, but they use people too. they are petty and will get their revenge even if it isn’t directly they’ll watch you slowly poison yourself and smile and act surprise when it happens. they know how to turn people against you without making it look like they’re even trying. they are emotional and get emotional over remembering something that happen years ago, or watching some random youtube. they also take on feelings of those around them that are strong. they mirror what’s around them. they’re petty, petty pisces. 


Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Finished 06/03/2017

For want of a better way to summarise this book, I’m going to steal a leaf from Mean Girls. Illuminae…how would I describe Illuminae?

Illuminae is sci-fi. It’s 2575 and we meet Kady Grant, a 17 year old tech whiz from a planet with an illegal mining colony, who has a knack for hacking into files she’s not supposed to see. 

Illuminae is action. Due to said illegal mining, Kady’s planet gets blown up by the giant corporation Bei-Tech and they’re hot on the heels of any survivors. Add to that some rogue artificial intelligence with homicidal tendencies, and a killer virus aboard the ship and the odds of survival aren’t looking good.

Illuminae is romance. Aboard one of the other refugee ships is Kady’s ex-boyfriend. The book explores their journey together and how tragedy shapes their relationship.

Illuminae is crime. Told through a set of documents compiled to bring Bei-Tech to justice, Illuminae involves some very creative story telling. There are  chat logs, court rulings, cctv descriptions and interviews. 

It takes a while to get into, there’s a barrage of information at the start and the format takes a while to get used to, but stick with it because there comes a point where it’s impossible to put this book down.

Knuckles Musing
  • Someone else: How are you?
  • Me, interally: Knuckles hasn't lived up to his full potential as a character since Sonic Adventure really, (although he's still awesome in Sonic Adventure 2, don't get me wrong). There are so many things that need to be explored with his culture, even if they don't want to explore his past. Echidna culture is fascinating and the games could explore Echidnas' relationship with the Chaos Emeralds more.
  • And since Knuckles his proud of his culture and heritage it begs the question how much he knows about it. Does he try to figure out the Ruins of his ancestors through limited means? We know he understands ancient languages and has a knack for treasure hunting as a past time, but how many things has he not discovered on Angle Island? How come Angle Island hasn't been relevant again even through there are still unanswered questions about it like the tapestry in the sanctuary, the super emeralds, whatever the Hell Hyper Knuckles is suppose to be, ect. Knuckles is a fascinating character with more to his name than just being duped because he's guilable, and he's only guliable because he's been isolated his whole entire life-
  • Me: Oh no lol I'm just fine.

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BBRae Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush.

I’m so sorry this took ~forever~. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!

Beast Boy had an uncanny knack for ulterior motives.  

He was devious, coy, and equally charming. How else could anyone have described the way in which he’d captured her attention so thoroughly? 

Nonetheless, when the offer had been made, it seemed innocent enough, even though Raven should have known better. 

She should have seen it coming.

“It’s just a small get-together,” he’d persisted at the time.

Beast Boy had been so nonchalant about the subject matter, that Raven had played right into his all too eager hands. 

He’d been mostly immersed in his video game, eyes the shade of evergreens glued to the televsion screen, unblinking. The words escaped his lips in a monotone whisper, almost like he was running on autopilot while his brain focused on the match.

So easy was his explanation that the empath made nothing of it, and thus, with a shrug of her shoulders and a brief nod of her head, Raven had resigned to her fate.

Except, what the changeling had neglected to mention was the nature of such a get-together. 

For example; perhaps a pertinent piece of information he’d conveniently left out, was the fact that it took place entirely poolside

As in, a pool.

As in, bathing suits and bikinis, and a lot of unexpected nudity. 

[this got long, so the rest is under the cut!]

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Archie getting jealous of Betty and Jughead.


He should have seen the signs.

From the day he introduced his two best friends to one another—the pretty blonde girl always seemed to have a knack for making his sharp-tongued best friend tongue-tied (to which Archie often alluded to Jughead’s lack of experience with girls his age), to the array of birthday surprises that the two would co-plan for him (and how the brunet boy would always let the Cooper girl take the lead), to the way she made a point to read anything under the sun that was written by the Jones boy.

He should have. But he didn’t.

Boy, does he wish he did.


It’s a crisp Monday morning. The blues rake in when Archie steps into the student lounge and finds his friends slouched on the couches, half of them absentmindedly scrolling through their social media news feeds while a good chunk of them try to sneak in as much breakfast as they can before the bell rings.

Betty is nestled in the crook of Veronica’s neck, eyes fluttering as she sighs deeply.

“There’s no way,” she manages between yawns, “that I’ll be able to stay awake for the entirety of today.”

“Wow, Betty,” remarks Kevin, plopping down. “You look awful.”

“Thanks,” she deadpans, clearly too drained for a proper response. “I pulled an all nighter for the midterm.”

It’s not long before Jughead arrives and sits next to the disheveled blonde on the couch. He notices her state and places his hand over hers, to which she responds to by linking their fingers together.

Which prompts Archie to divert his attention to the latest issue of the Blue and Gold sitting in front of him. Perhaps not the best diversion, he quickly concludes.

“I’m running low on coffee supply,” announces Veronica, lifting Betty up and relocating her to Jughead’s shoulder. “Here, the designated boyfriend should take her while I stock up.”

That’s when he sees it—she relaxes in the crook of his neck and he tightens his grip on her hand.

And oh does his throat burn.


It’s not just the physical aspect that unnerves him, it’s the the way they look at each other (have they always looked at each other that way?) that makes it a hell lot harder to pretend that it doesn’t bother him (because it does, sending waves of pain throughout his bones and he loathes it).

It’s all in the way Archie sees Jughead smiling as he catches Betty dancing around her room—sunshine coiled locks flinging around to the tune of the 1975—in all her cheerleader glory after a good game.

Or the way Betty’s face lights up when she’s stuck on crossword puzzles in the morning and Jughead effortlessly finishes them for her—it’s the same look Jughead gets, a mix of surprise and admiration, like there’s always something pleasantly new to learn about one another.

Still, the very thought of it alone causes his breathing to hitch and he bites the insides of his mouth in the confines of his empty room.


And really, it’s not because Ronnie purses her lips and chides him for taking too long to come to his senses, “She’s happy now, Archiekins. They both are.”

Or even the way Kevin narrows his eyes and shakes his head in concurrence with the raven-haired girl beside him.

Really, what truly gets to Archie is that deep down he knows that her smiles are wider around the brunet boy than they’ve ever been around him, and that his writing has skyrocketed ever since she started intertwining her hands with his (she’s the ending to every book he writes, this Archie now knows).

And that she was never really his to begin with.


a/n: i’m sleepy so pardon any possible errors

He didn’t choose the megane life, the megane life chose him! @manlybadasshero is one of my favorite youtubers, between his lame jokes and his witty sarcasm I don’t know whether to laugh or face palm. He has a knack for predicting endings and figuring out things that i’d be stuck on for years and never getting scared (although when he does, the moment is precious). The first series I watched him play was Life is Strange which is among my top favorites and it upset me that I hadn’t found his channel earlier. I appreciate his effort to get every ending and find secrets in the games he plays. To sum it up he really is my senpai and if you haven’t seen his videos before I highly suggest you check him out!


Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou

Rating: M

This is something that I originally posted on AO3 with the intentions of writing a multi-chapter fic, but I lost interest in it almost immediately. Then I deleted it off AO3. I figured that I may as well post here instead so it’s not just sitting on my computer mocking me.

Akaashi sighed as he stared down at the box labeled FRAGILE sitting at his feet. His eyes flicked up to where Bokuto was hauling boxes out of the back of the moving truck. They had already spent the morning struggling to get the furniture up the stairs to their new apartment, and now they were on to the absurd amount of boxes they had packed up from each of their old places. Honestly, how could two men in their early twenties have so much stuff? He supposed the answer was that Bokuto was a hoarder of knick-knacks, and he himself owned far more books than was really necessary.

But he would never admit that last part out loud.

He looked back down at the box in front of him and sighed once more, crouching down to pick it up. He figured he should get it out of the way before Bokuto or Kuroo did something stupid—

“Dude, we should see who can carry the most boxes in at once!” Bokuto yelled to Kuroo from the back of the moving van.

“We should definitely do that,” Kuroo agreed.

—like that.

Akaashi cleared his throat. “First of all, no,” he said, fixing them both with a tired look over the box he held in his arms, “Second, in order for it to be a true testament to each of your individual strength, you would have to calculate the weight of each box to make sure one of you wasn’t just picking the lighter boxes so you could carry more, and we simply do not have time for that.”

“Hey! Neither of us would do that! That would be cheating!” Bokuto declared.

“That would be strategy, Koutarou,” Akaashi said, giving them a sly smile before proceeding up the steps to their apartment door, thanking the forces that be it was only one flight.

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Kinktober #9: Asphyxiation

Takes place in my street racing verse, Speed Demons! Hopefully unnecessary reminder that breathplay/asphyxiation is/can be super dangerous. This is fiction, you are real - be safe <3

The idea of dying has always seemed like a foreign concept to Hinata. He thought for years that this recklessness came naturally, along with his knack for getting into sticky situations, and his constant wish to live life at breakneck speeds. It must be the same for other people like him, he reasoned.

Then he meets Kageyama, and Kageyama knows what it’s like—to die, or come so close that there’s almost no difference. Kageyama knows what it’s like to slip away, but he also knows what it’s like to come back, and to not have any control, either way.

He’s told Hinata, before, how he hated having no say in the matter.

He copes with it in the same way he does everything; he finds ways to win against it, to face that fear head on and on his own terms, not the other way around.

There is a race, one night, that Hinata wins. Hinata flashes across the finish line, but when he looks in his rearview, he sees the aftermath of a crash that must have happened between second and third place, or maybe third and fourth. He’s not entirely sure, and it doesn’t look all that serious. Both drivers walk away from the scene, and he doesn’t think much more of it.

But Kageyama doesn’t even make it past the first red light on the way home before he leans over from the passenger seat and grabs Hinata’s face in his hands to kiss him.

Really kiss him. Kageyama’s palms are warm on Hinata’s cheeks, one soft press of lips and a light, shaky exhalation of breath before Kageyama opens him up, mouth hot and eager, tongue sliding against his, breaking away to pull Hinata’s bottom lip between his teeth, eyes closed and brow furrowed—it’s a good thing it’s so late no one is behind them, because Hinata almost misses the green light.

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Coud you do a prompt for Gavin being really lucky and somehow surviving the most difficult things? X

Dumb luck. It’s the only way to survive when your lack of coordination is paired with little to no strength (some would argue a lack of intelligence from time to time)Gavin found the loophole to every situation, whether it be on purpose or by accident the man had a knack for barely slipping by death. Luck is what found him in the seediest city this side of state lines, and how he became a frontman for Los Santos’ biggest crime bosses. Gavin Free’s life was composed barely dodging a bullet to the face and somehow not getting a scratch from falling down a three story fire escape. Hell, he’s lucky his co-workers haven’t strangled him in his sleep

Se is Not a Shallow Function

I’ve heard about how Se is simplistic and unintelligent. If you thought Se was just “I see the fish”, you are wrong. Se sees the fish, takes in its natural rhythm, tracks it through the water, and how it maneuvers through the maze of obstacles in its path. Se is the rhythm of a dancer, the sight and sound of a marching band and each of its sections’ steps and notes, and someone walking in high heels and a floor length dress without faltering.

Se is also the pang of empathy one gets when taking in a distressing scene. Se doms don’t have the luxury of tuning out their surroundings, so such things hurt deeply. Se asks “What can I do?” and is quick to help. Se is promoting. Se users have a knack for picking just the right things to go with each other and making things seem much more appealing than they really are. Se is the meter of poetry, the imagery of a book, and the strand of iron gray hair found on a pillow.

mcaesarclown  asked:

((11, 13, 20, 23, 44))

11. Strength

… mod suddenly makes some sad noises like she doesn’t know what her strength might be, shuroro… more self-confident would be nice. Just like me! 

But for her for now… well her drawing skills are quite good and the same goes for her writing. I like how she represents me (although she has a knack of getting me into trouble!!) She is also good at videogames and be there for he friends.

13. Dislike

From what I’ve gathered of her complaints and rants is that she really dislikes unfriendly customers, which I have to agree on not sounding particular fun to deal with.

She also dislikes to be around too many people for too long and I have to agree with her there as well.

20. Gore or no gore

Shurorororo~ Mod loves gore! Which I’m very happy about as my experiments can get quite goory at times. Although she has a trigger here, as she calls it, and that is getting limbs severed. She tells me that she gets sick seeing especially me get hurt so bad that I would lose a limb… even cutting my hair because of torture and especially my horns are the biggest no-no she has. Well I’m thankful for that, I do not want that to happen to me! I like all my parts where there are now, including my horns, tail and my precious long hair… and other… stuff, thank you!!

((Punch him, hurt him, torture him (please)~ but please do not severe any parts of him… (it might be okay in an au) if you aren’t Law and can fix it. But these are my triggers))

23. Favourite type of porn

Okay now you made her a tomato, shurororo. She doesn’t really watch porn, sometimes hentai but mostly just fanfics and pictures/gifs. She has some lovely subjects she is into though that she searches for in porn-way. Obviously gay stuff, and even more obviously pet play as she is a pet. BDSM altogether actually I’ve seen her search up… hmmm and anal~. I approve of her choices. 

((*distressed goat noises from mod who can’t stop CC from answering as he is now hovering at the ceiling with her laptop*))

44. Tumblr senpai

Hm… I’m not sure if she has any. Most of her senpai’s are now her friends, and I’m not sure if that has overridden the senpai-status or not but there have been or are a few… like you who asked this question. Also to mention are @askhildon, @minister-of-candy, @torosiken and @erupan

why are ppl so god damn mean to rock lee, when kakashi and shizune were going over everyone else’s wedding gifts why was it like “oh that’s so stylish!” “that’s just like him to pick something like that, how sweet!” etc etc etc and then ??? they get to the presents lee and gai picked and suddenly they react like it’s So Embarrassing and Unnecessary like ???? rock lee put so much thought into his present and agonized over it for days and wanted to make sure that whatever he gave to them was going to be personal and right from his heart of hearts and yet ofc his gift is the one to get made fun of like ??? sakura and ino got them fucking picture frames from a shitty knick knack shop but let’s all laugh at rock lee’s heartfelt present. fuck u


If you guys were curious to see a few of the Axel redesign concepts that didn’t make the cut! i like how the only consistent detail throughout were the shoes, and that his shirt progressively reverted back to dark colours LOL I just put waaay too much focus on his BBS outfit colours and motifs at the beginning.

It’s true what when they say “less is more” o3o sometimes a design doesn’t need a lot of knick knacks or complex doodads to get the message across.

completely revitalized. my crops are thriving

@optimisticduelist suggested the other day that the consort kingdom, if it’s largely island based or coastal, may have even started on jake’s island, which is not only great because jake will get to have his jungle orb back (MY BOY) but also because the ruins of the tower are there and he and dirk can rebuild them to be their secret lab/adventure center/junk collection zone. 

like, remember how much miscellaneous shit jake gathered over the years in the b1 universe, as grandpa? all those knights and mummies and blue girls and game trophies, and that was only 3 floors of the thing when that tower was probably at least 30. grandpa had completely stuffed that house to the brim of little knick-knacks and eccentric collections and stuff acquired from his adventures, and now he and dirk get to do it together. they get to rule over the consort kingdom, explore the new world, and take the relics of their adventures and stash them away somewhere to remind them of the places they’ve been and the things they’ve seen. they probably visit the other kids every so often and acquire shit from those kingdoms, too. they have framed troll sign shirts hanging on one floor (designed thoughtfully by kanaya) and some carapacian crowns (carapaces never forget their princes) and dirk personally has 5 floors or so of just miscellaneous human shit because he’s so enthralled with human society’s trinkets as it’s actually developing and changing with, you know, alive people. they also, of course, have a lot of floors for the stuff the consorts bring them (or at least, what’s brought to them that’s preservable, and not just a plate full of wiggling insects). 

jake calls it their paraphernalia collection. dirk calls it “all our fucking shit.” it is both of theirs and they treasure it. 

Bonnalise is like Set It Off level ride or die though. Cause Annalise will talk to her like anything but a child of God and (though folks like to forget) Bonnie has wished her death right to her face with Annalise knowing she got a knack for a plastic bag. They’ll stay mad awhile. Bonnie will uncover Annalise’s hidden snacks and Annalise will offer a sleep over if she says the word and they keep on keeping on.

Some more fighting words will be said because of hurt feelings. Bonnie drops the love you and Annalise is just like “that’s fine, but I’m hurting right now. See you in the am”.

I love these scenes.. Liza and Viola put in work every time.

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Adult Mabel, which Gems do you have fun with when your Ford and Stan are out on an adventure?

“Oh I can have fun with any of those adorable little Gems! Here’s a few fun facts for ya: Garnet really loves to cook, so I always take the time to show her all the tricks and tips I know. I even taught her how to make Mabel juice and she does it perfectly! Pearl’s not much on cooking, but she does have a knack for sewing, so sometimes we’ll settle down and have long “sweater sessions” where we knit a bunch of sweaters and drink tea and gossip about the boys and the other Gems. And since Amethyst is a huge fan of small, cute animals like I am, the two of us will sometimes go hunting for squirrels or turtles or kittens to take care of. So long story short, I love hanging out with those three any chance I get! They’re all so charming!”

(So despite the… difficult relationship between Adult Mabel and Adult Steven in the Relativity AU, Mabel really has a soft spot for the Gems. And how could she not, they’re so precious and cute (and she lowkey ships Ford and Pearl hard lol))  

Many of our escapes are involuntary: addiction and dissociating from painful feelings are two examples. Anyone who has worked with a strong addiction—compulsive eating, compulsive sex, abuse of substances, explosive anger, or any other behavior that’s out of control—knows that when the urge comes on it’s irresistible. The seduction is too strong. So we train again and again in less highly charged situations in which the urge is present but not so overwhelming. By training with everyday irritations, we develop the knack of refraining when the going gets rough. It takes patience and an understanding of how we’re hurting ourselves not to continue taking the same old escape route of speaking or acting out.
—  Pema Chödron