kms please


But like…

To those saying “manage your time” “try harder” or “that’s nothing compared to me”, good for you. I’m happy you can manage your time so well. Great job buddy. Myself, on the other hand, I run on different terms. I’m fairly sure we don’t have the same school, or the same homework, or other factors. I take extracurriculars 3/5 week days, which I have to do “homework” for afterwards. My classes are different, with separate criteria. I work over the weekends, and help my mom with cleaning, or going going grocery shopping with my dad on other times. It’s awesome for you that you have free time, spectacular. But I’m busy, and judging by the likes or reblogs, others agree with me. No I’m not trying to whine here, if it seems like that, my apologies. But, some of us have different lives with different events. We all have separate situations when it comes to free time and school. You got free time? Nice, go draw a picture about it.

When you say…

“Why haven’t you tried this yet?” Or “It’s been 3 years and you haven’t gotten better yet?”

It hurts.

It feels like you’re saying I’m not trying hard enough.

It feels dismissive.

Like my illness is a simple problem I haven’t bothered to solve.

Like I don’t live with it everyday.

Like I don’t already feel like a failure enough as it is.

Think before you speak, but especially to a chronically ill person. We have a lot of bed rest time to play your words over and over in our heads.