Opened for @lukebryan in 2009 as well… A Christmas gig for #kmps up in the Seattle area. Man this is pullin’ shhhh…tuff out of the archives. Congrats #teamluke on your ACM “Entertainer of the Year” award. Only someone who laughs at themselves first can (or should) win this. And you, are that guy.


KMPS Interview

Logo Keluarga Mahasiswa Purworejo Semarang.

Dalam logo tesebut terdapat siluet WR. Soepratman, seorang Pahlawan Nasiona yang mencipatakan lagu kebangsaan “Indonesia Raya” kelahiran Purworejo. Dibelakang siluet tersebut terdapat 3 gunungan yang melambangkan asal kampus anggota KMPS, yaitu: Universitas Diponegoro, Politeknik Semarang, dan Politekkes Semarang. Karya: Reza Muhammad GPD (2013)

Lan Roberts & Jimmy Stalwart, 1300 KOL Seattle | January 22, 1971

Lan Roberts & Jimmy Stalwart, 1300 KOL Seattle | January 22, 1971

The sounds of Middle-Of-The-Road radio are heard on this recording. Yes, 1300 KOL was a Top 40 station and for a while did compete with KJR “Channel 95″. But surely not the same way. Listen to the style of these two funny men, Lan Roberts and Jimmy Stalwart. One gets the impression they would have made for a great team, out at a night club or a restaurant.

Not too many records get played in…

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Best concert ever can’t get over how amazing it was I have never had floor tickets before and to get upgraded to them during ONE of my all time favorite country singers EVER was breath taking (: thank you thank you THANK YOU #kmps 💙💙💙💙 I LOVE #FloridaGeorgialine so much they are such amazing people and singers ((: even after this concert when I listen to their songs I can’t help but sing and smile (: #thefair #bestconcertever (at best concert ever💙)

Remember Christmas when you were five?
Grandma stood over your shoulder helping
You peel potatoes for the stew and the knife
Slipped and you cut your thumb and started
Crying and she kissed away the blood and said
‘Darling, pain reminds us we live’ and you didn’t
Understand but you stopped crying.

That was years ago now but you still remember
Like it was an hour ago, like your grandma still
Makes stew on Christmas, like a nick is the worst
Pain you’ve ever felt, like it’s still easy to accept
That pain is part of life, and her words still help, on
The days when you can’t remember what it means
To live and you forget the pain will always pass.

—  Pain Reminds Us We Live | kmp