Is this supposed to be funny?

Calling B.A.P “Bitch Ass Pussies” because the plot of their MV required them to cry is so disgusting. Calling someone that regardless of who it is disgusting.

I’ve pretty much stopped supporting EYK all together but I’m glad I actually watch this KMM to remind me not only why I stopped supporting them but also to call them out. Not that it will have any effect on them but hopefully it will make a few more kpop fans unsubscribe from them.

Merlin Kink Meme

Hello Merlin fandom! 

For those already aware of what the Kink Meme is, you probably agree that opening a new one would be awesome. If you don’t know what it is then the meme itself is here, and it is a place where people can post Merlin fic prompts and others can fill these prompts completely anonymously. I think you’ll agree that sounds awesome.

Unfortunately at the moment there are not enough mods to run a new meme, luckily that’s where you guy’s come it. If anyone is interested in helping tidy and archive for just an hour or so out of your day then please send me a message and we can try and get the ball rolling. :D