Happy 2nd Anniversary, B.A.P!

Has it really been two years? In this time we’ve seen you grow and mature so much. You’ve worked so hard and shown us so many different sides of yourselves. You’ve persevered and achieved amazing things. I’m proud to be able to call myself a fan of yours. 

Thank you for making us laugh and making us cry. Thank you for investing so much time and energy into your music. Thank you for giving up sleep and disregarding your health just to keep us happy though I really wish you’d stop doing that. Above all, thank you for inspiring us. I hope you’ll always be able to follow your dreams and continue to grow. Here’s to many more years to come.

a Baby.

Happy birthday to our very own Angel!

Once again, I’m at a loss for things to say to you on your birthday. Really, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for giving 100(4)% of your effort into everything you do except that high jump at ISAC let’s not talk about that ok. You’ve improved so much and you’re only continuing to improve. It makes me so proud to watch your performances and see how far you’ve come. Thank you for being you and not letting your idol status get in the way of that. Thank you for taking care of your fans in your own way. Just… thank you for everything. I hope that I, as a fan, will be able to show this gratitude to you more and more each day.

May your birthday be as wonderful and beautiful as you are. (///∇///)ノ

Jessu 누나