kmeghan replied to your photo: Been doing my DAR thing this weekend.

How easy/hard was it for you to be a part of the DAR? I have looked into it a bit, but the proving the genealogy seemed a bit daunting.

My mom did all the genealogy, so I got in on her line.  If you know of a relative who was in DAR in the past (aunt, great grandma, etc.) it shouldn’t be hard to piggy back on.  

However, if you’re interested, contact a local/nearby chapter with what lineage you have done, and they SHOULD help you with the application.  There are some women who *LOVE* to help others with research (and there are actually DAR awards/recognition for doing so).  Like, we have women in our chapter who spend 4 hours a certain night of the week just doing research at the local genealogy library.  

Check it out!