Just a few photos from my time in Pentucket Players’ production of their summer musical revue, Journeys of Love. It was truly a wonderful experience; I got to perform with some talented and genuinely some of the nicest people I could ever have the pleasure of performing with. It was such a fun, summer show! :)

Tonight I attended a really great concert/show night of musical theatre tunes. My friend, the incredibly talented and wonderful kevin was in it, which was my main reason in going - he sang “All I Care About Is Love” from Chicago, in case y'all are wondering what kind of chops he has. He was terrific and I was super excited to see him in it because he was singing Chicago, and I had never gotten the chance to see the production that they did at the college, so at least I got a lil’ taste of what it was somewhat like (with the added bonus of Cassandra singing backup).

In particular, the second half of the night was filled with a range of performances, and really got to me. There was this woman who sang this gorgeous song called “I Had Myself a True Love” from St. Louis Woman, which was such a beautiful, relaxing song, and her voice was like pure meadow flowers on a crisp winter day… if that makes any sort of sense. Which it does to me. I also loved how all she did was sit by the piano, and sang, letting the music speak for itself. And then another woman sang “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Mis, and there was something about the simplicity and honesty of her performance… I truly felt what she was saying. I also teared up a little bit during this.

And finally….

Those who know me truly well, know that I am a huge Jason Robert Brown fan (he may be my favorite composer, after Stephen Sondheim of course). And not only do I love The Last Five Years, my favorite song from that show forever will be “Nobody Needs To Know” - if you do not think this is true, all I will say is that I listened to the song for three hours straight for the tail end of the car ride home from our Washington DC trip. 

That song is literally one of the most simplistically brilliant songs in musical theatre that I’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering.

And wouldn’t you know, it’s being performed tonight.

By a man, sitting at the piano.

With a small area of green gobo lighting to create and abstracted forest/tree effect.

And a special from stage left casting a dramatic spot on him.

And then he does this song.

I’m paralyzed in awe with how brilliant the song is, and this man performed it PERFECTLY. I honestly thought that Jason Robert Brown himself was up there for a hot second. It was the most captivating, moving, and truly wonderful performance I had ever seen in a long time. I could not move, and only realized I was crying when I felt a tear fall from my face and onto my hand. (The song does pull at specific topics that particularly affect me, so that also added to the crying factor.)

I wish everybody here could have seen it.

And it reminded me once again why I love live theatre. While I wish I had a recording of his performance, at the same time it simply would not be the same. There’s just something about it being a human being, a living thing, something breathing with thoughts and emotions, is right in front of you - not just pixels from a film that caught some light in some places. And sharing this performance, this moment, with not only him, but the rest of the audience and performers, was something particularly special.

I wish I could live in that song, and that performance, forever.