no but patroclus tho??????? we see him like, 3 times before he goes into  battle, 1 where he’s just there chillin lying on the tent, another where he’s crying over the hurt soldiers and another where he’s like ‘achilles, our friends are literally dying rn, they’re setting fire to our ships bro’ << whICH make you think, hm, nice dude 

and tHEN guy goes into the battle mode and all of a sudden he’s this ruthless cold, enraged motherfucker like he kills a guy by throwing a rock in his head and then mocks him (or at least his army) and ‘patroclus charges three times and each time 9 trojans died’ like HE KILLS 30 GUYS IN A SWEEP , it takes apollo to disorient him, a dart on his back and then hector to kill him an d it’s so? im. he’s like the personification of looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you 

upd8 on my life

  • i finished oh my ghost
  • it is very good my heart is fulfilled
  • you should watch it
  • it’s very good
  • i have exams next week
  • i am not ready
  • i am going to watch running man now