Chai performed a 10 mm scalpel piercing in Rebecka today. Large labrets makes you happy!

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Publisher’s Note: For the first time since I’ve published Stereophile, we are running two completely different—and opposed— reports on the same product. Normally, we try to reach some conclusion as to why reviewers come up with opposite views on a product, and resolve the problem prior to publication. In this case, the problem lies in the differing sound systems used for review. Since some readers will have systems like SWW’s, and others will have systems more like JGH’s, I felt it was valuable to run both reviews.

For the record, SWW’s reference system consists of Dayton Wright XG-lO speakers, BEL 1001 amplifiers, a Klyne preamp, a SOTA Star Sapphire turntable, the Well-Tempered Arm (or Sumiko Arm), and a Talisman S cartridge. The sound on analog disc is far preferable to that from CD, being much more alive and present, and with a tendency to exaggerate sibilants. The low end of the system is awesome, the high end extended, and transients are rendered with a great feeling of immediacy and quickness.

Thu, 02/26/2015



After searching for days alone in the frigid environment Klyne has encountered nothing who calls itself Phanost. Not a soul he met even recalled the name, and strangers in this hardscrabble part of the galactic territories are usually easy to spot, and locals are usually quick to make a new face feel unwelcome. Klyne has made the choice to close off pursuit of Phanost, after searching to no avail he can tell the time for their meeting isn’t right. If he can get to a village he will send for a Glyaxia warpjumper and head back to Command HQ on Forvalum. Off in the distance Klyne can see a small township, if he makes it to the massive defensive gate surrounding it before sundown he won’t have to dig himself out a hole to keep warm in overnight, that is of the townsfolk don’t try to run him off first.


After their meeting with Argen and Enyriun and securing the secret cargo whoever took the Rig didn’t know about, Harcoruin split from Klyne to deliver the contents to Glyaxia himself. Curious about this being known as Phanost, Klyne decided to stay on the planet to find the teacher for his own reasons, for he has a strong intuative feeling that Phanost is the one who stole the Rig to lure them to this planet just as Rozom manipulated Sarvos Jek into arriving at the cliffs in the past. This time though, Klyne is not the same as he once was. He is a Traveller, and full of the power of the stars. If Phanost is planning some ambush he will face strong opposition indeed.


Having avoided detection by the renegade gendrones Klyne and Harcoruin meet with the two rogues at the crash site, much to their surprise the gendrones do not want a battle, the one known as Argen is simply trying to track down his one-time master Phanost. Harcoruin knows of this Phanost, and states his personal distaste for the being and his methods for gaining power. Harcoruin’s own recklessness in the past hardly measures to the depths at which Phanost has stooped to wrestle control of the galaxy from the forces of Glyaxia Command. Argen does not press his mission to find his teacher any further with the two Travellers, fearing the trouble it would draw if they were to fight one another. Klyne asks Argen if his gendrone companion has picked up any glyan life signs nearby but is given a negative response in the form of a loud bleep by the tall golden robot. There are no tracks leading from the Rig to anywhere which adds more mystery to the predicament, but thanks to the sharp eye of Harcoruin they have safely secured the cargo that was hidden inside the ship. Who or whatever commandeered the vessel was certainly uninterested in top secret axis armor schematics.