Number one advice about drawing is to draw from real people or photos of real people. Number two is men’s bodies typically fit into the width of their shoulders. Number three is women are generally shaped like figure eights and Coke bottles. If you need any more sketch tips the internet is your oyster. This is my contribution to the buffet. Try some sample platters!

Here is my brief post about shoes and feet.

A briefer post about drawing legs.

Here is my post about hands.

A brief post about facial shapes.

I even did a quickie about eyes and noses.

(via Now the Only Evidence That Jon Kyl Lied About Planned Parenthood Will Be the Entire Internet – Daily Intel)

A couple of weeks after claiming that abortions account for “well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does” — it’s actually 3 percent — and then explaining that he had actually never intended to make a “factual statement,” Arizona senator Jon Kyl has edited the congressional record to make his remark more factual:

Sen. Jon Kyl has quietly removed his infamous comment that 90 percent of Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion from the Congressional Record. Senators are allowed to revise and extend their comments in record and his statement now simply says: “If you want an abortion you go to Planned Parenthood and that is what Planned Parenthood does.” Kyl’s office could not be reached for comment.

Nobody tell Kyl about the Internet; it will make him so sad.

Kyl statement stricken from the record [Ben Smith/Politico]

what is your definition of "fat"?

Dear followers, since the subject came up, I want to know when can you actually say that the person is fat? or like, what is “fat” to you?

I mean, people, “friends” have been saying I look like a pig and stuff, and that I AM FAT, as if i dont already know that. Ive gotta say it gets to me sometimes but I got used to it, and there are some who always say to me, “you’d look so pretty if you were thinner, airyell.” “girl, lose some weight, I bet you’d be pretty” “Yell, someday when you lose weight and become a model dont forget me” lol the latter is my favorite but I bet they’re all just being nice so back to the question:



This is how I draw shoes. Flat footed is a thing and all but heel, arch, ball, toe, top of the foot. I draw it all in curves. Digital files do deteriorate over time so the ones in my archive may or may not be slightly higher quality. (Yes, this is a repost of my work on feet gathered together.) These GIFs were made in GIMP. Here is a link to a post about drawing bodies.

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Sometimes I feel

Like you don’t know me at all.
I feel like you just want to know me so badly that you try to have the same interests as me, and you pretend to care about things that I care about.
I feel like maybe were not right for eachother.
Like maybe I’m to mature for you.
Like maybe because I can handle my emotions so much better than you can, that I don’t have to put up with the things I do.
Maybe a I deserve better.
Maybe I want better.
Maybe I need better.
Maybe you can’t be better.
Or maybe, just maybe, the sun isn’t shinning enough on me.


Drawing a person walking is the hardest thing an animator or a cartoonist can do. If you practice it now you can save yourself from the pain later when you’re made to do it not-of-your-own-free will ;3! Go to Posemaniacs and fart around with this stuff.

If you remember my female body shape tutorial from earlier then you’ll benefit from this process more. This is roughly how I come about making line art broken down in slow motion. The last image demonstrates how I’ve balanced the weight of the figure so she doesn’t wobble or fall over when she walks… through another TRIANGLE! If you look closely enough, everything follows sort of an S-shaped curve too!


Illusion - kly

Illusion - Fangs


Waking up super early, riding the worst form of public transport known to man, hating everything for a few hours, so I can spend the day with my beautiful, amazing, girlfriend. So worth it. <3

Me “wait so you actually like Miley Cyrus..?”

My girlfriend “…yeah?”

Me “ but like, seriously though, I’m not kidding, you actually like Miley Cyrus?”

My girlfriend “yeah, you wanna fight about it?”