Lena likes to have fun because at the end of the day she's a little shit.

She does it because she’s thinks it’ll be funny. Thinks that Kara will stutter and and blush and not know what to do. But Lena also does it because she really just needs to have it out there.

Once its in the open like that, there is no taking it back. Once she says it she can finally have some peace.

So she casually mentions it when Supergirl is walking her toward her building after another failed attempt on her life. Kara is trying to subtly check her over to make sure she’s fine even though Lena has repeatedly said she is. And Lena is mentioning how lucky she is that Supergirl was there to save the day when Kara says, “Yes I was just helping Kara Danvers with something when I was informed.”

Lena bites her lip. “Yes that is very helpful. Is everything alright with Kara?” She asks casually enough to make it seem like she’s just inquiring about a friend. Kara looks panicked for a second before regaining her composure.

“Yes everything is fine. I was just helping her with-uh-her um sink. You know how Kara is, so forgetful and klumsy.” Lena almost laughs at the embarrassed look the Kara tries to hide.

“Yes I do know,” Lena says “I find it quite charming”

“You do?”

“Yes, Kara is something else. Her clumsy personality is one of the things I like about her.”

Lena watches from the corner of her eye as Supergirl bites her lip to keep a smile down.

“She’s also so kind and gentle, as I’m sure you know.”

“Oh, um, yes. Kara Danvers is a good person.”

“I think she’s a great person. And she’s just so,” Lena pauses because trying to get into words what Kara Danvers is to her is hard enough with the woman in question listening (a woman who is leaning forward eager to hear what Lena has to say), “Kara Danvers is like a breath of fresh air after you’ve been drowning for years. She fills me up with such a warm light I’ve never felt before that I had my assistant set up an appointment with my physician to make sure everything was okay with me after I spoke with her once.”

Lena laughs as she remembers the look on both Jess’s face and her doctor’s when she explained what was happening. She almost forgets who she’s saying this too but Kara soft smile and shiny eyes give Lena the courage to say what she planned.

“It’s unfortunate really,” she sighs. Kara’s eyes widen again and she moves closer to Lena. “What? How come? What’s wrong with feeling like that toward m-her?”

Lena smiles sadly (mostly for the dramatics of it but also slightly becuase its how she feels).

“Because Kara Danvers is my best friend and I don’t want anything to change that. But sometimes all I can think about is how much I want to hold her hand or take her out on a date or just,” Lena pauses again and looks away from Kara “just kiss her. Sometimes the only thing I can think about is kissing her.”

A harsh breath is released from Kara and Lena shakes her head. “I’m sorry Supergirl. That was very personal and probably something I shouldn’t have told you about our mutual friend.”

Lena turns her head to look at Kara, who looks shocked and somewhat flushed. “Promise you won’t tell Kara I have a crush on her?” she asks to keep up the act.

“Crush?? You, Kara, umm kissing,” is stuttered out as Kara slowly gets more red. Lena would laugh if she wasn’t concerned for her friend.

Did aliens get that bright?

“Supergirl are you okay.”

Kara nods her head quickly and points behind herself. “I think I hear, um, someone. I’m gonna go. H-have a good night Le-Ms. Luthor!” and she lifts off the ground as she says this so when she turns she doesn’t see the building right in front of her.

“Supergirl watch out!” Lena cringes as Kara smashes through a window. A blonde head pops up quickly after, apologies flying from her lips as she assured whoever else is in there that she’ll pay for the damage.

Lena chuckles as she watches Kara throw a look her way and flush deeper when she sees that Lena saw the whole thing before a red and blue blur replaces her immediately.

Well, that went well.