Product Spotlight: Kluge Moisture Tester Packs

I’ve mentioned these babies a few times in my older posts and it’s time for you gals to meet ‘em~ :)

I apologize for the mess in advance. I’ve had them since this summer '11 and played around with it since. ;)

Inside the boxes~

Tester Pack 1…

and Tester Pack 2…

Outside the boxes~

Tester Pack 1…

(L-R) LKL28, LKL13, LKL11,LKL27 and I have another LKL27, when it’s supposed to be LKL24. Lol. :)

Tester Pack 2…

(L-R) LKL4, LKL22, LKL23, LKL16 and LKL21.

You know what’s fun about these lippies? It’s their size! It’s so little, it could fit into any thing, even the pocket of your skinny jeans!

See what I mean? It’s almost the size of my pinky, but to some it may be the same size as their pinky. The fingers of pianists are usually longer. :)


Tester Pack 1: LKL28, LKL13, LKL11,LKL27 and LKL27

Tester Pack 2: LKL4, LKL22, LKL23, LKL16 and LKL21.

Of all these lippies, my favorite would be LKL22 (Pink Angel). Its color is very Barbie-like and I can pull it off well.

I grabbed these at my nearest business center of Sophie Paris for only P105 per pack though, sad to say, these are already phased out. :(

So there you have it, the Kluge Moisture Tester Packs. Hope you enjoyed the first episode of Product Spotlight~

Important Reminder:I was not paid to do this,though I am a member of Sophie Paris.

Kluge Estate CRU Mélange Nouveau Aperitif

Ugh. This is the most disgusting and depressing wine I’ve tasted all month. If I were Donald Trump (he owns this winery now), I would be totally pissed off at the people who had the audacity to bottle this syrup. The bottle yields no info about its contents, but who cares? What grape is it? Who could bother? The only person who would drink this is a rapper with a sweet tooth. It makes Alizé look like Dom Perignon. I dumped a bunch of pretty decent prosecco in my glass just so I could finish it. My wife did the same. I hate hate hate this wine. It tastes like Mickey Mouse and Donald Trump’s wife peed in my mouth at the same time.

Gut begonnen #18

Notiz: “Schlaf der Vernunft” heißt nicht entschlafene Vernunft, Vernunft, die zeitweise schläft, sondern der Schlaf in Gestalt der Vernunft. Der Logos (als die tote Arbeit aller egozentrischen Standpunkte in der Geschichte) ist dann besonders wach und “gebirt Ungeheuer”. Solche Vernunft schützt ihren Schlaf gegen das Aufwachen durch gewalttätige Träume.

Oskar Negt, Alexander Kluge: Geschichte und Eigensinn. Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt am Main (1981).

und die Dickhäuter schwören: „Wir vergessen nie!“

aus: Alexander Kluge - Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: ratlos (1968)

Leni Peickert sagt: “Ich will den Zirkus verändern, weil ich ihn liebe.”

Antwort: Weil sie ihn liebt, wird sie ihn nicht verändern.

Wieso? - Weil Liebe ein konservativer Trieb ist.

Leni Peickert äußert: “Das ist nicht wahr.”

Angesichts der unmenschlichen Situation bleibt dem Künstler nur übrig, den Schwierigkeitsgrad seiner Künste weiter zu erhöhen.

Wenn du sitzt dann sitze. Wenn du gehst, dann gehe. Wenn du sprichst, dann sprich.

Frau Peickert sieht ein, dass sie nicht Artistin bleiben kann, wenn sie freie Unternehmerin sein will.

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