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this is really late but here’s the boy @lyuushuu

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Ohh myyy godddd I just fucking saw a kl//ance fan art that used the trials of the blade of marmora scene with the "your friend desperately wants to see you" part and like instead of s/hiro, they drew in l/ance and i'm so mad bc why can't they just let us have nice things?? every time sh//eith gets any kind of interaction or moment, the fucking kl//ance shippers have to take it!! I'm so mad! I used to actually like kl//ance but the shippers keep pulling shit like this and I just can't do it omfg

That’s infuriating but also kind of funny and kinda proves that they DO see the romantic potential of sheith. Cause I mean, them using this scene as romantic shipping material for kl/ance means that they obviously saw that it was romantic shipping material for sheith in the first place. Lmfao. (on mobile now so I can’t tag, sorry! #vld #wank)

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someone @ellayesay traced and reposted some of your baby kl/ance art :(

Thank you for notifying me. 

I’ve reported their blog because it looked like I wasn’t the only one whose art was stolen, sadly 

kl@pollo art where apollo is smiling and in love is just………the ultimate……………so good…….let my boy’s heart melt


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Sorry if your character didn’t make it in here! I will be doing lots more things like this in the future though! Also sorry if i messed anything up with your characters

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Some art I drawing when I was at KL / Kuala Lumpur. I been wondering of how people draw Papyrus so I try draw him in others people style :D . I had so much fun to draw Papyrus in their style. Oh. Two style that I write “ redraw ” was because my nephew smudging(?) my art when I leaving the house to go to Hospital. :’D

The style that I draw is by @butterapplego @bladedee @min-play @yamsgarden @sanspar @ursik-l-in-junk-mind @hachibani & @nyublackneko

( sorry for the tag & my english ;;w;; )

( ops i forget one more person and it was @zarla-s ;;;w;;; )