I’ve spoken a bit about Black History in the context of illustration.
But can we talk about Black Futures?
Can we talk about the /melanin/ right here and right now?

Today I want to share some work with you from someone who inspires me SO much!

K.L. Ricks



We went to RISD and studied illustration together (class of 2012).
And I have some horrifically entertaining memories of doing foundation 3D projects with them. And now it’s absolutely beautiful to see the work they are churning out now!
K.L. taught me to be unafraid of drawing and inking.
Which should be obvious because look at that line quality and brush work.
I’m especially fond of their use of texture, limited color palettes, and the perfect balance of simplicity, space, and density.

Needless to say I am such a fan of K.L. Ricks. With every new piece I see exponential growth and stories that just sing to me.