Pierrot [Findub]
Ronya tries to manage vOCALS

Pää pystyyn, pää pystyyn  || Chin up, chin up
Mä olla saa en kyyneleittes syy || I shouldn’t be at fault for your tears
Jos hymys vain mä nähdä saan || As long as I can see your smile
Se kaiken parantaa || It will make everything better

Bet you thought I’d sing a NATIVE finnish song… nAHHH. I’m vocaloid trash and I SHOULD get back to working on my findubs that I’ve abandoned years and years past…

♦ Song: ピエロ (Pierrot)
♦ Composer: 絵師じゃないKEI
Vocals, Finnish Lyrics + Mix: Myself
♦ Arrangement: 少年T (ShounenT)

Lyrics under the cut! (Finnish and English)

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