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3 Moronic Marketing Stunts People Are Pulling on Twitter

Whether you’re plugging your stupid blog or your case for invading Syria, Twitter has become the go-to vehicle for self-promotion. Unfortunately, a lot of the people doing the promoting are clueless about their readership, good taste, and self-awareness, thereby creating a triple threat of social media dumbness.

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American Airlines: You must be this douchey to hang in our special lounge areas for free
  • 55 the Klout score needed to stay at one of 40 premium American Airlines “Admirals Club” outlets nationwide—for free, no matter what carrier you’re flying on. My Klout score is currently 55 on the dot, so I guess I’m gonna get past the velvet rope. source
Product testing sites

I’m sure by reading my post you know that I am a member of a lot of product testing sites. I can’t lie they are very addicting. It’s so exciting waiting for the mailman to see what freebies he brings for the day. I can’t stand days when I don’t get mail. With some of the sites the better you do, the more free products you receive. I have made friends with some amazing people in the process so I know we all feel the same way. One thing is unanimous we all strive to get better.

Product testing sites are also a great way for you discover new things that you may not have tried on your own. I wanted to share some of the tips that I picked up from others as well as some that I discovered on my own. I will also share links to some of my favorite Word of mouth sites. Hopefully these tips will also help you discover products you love.

Chances are if you are selected to test a product you are or have used a similar product. Say you’ve been chosen to test foundation. You put it on and you think it’s perfect so that’s great. You use it for few days even weeks and it’s time to write your review. A tip I have learned is try your old one again. This will give you and idea of why it is better than the one you were using before. You can also try your current brand on one side of your face and the one you are testing on the other. This is a great way to compare coverage. The same is true for anything you are testing. You can use a cleaning product on one side of the counter and a your usual on the other side, then take a paper towel and see if they are equally clean.

When you are writing a review one thing I try to do is think of what I would want to know before I buy a product. I also think of why I loved the product. I also try to notice smell, constancy, color, different aspect of the product. You could love a product but not love the constancy or love the smell but not like the product. It’s also easier if you think of it as having a conversation with a friend.

Then there’s the dreaded this product is terrible. As much as I hate writing bad reviews it happens, nobody likes everything. When that time comes I always try to find something positive about the product. I also try to keep in mind that I may have not liked the product but someone else will. I like to keep them informed about why I didn’t like it but not bash the product.

I hope you find this post useful. If you have any other tips let me know.

Here is is a list of some of my favorite product testing site:

This site is a product testing site but you can also do video reviews of products you already own for points which you can redeem for some pretty awesome things

I have gotten so many amazing things from this site. You test the product, share your opinion with your friends and social media, then write a report.

Your score on this site has a lot to do with your social media activity. You have to request a invite then be very active on their site as well to get a voxbox. But when you do get one all of that hard work is worth. It is a box of random products to test and review. Then you can win other products by being the most creative and original while sharing the products on your social media.

This site has a lot of different products to test. It is also a site where you share with your friends, on social media, then do a report for Smiley.

This is on of the best sites because the only work you do is your initial set up. You sign up, link all of your social media and just go about your day posting, blogging, and tweeting, The more active you are on social media the higher you score is. Then one day you get an email to accept Klout Perks based on your score and location. All you do is go on the site verify your address and accept. It is up to you if you want to talk about the perk I you don’t that’s cool with them too.

Using a Social Media Rating to Help People, Not Judge Them

Nick Bilton:

While sites like Klout move us closer to this future, with elaborate algorithms that are said to highlight importance, there is an opportunity for companies to use this data for good, making people’s lives more meaningful. In this ethical future, companies do not just use these products to determine if someone is important or not, but rather to extrapolate people’s preferences and help them find the things they need.


So it looks like you can deactivate and delete your Klout Account and tell them not to bother you ever again and then a year or so later your Klout Score will go up and they’ll start sending you emails.

Time to file a restraining order, I guess.

UPDATE: The email I just sent help@klout.com

I opted out of Klout over a year ago, and here I have an email from you. I’ll put this as plainly as I can.

You’re not my girlfriend. You never WERE my girlfriend. I don’t want to date you.  When we talked that one time, I was being nice. You seemed okay-harmless. I realize that was a mistake. You’re creepy, spying on people. Sending them things that say “You don’t know me, but I know you’re really into Batman, so why not take these tickets for the premiere? Also, that’s a nice shirt.” Please, please leave me alone. There are plenty of other lonely people who might want a person who need a relationship like that, but not me. Honest.

Regarding that Klout Knife Fight Perk
  • Me:[I just received a ridiculous Klout perk to watch Knife Fight, which is apparently an "underground cooking competition".]
  • Shawn Morrison:Would be perfect if it was actually a show about knife fights. (Perfect for you.)
  • Dan Wineman:Better yet, a show about pro chefs knife fighting. Like a cooking contest where you can either make the best souffle or you can stab the other guy.
  • Shawn Morrison:Gordon Ramsey vs The Barefoot Contessa. To the death.
  • Dan Wineman:Exactly.
  • Dan Wineman:"Let's see if Alton Brown can whisk up a perfect hollandaise... while fending off Guy Fieri's Blades of Crispy Guy-talian Death."
  • Me:"You're watching Food Network: Today's best and brightest chefs, all murdered in knife fights so it's hard to tell what we'll be doing in 6 months."
  • Dan Wineman:But what a glorious 6 months it would be.
  • Me:Indeed.
  • Me:I can't stop picturing Rachel Ray, whimpering and covered in blood and flesh, standing over Paula Deen's enormous corpse, holding her severed head.
  • Me:Then again, that was the case before this conversation.
  • Shawn Morrison:Rachel Ray would totally be the last one standing. Still just smiling like an idiot.