Klout thinks I’m an expert in Carolinas. This is very true. Did you know there are two Carolinas? North Carolina, and a second Carolina! Wow!

Klout also assumed I’m an expert in Elementary Schools which is a fucked up accusation to throw at a single 30-year-old man with no children. Klout, you can’t be like “yo i heard you know about where kids go. also do you want a $5 gift card to McDonald’s every two months.” 1) c’mon dude, be cool and 2) yeah gimme that flippin gift card, I’m going to make it rain McNuggets.

Klout thinks I’m an expert in Marc Broussard and I literally just googled him because I have no idea who he is. Strange that they’d assume I’m an expert in a person I have never heard of, let alone mentioned. Like hey Klout, what if I told you you’re an expert in George de Mestral. And Klout’d google him and be like “what the fuck, I’m an expert in the guy who invented velcro?” and I’m just like yeah, fuck you. You know about the velcro guy now.

Klout thinks I’m an expert in dishwashers which is a low blow because my apartment doesn’t have one and now I’m the dishwasher. So I guess I am an expert on dishwashers. Which… I guess is pretty appropriate.

Well played, Klout.

Top College Drumlines on Twitter

The 2nd Annual Yamaha Top College Drumlines on Twitter - Sept 2015

The Michigan State Drumline, @MSUDrumline, once again claims the top spot in the Twitterverse.

It is now early September which can only mean one thing: the College Football Season has begun. Finally! In 2014 we started an annual list of the Top Collegiate Drumlines on Twitter. Klout scores are the primary metric (with ties broken by the number Tweets and Twitter followers).

Keep in mind that these numbers represent a moment in time only. While Klout scores can change daily based upon a number of factors, an important take-away is who is posting what and when. This list is merely an indication of social activity and influence over time. The more relevant the content that is pushed out and shared socially, the higher the score. Hence more followers will occur and in turn more content is created.

Here are some interesting facts for 2015:

There are 75 Drumline and Percussion feeds in 2015 vs. only 48 in 2014. Many more schools now have a presence compared to last year.

There are four new schools in the top 10 this year: Purdue, Iowa State, Arkansas and TCU.

Falling out of the top 10 were: Alabama, USC, Notre Dame and Illinois.

Only six schools have more than 1,000 Tweets and only 4 of them are in the top 10 indicating just sending tweets does not lead to social strength or influence. What is being tweeted is just as important to build a following and social influence.

Only one school has more than 2,000 tweets – Michigan State. They are, of course, #1 this year yet again. If you look at their Twitter feed you will notice that this is a full-time, year-round activity. They are creating content that they have honed over time.  It’s funny, relevant, clever, timely and consistent.

While most collegiate marching bands are totally separate from their school of music, there are now nine schools who incorporate not just drumline content, but percussion studio-related tweets from their music programs. This is noticeable as the drumline and marching bands for those schools are more closely tied into their school of music. These schools include the following:










The State of Alabama has six college drumlines on Twitter, the most of any state including:







The BIG 10 is leading the charge with 10 schools having a presence. Who’s not making it happen? The PAC-12 only has four schools and the Mountain West only has 1 school.

Conference Name

Big 10 = 10

Big 12 = 8

ACC = 7

SEC = 7

AAC = 5

Conference USA = 5

Mid-American = 5

Ohio Valley = 4

Pac 12 = 4

Gulf South = 2

Mid-Eastern = 2

Mountain East = 2

Sun Belt = 2

America East = 1

Atlantic Sun = 1

Big South = 1

College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin = 1

Great American = 1

Great Northwest = 1

Independent = 1

Ivy League = 1

Mountain West = 1

Northern Sun Intercollegiate = 1

Southern = 1

Wisconsin Intercollegiate = 1