Holidays Timetable da Angela Maria Lobefaro
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© Angela M. Lobefaro - All Rights Reserved © RIPRODUZIONE RISERVATA Dear Flickr Friends: We Have to Go, See You in One Month Ciao Ciao!! xxxooo;-) (the recent floods in Piedmont didn’t affect us, thanks for asking) Taken in Lago d'Orta - Orta San Giulio. Isola di San Giulio 60 kms from where we live. Max and I always go there on St. Valentine day, this year we went a bit earlier… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isola_San_Giulio en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orta_San_Giulio en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lago_d'Orta ——-

Das Kloster Metten is a house of the Benedictine Order in Metten near Deggendorf, situated between the Bavarian Forest and the Danube valley in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany. The abbey was founded in 766. Besides the work of land clearance in the Bavarian borderlands, the monks were active in education, as schoolteachers and at the Bavarian Academy of Science, as professors of philosophy and theology. After secularization in 1803 the abbey’s property was confiscated; by 1815 had all been auctioned off. Over a number of years Johann von Pronath acquired the premises and succeeded in persuading King Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1830 to re-establish the monastery. By 1837, it had been set up to house a boarding school, in continuance of its educational traditions, which the monastery has run to this day. The library, which is open for tours, contains over 150,000 volumes on theology, philosophy and history.