The light that emanates from you have the power to heal and transform others.
your unique and magnificent expression is different from everyone else on the entire planet.
your beauty makes the world a better place.
AND the beauty that radiates from your heart is a gift to others.
—   Christine Kloser

Sinbad no Bouken/Magi fanmix up on my 8tracks! Feel the adventure.

the boy who changed the world. [listen]

 1. Should I Know You? - John Powell
2. Realm of Power - Thomas Bergersen
3. Merlin’s Arrival at Camelot - James Gosling
4. Sun - Thomas Bergersen
5. AC Revelations theme - Jesper Kyd
6. Scarborough Fair - Kavita Baliga
7. Journey Through The Desert - Harry Gregson-Williams
8. The Day After Tomorrow - Harald Kloser
9. Enfin Apparu - Shiro Sagisu
10. To The Spaceport - James Newton Howard
11. Long Way Home - Plastic
12. Spirit of Damascus - Jesper Kyd
13. Destiny - Harry Gregson-Williams