Let’s take a moment to note the fact I got caught past curfew tonight…

Next, let’s note how many laws I broke…
1. Ran a stop sign
2. Spun out
3. Hit 70 mph
4. Ran another stop sign bc I was going 70
5. Continued to hit the gas, got to 85 mph
6. Didn’t stop at the “turn on red” light
7. Spun out again
8. Hit 95 going past the fire department
9. Ran a red light
10. Spun out for the third time pulling into my street.

Still haven’t heard from my father since I’ve been home… Fuck me.

Literally the biggest pain in my ass. We bicker constantly. I laugh at your stupid humor. You look at me like I’m an idiot half the time. But in the long run of it, I think I’m falling for you more and more every time I’m with you.