It’s finally here! Part one of my fursuit head tutorial time-lapse video!

This video covers the sculpting/foam work of the head from start to finish (almost)

Other parts are coming soon, I just need the time to line up the audio with the video.

Please subscribe to my channel for the new videos as I don’t plan on announcing every one here, but I will also begin uploading new videos too as time progresses - tutorials, walkthroughs and general videos to show off all angles of my work.

Hope you enjoy (:


Had this guy ready to photograph for ages but never got around to it!

This lion head was created for a local event in memorial of World War 1, for the 100 year memorial this year. He’s off to a photoshoot on the weekend and I wanted to get him uploaded before then. He’s been donated to the event, though I -may- get him back afterwards and put him up for sale, though I’m not sure if I’ll be getting him back yet.

His face is all hand sewn fleece with DF fur chin accent, and a MM rust fur mane. He is designed to fit anyone up to a 24" head, but I feel 23" would be more accurate due to the base foam being thicker than it was meant to be, which caused me some problems. He has follow-me eyes, full airbrushing on the face and ear vents behind the mane to allow more air into the mask. The only slight issue is that, due to time and money constraints, the head does not yet have a lining. I’m not sure if I will sell it this way or line the head, as lining after furring is more difficult.

Fullsuit to go with the head made previously.

The model is slightly too tall for this suit.

Features following eyes, static jaw, plastic teeth, fully lined head with fleece nose, inner mouth and inner ears.

Uses mostly DF fur, also Arctic wolf and MM fox, plus a small amount of a local find. Airbrushed accents.

Hope you like it!

Australian Shepherd fursuit head, just completed in February by Kloofsuits.

Made of full foam, DF and MM fur, featuring following eyes, full airbrushing, fleece lined static jaw and floppy, weighted ears. This head also has matching tail.

Head will fit up to 22.5inch, most comfortably 22. No larger. Tail is 21inches approximately from base to tip diagonally. Tail attaches to a belt via belt loops and is stuffed with polyfil.

This will be up for sale for £270 including next day tracked and insured delivery to anyone in the UK. There are no paws with this auction, there is a chance of me creating some for an additional fee but only in rust or black and with no pawpads due to time constraints. Payment by paypal only, no returns accepted.

Please contact Kloofsuits [at] Gmail.com if interested.