Girl in New Orleans Series | (1/?)

Bonnie Bennett is an 18-year old New Orleanian who happens to be part of the living legend that is the Bennett witch line. With an ancestry that goes back as far as the Original family, Marcel believes that his sire, Klaus, should meet the young witch if they are ever to gain a foothold in the French Quarter.

Can’t we just accept Kat Graham is a multishipper for Bonnie Bennett. 

She has talked about Klonnie 

She has talked about Kennett 

She tweeted about Beremy 

She tweeted about Bamon 

She tweeted about Bonkai. 

She is the biggest multishipper. And god I love her. No wonder I am a Bonnie multishipper too. 


Klonnie Appreciation Week -  [Oct 14th- Oct 20th]

[DAY 1] -Dark!Klonnie  | Klonnie being their usual badass selves and painting Mystic Falls red.

[DAY 2] -Species Swap | Bonnie’s the Original Hybrid and Klaus is the Warlock? Or any other supernatural species? One can even remain how they are and you can just change what the other is.

[DAY 3] -Season Redo | Do you wish that it was Bonnie who caught Klaus’ eye in season 3 and 4? Do you wish Bonnie was going to New Orleans with Klaus? Or does she go there and meet him by chance.

[DAY 4] -Body Swap | A spell gone wrong? Klaus and Bonnie have to walk a mile in the other’s shoes? Or maybe a gender swap and Bonnie is a male and Klaus a female.

[DAY 5] -Mythology | Have a favorite myth or god(s) that you see a bit of Klonnie in?

[DAY 6] -Fairy Tale | Klonnie as the characters in your favorite fairy tale

[DAY 7] -Historic | Bonnie being sent back to when the Originals’ were human? Or maybe the 20s? Klonnie in any time period.

Organized by Torilee [x].

At the beginning of season 2:

Julie Plec: Okay, who wants to be Bonnie’s love interest?

Nearly every male raises there hand

Julie Plec: Hmmm…okay I will split all of you up among Elena and Caroline, Oh! Steven I see you didn’t raise your hand so Jeremy will be with Bonnie this season.

At the beginning of season 3

Julie Plec: Who wants to be a love interest for Bonnie this season? And Welcome Joseph Morgan to our cast.

Once again, nearly everyone raises their hand.

Julie Plec: Okay then. I will divide you all between Caroline and Elena. Steven, you raised your hand? Well, you will cheat on Bonnie this season with your ex then disappear for half a season, how’s that?

At the beginning of season 4:

Julie Plec: Welcome back once again everyone! Love interests for Bonnie? Any takers?

Nearly everyone raises their hands.

Julie Plec: Michael? You will spend all your time with Caroline then Klaus will run you out of town and will continue to obsesses harder on Caroline. Steven, Jeremy will die mid-season, as will Kol, Nate. Ian, we want to pretend that Bamon has a chance but really we will go with Delena, Paul we want to rekindle the Stefonnie friendship for a full minute then go back to you two never having any scenes, Joseph, Klaus will threaten Bonnie in the first ep and never having anything else to do with her and Kat, sorry dear but we’re gonna kill off Bonnie. It’s been a fun ride kid, good luck!

Seeing as nearly every male cast member has expressed love for Kat/Bonnie and wanting their character to be with Bonnie, this is just what I imagine happens in the writers room.